When will the iPhone 7 stop updating

iPhone 7 in 2021. FIRE? Is it worth it to buy iPhone 7?

Hello, dear readers of the Uspei site.com. If you’re watching this review, you’re probably either planning to buy an iPhone 7, or you have it in your hands now and you’re thinking, should I keep using it or dump it at a flea market and buy something newer?

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Review on this topic I have done several times, but this will be radically different from previous reviews, because I’ve read hundreds of your Комментарии и мнения владельцев from past reviews, there were constructive opinions that blew me away on all fronts and completely trashy, but I chose the cream, so to speak, aggregated them and ready to give you a ready formula by which you and decide. Buy iPhone 7, sell it and what to do with it in general.

I will tell about the pros and cons, who needs this phone, so I think it will be interesting, well, let’s go. iPhone 7 at the time of this review is 3 years and 2 months, given how quickly technology advances, we can conclude that the iPhone 7 is a couple of steps away from retirement, or still not?

Why you need the iPhone 7?

I myself used it for about 2 years, and I can only say that when I switched from iPhone 5s to it, I was immensely happy, it opened for me a wide range of cool functions and features, which, in principle, expanded with each new iOS.

Now I’ve switched to this huge shit (the ten Max) and I won’t say I’m as happy with this phone change as I was when I switched from the 5s to the seven. I’m going to say it for the hundredth time, but I think it’s very important to understand what we are going to talk about next.

If not for Apple TV channel I would not have thought about changing my iPhone 7 for a few years, first of all it is not economically profitable to change the phone so often, and secondly the new versions of iPhone have no brand new features that would be worth their money and would really make life easier, yes everything is faster, but is it worth the overpayment??

Here you are as a typical cell phone user, tell me what you expect from it? Most likely the first thing is the possibility to surf the web and in particular to browse social networks. In my opinion iPhone 7 does it very well.

It can be confirmed by the fact that it has a quality display and the first in the history of iPhone 4-core processor, for Internet activity is enough.

Next, most likely you are interested in using on your phone different applications, online banking for example, different e-wallets clients of online stores and the like, with this too no problem, and even the most minimal set iPhone 7 to 32 gb enough to store all this stuff.

And of course you listen to music with your phone, take photos, pay with it in the store, and everything in that vein. What of your everyday phone routine can’t the iPhone7 handle? If you have options, post in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

iPhone 7 on iOS 13 works on a solid four, all standard applications start quickly, of course the camera, which should run quickly, and starts quickly, with third-party applications a little worse, I would certainly like to run the same VK launched twice faster.

As for the toys and performance, and here iPhone 7 easily cope with some platformers. Although why limit yourself to platformers? We pop in as tsars in Col Off Duty Mobile and start filling up the Prague, and as you can see without slumps, we can easily play online shooter. The device can run everything you can find on the ep stor. 2 gigabytes of RAM and a quad core processor will do the trick.

In short, the mobile can run everything you just find in the epicenter, 2 gigabytes of RAM and a quad core processor knows the job. H and I can not leave lovers of synthetic tests, without the results of a synthetic test, the iPhone 7 on iOS 13.3 beta scores about 180 000 points.

How Long Will The iPhone 7 Last?

If you do not have money to buy a new phone and you are not burning to buy a new iPhone, just use iPhone 7 for the next two years and do not worry. iPhone 7 will regularly receive updates iOS 13, iOS 14 this phone will also receive 100%, which means that the phone is recognized by Arpley as relevant, and therefore the entire 2021 it can be considered relevant.

Very simple logic and very profitable for your. on the other hand if you want to upgrade you better not slow down and sell the iPhone 7 now, because the price of it, if you average it, every six months it falls.


And before we move on to the downsides of the iPhone, of course I want to talk about its functional advantages. The iPhone 7 has undeniable strengths, first of all the bombastic home button, it certainly has touch-ID technology and it works flawlessly, the unlocking is lightning fast.

In addition to this, the button itself is touch-sensitive and the pressing is done with a special motor, anyone who has ever tried this very button, you will be told that it is a cool feeling, because in fact it is just a touch, but it feels like pressing, and not only is this customizable in the settings, but also solves the main aesthetic-innerner problems of previous versions of the iPhone, under the button is not stuffed with dust.

Further down the list.The only difference is of course the 3D touch technology which was removed in the new 11 versions of iPhone, as well as in the iPhone XR, I really liked the strong touch on the screen and luckily the iPhone 7 has kept it.

See the fun, with iOS 12 on the iPhone 7 you would simply tap the screen and you would get this contextual menu, in iOS 13 you can either tap hard, or just touch and hold your finger, the effect is the same, just Menu comes out faster with a hard tap.

And in fact in the new iPhones for some reason they decided to get rid of the strong touch and made a long hold. It’s actually a very strange decision, because the 3dtouch is stuffed into a lot of different parts of the system, and it’s a pleasure to use it.

Not a little important that here there is a stereo sound, that is, when you watch video or listen to music, the sound is played not only at the bottom of the cell phone, but also in the front camera area, that is, from the speaking speaker is a very nice addition, because the sound is perceived more naturally. Fortunately subsequent versions of the iPhone this aspect only improves.

It is also the first iPhone with moisture protection, it is basic enough, it is not recommended to take pictures under water of course, but personally for me it was some kind of guarantee that I can lie in the bathroom with the phone in my hands, or take this kind of photos. Only once I had it dipped for a couple of seconds, but without moisture protection that would have been enough to google how to properly dry the phone in rice.


And now, may Steve Jobs forgive me, we will talk about the disadvantages, there are only three, one major and absolutely reasonable, the other two, perhaps to some may seem far-fetched.

And actually the main problem with iPhone 7 is the battery, it is a small one in itself, just barely makes it to 2 thousand Miliper hours, well after two years it has subsided a lot, if you can get a brand new iPhone 7, then of course the first time you will be okay, but if you take b. у., then in 90 percent of the cases you’ll need a paverbank on the way.

iphone, updating

I, or rather my iPhone 7 needed two charges a day with moderate use without any games, if you’re going to play, then only with poverbanok. The bottom line is that you have zero battery life and you don’t have a problem with running on extra power. If that external crap is getting on your nerves, then the iPhone 7 is definitely not your choice.

Better then to look at the older brother iPhone 7. On the iPhone 7, plus it has a battery is almost a thousand miliiper more and therefore you will be less dependent on a power source.

From playing with toys slowly the second minus flows out, under load the processor is very hot, of course you will not burn yourself, but it is not a very pleasant feeling. And on top of the games the phone heats up during a trivial long video chat on Skype.

And the final downside. the camera is fine if you are going to take photos of notes, if you are going to take photos of anything during the day, also fine, but the iPhone 7 camera in the evening and at night is something awful, immediately on the component noise grows, the picture turns into a mince and there is nothing you can do about it.

Again in normal light everything is fine, even in Insta is not ashamed to post, but as soon as the light goes out, it’s better not to try to be a photographer. Honestly, I am alarmed by these minuses, because as for me, the phone has three important indicators, it’s battery life, camera and performance.

In terms of performance the iPhone 7 is more or less adequate, but in terms of battery life it loses on all fronts, the camera is also not all rosy as we would like it to be.

After all of the above, I propose scenarios for different groups of people: so, if you have an iPhone 7 and no money or desire to switch to a new one, then you drive with it for two more years and do not know what to do.

If you have an iPhone 7 and you want to upgrade, and you are a true connoisseur of the iPhone, you sell your gadget on AVito, and try to upgrade to at least the XR, that is guaranteed to get a buzz. If you do not care about the system, if you do not care about the iPhone, you can even use the money earned from the iPhone 7 to take a good Chinese.

For those who are going to buy the iPhone 7, if you enjoy the iPhone and iOS in particular, you can get one of the iPhone 5s or 6. If you are going to switch from Android, I think you need to go for something newer, at least for the iPhone 8.

A new iPhone 7 will be difficult to find, the bulk of already remanufactured, but if the question is b. у. or remanufactured, you’re better off with a remanufactured one. Take the iPhone 7 as a second phone again, you can, if you are a fan of the ecosystem of Apple, otherwise you can take any Android smartphone with two sims and it will be the most practical and economical.

I hope I gave you the answer to your question, if so, likes and subscriptions are welcome, see you in new reviews. See you later, bye!

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If you installed the betas, I advise you to delete the developer profile: usually iOS RC is not different from the final version, but this year the public version got several fixes. And you won’t see the update if you have a developer profile installed on your smartphone. Remove it, reboot, and the update will show up.

Some of the features will not work on older iPhones. Everything was described in detail in a separate article:

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In brief: spatial audio and portrait mode in FaceTime, an interactive globe in Maps, photo data, new animations in Weather and other features are only available with the Apple A12 Bionic processor or newer, that is, starting with the iPhone XS / XR.

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It’s nice to get updates

In late 2019, the iPhone 7 received the new iOS 13 and is faster. at least I can say that about my iPhone 7 Plus. I bought it in 2016, it’s been three years, the phone is no longer my main phone, but I still use it as an additional. During this time there was not a single total reset of the system, as it happens with Android phones, where over time the memory gets clogged and the system begins to slow down.

The phone works fast: switching between desktops without pauses, the list of running applications scrolls like on a new smartphone, the system is smooth and beautiful. And yes, there is no 3D Touch, Apple removed it in their update, we will have to get used to the changed control principles.

The Apple A10 Fusion processor is used to this day in modern Apple models. Take for example the current iPad of the seventh generation, presented in the fall of 2019.

Features of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in 2022

Buying a smartphone that appeared on the market 4 years ago, it is worth considering its characteristics, because why buy a new gadget if the old one is able to perform similar tasks.

In the eighth-generation iPhone several points can be noted at once. First of all it is water and dust protection IP67 and the presence of powerful stereo speakers that can play audio and video loudly.

As for the camera, then, as we know, all iPhones in this indicator can show a good result. And this even applies to the iPhone 7 and 6s. Shooting in 4K, and there is also optical stabilization. The main camera has 12 MP and two modules at once. telephoto lens and wide-angle with the presence of double optical zoom.

In total, the 8 Plus. is a compact smartphone that has an up-to-date camera and is able to perform all tasks.

The only. it’s the display. Today, smartphones are made more elongated, but the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is still wide. However, modern screens have many disadvantages and first of all it is an inconvenience that can occur while reading e-books.

By the way, if you are interested in cooperation in the direction of iPhone wholesale, the company ICOOLA will be happy to offer you favorable conditions!

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