When The Iphone Gets Cheaper

How much will the iPhone XR fall in price in 2020

When The Iphone Gets Cheaper

How cheap an already popular model will become?

In 2019, the iPhone XR fell significantly in price, including, thanks to which the smartphone became the most popular in the world. However, many buyers are still not happy with the price of the iPhone XR. In our group on VKontakte and on the Internet in general, the question is regularly asked about how much the price of the iPhone XR will fall during 2020. We analyzed the Russian market and found out how big a discount should be expected.

How much the iPhone XR fell in price in 2019

First, let’s summarize the results of the outgoing year. In 2019, the iPhone XR fell massively. Apple has adopted a new strategy to further reduce the price of the iPhone XR in countries where it is needed. As a result, due to this, the 6.1-inch iPhone XR was the best-selling smartphone in principle in each of the four quarters of 2019. An impressive result, considering that the smartphone was opposed by openly budget models from Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor and other brands.

In November 2018, after its release, the iPhone XR was sold at a price of 64,990 rubles for the version with 64 GB of memory. At the end of 2019, the iPhone XR with 64 GB of memory is sold in official retail for 49,990 rubles. The fall for the year was as much as 15,000 rubles.

It is noteworthy that in December MTS further reduced the price of the iPhone XR as part of the New Year promotion, but now the discounts have disappeared. Currently, all authorized Apple retailers have set the price of 49,990 rubles for the basic version of the smartphone.

As for the 128GB and 256GB iPhone XR models, they dropped in price as follows:

  • Iphone XR 128 GB. 54,990 rubles (now), 68,990 rubles (November 2018). The difference is 14,000 rubles.
  • Iphone XR 256 GB. 59,990 rubles (now), 77,990 rubles (November 2018). The difference is 18,000 rubles.

How much will the iPhone XR fall in price in 2020

The iPhone XR has significantly dropped in price for 2019, becoming one of the best Apple smartphones in terms of price-quality ratio. How Much Price Reduction Should We Expect in 2020??

An analysis of pricing in the Russian market showed that over the next year, the iPhone XR will drop in price by about 10 thousand rubles. According to the forecast, by the end of 2020, the iPhone XR with 64 GB of memory will be available for less than 40 thousand rubles. Apple reduced the cost of the iPhone X in a similar fashion, a similar trend was seen in the case of the iPhone XS / XS Max.

It is important to note that by the end of next year, stocks of the iPhone XR will begin to gradually run out. Apple will no doubt stop officially selling the smartphone after the launch of the iPhone 12 and other models in the new line in September. After that, the stock of the iPhone XR will remain exclusively with retailers. In this regard, those wishing to purchase a smartphone at the end of 2020 are advised to closely monitor the availability of a smartphone in official retail.

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When will the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 PLUS become cheaper?

The iPhone 8 is just around the corner and you may be reading this article when the presentation is over. New models of gadgets from Apple are the most expensive and therefore many are interested in the question: “When will the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 PLUS fall in price?”.

The question is very interesting and I think there is no need to understand it for a very long time. Let’s see when the old models will be more affordable for you.

The most interesting news about Apple technology and not only.

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When will for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 PLUS drop?

When the time for the presentation of a new device from Apple begins, the demand for purchase increases incredibly. And it doesn’t matter at all whether you want to buy a newer model or an older one. After a new model is presented, your phone automatically becomes older and subconsciously you really want to update it. The last flagship is a little expensive, but last year’s one is just right.

And why not, if the specs are still impressive and you can please yourself a little with a newer phone. There is only one thing left. To figure out when will decrease and the iPhone 7 will become more affordable.

This period usually does not last long, most of all it will be before the start of sales and then everything will fall into place. So we are preparing for something like this.

Having analyzed the situation with such models as the iPhone 6S PLUS 128 GB and the iPhone 7 PLUS 128 GB, I can say that the difference is exactly 120.

If you want to grab iPhones at the most delicious prices, then you should think about the secondary market, where the future owners of the iPhone 8 have already put up their old model for sale and are ready to recapture some money.

Also, do not forget about such a thing as “Refurbished”, “Like new”, CPO iPhones. If you buy in trusted places, then we get a completely new gadget for an acceptable cost.

If anyone does not know, these are phones that have already been in use, but restored at Apple factories. It won’t break in a day, don’t be afraid.

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That’s basically the whole situation if you want to buy an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 PLUS. Now I think it’s clear when will fall and you will be able to make a new thing.

Try not to be fooled by too little value, as the number of scammers has never decreased. Better to overpay a little than buy another one later.

When will the iPhone X fall in price

Reading time: 4 minutes

For loyal fans of digital technology from Apple, the price of a smartphone with an “apple” does not matter. Hundreds of thousands of people from different countries and continents are eagerly awaiting the autumn premieres from the American company and are ready to give a lot of money for a new model. But the lion’s share of potential buyers is not ready to part with 1000 and is waiting for the iPhone 10 to fall in price.

Apple does not freeze prices, the price tag on the models of previous years fell by 30-50%, so there is a trend, it remains only to understand when to expect a decrease.

Price dynamics since release

The iPhone X was released a year ago, and the “ten” marked the end of the company’s first decade and the beginning of the era of new smartphones. The iPhone X’s success has been phenomenal. Despite the downturn in demand for high-end smartphones, the model provided Apple with a 1% increase in revenue for the year. The share of sales of the top ten was 35% of the sales of devices in this segment.

Despite the fact that the initial cost of the iPhone 10 64 GB was 1000, sales started from 92 thousand rubles. over, this price does not include the cost of additional equipment and accessories. The model received support for wireless charging, but the docking station is not included. For the device, you will have to pay an additional 5,000 to 7,000 rubles. Users are not satisfied with standard headphones with an inconvenient adapter, buying new ones will also cost at least 1,000 rubles.

The start of sales fell on September, the cost of the iPhone 10 was 92 thousand rubles until November 2017, when the price fell to 90 thousand and less.

The next three months, the iPhone 10 steadily fell in price, until in February 2018 it stopped at a value of 60 thousand rubles.

This price lasted until June, but some intermediaries offered similar discounts.

From June to October 2018, the situation changed. The minimum cost has increased to 65-66 thousand rubles, but the maximum has frozen at a value of 70 thousand rubles.

It turns out that today the iPhone X is available in the price range from 60 to 70 thousand rubles. A drop of 25,000-35,000 seems like a good deal, but a smartphone continues to be the most expensive in the digital segment.

Has the iPhone X dropped in price in 2018?

It would be naive to expect a serious drop in for iPhones. Smartphones of this brand continue to be “not for everyone”. The price tag of tens of thousands of rubles is explained not by the autonomy of the assembly (the company is trying not to involve third-party manufacturers) and the high cost of components, but by the costs of researching IT technologies.

But from the terrible 92 thousand rubles for the base model iPhone 10 still left. During the year, the model “lost weight” by 25-35 thousand rubles. The difference is noticeable compared to the expensive new 2018-2019 iPhone XR, XS and XS max. The price of the latter exceeds 120 thousand, which is equivalent to three average salaries in the country.

Due to such high prices, buyers of equipment with an apple this year again turned their attention to the 2017 model.For 60 thousand rubles, you get the flagship of last year, which is in no way inferior to the latest models.

Should we expect a further decline in the value of the iPhone X?

There is no consensus on this question. Some analysts believe that there is a downward trend in prices, because every year and even month the demand for an “outdated” model is falling, and the gadget is losing its cost. These criteria are taken into account when drawing up a market proposal. Others are of the opposite opinion. In recent interviews, Apple engineers said that due to the introduction of duties by China on exported equipment, the company’s expenses will also increase, which Apple is going to compensate for by increasing the price of smartphones.

But this is unlikely to affect the models of past years. Apple is pushing new technologies, but sales of already touted devices must continue. If there is a decrease, then the cost of the iPhone X will reach 40 thousand rubles, but not less.

The most interesting news about Apple technology and not only. Performance

This is the last point you need to worry about. Both devices are equipped with an A11 processor, as well as 2 GB of RAM for the iPhone 8 and 3 GB for the iPhone 8 Plus.

Thanks to the iOS 12 optimization, absolutely any applications and games will fly at maximum speed. Everything is smooth, fast and most importantly. No lags. For the next couple of years, you can forget about buying a new gadget.

Is the iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus relevant in 2019?

One sentence will not be enough to understand the relevance of the device. Let’s go through all the points in order and then draw all the necessary conclusions.

When will the iPhone 8 plus become cheaper?

Traditionally, after the introduction of new iPhones, old models begin to fall in price. Immediately during the presentation of Apple 2019, the company announced new for old models. In particular, the new price received the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone Xr.

Iphone Xr

On September 10, the company unveiled the successor to the “budget” iPhone Xr. So, with the release of the iPhone 11, the predecessor fell slightly in price. At the start of sales, it cost 749 (UAH 18,700). Now its price has dropped by 150. The new cost of the smartphone is 599 (UAH 14,900).

Iphone 8

Smartphones of 2017 also fell in price. Iphone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. In particular, the smaller G8 now costs 449 (UAH 12,400). Its old price is 599 dollars (14,900 hryvnia).

Meanwhile, the more advanced version of the iPhone 8 Plus fell in price to 549 (UAH 13,700). Previously, for this model you had to pay 699 dollars (17 400 hryvnia).

When iPhones drop in value

All the models mentioned above have already dropped in price. Their are taken from Apple’s official US website. When the price decline will reach the Ukrainian market is still unknown.

By the way, the company has also officially withdrawn from sale such models as iPhone 7, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. Apple withdrew iPhone X from sale in 2018.

For more news related to events from the world of technology, gadgets, artificial intelligence, and space, read the Techno section

Or why you don’t need to run headlong for your phone on the day of the start of sales.

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To temper the ardor of Apple fans, analysts from Yandex.Market conducted a study of for the iPhone from 2016 to 2017. It turned out that if you wait a little, you can save a lot.

Let’s first look at 2016. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The price for them fell almost a month after the start of sales, and first of all it concerns the older model with 256 GB: it has fallen in price by almost 40%. And in March 2018, the price of these smartphones decreased by another 30%, but this is not surprising, because then new iPhones were already released.

Yeah. Once the iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB cost 140,000 rubles

As for the current iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X, the picture is slightly different here. The G8s were the first to come out and lost 12% over the month. Technological iPhone X tried to break these statistics, rising in price for several weeks, but eventually fell by 7%.

An interesting situation was in the spring. In March, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus fell in price by 15%, and the iPhone X. By as much as 20%. But in April, due to the rise in the dollar exchange rate, the for devices increased by 6-10%.


If you love taking pictures, then the iPhone 8 Plus will help you to take pictures of very high quality today. 12 megapixel dual camera, 2x optical zoom and of course the bokeh effect.

Portrait mode on iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone 8 is a bit simpler with this, but it does a very good job too. The most common camera that takes great pictures for 2019.

And remember how it was with the iPhone 6?

2017 year. Iphone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X

In September 2017, Apple introduced three new smartphone models at once (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X). The first two went on sale in a couple of weeks, but the revolutionary iPhone X had to wait until November.

Iphone 8 64GB: 52,000 rubles. 43,000 rubles.
The difference was 9 thousand rubles.

Iphone 8 256GB: 63,000 rubles. 54,000 rubles.
The difference was 9 thousand rubles.

Iphone 8 Plus 64GB: 61,000 rubles. 55,000 rubles.
The difference was 6 thousand rubles.

Iphone 8 Plus 256GB: 70,000 rubles. 65,000 rubles.
The difference was 5 thousand rubles.

In general, for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus fell by as much as 10-12%. Compared to previous models, the difference seems ridiculous.

The decrease in the cost of a smartphone by 5-9 thousand rubles cannot be compared with the wild difference of 85 thousand rubles for previous apple gadgets for the same period.

Iphone X 64GB: 83,000 rubles. 60,000 rubles.
The difference was 23 thousand rubles.

Iphone X 256GB: 92,000 rubles. 72,000 rubles.
The difference was 20 thousand rubles.

They waited too long for the top ten, so the are clear: the impressive price drop compared to the start of sales is due to the disappointment of many X owners, who mostly switched to iPhone 8 after several months of owning an iPhone X.

Iphone X rose in the first week after release, and then dropped 7% in a month than they were on the first day of sales.

After that, the decline continued: if at the beginning of the iPhone X 64GB cost about 83 thousand rubles, then by March the price dropped down to 65 thousand rubles.

Another interesting thing

How much should the of older iPhones drop and how quickly the of the previous generation of smartphones will fall. Is it worth waiting for serious discounts?

By this year’s presentation, Yandex.Market analysts have studied how the cost of iPhones has changed over the past two years.

Model price on Yandex.Market. The average price of all offers that users clicked on, weighted by the number of clicks for each offer.

What do Yandex market analysts advise

Apart from the first days of sales, in which outbidding makes a real frenzy, for iPhones do not change, remaining at a high level.

Only after 2-3 months the cost starts to fall slowly. By the spring, stabilize and further change slightly. Except for fluctuations associated with the dynamics of the dollar.

We already know when the start of sales of new iPhone models will take place (approximately September 21), as well as their approximate cost:

When translated into the ruble, the exchange rate of which has been extremely unstable in recent weeks, the situation is not rosy.

Taking into account the above, it can be assumed that the for the 2016 models will “drop” by 5-10 thousand rubles, depending on the model. Most likely, the iPhone 6s will be completely removed from the sale, and the for the “seven” will drop to the current level of the iPhone 6s.

As for the models of the previous year, we should also expect a significant reduction in prices.

The company finally abandons the branded round button with built-in Touch ID. It seems to me that the logo of the future presentation is a kind of “curtsey” towards the famous button on the front surfaces of the company’s smartphones, starting with the first model presented back in January 2007.

Therefore, Apple can expect an obvious revision of for the latest models of this series (iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus). Here should drop by 10%.

2016 year. Iphone 7, iPhone 7 Plus

The Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus smartphones presented on September 7, 2016 fell noticeably in price just a month after the start of sales.

Iphone 7 32GB: 58,000 rubles. 37,000 rubles.
The difference was 21 thousand rubles.

Iphone 7 128GB: 68,000 rubles. 43,000 rubles.
The difference was 25 thousand rubles.

Iphone 7 Plus 32GB: 72,000 rubles. 46,000 rubles.
The difference was 26 thousand rubles.

Iphone 7 Plus 128GB: 80,000 rubles. 51,000 rubles.
The difference was 29 thousand rubles.

Iphone 7 Plus 256GB: 140,000 rubles. 55,000 rubles.
The difference was 85 thousand rubles.

The biggest drop in price during this time was the iPhone 7 Plus 256GB. By March 2018, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus fell by an average of 30%, who would have thought!

By April it was already possible to speak about the stabilization of moderate for these models, if not for a sharp jump in the dollar exchange rate against the ruble (from 57.2 rubles per dollar to 64 rubles).

After the jump, prices, as expected, soared by 3-5 thousand up, depending on the model. Subsequently, the price gradually decreased until the presentation of new models.

How much will your iPhone fall in price tonight?

Today we will be shown new iPhone models. True, not all users will be interested in the new items.

We already know almost everything. # 129335; # 127995; ‍♂️

Apple’s fall presentation will likely only confirm all the summer leaks that gradually revealed the details of the iPhone Xs.

Following the lead analyst’s opinion:

By the way, the revolutionary iPhone X will most likely be replaced with new models, and the “Ten” will simply be removed from sales.

Iphone 12 and iPhone Pro price

The price of the new iPhones interests Apple fans almost more than the capabilities of smartphones. It is highly probable that the iPhone 12 will cost slightly more than its predecessors. There are several logical explanations for this. Iphone 12 is the first model of a new cycle of Apple smartphones. It will stand out for its design, and the use of new technologies will clearly affect the cost. And the for the iPhone in 2019 remained unchanged, which surprised the experts. It is likely that the marketing strategy envisions price hikes for 2020, when interest in the next-generation iPhones is likely to surge. Based on this, we can assume that the of new models will increase by at least 50.

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And here are the estimated of the iPhone 12, based on previous experience, predictions and leaks:

  • Iphone 12. From 63,990 rubles.
  • Iphone 12 Plus. From 73,990 rubles.
  • Iphone 12 Pro. From 93,990 rubles.
  • Iphone 12 Pro Max. From 103,990 rubles.

Updated pricing information for iPhone 12 will appear only closer to September 2020.

Iphone 12 review: which iPhones will release in 2020, design and release date

The upcoming iPhone 12 will be an undoubted hit, as this device will be considered the first in a three-year refresh cycle for Apple smartphones. This determines the interest in the future flagship, which will appear in September 2020. It should be noticeably different from its predecessor, laying the foundation for a new design for an iconic product.

Iphone 12 design

Iphone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max design

There is little doubt that Apple will significantly change the look of the new 2020 smartphones. The previous iteration has been going on for 3 years and has obviously exhausted itself.

The main changes will affect the shape of the case. The connecting frame will no longer be rounded, but with right angles. Such a design decision, according to Min-Chi Kuo, will make the new smartphones look like the already legendary iPhone 4. The rectangular side edges of the iPhone 12 will resemble the edges of the latest generation iPad Pro tablets. It is worth noting that after the appearance of the iPad Pro in 2018 with a new design, many suggested the appearance of similar faces in the iPhone. This information is confirmed by other sources as well.

Iphone 12 and iPhone 12 Plus design

New materials will also be used to create the case. The 2020 iPhones will receive a metal frame with a complicated design. This will require the use of new casting technology. The frame will combine one-piece protected glass covering the front and rear surfaces of the case.

Analysts suggest that the use of unique manufacturing technologies will make the product even more expensive. Min-Chi Kuo points out that the iPhone 4-style rectangular bezels and new materials will “significantly” change the look of the product. This statement looks quite loud, which is very rare for an insider. Clearly the iPhone redesign will prove to be really powerful.

In addition, the unveiled alleged CAD drawings of the 2020 flagship confirm the reduction in bezels around the screen compared to the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. It is also known that the so-called “bangs” with a system of cameras and TrueDepth sensors will be reduced by about half.

Of course, the concept is not based on actual blueprints or an approved model, but only leaks. Significant changes will also affect the appearance of the entire body. Iphone 12 will be incredibly popular thanks to design changes.

Iphone 12 cameras

Most likely, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will receive a four-camera system:

  • Wide-angle 12MP;
  • 12 megapixel telephoto camera;
  • 12 megapixel ultra wide angle;
  • Lidar 3D Cameras.

Noteworthy is the new LiDAR 3D camera that first appeared in the 2020 iPad Pro. Perhaps it will become the main technological innovation of the iPhone 12 Pro. The very word LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) literally stands for “detection and ranging using light.” The main feature of such a camera is the ability to determine the distance to objects with the highest accuracy through the use of a low-power infrared not even a laser, but its entire grid. The camera sensor will be able to measure the flight time of the beam, which gave the technology its name. Lidar camera is also called time-of-flight camera. In fact, the smartphone will receive an additional image, in which each pixel is responsible for depth, and not for color.

The presence of a 3D camera will open up a whole range of new possibilities for smartphones. First of all, they will noticeably improve the quality of their pictures, especially taken in portrait mode. Improved camera depth perception allows you to create a depth-of-field photo with a clear separation of the subject from the background.

The LiDAR camera brings new augmented reality capabilities to iPhone 12 Pro. Users will be able to scan real objects and living beings, and then transfer them to applications with augmented reality. Rumor has it that Apple will combine these capabilities with the release of its new “smart” glasses, which may appear in 2022.

Iphone 12 connectivity

The new iPhone 12 will be the first Apple smartphones to support 5G. It is no coincidence that for the sake of this event, the company even ended a long legal battle with the manufacturer of 5G modems Qualcomm. For the sake of joint cooperation, a legal war that lasted for several years was ended. The companies have already agreed to supply 5G modems for future iPhones. This is confirmed by the documents on the termination of the litigation. So we can safely say that the iPhone 12 will support 5G networks.

In addition, in the summer of 2019, Apple bought out Intel’s modem division. Obviously, Cupertino is looking into the future and does not want to depend on external vendors to support 5G networks. But its own modem will not be ready until 2022. Apple does not want to stay away from the revolutionary solution, especially since some models on Android received support for 5G networks back in 2019.

Unfortunately, domestic operators have not yet launched a single fifth-generation commercial public network. Implementation of 5G networks is planned for 2021.

Iphone 12 Battery

Apple traditionally does not disclose the battery capacity of its devices, focusing only on battery life. One can only guess what batteries will end up in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Users are hoping for more battery capacity, as happened with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, and allowed them to increase battery life by 4 and 5 hours, respectively. But such a jump in autonomy is no longer worth waiting for. The fact is that the new iPhones are likely to be able to work in the fifth generation networks. This will clearly not for the better affect the battery life of the iPhone 12 without recharging.