WhatsApp does not swing on Android. 403, 495, 504, 911, 920, 923, RPC, “unacceptable…

WhatsApp does not swing on Android

The VOTSAP application is designed to exchange messages between users. The program has a Russian.speaking Inte Weights and provides subscribers with many useful opportunities. This material contains recommendations for installing WhatsApp on mobile devices on the Android platform.

The Android operating system is used for a whole list of devices, including: smartphones, tablets, laptops. This complex of programs serves to organize the operation of the device with a touch display and allows the owner of the gadget:

Ancestor of the Android line. HTC Dream. Modern versions of the OS wear numbers 7.0, 7.eighteen.0, 8.19.0. The last creation of the developers came out at number 10.0. The first versions of Android are already morally outdated and do not support most applications. The developers of the messenger indicate the operating system 4 as the minimum requirements.0.3. Despite this, so far for the owners of old phones models, the opportunity to download free irregular versions of the program besides the official site is preserved.

How to find, download WatsApp

The following are recommendations for finding the WhatsApp application in various sources.

Google Play

Google Play market is the main resource that provides apps for devices on the Android platform. In any smartphone, this store is installed by default and offers to download a wide selection of programs, toys, music collections and films.

To install the WhatsApp messenger on a smartphone with Android OS, you need to go to the application store and get the name of the program in the search line. Pressing on the green symbol of WhatsApp will allow you to start downloading the messenger. Next, you need to adhere to the instructions that are given above.

APK file

Files for installing programs working for Android have in their name the extension “APK”. To search for such software, you need to enter the name WhatsApp.APK in search of a browser. Among the fallen links, you need to choose the address of the resource that is designed to download VOTSAP. The further algorithm of actions is similar to the messenger’s loading through the store.

Before starting the download process, you need to remove the restriction on downloading files in smartphone parameters. To do this, you need to go to the settings, select the Safety tab and allow unknown sources to supply files for the device. After the end of the procedure, it is recommended to return to the initial settings so as not to arrange a risk from an unknown.

Other resources

You can download WhatsApp from different sources. To do this, first of all, in the phone settings, you need to install a flag that allows such an action. After that, the name of the messenger should be introduced in the search line of the browser. Then the user selects a site from the list of offers offering to download VOTSAP. The further procedure remains the same, including registration through the telephone number and reference of a six.digit registration code.

How to download WhatsApp on Android

Simple, reliable and confidential WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most common in the world in its category. You can download WhatsApp on Android in Russian for free, this is one of the reasons for the huge popularity of the messenger.

Immediately after downloading and installing WhatsApp for an android in the messenger’s contacts, you can see all subscribers from the smartphone phone book that already use the program. This means that you can immediately communicate with relatives with friends and colleagues, regardless of what point of the globe you are.

Note: WhatsApp allows not only to communicate in chat, voice or video communication, but also to send files of any type.

The number of WhatsApp for Android on Google Play in 2020 exceeded five billion, and the number of users exceeded two billion people

The main stages of download WhatsApp on Android device

To download WhatsApp to a mobile device, you need an application file file. As a download source, can be:

Both options are similar, but have some significant differences. Play download from Play’s market, the market includes several simple steps, you need:

  • Go to Play Market and find the application using the search.
  • Go to the Wotsap page (https: // Play.Google.COM/Store/Apps/Details?ID = COM.WhatsApphl = RU) and press the “Install” button.
  • Allow the messenger access to the resources that he needs to work.

Messenger loading algorithm from the official site has some differences. Necessary:

  • Allow in the settings of the gadget the download of files from unknown sources.
  • Go to the page of the official website WhatsApp (https: // www.WhatsApp.com/?Lang = ru) and download installation file.
  • Launch a downloaded file and give the program the requested permits.

Further, in both cases, you need to wait for the completion of the download and installation of the application, then start it, indicate the phone number and activate the account.

Important! It is necessary to enter exactly the mobile number that is installed on the phone or tablet. The activation code will be sent to it.

This application is incompatible with your device

This error appears if your “iron” does not fit the application. for example, it simply does not have enough resources of RAM or video card. However, WhatsApp is not a difficult modern game with realistic graphics, which will only go to the flagships. This messenger supports almost all of the existing Android Smartphones. But there are two restrictions. The first applies to the Android version. it should be 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) or higher. If you deliberately installed the old version on the phone, then just update to more modern. Absolutely all smartphones on Android, released in 2010 and later, support 2.3.3. And if you have an older device, then put WhatsApp on it, whatever you turn.

The second restriction is associated with the presence of a slot for a SIM card. So all Wi-Fi versions of tablets do not immediately fit the check. But there are practically no smartphones without SIM cards. Therefore, it should be borne in mind that at the time of downloading the application you should be able to receive calls and SMS. That is, your SIM card must be inserted into the slot and connected to the network, activated.

WhatsApp is currently limited to support tablets with SIM cards. This means that the latest versions of the application on the tablet are not set, but more old ones can. In Play Market, open from the tablet, the default versions working with tablets will be presented by default.

Inaccessible in your country

Not all countries Play Market contains the same offers. In the store, for example, Spotify is not available. WhatsApp may also be unavailable in some countries. Therefore, if the store defines your location as a foreign one (or, for example, you specially changed geolocation for the store), then the messenger may not be installed, notifying you of inaccessibility in your country. In this case, you can download.The APK file by the official link is an installer for Android. The installation process varies for different smartphone manufacturers, but on average the process looks like this:

  • Copy.APK installer on a smartphone memory card.
  • In the settings, allow the installation from unverified publishers. Typically, this item is located in “Settings”. “Safety”. “Allow the installation of applications from unknown sources”.

The desired item is usually in the root menu of the settings

Error codes in “WhatsApp

When installing WhatsApp can issue system reports. They indicate the Error code with the description.

  • 101, 498, 919. there is not enough space on the device.
  • 403, 495, 504, 911, 920, 923. loading / installation failure.
  • 413, 481, 491, 492, 505, 907, 910, 921, 927, 941. the problem with the account.
  • 490. Data / Network Transmission Failure.
  • 11. incorrect work of Google Play.
  • 24. incomplete installation.

After removing WhatsApp, the error will not be removed. Use the above instructions to reinstall the working version of the messenger. Elimination of the problem will take 5-10 minutes.

Google accounting problems

If, when trying to update Watsap, he writes that this is not possible and appears errors 413, 481, 491, 492, 505, 907, 910, 921, 927, 941, which means that the problem has appeared from the Google account. It will be possible to solve this in the following way:

  • Go to the settings of your smartphone, where select the “Users and Accounts” section.
  • Find your Google account and click “Delete”.

Note: After all the points of the instructions are performed, try to re.start the messenger update or wait until the system performs it yourself.

Correction of the error “Unacceptable loading file

If the version of your messenger is outdated and the “Unacceptable download file” error appears (codes 403, 495, 504, 911, 920, 923, RPC), follow the following:

  • Make sure that there is enough space for downloading updates on the phone.
  • On the computer, go to the official website of the messenger developer. https: // www.WhatsApp.com/.
  • Click on the “Download” tab. Select a suitable version of the smartphone and download the messenger setting file to your PC.

Note: After opening on the APK file phone, click “Settings” and “Allow installation from this source”.

Not enough space on the Android phone

In order to put new software, at least 1 GB should remain on the device. Only 31 MB is enough for the messenger, but the longer he will work, the more space he will need: the program needs to record somewhere received from the interlocutors and the photo-, video, audio materials, documents sent by the user.

How to send a WhatsApp PDF file for Android or iPhone

How To Purchase/Download An App When Getting Error 403 (for Android)

If you still have questions or have complaints, let us know

If the source of why the WhatsApp on Android is not downloaded in any way, there is a lack of memory, you need to free up the place.

First clean the cache Google Play Market. For this, they are sequentially crossing the sections:

Here you should point out “Clean the cache” and press “Clean data”. Then the smartphone is rebooted and repeated an attempt to install messenger. It makes sense to simultaneously clean the memory and other applications. It will also release the space.

  • Clean the cache. The necessary command is given in the “Storage” catalog, which is located in the “settings” of the phone;
  • Remove part of the data from the memory of the device. They are transferred to the SD card. High.quality photos, long videos occupy a very large volume;
  • get rid of software that is not used. Control so that it does not turn out to be any service programs.

It also makes sense to clean the hidden WhatsApp folders. They open only from the file manager. You need to find the WhatsApp catalog, and it has a Media folder, and then work in storage facilities:

Error Code: 403

  • WhatsApp Video/Sent. video materials are recorded here;
  • WhatsApp Images/Sent. pictures are here;
  • WhatsApp Voice Notes. for audio messages.

Removing the contents of these sections is forever. Subsequently, it will not work to restore it.

Lack of memory

WhatsApp messenger weighs about 31 MB, so there should be enough memory on the smartphone for this application. Ideally, it should be at least 200 MB so that the messenger worked fully. For messages and files that are stored from the application, you also need a place. Therefore, if it is smaller, then you will have to make room.

How to install WhatsApp on Android. step.by.step instructions

For this purpose, a gadget is cleaned, during which unclaimed applications, unnecessary files, photos are removed. Most memory is occupied by multimedia files. It is enough to remove one or two such that there is enough space on the phone. All this can be moved to a computer.

Important! File deleting is carried out using special utilities or done manually.

After all these manipulations, an attempt can be repeated. Check the state of memory before performing installation. Often the installation of WhatsApp on a smartphone on which the insufficient memory can lead to a malfunction of other applications on the gadget and their incorrect work.

The messenger will be established and activated only if there is a free memory of the memory. Therefore, the preparation of free space is a mandatory procedure before installing any program.

Memory cleaning on Android

Not installed: writes insufficient space

For normal downloading, you need to have a free space of at least 100 MB. If the smartphone is less than free memory, then you need to remove unnecessary programs. After that, you can again try to install WhatsApp on a smartphone.

The reasons for the problem and ways to eliminate

When the messenger does not want to be installed on Android or iPhone, you first need to perform simple actions: delete the installation file, if there is, clean the smartphone’s memory, complete the work from which the download was performed, and restart the device.

whatsapp, does, swing, android

Note: To close the online store, you need to use the “Acceleration” function in the “Safety” application.

The reason why WhatsApp does not install on a computer can lie in an incorrectly loaded installation file. In this case, you just need to re.download from the official website https: // www.WhatsApp.COM/Download or via Microsoft Store, if Windows 10 is used. And the reloading of the device and disconnecting antivirus can also help.

Internet connection

The reason for the incorrect download of the installation file is the loss of an Internet connection. To make installation, you should connect to the network again, make sure the connection stability and try to download WhatsApp again.

Unsuccessful installation

The improperly performed installation or removal of the messenger can cause an error “-24” when trying to re-install. Problems arise in the COM folder.WhatsApp. It can be viewed and removed only if there is a Root-right, which an ordinary user does not possess.

The easiest option to get rid of the problem is to reset the phone settings. Before performing the procedure, you need to create a backup copy of the data, phone parameters and all installed applications or copy all information to another device.

Not enough memory

The minimum amount of free space needed to install a messenger is 100 MB. If the smartphone memory is overflowed, there will be a notification on the screen that there is not enough space for installation. You can fix the error as follows:

  • Conduct a deep cleaning of the device using antivirus or CCleaner.
  • Delete unused applications.
  • Clean the phone memory of unnecessary photos, videos, documents and music. This is most effective to do this through the program “Conductor”.

Google Play Migrant Error Market

If WhatsApp on Android is not installed: the download has begun, but is 0%at the stage, stop the process, close the Play Market and restart the device. And also can help switching to mobile Internet or activation of VPN connection.

If the online store gives an error “The application cannot be uploaded due to error 492”, the problem may be as follows:

To clean the Play Market cache, you need to open the smartphone settings, go to the “Applications” section (“All applications”), find the service and select “Clean Cache”. If the problem is not eliminated, you need to use the function “Clean everything”. On some smartphones, for example, Samsung or Lenovo, to reset the settings, the following actions must be performed: “Settings. Applications. Google Play Market. Restoration and Reset. Data Reset”.

whatsapp, does, swing, android

Inappropriate version of the device

WhatsApp will not be installed and work on devices whose version is not officially supported. Actual data can be found in the table below.

Device Supported version
Smartphone Android four.1 and above
iPhone ten.0 and newer
Tablet Android The device is not supported
A computer Windows eight.1 and above
MacOS ten.10 and newer

Note: If the version of the operating system is below the specified, WhatsApp cannot be installed from the official online store. Early versions of the messenger can be found on third.party sites, but they are hacked and can contain viruses. You cannot update the client, modern functions will not be available.

As well as the use of a program that is not supported by developers can lead to an account blocking. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the device or update its OS until the current version.

The device is not supported

WhatsApp can be installed on the phone, as well as on a computer for additional access to communication. It cannot be officially used on tablet devices. The messenger does not support either iPad, ipod, or Android tablets. When opening the official page of the messenger on Google Play or App Store, the user will see the inscription “Not supported on your device”.

whatsapp, does, swing, android

However, this problem can be solved even if there is no SIM card in the tablet. To download WhatsApp on Android, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Download installation file (APK format) from the official website https: // www.WhatsApp.COM/Android.
  • Go to the tablet settings, section “Security”. Translate the toggle switch opposite the inscription “Allow unknown sources” to working condition. After installing the messenger, the function can be deactivated.
  • Find the WhatsApp file.APK via “conductor”. It should be located in the “loading” folder.
  • Start installing, accept a user agreement and give the application permission to use contacts, access to the camera and gallery.

After successful installation, a form for registration will appear on the screen. The owner of the device can use the SIM card, which is installed in the tablet. If there is no one, you can tie an account to any available number.

You should specify the desired phone, wait for an SMS-informing or call and enter the resulting code on the screen. After the registration is completed, the user gains access to all applications.


I’m trying to install WhatsApp on PC, but nothing happens. What to do?

A messenger can be used in a browser, without downloading and installing a client. Need to follow the link https: // Web.WhatsApp.COM and connect an account from the main device. Open the messenger on the smartphone, slip through the multi-plate in the upper right corner, go to WhatsApp Web and tie the PC, scanning the QR code on the screen.

Is it possible to install WhatsApp on the iPhone 4 from the App Store?

The latest available version of the operating system for the iPhone 4. iOS 7.one.2. Therefore, the smartphone is no longer supported in the same way as iPhone 4s. Soon, the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s will become irrelevant.

How to cancel WhatsApp update

To cancel the automatic download of the new variation of the messenger, follow the instructions:

whatsapp, does, swing, android
  • Go to the Application Market settings. Click on your account avatar.
  • In the list that has arisen, slip on the line “Application Management”. Go to the extreme right tab.
  • Find the desired social network in the list, click on the line.
  • In the extreme right corner, click on 3 points. If the auto renewal is set a checkbox, remove it.

When a new version appears, you will receive a system notification. In each individual case, you will decide whether to download additions now or refuse to install them.

Problems and errors

If you can’t go to the program after installation, check how much traffic is left. The messenger only works when connecting to the network. Try to switch to home wi-fi and open the application again.

If the program issues an error code, a system failure has occurred. Do not take any measures, wait a few hours. Programmers try to quickly get rid of malfunctions, as this affects their income.

Part of the functions will be unavailable if you do not give access to the camera, microphone, contact list. Give the social networks all the permits that she asks.

If the damaged file was loaded, it will not work to open it. It is better to download the program on the official website in the App Store or Google Play. When using third.party services, the risk of infecting a smartphone with a virus increases.