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Streaming video from iPhone or iPad on PC from 5kplayer

Video is our life: now we all do not miss the opportunity to shoot a video on our smartphone or tablet to save exciting memories or just have fun to share it with friends or family. It would not be more convenient to enjoy them on your computer, without the need to spend time and effort on transferring files from one device to another, perhaps, having lost quality? And then we just need to find out how to broadcast videos from iPhone or iPad on PC, preserving all the quality of the original format.

The market is full of video players that theoretically should perform this function of streaming, but which in fact can only partially guarantee a high.Quality image without interruptions in buffering. From this point of view, 5Kpler, he does his job well: we are talking about software, which can be used as an audio video player for 4K and UHD / HD video, as a video for downloading video or audio only from YouTube, and many other sites such as the sender or recipient of streaming in combination with Apple TV or as a tool for streaming video from iPhone or iPad on PC. Both from Windows and Mac to provide the highest quality video. Obviously, this last step is interested in us.

Where and how to look

Most importantly: for access to the service, you need to install the latest version of the Apple operating system. In the case of the iPhone, this is iOS 13, on the iPad. Ipados, on computers. Macos Catalina, on Apple TV. TVS 13. Without update, alas, nothing will work out.

In the MacOS Catalina review, we told you that instead of the previous iTunes application, three applications are now presented, one of which is Apple TV. It is in it that the subscription must be issued. Similarly on all other devices.

However, it is important to understand that this application is not only for Apple TV, but for all video content from the former iTunes store. Consequently, in addition to the series by subscription, there are separate films for a fee, and your media, which includes past cinema purchases in iTunes. Several Apple TV projects are visible in the screenshot (they have appropriate icons), but there is also the “King Leo” (it is not related to the service, it needs to be bought) and “Mad Max” (it has already been bought and is also not connected with Apple TV). The menu “Next in line” is what we have already begun to watch (it doesn’t matter if this content is from Apple TV or not, and also on this device there was a viewing or on another).

All this is true for mobile devices. Although on the iPhone at first there may be a feeling that TV has literally flooded everything. But it is worth scrapping below. And there will already be ordinary films from the store.

Important point: through Apple ID, information about your views is synchronized on all devices. Therefore, you can start looking at the smartphone, then continue from the same place on the laptop, and finish on the Apple TV media player. In addition, on any of the devices you can download the series and watch it offline.

True, it is worth considering that each series can “weigh” a few gigabytes. And, for example, a hour and a half documentary “Queen of Africa” ​​- more than 7 GB. Therefore, loading may not be the most rational solution. Rather, it is necessary for those who want to take several episodes on a trip or like to watch TV shows on the way to work or home.

Comparison of streaming services

One of the advantages of using streaming videos as the main source of television entertainment is their profitability. Although some have a standard monthly rate, not one of them exceeds the threshold value of 15 per month. Services such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and CBS All Access offer cheaper plans for an even more favorable price.

Here are the cheapest basic price for some of the most popular streaming services

It is important to note that these are for basic, introductory use. Netflix, for example, has three different price levels depending on the type of service. Hulu and CBS ALL Access are advertising at their basic prices, but offer the opportunity to switch to a regime without advertising for a lot of money.

Let’s take a closer look at these eight stream services

Prospects of Apple Stream Services on the market.Hammered market

To bookmarks

At the beginning of next week, the long.Awaited WWDC 2015 will be held. As part of this event, Apple planned the announcement of two of its updated products, with which the company plans to make a breakthrough in the field of entertainment. But will it succeed in literally scored by competitors of the market?

So, we will finally learn about the new service of streaming of music. In addition, the presentation of the updated Apple TV platform with previously inaccessible to users is expected. The unification of these two new products within the framework of one presentation was probably conceived as a serious application for leadership in the entertainment sphere. However, according to the latest data, the audience will still not see the new Apple TV on WWDC 2015.

But first things first. Finally, Apple seriously decided to engage in streaming broadcasting music. Until now, the company’s management has opposed the new trend, so popular among many consumers. Now she has to catch up, because the market requires that. The frequency of simple loading of musical content is rapidly falling, and an increasing number of users make their choice in favor of listening to their favorite songs in the stream. Apple simply does not have another way out, because you need to keep your consumers with you and be, as they say, “in the topic”. In fairness, it is worth noting that the market for streaming music is now full of various offers, it works a lot of good and very popular services on it.

Cupertino companies will have to compete here with Spotify, Deezer, Rhapsody and Bodry newcomer Tidal from the rapper Jay Z. For example, the most popular streaming service Spotify was founded in 2008, and since then he managed to attract 60 million users, of which 15 million are paid for a monthly subscription. Although Apple many analysts prophesies good prospects in this area, taking into account the huge user base of the company. After all, the iPhone alone for their entire existence on the market, the manufacturer sold 700 million units, which gives him a serious advantage over all other competitors.

This is not to say that Apple was late with entering this market, but she still will have to catch up with her competitors here. The company definitely needs to look for a way to stand out. Jen Dawson, Analyst Jackdaw Research

What will be a new music product from Apple? It is believed that the company planned to provide it with a whole set of features, including the streaming service subscription and a large update of iTunes Radio. The first will help to compete with Spotify, and the second. With Pandora and with ordinary radio stations. At least, this is what unnamed sources are considered to be familiar with the plans of the company, which refers to New York Times.

Even at the moment, according to the testimonies of the same sources, Apple has not yet completed transactions with many sound recordings, the issues of licensing of content have not yet been resolved. This, by the way, can delay the launch of a new musical product. On the other hand, the creator of the iPhone has long been known for his ability to conclude such transactions at the last moment. And there may be no question of Комментарии и мнения владельцев from record companies or Apple on this issue. The main question in negotiations is probably related to what compensation the company plans to pay from Cupertino to its partners from the world of music.

In a new product, they say, a whole list of interesting chips for users with various preferences is planned. Radio programs in iTunes Radio should become larger. Musicians will have the opportunity to download free content to popularize their new products. Subscription to the stream broadcasting service will cost those who wish 10 per month, but at first it can be used for free in testing format-a couple of months. Finally, Apple planned in the framework of the novelty and the creation of a musical social network.

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How to stream on Apple TV

They did not plan to create another competitor for Spotify. It will be a multifaceted musical product with a lot of features and music for every taste. The manager of one of the music labels leading negotiations with Apple

All the functions of the novelty (music download, streaming service and radio) should work through the updated company music application Apple. Through this program, users will be able to access their existing music collections, as well as subscribe to the new streaming transaction service of the content. By the way, the iPhone manufacturer planned to release a similar application for the Android platform.

Such a combination, of course, is convenient for the consumers themselves. But the musical labels in financial terms will remain in limbo. After all, the number of paid downloads with the appearance of streaming alternatives will decrease significantly. This trend is tracked around the world. In 2014, paid loads of musical content were reduced by 8% in annual terms, while the number of subscriptions to paid streaming services increased by 39% over the same period. This was reported by representatives of the International Federation of Management Manufacturers.

Stream radio, according to insiders, should consist of two features. The first is a product like a competitor Pandora. Apple launched it back in 2013 and now updates. The second is something like analog radio. To work with the radio, Apple has naughty many famous musicians like Drake and Farrell Williams. They will create their own playlists and even conduct programs. Entertain users in breaks between the broadcast of music will also become professionals. Let us recall the hired Apple for this purpose Zeyn Lowe, the famous British DJ and radio host.

The capabilities of AirPlay 2

Air Play 2 is actually an alternative to Apple TV. The system allows you to use the following functions:

  • Broadcast of the streaming video directly from the phone or device on MacOS;
  • Music transmission to the columns installed in the house;
  • View images on the big screen.

With Air Play 2, using any device from Apple, content can be transmitted simply via a home Wi-Fi network. No additional wires and equipment are required.

Apple’s streaming video service may appear in April

Amazon Prime Video and Hulu are services with a similar offer that allow subscribers to configure their package, adding additional premium channels to the video catalog, which everyone offers. Amazon and Hulu offer HBO as an addition for 14.99. Per month, at the same price as the HBO Now service on the network. But while Apple is trying to include HBO as an addition to his new service, CNBC reports that the discussion of the distribution model that Apple promotes can prevent the implementation of this transaction; Apple, obviously, wants a 30 percent reduction in income for subscribers who go through its applications, and this amount cannot agree with HBO.

Apple currently receives 30 percent of subscriptions in applications during the first year and reduces its reduction to 15 percent in subsequent years. The company also historically reduced applications and one.Time purchases in applications by 30 percent throughout the entire existence of the App Store. To get around this, many developers do not allow people to subscribe to their services in applications. In December, Netflix canceled the possibility of subscribing to her services through her application for iOS, and Amazon never sold books through her Kindle application so as not to give part of Apple sales income.

Regardless of how the entire distribution of income works, it seems that the video service of the Apple will be integrated into an existing television application on Apple TV and iOS devices. This application combines a video from a number of existing streaming services, as well as the films and television programs of the user. Preservation of this application as a central place for everything that people want to observe seems reasonable, although it is worth noting that Netflix will continue to exist outside this ecosystem. The Apple TV application currently cannot see Netflix content, and it seems that Netflix will not integrate with the new Apple service.

From the point of view of time, it is quite possible that Apple will finally introduce the world to its video service at the upcoming event, which, according to rumors, will occur in late March. Yesterday BuzzFeed News reported that the company conducted this event to present a news product by subscription, but it also seems that time is also suitable for the introduction of a video subscription service. Apple also used March events to present iPad updates over the past few years, so new equipment may appear on the deck.


How to share a video from PC to iPad or iPhone

Itunes has a home collection a function that you can use to stream music, audio, videos and films with Mac or PC on iOS devices. While your computer and iOS device you want to transmit media files are in the same Wi-Fi network, you can easily exchange your favorite songs and video between the computer and iPhone / iPad without synchronization.

Step 1 Turn on home exchange for Mac or PC

Launch iTunes on your computer, enter your Apple ID from the “Account” menu in iTunes. Then choose the menu file, select home collection turn on the home collection.

Step 2 Turn on home exchange for iPhone iPad

On the iOS device, go to the music or video settings, then you can find home collection section in the lower part music or video tab tab. Use the same Apple ID to enter the Home Sharing network.

Step 3 Share music and video from the computer on the iPhone iPad

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Open music application on iPhone or iPad. If you use iPad, touch my music, click the artist to show the drop.Down menu and choose a home collection from there. Then you will see a common library, tape the general library of your computer, your music on the computer will be imported into music application on iPhone / iPad.

Launch the video application on the iPhone or iPad, click in general, select your PC or Mac iTunes library from there. After that, you can find your iTunes videos and films on your iOS device.

Apple Event — September 14

Thanks to the above, you can easily transmit streaming videos from the iPad to the TV and exchange music or video from PC for iPad or iPhone.

To share music or video from PC on iPad or iPhone, you can also use Fonetrans for iOS to transmit music and video directly to your iPad and iPhone.

With Fonetrans for iOS, you can freely transfer your data from the iPhone to a computer. You can not only transmit iPhone text messages to a computer, but also easy to transfer photos, videos and contacts to PC.

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  • Transfer of photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp and other data with ease.
  • Pre.Viewing data before transmitting.
  • Available iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Fonetrans for iOS can transmit music, contacts, videos and photos between iOS devices and a computer or between different iOS devices. You can contact a video from a computer on iPhone know more.