WhatsApp to see remote messages. How to read the messages that the interlocutor deleted

WhatsApp. Restore correspondence messages

Add a page to bookmarks, share with your friends-FreeSoft has prepared simple instructions for interesting life hacks to restore missing chats, remote messages and other Correspondence on your iPhones and Android ones (Samsung, Huawei, Honor. doesn’t matter).

The structure of the article is this: first we answer the question “How to restore Watsap correspondence” in the simplest way, then, if not helped, delve into details: We check the settings automatic reservation of messages. this will help to understand how to create miracles of restoration of remote chats (the instructions are attached). In the end, we’ll figure out how to get correspondence from the broken phones or transfer to a new.

Attention! Read to the end only if you want to know everything about data restoration in the messenger. There is no time to understand? Click on the link, go to the right section.

Simple recovery

First, about the simplest situation: we used the messenger, they have long been deleted, and now we decided to use it again, and even return the entire “recent” correspondence? Nothing easier. install it and messages will return yourself.

Follow simple instructions:

  • Download the application
  • Install and register indicate the country, phone number, SMS comes with the confirmation code, enter it into the application
  • We write user name
  • WhatsApp will offer to restore a backup copy of the messages. agree
  • Ready! Correspondence is restored

Not? So your case is not so simple. Most likely not a backup was configured and the messages were not preserved. Check and set up in the next chapter. this is important!

Recovery after removing the program or losing a mobile device

If the user saved backups, the permission to create which the messenger requests smartphones from the owners once a month, then after deleting the WhatsApp application and reinstalling the messenger, he will be able to independently restore user data.

  • Delete a messenger and install it again.
  • Log in WhatsApp.
  • The program will offer to restore the existing backup copy.
  • The user will have to agree and wait until all the information returns to his mobile device.

If the mobile device is lost, then only a backup saved in the Google Account will help.

Attention! It is recommended to regularly create backups of the Google account. Recall that Google provides each user with 15 GB of disk space in his cloud storage. This is enough to preserve a ten.year correspondence with thousands of photographs and other documents.

Recovery from backup copies

The user can use a backup copy of any type, provided that they are created.

Archives on a mobile device

To automatically upload messages from messages and photographs from the memory of a mobile device when they are random, it is necessary to come as follows:

After the backup copy is restored, chats, correspondence, and the pictures will reappear on the smartphone.

Archives in the cloud

However, many users do not like to clog the smartphone with backup copies of any messengers or programs. There is a way out for them. cloud storage. The user will only need to configure the automatic preservation of reserve copies of correspondence, photos from instant messengers in the Google Account.

If the user has a similar backup, then by deleting WhatsApp or even losing a mobile device, by buying a new one and installing this popular messenger in it, the owner will be able to return all the chats. This can be done as follows:

  • Delete and reinstall the WhatsApp messenger.
  • Silence in it under your own phone number.
  • After that, the program will propose to restore data from a local backup or from a Google cloud storage. The user will need to choose the last option.
  • Now you need to wait until all files move to a new smartphone. When the recovery is completed, it will remain to wait for all correspondence and files in the WhatsApp messenger.

After that, all old chats and files will be available to the user on the new mobile device.

How to restore WhatsApp data using IOS and Andriod users

For those who do not use the ICLUD cloud storage or other similar cloud services to reliable storage of all their data, there is a way to restore the lost data a little more complex. This method consists in using the utility to restore lost data on the iPhone. This is one of the popular Tenorshare Ultdata programs

The program can be downloaded from the link https: // www.Tenorshare.RU/Products/iPhone-Data-Recovery.HTML

For IOS users, recovery algorithm

Step2. Further, the program will begin to search for the device and after its detection it will open the window in which you must select the necessary file formats. From this window you can easily restore previously remote messages remote messages.

At the end of the selection of files for recovery, click the “Scan” button.

Step3. Upon completion of scanning, select the function of lost or deleted data, for faster and more convenient viewing. Then click “Restore PC” and you need to wait a while.

For Android users, the recovery algorithm is as follows

Step 1. Download and install Tenorshare Ultdata for Android on PC. Connect your smartphone via USB cable to a computer. There are 2 functions, you need to select “Restore WhatsApp data”.

At the end of the scan, all WhatsApp data will appear, the data can be even year.old, if you have not changed the device. Highlight all the messages that you outlined to restore and click the “Restore” button. Immediately before restoring them, it is possible to reconsider.

How to restore remote messages in WhatsApp from backup copies

Activation of this option greatly simplifies the process of returning the erased files. The backup (RK) is usually stored in the memory of a smartphone or on a microSD card. There are two ways to “resuscitate” information from such a storage. We will analyze two typical situations that may occur.

The message in WhatsApp has disappeared recently

When the loss of valuable SMS has occurred recently, you can try a method with reinstalling the application. The term “recently” depends on the settings that the user put to create backup copies of chats.

If it was chosen “to save messages every week”, then “recently” is no more than 7 days. If a period of 14 days was indicated, the user has 2 weeks to return data, 30 days. a month, etc.D.

After the specified period, the application in automatic mode will create a new RK, and the old will be erased. So, to take advantage of this way, you should:

Delete the WhatsApp application from the phone. To do this, click on its icon on the screen, and holding the icon, drag into the basket. Or use a deinstal through the application dispatcher in the device menu (you need to find a messenger on the list and select “Delete”).

Now you need to install the application again. To do this, you need to go to the store (Play-Market for android, App-Store for iPhone, etc.) and download messenger.

After installing and starting the program, you should enter your previous phone number.

The application will display a notification that a backup copy of the chats has been found and offers to return all the data from it.

Next, you should click on “restore”.

After the process is completed, the entire correspondence, including the photos, the contacts of the contacts will be returned on the smartphone.

But if there was no desired message, then it was erased precisely before creating a new copy of chats. Then you should try the second way.

The message in WhatsApp was deleted for a long time

For his “resurrection” you will need to perform a number of actions:

You need to access the device memory. You can use the application “Conductor”. It is installed by default on most modern smartphones, but if it is not, then the owner will be able to download the program on his own.

Having launched the “conductor”, you must go to the WhatsApp program, namely, in “Databases”. It stores all the Correspondence Corresponding Consumer Republics ever, and at the end of the name of the copy, the date of its creation is indicated.

Now you need to choose the folder found, clamp it with your finger until a pop.up menu appears on the screen.

In it, select the “Rename” item, change the name, deleting the date and leaving “MSGSTore.DB.Crypt12 ”, not forgetting to keep changes.

It is from this file that the messages will return and it will replace the previous copy.

In this case, the first copy of “MSGSTORE.DB.Crypt12 ”must be renamed into a convenient name for you and save.

After that, perform steps of 1-5 of the first method. At the end, all lost correspondence should return to the place.

Important! Before performing the described operations, it is worth making sure that the available information is saved, since all the chats that are later created by the restored backup will be removed.

How to access the WhatsApp messages through a computer

If you want to read SMS WhatsApp through a computer, then go to the website, enter your username and password, go into the office and in the “Data” section:

  • There will be all intercepted messages in the “WhatsApp” contribution.
  • The audio contribution will have voice messages with WhatsApp.
  • In the “Photo” tab intercepted photos.

Attention! Data in the office stored exactly 1 month from the date of their receipt. If you independently delete files, it is impossible to restore them. There is no separate archive on the service.

How to read someone else’s WhatsApp from your phone

If you have an Android phone and you want to read another person from your phone, then you can install a “client” (mobile version of the office). download the installation file. install it. select “Follow this device”. It has a very convenient integration and everything is clear without any explanation.

If you have an iPhone, then you can view someone else’s WhatsApp from your phone only through the office on the site. “Client” is installed only on Android OS. You can from your iPhone at any time convenient for you: go to the site. enter your username and password. go to your personal office. watch data. Just like from a computer or laptop.

How to read remote messages in WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber via “Whatsremoved” on Android

This section presents a reserve instruction for reading remote messages using the “Whatsremoved” application. To do this, follow the following actions:

  • Open the Play Market and enter into the search “Whatsremoved” without quotes.
  • Install the Development Colors program and run it.
  • Click the “Start” button. You can first remove the marker at the “Activate Firebase Crashlytics” item so that the application does not collect analytical data from the smartphone.
  • Use the item “Allow” and in the window that opens, activate the label next to the inscription “detect a remote element”.
  • Put a checkmark in the item “I am aware of possible risks and take responsibility for all possible consequences” and click “OK” to confirm the action.
  • Return back to the program and wait for data download.
  • Select applications in which you need to remember the notifications that appear, and click “Next”.
  • If necessary, save remote files use the “Yes button. Save”. You can abandon this function with the help of “no”.
  • Allow the use of data and install markers near the folders to save files. For example, all audio will be placed in “Audio”, Images and Video. images and videos.
  • In the section “Starting Parameters when you turn on the phone” and click on “Settings 1” and “Setting 2”. Activate the Whatsremoved marker for auto.alcohol of the application.
  • In the paragraph “Battery Settings”, click “Settings 1” and “Settings 2”, turn off the control of background activity and saving battery.
  • Use the “complete” button to confirm all the actions performed.

After performing the above steps, new notifications will be stored in the “Whatsremoved” application.

How to read remote messages in WhatsApp and Viber through backup on Android and iOS

To use this method, you need to configure backup using the Google Cloud Service Disk.

  • Open WhatsApp and click in the upper right corner to three points to display the context menu.
  • Click on “Settings” and go to the “Chat” section.
  • Use the “Reserve Copy button”.
  • In the section “Reserve on Google”, set the value “daily”.
  • Launch Viber and go to the “” section.
  • Click “Settings” and select “Account”.
  • Open “backup”.
  • Click “Create a backup” and select “Daily”.

From this moment, a backup copy will be created for the received and sent messages. To restore them, follow the following actions:

Notification journal

This method may not work on all devices. Does not require installation of any applications. All setting occurs at the expense of the Android system. But it is worth trying it. It can come in handy not only to view messenger messages, but also to see all the notifications that they accidentally cheated without reading.

Installation instructions

On the free field of the home screen, make a long tap until a small menu appears, where you select the “Widgets” section.

Find the widget of general settings and drag it to the main screen. A list of functions that can be installed on the main screen for quick access will open.

Ask a friend or girlfriend to send you a message to WhatsApp and delete it.

Go to the magazine and look at the whole log of the notification. If you find there the record that the interlocutor deleted, then everything works in your case. Use it and do not look for other ways.

Third.party applications

Use a third.party program from Google Play Store working with the history of notifications. They work with a notification magazine, keeping each in the phone’s memory. And even if something is deleted in the application, the warning program will save everything in the journal, and if necessary, extract the desired and remote.


The program will allow you to read remote messages in social networks and messengers that you receive, but the interlocutor deleys them.

There are several points to pay attention to.

She will not give you the opportunity to read the texts that were once deleted. It will not restore the remote messenger, it will give you the opportunity to read remote texts after installing this software on the smarton.

That is, you can only view fresh remote messages.

Run the program. At the very beginning, when starting, you agree with the condition and press the “Accept” button.

The next step needs to be accessed by notifications.

whatsapp, remote, messages, read

Turn on the switch, thereby providing access to the program to notification.

Next, choose from which social networks from which instant messengers do you want to see remote messages.

In the settings, you can always change your choice by adding or removing applications and messengers.

And also provide permission to preserve remote images.

The initial setting is completed and sections with the names of the applications that you added to the program will appear in the intese.

Software works as follows. By default, she collects all the correspondence, or rather, duplicates her.

I got this amazing app by which we can read any deleted messages in WhatsApp ��

And remote messages to the interlocutor will remain unchanged here.

An important point, the program collects in history only those messages that appeared in notifications.

Another important point, if you are currently in the chat, a post from the interlocutor comes to you. This text will not be preserved in the history of the program, as it came directly without notification in the screen of the screen.

But if the lock screen turns on or the device screen goes out, all the texts sent will go through notifications and are fixed in the history of Whatsremoved, even if the interlocutor immediately removed them.

One of the advantages of this software over the others is that it allows you to preserve media files.

I sent you, for example, your interlocutor some photo and immediately changed my mind, deleted it.

Your smartphone at this time was in waiting mode. The messenger will only show that the photo was deleted, and by moving to Whatsremoved, you will see that very photo.

And if you click on the “folder” icon, then get into the section where all textual, audio and video files are stored.

The program has an interesting chip. WhatsApp works well, but with other instant messengers it can buggy.

We go to the settings and remove the box. “Preservation of all messages”. After that, she will collect only remote messages, and not all in a row.


Another of the best programs that will allow you to view the remote messages in chats, as well as block notifications with the possibility of viewing, which will be convenient in game modes and when listening to music.

Когда звук входящего оповещения прерывает музыку и игровой режим и выскакивает поверх всех окон, мешая заниматься своими делами.

She will save your STIHL and will make it possible to read the text Message from applications or instant messengers later, if you accidentally brushed it off.

But the main idea is the opportunity to read remote messages. For example:

If someone sent you a message, then he changed his mind abruptly, perhaps he even smoked you and removed it with you and you have it. Notisave will allow you to see what the user wrote on the other end of the chat.

To start notisave, it is necessary to give permission to access notifications.

What is fraught with? I think many understand if you are not conducting any secretly important correspondence with passwords, codes, locations, but simply communicate, then use this application.

The main integration is quite simple. Program in Russian.

Suppose you read, do not want them to hang from you, you can remove all the stored alerts.

In addition, you can use the password to block notisave and use the LockScreen widget. Show a blocked screen. That is, you put the password so that no one gets access to this application and does not look at notifications from your messengers and other programs.

And also there are groups, that is, by default, the application after installation collects and distributes all the programs available on your device.

You can create a new group. View applications that are divided into:


One of the most popular methods to access correspondence in messengers is to use the program-logger. The essence of the work of the program is that it duplicates all the actions and information on the phone and sends all the information to the personal account. An example is the vkurse program. In addition to access to WhatsApp correspondence, you can listen to conversations, environment, determine the current location, view texts typed on the keyboard and much more. With the program you can control the current correspondence. But for a small price, you get the full control of the right person.

Unusual? But it works 100%. Buy a new thing, it is advisable to choose a phone model a little better than now at the controlled (so that it accurately used it), install the program-logger and present the phone as a gift. As a rule, such programs work in the background, without betraying yourself and get all the correspondence from WhatsApp.

If you are lazy or not the opportunity to independently engage in installation, then you can always find such a ready.made phone for order. It is enough to decide on the phone model and make payment.

How to check remote messages and whether it is possible to return them

Many users are sure that to restore history from the cloud just. In “WhatsApp” everything is arranged differently. On different smartphones, the ability to view the remote message will depend not only on the messenger settings, but also on access to the number to which the account was recorded.

When authorizing with another SIM, the program will not detect accessible for downloading a cloud backup. It is attached to the Google/iCloud disk, but does not occupy its free space, t.e. Not stored there. Before reading remote messages in WhatsApp, study the privacy policy and FAQ.

Another feature of WA is the selective encryption of the backup of chats (the local duplicate is not encoded). Correspondence is protected by standard password. To restore messages on another device and without an old SIM card, an encrypted crypto key is required. He goes to the system folder along the Databases/Files path. But on androids the latest versions of this directory are not available.

Thus, the only opportunity to read the story on Android 8.0 Without linking the cloud disk there is a shutdown of protection. In this case, the file with the history is thrown from the old WhatsApp folder to a new one (with or without password). And the built.in option “Watsap” is engaged in recovery.

  • If you see the record “The message was deleted”, prepare the “account” for discharge.
  • Go to chat settings. Click “backup”.
  • Indicate the storage method (on the disk/in the local file).
  • Save and check the changes.
  • Throw media files and voice audio. They are removed forever after the client is reinstalled. You will find the whole cache in the WhatsApp/Databases/Media directory if you have time to turn on the auto load.

A local copy is required to be saved for manual recovery (not through a cloud). Without it, do not count other people’s “remotes”.

Open WhatsApp/Databases and find the MSGSTORE file.DB.Crypt14. The name may vary. An important nuance. format.

Look at the date for which the document is formed. If the time is indicated in the name, delete the digital part. Leave only the letters and the version “Crypt” (at the end). If you encrypted data, go to Files and save the contents of the folder.

If there is a local or cloud backup, the restoration of correspondence is always available, but with one condition. If the account is no more than 1 day, and the disk is not connected, the duplicate with the story will be able to open no earlier than 02:00. This is the time for updating the local copy by default.

While the duplicate has not been created, it will be possible to find the story only with the help of third.party file managers. They display the location of hidden folders. If chats are stored on the devices of interlocutors, you can get access to them at any time. Otherwise, when leaving the session, the correspondence would have disappeared.

After removing the chat

Before reading remote messages in WhatsApp, open the archive, perhaps the chat is deactivated.

If the backup is daily, the dialogue will be restored without losing other conversations.

It will not be possible to view part of the story if the message is deleted before transmission to the server. Chats are made daily at 02:00. To read the remote SMS on Android/iPhone, just reinstall the messenger, following the tips of the system. Wa will pull the saved data from its archive.

In the case when the cloud disk is not used, save a local copy. History is in the Databases folder. Next, turn on the backup in WA settings to restore other dialogs later.

  • Download WhatsApp in APK on the developer website.
  • Remove the old version.
  • Disconnect the Internet.
  • Reinstall the application.
  • Open the WA system folder.
  • Add msgstore to it.DB.Crypt.
  • Allow the copying of the data from the found copy.
  • After the opening of the dialogue, return the conversations remaining on the disk.
whatsapp, remote, messages, read

For a certain date

If you need to find a remote SMS, then backup recovery will not always work. Local copy stores changed messages for only 7 days.

When a duplicate of the story on the desired date remains on the cloud disk, load it according to the instructions above. An easier way to read remote messages is to install special utilities.

View remote photos and videos

Before rebooting WA, the user should find out what was sent before removing. If this is a media file or voice message, you will find them in the Databases folder.

Restoration using third.party programs

I use several free utilities on the phone. They read not only erased dialogs, but also display media and calls.

Recover Messages

The utility restores SMS deleted more than 7 days ago. It works both with a cloud backup and a local copy (SQL).

Notification History log

You can see any remote message to the application. Include notifications and calculate the preserved log of the text in “History”.


The utility opens the erased SMS and pictures for any dates. Correspondence is duplicated completely without “deleted” marks and is available in one tab.

If you do not want to manually collect media files on Android or iPhone, use Tenorshare Ultdata, DR.Fone, Data Recovery. They will restore dialogs removed by another interlocutor, which are not read in the messenger integration.

To view messages from peeled chats, do not delete cache and system files WA. In the presence of a separate local copy, you can open the erased dialogs manually. If you do not know if the message has got into the cloud archive, scan it in WhatsApp Recovery. And then perform a backup from the disk.

The interlocutor deleted messages in WhatsApp. how to read them

In “WhatsApp” you can delete messages on the devices of all participants in the chat. If your interlocutor takes advantage of this option, in your chat instead of remote SMS you will see the phrase “this message is deleted”, regardless of whether you saw that in this SMS or not. But what to do if you are still interested in the withdrawn message?

If you see in the “DEVELOD Message” dialogue, then your interlocutor removed his SMS in the chat

These systemic logs can read special applications, for example, “Notifications History”, Notif Log Notification History, Notification History Log and others. They can only be downloaded on “Android”. On iOS, this method of reading remote messages does not work.

In order for the program to work, you need notifications for Watsap to be activated in your settings:

Make sure that next to the “Enable notifications” item is a check. If it is not, you will not succeed in reading the remote message.

If the notifications are included, you can read the recalled SMS

Programs store notifications for only a few hours. after they are deleted. Cleaning also occurs when the phone is rebooted. Only the first 100 characters in SMS are available to reading. The withdrawn photos and videos of the application will not see you. only the format of the text is supported.

Programs for reading messages erased by the sender in “WhatsApp

Consider several applications for working with notifications that are available in Play Market.

“History of notifications”

We will put a utility from the developer Yotta Studio:

Install the “History of the Notifications” through “Play Market”

Wait until the utility downloads and establish. Launch the application. there will be a notification right away that the program needs to open access to notifications, as well as configure universal access. Click first on the first point.

Tap on the first point with system settings

Open the section for “Notifications History”

You will get into the phone settings. Activate the component using the tolerance at the top right and confirm the action.

Then click on the notifications access. Put a mark next to the “Notification History”.

How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone? Working 100%

To find a notification with a deleted message, go to “WhatsApp”. Click on the phrase “This message is deleted”. You will be transferred to a previously installed utility, where there will be a list of SMS received from your interlocutor. Or you can find a message manually in the list of the program, but this will take more time.

Go to the remote message through the Watsap Inte Week

Notif Log Notification History

Consider how to install and use the Notif Log program from the developer Kiwi Tree:

Go to Play Market for the program

Click on the Enable Click to Enable notifications.

Using the Click to Enable link, go to the device settings

Put a checkmark next to the program and confirm that you are opening access to notifications to this application.

After that, the notifications from all your programs, including Watsap, will be displayed directly on the main page in the utility.

All further notifications will be displayed on the application integration

Notification History log

How to work in the Notification History Log from Ikva Esolutions:

Run the program. Put a box below and click on Agree and Continue.

Accept the terms of the agreement to continue the work

Go if you need little training.

At the beginning, the program will offer you a small instructions for using the utility

Put a mark next to the program in the smartphone settings. Confirm the inclusion.

Include to the program access to notifications

Tap Show Ads to continue using the free version of the program with advertising.

Continue to use the free version with advertising

Click on Advanced History, open the Vatsap notifications and find the remote message in the list. Or go to the notification via “WhatsApp“.

You can use applications for working with notifications previously deleted by your interlocutor to read messages at WhatsApp, which were previously deleted by your interlocutor. But they will work only if you have in your smartphone the receipt of notifications about the arrival of new messages in “WhatsApp”. You can only view the SMS text. photos and videos will not be displayed.