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How to Fix All Error of Desktop Whatsapp in Windows 10 (2020)

What to do if WhatsApp Web does not work on PC

WhatsApp Web allows users Android and iOS to open their messages for messages in PC browsers. The WhatsApp blog reads: “Our web client is just expanding your phone: the web browser reflects conversations and messages from your mobile device”.

Connecting to this web client is usually quite simple. However, some users declare in the forum messages that WhatsApp Web does not work in their browsers.

WhatsApp Web may not work due to several factors. Perhaps the web client does not work due to problems with the network connection or browser. Or it may be a case when software users are not compatible with WhatsApp Web. These are several solutions that can fix WhatsApp Web.

whether whatsapp down works?

First, check if WhatsApp Web works. Perhaps the server web client does not work. Users can check if the web client is working on the Downdetector website.com. Downdetector.COM currently emphasizes that the WhatsApp server is not turned off. However, if WhatsApp does not work, users will need to wait until the web client will recover again.

WhatsApp Web does not work for users using browsers that it does not support. Therefore, some WhatsApp users may need to check the browser compatibility before connecting to the application web client. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Edge are browsers compatible with WhatsApp Web. This excludes browsers such as Vivaldi, Internet Explorer and Maxthon, who have millions of users. Users viewing incompatible browsers will have to install alternatives compatible with WhatsApp.

Use high.speed Internet connection

You can get away with a clear (in Mbps/s) Internet speed during WhatsApp voice calls. But for a trouble.free video call in WhatsApp, you need to connect to a high.speed Internet.

If you use Wi-Fi, connect to a fastest frequency of 5 GHz, and not to a slower 2.4 GHz. PC users can also select Ethernet connection to ensure a higher Internet speed during the working process.

Turn on the resolution of the microphone

If other participants do not hear you during WhatsApp calls, you probably disconnected the permission of the microphone for WhatsApp in Windows 11. Follow the following actions and enable access to the microphone for WhatsApp.

Run the Windows 11 settings menu (use Windows i keys).

Go to the menu “Privacy and Security”.

Scroll to the “application resolution” and open the “microphone”.

Turn on the switch “Allow applications to access to your microphone”. Scroll down and turn on the microphone resolution for WhatsApp.

Check the Internet connection

Slow or uneven Internet connection can also cause problems with WhatsApp on your desktop. Try downloading a few web pages or start a quick speed test on your PC to check the Internet connection. If everything is in order with the Internet, go to the decisions below.

If WhatsApp does not have the necessary permission to work in the background, he will not be able to send notifications or synchronize your messages until you open the application. To avoid this, you must allow WhatsApp to work in the background. This is how to do it.

Open the Start menu and click the gear icon to run the “Settings” application. In addition, you can also press the Windows I key to achieve the same.

Use the left panel to go to the “Appendix” tab. Click the installed applications on the right panel.

Scroll down to find WhatsApp in the list. Click the menu icon from three points next to it and select “Additional Parameters” in the next menu.

In the section “Permission of background applications” in the opening menu, select “Always”.

Restart WhatsApp to start a new session and check if it can work in the background.

Check the application permits

Like any other application, several permits are required for the uninterrupted operation of WhatsApp. For example, if you have previously banned WhatsApp access to your PC camera or microphone, you may have difficulty connecting by calling or sending voice messages. This is what you can do to fix it.

Click the “Start” icon with the right mouse button and select “installed applications” in the menu that appears.

Find WhatsApp in the list. Click the menu icon from three points next to it and select the “additional parameters” in the menu that appears.

Use switches in the “Applications” section to enable all permits.

Restart the application to check if the problem is saved.

Connection problems in desktop

If a mobile device works without failures, why does not open on the laptop? Difficulties can hide from the desktop. it is time for us to make sure that there is a stable connection.

Try starting another application, open any site and see how correct they work. There are problems?

  • Reload a router or router;
  • Try to close capacious running applications (through the tasks dispatcher), especially for programs working in the background;
  • Contact the Support Provider.

If everything is fine with the Internet, but the error is saved, it is worth completing the work session in the messenger. Let’s start again!

All sessions are completed, you can start restart. Open a web page or a program on the desktop:

I figured out why WhatsApp does not work on a computer and what can be done about it. as a rule, one of the methods described above will help to solve the problem. Try to carefully check all points, make sure there is a correct Internet connection-then everything will be fine!

What to do if WhatsApp flies out on the phone

To choose the best option for solving the problem, you need to understand what it is. There are standard ways to eliminate problems for devices based on iPhone and Android.


What to do if WhatsApp “flies away” on the iPhone:

  • The reason for the interruptions of the Internet. You need to re.connect to the network or try another connection, for example, wireless.
  • The reason for violation of authentication. You should check the correct indication of the phone number and code from the message. It is recommended to look at the history of entrances to the account, perhaps it was hacked. Then you need to change the password.
  • The reason is that the old version of the application is established. You need to regularly update the messenger to avoid problems using.

WhatsApp failure.

In some cases, the removal of the program and its re.installation helps.


Possible reasons for the violation of whatsApp on Android and their solution:

  • Lack of Internet connection. It is necessary to restart a router or modem, disable and turn on the data transfer when using mobile Internet.
  • “Hanging” application. The program should be restarted, and if it does not help, then completely restart the phone.
  • Full download of phone memory. It is recommended to clean the application cache on the smartphone, delete unnecessary programs and files.

What to do if “WhatsApp” simply hangs and does not react

When “hanging” “Watsap”, you need to reboot the phone or turn off the program on the computer through the tasks dispatcher. If the situation is repeated regularly, you need to check the device’s memory and update whatsApp to the latest version.

On Android

Options for solving the problem when the messenger “hangs” on Android:

  • re-connect to the network or choose another Internet connection;
  • Reload “WhatsApp”;
  • Update the messenger;
  • Delete the application and install again;
  • Reload the smartphone.

When nothing helps, the last option remains. to drop the phone to factory settings. Before that, you need to save all important files and applications. To do this, it is good to use synchronization with the Google account.

WhatsApp update on Android.

On the iPhone

When the messenger is “hanging” on the iPhone, the solutions will be the same as on Android. You need to check the availability of the Internet, update the application, restart the phone.

In Windows

The “hovering” of the messenger in Windows can be corrected by closing the application through the tasks dispatcher by completing the Ctrl Alt Del command. In the window opened on the “Appendix” tab, you must click on the “WhatsApp” icon and click on the “Remove task” option below.

In most cases, this fully solves the problem. The application will be closed and it can be re.launched.

The reason may be high processor workload, overheating PC. Then you need to clean unnecessary files via CCleaner and remove unnecessary tasks.

Update error

The main assumption of WEB WhatsApp is an actual account, a regular software update, as well as the presence of the installed version of the messenger on a smartphone. At the same time, both versions. for a smartphone and for a computer, must be updated simultaneously. If WhatsApp does not start for a computer, it is worth checking the activity of the Windows updates on the computer.

How to check and enable Windows updates service (on version 10):

Important! The Windows version also matters for the web version of the messenger. Windows 7 and 8 can no longer cope with the last innovations of WhatsApp and therefore the service will not work correctly

Corporate control

Another reason why WhatsApp does not work on a computer is network corporate control. If the user is authorized in a messenger through a working computer, then a centralized traffic control system can block the entrance. Solution of the problem. use a smartphone with a mobile Internet.

WhatsApp can also disrupt the computer in the computer. If all the methods listed earlier are excluded, and WhatsApp is not launched for the computer, then the user will need to reinstall the software on the computer. What to do. step.by.step instructions.

Important! When reinstalling the version of the messenger on PC, it is important that the WhatsApp smartphone is active in the latest version, and the user is on the network

Bad Internet connection

WhatsApp web does not work on a computer if there is no normal Internet connection on the smartphone. The reason is simple, you simply cannot go to the mobile messenger to undergo authorization.

Try to open any web page or application. Does not work? We offer to take the following measures:

  • Make sure that there are enough funds on the account, and all the Internet points are connected. Maybe you spent the GB limit for this month?
  • Reload your mobile phone;
  • Connect to a wireless network, turn off the mobile;
  • Make sure that you have actually activated a wireless connection or cellular transmission;
  • Reload the router/ router.

It is important to remember, WhatsApp web does not open in controlled wireless networks! If you are in an educational institution or at work, you may encounter such restrictions imposed by the administrator. Nothing to do about!

If WhatsApp web does not open on the computer, it is worth checking if you use VPN or proxy. The messenger is not designed for third.party configurations, so the performance is not guaranteed. Disconnect the proxy/ VPN and repeat the attempt.

Of course, the reasons can lie not only in the smartphone! Let’s try to figure out what else to pay attention to.

Incorrect choice of browser

Another answer to the question why whatsApp web does not load. you are trying to use the inappropriate browser. Recall that the messenger works exclusively in modern web browsers, including:

Other browsers, for example, Internet Explorer, are not supported. often, WhatsApp web does not work, which is why. Unusual users are trying to go to the account through a third.party observer.

At the same time, you are recommended to establish the latest available version of the observer to guarantee the work of the messenger. The update button is in the browser settings, be sure to put it in a timely manner.

Download WhatsApp for Windows (x32)

Web version

In this case, no installation is required. Open the Web link in the browser.WhatsApp.com, go to the synchronization menu on the phone and count the barcode. Now you can send messages, voice notes and media files directly from the window of the Internet recrecer. But at the same time, you can not turn off the messenger or network on the mobile device.

Android emulator

As already mentioned above, the two previous options for launching WhatsApp for Windows are related to serious restrictions. The main of them is the need for continuous synchronization with a mobile device. In addition, there is no possibility of making voice and video calls. It will also not be possible to publish a new status and edit or delete the current.

Accordingly, the PC version of the application is limited, to completely replace the client for a smartphone or tablet with its help will not work. But here you can use one cunning. Android emulator. This is a special program for Windows, which allows you to launch mobile applications, including WhatsApp. The easiest way to use Nox App Player.

  • Download the emulator from the official website https: // ru.Bignox.com.
  • Install and start the program, it does not require any settings.
  • Enter the existing Google account or create a new.
  • Launch Play Market and drive the name of the messenger into the search line.
  • Wait for the installation and open it from the main screen.

The further use of the Usap is no different from the Android version on the phone. You need to specify the phone number for the entrance, confirm or refuse when choosing data synchronization and start communication. At the same time, a complete set of capabilities is available for the user. However, a microphone is required to make calls.

Launch the application on behalf of the administrator.

If you have problems with WhatsApp on PC with Windows 10, you can try to launch it as an administrator.

For the correct operation of some applications, the administrator rights are required, and you can run WhatsApp on behalf of the administrator by just clicking the application with the right mouse button and choosing the launch parameter on behalf of the administrator.

If the launch of the application on behalf of the administrator eliminates the problem, you will have to do this every time you want to run WhatsApp on your PC.

It can be a little tiring, but you can configure the automatic launch of WhatsApp with administrator rights. To do this, follow the following actions:

  • Click the WhatsApp short button on the desktop and select the properties.
  • Go to the compatibility tab and be sure to set the flag to launch this program on behalf of the administrator.
  • Click apply and ok. to save changes.

After that, you can start WhatsApp as usual, and it will always work with the rights of the administrator.

Disconnect the antivirus

Sometimes your antivirus can interfere with the installation process and cause the WhatsApp installation failure. If this happens, you need to temporarily turn off the antivirus program and try to install the application again.

WhatsApp is the most popular message customer, but, as you can see, he has some problems with Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. If you have problems with WhatsApp, be sure to try all our solutions.

WhatsApp “Link Device” for WhatsApp web not working: Problem Solved

If the problem is not fixed, perhaps the problem in the version of WhatsApp used, so you have to wait until a new version is released.