What will happen if I do not pay iCloud. What is a gift card App Store

Your payment method has been rejected. How to pay now on the App Store in ID has not only a large number of applications, but also a convenient function by analogy with a virtual wallet. With it, you can pay for subscriptions, games and applications. Recently, bank card owners began to face sanctions restrictions. It turned out that this touched not only Apple Pay, but even payment on the App Store: readers of our Telegram chat noticed that the amount of the purchase of the application or subscription is not written off from the card. If you think that payment on the App Store from the card is the only option, then you are very mistaken. Collected the most convenient ways to buy in the App Store without a card.

Tell us what ways you can replenish Apple id

Unfortunately, MasterCard and Visa announced the suspension of their activities in an indefinite time. Alfa-Bank states that on March 10 it will not be possible to pay a subscription in foreign services and pay for purchases in the App Store. Do not forget to replenish the balance in advance!

How to replenish the App Store

The easiest way to replenish the account for payment in the App Store is to go to the application store and replenish the balance directly from there. To do this is very simple and probably even necessary, in case domestic bank cards stop working in the Apple ecosystem.

The easiest way is to immediately throw more money to the account

  • Go to the App Store.
  • Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner.
  • Click “Replenish Apple ID”.
  • Select the proposed amount or enter the necessary by clicking “Other”.
  • Enter the Apple ID password and click “Buy”.

Pay attention to the fact that replenishment may not work the first time. You should not be scared: try again or repeat after a while. Replenishment works-readers of our telegram chat will not let you lie.

In addition, you can configure auto.completion for purchases in the App Store. The right amount will be automatically credited to your account.

Auto filling is a convenient thing that will not leave you without funds on Apple ID

  • Go to the App Store, click the profile icon.
  • Click “Replenish Apple ID”.
  • Select “Auto Auto Personal Fill”.
  • Select the method: with a low balance, the specified amount will be removed from the card automatically or on the schedule, indicating the frequency and date of the start of the write.off.

Keep in mind that this method works only with VISA and MasterCard cards. If the card is not available, you can issue a foreign. We talked about how to do this in a separate article. This is easier than you think, and besides often completely free.

How to pay ICLOUD on iPhone in June 2022

Sanctions intensify over time. And if with the advent of the first restriction on the ban on payments from MasterCard and Visa cards, there were a lot of payment for the ICLoud subscription, now there are few of them. only two options.

In May, Apple subscribers of all mobile companies. Megafon, Tele2, MTS, Beeline and YOTA could make payment of Apple subscribers, writing off the money from their balance sheet. In June, this is available only to subscribers of two operators. Beeline and MTS. Also in May it was possible to make payment from the QIWI wallet, but this method is now also not available. Beeline and MTS are now suitable for payment by iCloud, but the situation can change at any time. And if it changes, then only for the worse.

The second relevant option for paying for Apple is the use of MasterCard and Visa cards issued in other countries. Data payment systems international. You can release a card in a bank of one country, and then replenish and pay in another country. Most countries of the world work with these payment systems.

How to pay ICLOUD with Beeline and MTS

To implement this method, you need to be a subscriber of Beeline or MTS. If you are a subscriber of another company, then ask someone from your environment with Beeline SIM cards or MTS temporarily bind their number to your Apple ID profile and pay from it. Before that, replenish the balance of this person for the right amount.

If you are a subscriber of another operator, then you can also get a Beeline or MTS number without leaving your home on the official website. Apple’s virtual number also supports, but also only in these operators. For successful payment in this way, your iPhone should support ESIM technology.

To tie the phone number in Apple ID, do the following:

Despite the fact that when adding the phone it will be written that Megafon, Tele2, MTS, Beeline and Yota operators are supported, this works only with Beeline and Megafon. The numbers of other operators will not be binded for payment.

You can bind here both your phone number and alien, with the permission of its owner. And then payment will be available from the balance of the phone to the Apple ID account. If you used someone else’s phone number, then after making payment, remove it so that there are no sudden write.offs from someone else’s balance. Then, if you need to pay again, then you can also tie it.

If you cannot bind the phone number as a payment method, then make sure that it is not a negative and non.zero balance. In order to confirm that the phone is true and suitable for payment, the payment system will request from balance 1. The money will be written off, and then returned back to the account. If this happens successfully, then the phone will be attached, if not, then the binding will not happen. Thus, on the balance sheet should be at least 1 taking into account the commission.

If you find it difficult to bind the phone in Apple ID as a payment method, then refer to the Beeline or MTS certificate. If this did not help, then contact the Support of a mobile operator: for Beeline call 0611, for MTS. 0890. According to users, on some tariff plans this payment method is not available. Therefore, keep in mind that you may have to go to another tariff plan.

How to pay for Apple subscriptions with iPhone in 2022

In early summer 2022, to officially pay for ICLUD, Apple Music, Apple Music applications, Beeline or MTS tied to the balance of tied mobile phones or MTS mobile phones can be. This is how it is done!

If your friend is not only a Beeline or MTS subscriber, but also the owner of the iPhone, then he can tie his mobile number to Apple ID (if he hasn’t done this yet, that’s how it is) and transfer you the amount of “as a gift”. Any iPhone owner with a cell phone tied to it can transfer the amount of the other owner of the iPhone, which the latter can use to buy applications from the App Store and pay for Apple subscriptions.

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How to translate finance to pay for Apple from one iPhone to another

To transfer money from one Apple ID to the balance of another, you need to open the App Store application on the iPhone, click on the account icon in the upper right corner and then follow the link “Send a gift card by e-mail”. At the next stage, it remains only to enter the recipient e-mail, choose the amount (it should be on the balance sheet of a mobile phone tied to the iPhone), select the date of departure and click “Next”. The minimum amount for such transfers is 500, and the maximum is 9000.

In order to credit the amount to the balance of your iPhone, you need to open the App Store application, slip on the account of the account in the upper right corner and in the window opened on the link “Put off the gift card or code”. This code will come to you by e.mail.

An important point! To extend the current subscriptions iCloud, Apple Music you can use the translation from a friend. But you will not be able to buy new applications whether to issue new subscriptions on Apple Music or ICLOUD. When trying to issue a new IPhone subscription, he will ask you to add a payment method, and simply put a mobile phone to Apple ID.

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Without binding a mobile phone to the iPhone, buying new applications from the App Store and the design of new subscriptions on ICLUD or Apple Music is now impossible.

To pay ICloud, Apple Music, some iPhone owners are forced to become MTS or Beeline subscribers. To do this, it is not at all necessary to switch to these communication operators. You can issue a new tariff at MTS or Beeline without even going to their office. For example, make an ESIM virtual SIM card. If your iPhone supports ESIM technology (here is a list of such iPhone). An example of how elegantly this was done in half an hour our reader (Nick “Ozerny”) read in her Комментарии и мнения владельцев on our channel Yandex Zen.

Despite the simplicity of instructions, some have problems. Most often they are associated with MTS or Beeline communication operators. If errors occur when binding a phone or replenishment of an Apple ID balance from an attached phone, then we recommend the following:

Payment without a card

Another way is to pay using a mobile phone. Money will be written off directly from the account of your number.

You can connect the number for payment in the same place where you can tie the card: “Settings” → Your Apple ID (usually indicated by the name and surname of the owner of the iPhone/iPad) → “Payment and Delivery” → “Add Payment Method” → “Mobile Telephone”.

Each operator has a different job with Apple ID. For example, Megafon and MTS are simply debited from your phone number.

With Beeline, the story is more complicated: money is written off from a specially created account. Fill it is pretty simple. Suppose you have the number of this operator in 7 (9xx) xxx-xx-xx format. To work with Apple ID, you need to throw money on number 7 (6xx) xxx-xx-xx, that is, instead of the first nine, write a six. The way is strange and incomprehensible why this is done, but as it is.

I repeat once again: we do not guarantee that these methods will not be covered and you can continue to use your subscriptions issued through the App Store.

How to replenish Apple ID, App Store with MTS or Beeline

  • We open the iPhone and go into “Settings”.
  • We go along the highest inscription with the name and signature “Apple id, icloud, content and purchases”.
  • We go to “Payment and delivery”. Here we must see that a mobile phone is tied to Apple ID. Its last 4 digits will be displayed, and the rest of the number is hidden.
  • We go to “Apple ID” and click on “Replenish the score”.
  • After that, the iPhone will open the App Store application, in the window of which the amount of replenishment will be offered: 1000, 1500 or 3000. You can also set any other amount by clicking on “other”. We recommend that you set the amount convenient for you and click “Next”, after which this amount will be written off from the tied phone number and immediately adds to the Apple ID balance sheet.

That’s all and no QIWI wallet is needed! You can go further and automate this process.

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How to configure an auto payment from a mobile phone to the Apple ID account

The disadvantage of the auto payment is only that in the absence of a sufficient amount on the balance of your cell number, the payment will not pass and the Apple ID replenishment will not occur. And subscriptions for iCloud, Apple Music, App Store may not last. With manual payment, you will most likely throw money to the Apple ID account by checking before that the balance of the tied mobile phone.

Here’s how to configure an automatic payment from a mobile on Apple ID:

  • In the iPhone we go to “Settings”.
  • Click on the upper line “Apple id, icloud, content and purchases”.
  • We go to “Payment and delivery”.
  • Now in “Apple id”.
  • In the window that opens, select “Replenish the score”.
  • iPhone will launch the App Store application and redirect you there, opening a window with pre.installed replenishment amounts. Follow the text link “Reference Auto Execution”.
  • A window will open with the choice of the amount of auto.filling and a minimum threshold balance to write off this auto.filling. For example, if the “minimum balance” in this window is set to 100, then when the Apple ID balance drops below this value from the mobile one will be sent the amount indicated by you in these settings. In these settings, you can not set the amount of auto.filling manually, when you press the numbers, a drop.down list will appear. For auto payments in the drop.down list, you can set the values: 150, 500, 1000, 1500, 3000 or 9000. The values ​​of the minimum balance cannot be set manually, you can only select from the following values: 50, 100, 200, 300, 500 or 1000.
  • You can configure auto.filling Apple ID from a mobile phone on schedule. To do this, go to the tab “on the schedule”. Here you can set the amount of auto.filling, while again you cannot set arbitrary values, and you can only choose the amount of replenishment from the drop.down list: 100, 150, 300, 500, 1000 or 1500. Auto filling on the schedule does not really mean that you can set an arbitrary date from the calendar. In the drop.down list, the options are offered to choose from: “weekly”, “once every two weeks” and “monthly”. You can also choose the initial write.off day, starting from today or any day of the week from Monday to Sunday.

Connection of the Mir “Mir”

The use of Mir cards for purchases in App Store and iTunes is in question so far. Judging by the reviews of the owners of smartphones, the success of attaching the payment system through the Mir card depends on which bank released the card.

Some Apple cards refuses to register, saying that “the payment method is rejected”. “Update the data or indicate another payment method, and then repeat the attempt,”. such a message appears with a red text.

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However, in exceptional cases, the Mir card can be tied to the App Store.

This method is extremely unreliable, and can only work in a small percentage of owners of the company’s gadgets from Cupertino.

Through a banking application

The replenishment of the account of the Apple gadgets acted through banks. Most often, for this it is only necessary to find the “Payments” section and drive into the “App Store” search field, and then select the “App Store iTunes” provider in the results.

Payment works as follows: you need to register your mobile number in the field. It will come to the activation code in the SMS message. You must first choose the amount of replenishment.

However, in the last hours, messages have come from users that this method of payment began to work with failures. Several customers of banks noted that the payment has passed, but the certificate with the code never arrived. In this regard, it is worth considering potential problems with obtaining code and checking different banking applications for the performance of the method.

How to replenish Apple ID via QIWI

First you need to replenish the Apple ID account through QIWI. This is the most universal way, because the App Store does not accept payment with the phone number of a single MVNO operator, and for example, I use only such.

Increase your iPhone iCloud Storage from 5GB to 50GB (All iPhones)

Buy a gift code via QIWI and it will come to SMS

After a few seconds, SMS will receive an APPLE ID account for replenishment of your account. He is introduced here:

Insert the code from SMS to the input field

How to subscribe to icloud

Now your Apple ID account is replenished, and it is from it that payment will be debited for all your subscriptions and applications that you will buy in the App Store. But with iCloud everything is not so simple. After all, the standard method of designing subscription for the first time (and I actually draw it up from scratch, and not extend it, because I previously completely canceled) no longer works. At least I have. Here’s what I did:

At this stage, you still do not see a catch

But there is no corny button for subscription payment. And the repeated replenishment of the Apple ID account does not lead to anything

We have a cozy chat in telegram, where we answer readers’ questions


Surely someone will advise you to press the Apple ID icon with the amount lying on the balance sheet, but not only you guessed to do it. The fact is that this is a separate tab to replenish the account, which can either be replenished with either a card (not our case), or from the account of the phone number, or the entry of the code that we entered at the first stage.

How to disable the creation of backups in iCloud on iPhone and iPad

Disconnecting ICLUD backup is a very simple task, it comes down to pressing one switch. Just go to the “Settings” application, click on the icon with your name, and then click on icloud.

Now scroll down to the “backup” menu and click on it.

Deactivate the switch to disable backup iCloud.

How to remove old backups of iCloud to clean the place

Before removing cloud backups, you must make sure that you have made at least one local copy of your data. To delete the previous backups, go to the settings → → ICLOUD → Storage Management Management.

Wait until the page boots completely, and you will see what exactly is stored in ICLOD. Press the “Reserve Copies” item and you will see a list of backups for all your devices. Click on one of them to view additional information and delete it.

Here you can also find old backups for unused devices. It is worth deleting them.