What to wear a laptop to a girl photo. Volumetric handbag Mango

Stylish with practical: how to choose a laptop bag?

The Internet for many of us has become part of life. We visit various sites, make purchases, check e.mail, view photos, communicate with friends and work on our laptops. And for this useful device you need a bag. functional, practical and beautiful.

Before buying a bag, ask yourself: “How and where I plan to use a laptop?””. For example, in classes, at work, in leisure, trips?

  • Killing bags and backpacks for laptops are discreet and great for school and outdoor activities.
  • Leather options for a tout model (rectangular shape with short handles) are ideal for work.
  • If you spend a lot of time on business trips, you may need a suitcase or a road bag for your computer.
  • Carry a lot of things with you? If so, then a portfolio or bag-mixer will be the best choice.

Comfort is of great importance? How long is the way to work/study and back? Will you have to spend the whole day on your feet or do you have office work? These questions will help to determine what details and functions are priority for you.

Brown leather bag from Roberto Buono

Option for those who like universal colors of bags, with which it is easy to combine different clothes. This leather bag will not only look stylish with any onion, but will also allow you to take with you all the most necessary (and not so).

You love the chopers, but I want something more interesting? Then pay attention to the red bag from Stradivarius. It is made of polyester and looks very cool. And a good fastener will reliably save everything that you put in your bag.

What to wear a laptop to a girl photo

Ladies, becoming a happy owner of a beautiful official laptop with a diagonal of 15.4 inches (t.e. a of a very difficult, of the weight, it is still not everywhere) I had a problem. What to wear it with maximum convenience?

Introductory: 1. There is no car, because the metro is faster. 2. Formations on Ukraine on different modes of transport. at my discretion. Well t.e. This is both a car and a train, with my desire a bus, a plane is possible. (He, by the way, is much cheaper than gasoline :)) 3. Sore back and scoliosis4. I rarely wear heels. With a laptop. Never again :))) (the other day I barely crawled home)

And what is this beautiful laptop to wear? After all, there is still a bunch of woman’s trash, which is usually worn in a bag. Like phones, wallet, cosmetic bag, small umbrella, notebook (beautiful hedgehog has already replaced with a notebook in a cell, because it is easier by weight :))

I also love dresses and skirts. I love jeans too. But sundresses too.

I have such. But wear it on your shoulder. Dangerous for the back. And the laptop does not fully bury it there. Lightning does not fasten. Although she is a beautiful red color.

There is a native portfolio of laptop. I wear it in my hands, bag on my shoulder. (Hello scoliosis!)

Hoves in a glomer lacquer, such as Gucci. True, the pens will disappear there.

I bought myself a backpack from grief. Ah, it was almost an orgasm for my sore back. backpack with orthopedic back.

And what do you wear a laptop? Especially when without a car?

Tavistok 2008-08-31 00:53:00 (link) Well, so you answered, the most humane for the back. I don’t go a backpack in anything, I don’t go anywhere with him)

Ponka 2008-08-31 00:56:00 (link) Humanno, yes. But under the sundress looks unusual. Of course, my back is more important than Glomur. I have to live with this back for at least 40 years.

Tavistok 2008-08-31 00:58:00 (link) there are different, urban type of backpacks, here they say correctly about Samsonite.

Imochka 2008-08-31 00:53:00 (link) in a special laptop portfolio 🙂

Ponka 2008-08-31 00:55:00 (link)/o, for the first time I see you in th :))/No, fortunately, not everyone. But I took it home for the weekend.Or will I take on a business trip of course. And to the station and from the station it must be carried.

Ne_Nastye 2008-08-31 00:56:00 (link) Samsonite backpack.neat, square, climbs everything, very convenient.

I watched a little neat. 15.4 inches did not fit into it.


chertenka_13 2008-08-31 01:15:00 (link) Samsonite has such a series, it has several sizes. A 15-inch should get into a large. The only catch. this model is already a couple of years old, it is not always easy to find.http: // lidertronica.COM/CATALOG/IMA GES/SAM670.JPG

Ponka 2008-08-31 01:22:00 (link) I watched this type today. And before that too. I saw only 14 inches 🙁

Yes, and he is expensive, 2-3 times more expensive than all other.

CHERTENKA_13 2008-08-31 01:26:00 (link) NOTShev. But then under costumes and absurd dresses suitable, it seems to me. I have such a small size, a very successful model.


The best solution for transporting a laptop is youth backpacks. They are very convenient, since in addition to the laptop, other items contain other objects. Compared to bags, they differ in the presence of a special that protects the computer from uncontrolled changes in the situation during transportation.

  • Herschel Mammoth Backpack Black. In addition to the laptop camera, you will also find a partition designed for accessories and documents. Closes to the castle-monitor.
  • Urban Planet B3 All Black 30l. Even a large laptop with a diagonal screen 18 ″ will fit into it. In the assortment of this manufacturer, you can also find options designed for models with screens size 13-14, 15-16 and 17.3 inches. Its strengths include:
  • soft lining;
  • with organizer;
  • and a pleasant surprise for owners of tablets, a special compartment for a model with a maximum diagonal of 10 inches.


Special laptop bags are perhaps one of the most popular equipment transportation methods. They can be worn on a special shoulder belt or holding a special handle in your hand, like a bag or briefcase. The straps in this kind of products are belts fixing the laptop, thereby protecting them during the transportation process. In addition, most of this kind of bags have s in which you can hide computer accessories, such as a mouse, flash drive or external hard drive.

On sale you can also find models with a special holder, which gives the entire rigidity bag, like those that are deprived of it. It is difficult to indicate which solution is better, the choice depends primarily on your individual preferences and needs.

  • If you need a budget decision, the NATEC Antelope bag may be an interesting choice. It can be found in the amount of 15.6 and 17.3-inch. Users who, in addition to the laptop, very often happen to transfer various documents of A4 format will certainly evaluate the department on the rear panel, so that important materials will be safe.
  • If black and gray are not your prerogative, you appreciate the bold color and modern design, pay attention to the Modecom Montana model, which is available in two color versions: brown with blue and gray with green.

From the video to this article you will learn which s have a Herschel Mammoth Backpack Black backpack.

What to wear a laptop?

“In a laptop bag, of course”. Almost everyone will answer. And it will be right. But bag bag is striking. See how original “carriers” for laptops are invented by different people at different times.

This is a whole container in which your laptop will be warm and safe. The material from which Mactruck is made. aluminum.

Krink is also a completely safe shelter for fragile electronics. Even if Krink falls out of your hands. The laptop will remain intact, because the bag is created from a shock.resistant, elastic polymer that leaves the contents intact and safety.

This bag is created for Apple’s laptops. Stylish MacBook in Stylish Packaging.

Just an original military style bag.

And again a stylish bag for MacBook. over, the packaging is not simple, but made of notorious T-shirt.

The stylish and stable design of this container provides the “health” of your laptop.

What to wear a laptop?

Portable personal computers have become an integral part of personal, professional and academic life for many men and women. A good laptop requires significant investments, and like any expensive and sensitive equipment, it needs to be protected. A good laptop bag will protect the gadget from breakdowns and wear. Can also make a trip with a laptop and all its accessories is much easier.

Bags for laptops and documents are of various shapes and styles:

  • Tote-style. Looks like a large rectangular bag with two parallel handles. Can be a soft or hard model. Have internal compartments for laptop and accessories, computer fixation belts that provide safe transportation. Typically, such bags have a fairly large size and are convenient for travelers.
  • Rolling bag. People who often travel or use large, bulky laptops can choose a movable bag on wheels and with a folding handle. Such a bag has a soft compartment for a computer and a fairly free space for everything else, which may be needed for voyage for the weekend or on a short business trip.
  • Briefcase. Classic and elegant option for transporting a laptop. It can be a hard or soft portfolio with a separation of space for a compact PC and accessories to it. Such a portfolio has not yet been open often indistinguishable from the usual option for documents. Many models have locks for additional security.
  • Backpack. The bag is designed to transport laptop behind your back. This is a practical design for cyclists. Belts should hold hard on the shoulders to avoid the shift of the bag. This can violate the balance of the cyclist when performing turns. It is desirable that the model of the backpack is light enough.
  • The bag of the messenger. Has one long handle, which allows you to wear a bag on your shoulder, leaving your hands free. It has an ergonomic design. When buying, you need to pay attention to ensuring that the laptop compartment has a soft finish.
  • Case. Compact soft laptop covers do not have a place for peripheral equipment. However, despite this flaw, covers are used quite often. This is an inexpensive way to convert an existing portfolio or bag for laptop.

The growing popularity of laptops, netbooks, e-books and tablets led to the need to purchase covers and bags-bags for these gadgets. The user’s personal style in this case is important. Will it be an elegant portfolio, bag on the shoulder or backpack.

The ease of textures

According to polls of the male population, the opposite sex with femininity directly associates light and exquisite textures. For example, for the corresponding mood, you can include clothes from silk, satin, chiffon or silk in the image.

It is curious that such materials are now good not only in proud loneliness, but also in combination with rough shoes or a contrasting heavy texture. A similar game of contrasts is now at the peak of popularity!

Mini length

For a touch of seductiveness and playfulness in the image, a mark of the length of the mini can be responsible, which is read as a display in femininity. If you are not averse to showing your slender legs, bring short dresses, skirts and shorts to your wardrobe. today with shoes on flat moves they even look winning than with a high ascent models.

Mango bag Time

How to make a fashionable school outfit

Immediately make a reservation that in this article we will talk about school clothing for those educational institutions, in the charter of which the form of a certain type is not spelled out. Indeed, in this case, all students go in the same clothes, which can only be diversified by restrained accessories.

When compiling a school outfit in institutions with a free choice of clothing, you should first pay attention to clothes that can emphasize individuality, make the image as original and unique as possible.

Next, we select several criteria that will make the most suitable onion to attend lessons.

Practical image

The most suitable school clothing option should meet the following requirements: convenience, safety, quality.

To comply with all the above parameters, choose simple silhouettes. Things should not fit tightly to the figure, constrain movements. Give preference to natural fabrics that are well ventilated.

When choosing a school wardrobe, be sure to take into account the temperature regime in the room, since overheating or on the contrary, hypothermia can adversely affect health.

As for shoes, give preference to convenient shoes, sneakers or moccasins in which the legs will not be tired. Natural materials, lightness and good ventilation. these are the main criteria for good school shoes. Particular attention should be paid to the sole. it should not be slippery.

Never buy things “for growth”. The form should sit on the figure as correctly as possible.

If a schoolgirl or a schoolboy is not enough to dress just convenient and practical, but I want to make a more stylish and original onion, the following recommendations for them.

Features of a business style for women: Autumn-2022

First of all, decide on the color. The basic for the business wardrobe for the current autumn season is: black, light gray, dark gray, bottlebred, dark blue, brown, sand, mustard, olive, cream, wine. The listed shades can easily be entered even in the most stringent dress code.

If the requirements for the appearance in the office are loyal, then it can additionally use bright elements in the image. Orange cervical scarf, turquoise belt, yellow handbag, red shoes, burgundy boots, bright blue blouse, a skirt in a white-emergent strip, purple or pink jacket will refresh business onions, make it more interesting for perception. But do not overdo it. Even bright shades should look expensive. Acidity and neon are not allowed!

How to dress in an office in the fall of a woman? When choosing a style, elegance and restraint are appropriate. A deep neckline, cutouts, an elaborate or intricate cut, an abundance of decorative elements of a business style does not welcome. Femininity can be emphasized by a fitted silhouette. Outside of competition, a tight-fitting pencil skirt or dress case.

Along with this, the segment of female business fashion-2022 began to gravitate to masculinity. Costumes of men’s cut, wide trousers, voluminous jackets and shirts again often find themselves in the center of attention of business ladies. At the same time, all things should look neat. The deliberate negligence, which is everywhere found in everyday bows and casual style, is unacceptable in office fashion.

The image of a business lady should be elegant, moderately strict, stylish. Strive to look expensive. This is the key to success.

What to wear in the office in the fall-2022: ideas for fashionable outfits

Office fashion should not be boring and monotonous. And although the basic principles of compiling onions in this segment have remained unchanged for many years, this does not prevent modern business women from looking great. Below, we give an example of several relevant images.

  • With velvet trousers. Absolute and perhaps the unexpected novelty of the season 2022. Velvet trousers became a trend in the business fashion of the onset autumn and the subsequent winter after it. This thing will create a harmonious ensemble with a shirt, sweater, thin jamper, silk blouse, classic Blayser. Increasingly, you can find office bows, which are based on a full.fledged velvet costume. Also, this expensive texture goes well with the atlas. In the fall in such trousers you will definitely be comfortable.
  • . In design collections, you can find a lot of interesting ideas of images in a business style with a leather skirt. And it is not surprising, because this wardrobe item is a real must-hev. The classic leather pencil skirt will look great in the walls of the office. And you can combine it with a turtleneck, a free sweater, a blouse, a knitted top. A little playfulness to the image will add a small neckline that opens the knee. No less organically fits into the bow of a business lady leather-hufra skirt.

  • With a knitted dress. This is a universal item of a business wardrobe. A fashionable knitted dress can be the style of “noodles” and perfectly sit down on the figure. This option is suitable for high slender fashionistas, who even seek to emphasize their beautiful forms at work. For full women, a model of a trapezoidal cut and an overpriced waist is suitable. In cold weather, the dress on the street can be worn in tandem with a leather jacket, coat, trench coat; In the office. with a cardigan, stylish blazer and a palactin on the shoulders.
  • With a dress on the smell. Office fashion for autumn-2022 is unthinkable and without this model. In trend, the length is slightly lower or slightly above the knee, a laconic straight cut, a slightly fitted silhouette. As elements of decor, the dress on the smell is often complemented by buttons, which is a reference to the jacket style. The image will help to make the image and the belt. Very stylish in office onions look dresses with the length of the sleeves ¾.
  • With a blouse. If in the fall the temperature in your office is comfortable, feel free to select a light blouse as a basis for a business image. A fashion trend-2022 was a hard-speed collar. It looks elegant, and allows you to emphasize the beauty of the neck. A thin lace or tape tied under the throat in the form of a bow will make a boring strict image more interesting without violations of the dress code. Very original in tandem with a trowel skirt or trousers-arcs will look a blouse with wide lush sleeves. Fully fit into the business style and prints in the form of peas or stripes.
  • With a business suit. A woman who spends every working day in the office should have two or three business suits in her collection. over, both trouser and skirt. The autumn-2022 trend became three-tire costumes, which include a jacket, trousers or a skirt and a vest. Models with asymmetry look modern and stylish in office outfits. And they are suitable even for women over 50.

Allows business style and use jeans. They should be strict, laconic, without scuffs, torn and other decor. Landing. medium or high. Color-classic dark blue, black, blue. Cut. straight, semi.free.