What To Do If Your Redmi Phone Is Stuck

Android freezes, heats up and does not respond to any actions, what to do, how to restart the phone

What to do if Android freezes and does not respond to anything? In this article, we will look at four SIMple ways to perform a forced reboot and get Android smartphones from freezing and not responding to any actions. Usually, after freezing, smartphones and tablets can get very hot, the screen does not work, the sensor does not respond to touch, and the buttons also do not function when pressed. Also, the phone may not turn on after charging, during charging or for no apparent reason, while the indicator may flash or just light up.

If your Android smartphone or tablet is stuck with a removable battery, then to bring it back to life, just turn it off and on by SIMply pulling out and reinstalling the battery. If the battery is not removable, then the problem needs to be solved in a different way, that is, using the phone buttons. Do not wait for days until it discharges itself and turns off, especially if you need it for work or you need to constantly be in touch. Many are so nervous when the phone hangs that they are ready to finish it off by throwing it against the wall or the floor, I myself am the same and can hardly restrain myself, but by doing this, we will only aggravate the situation. Better to be patient a little and force reboot in one of the ways below. This is even better than running to service centers right away, since it can sometimes take almost a month until they take it for a check and decide on the reasons for the freeze. Also, for repairs, the master may ask for a good payment, although it is quite possible that they used one of the four SIMple methods described below.

The first method is suitable for smartphones and tablets Meizu, Xiaomi, Digma and many others.
– To get Android out of freezing, just press and hold the “Power / Power” button for 20 seconds, after which the smartphone will either reboot or turn off.
If it doesn’t work, you can try again, but keep the button pressed longer. And if this did not help, then try the methods below.

The second method allows you to restart frozen Samsung, Sony and SIMilar Android devices.
– Press and hold the “Power / Power” button and the “volume control” button on both sides at the same time on the frozen phone for about 10.20 seconds, after which your smartphone or tablet should reboot. (For those who do not understand, you need to hold all three buttons. The button with which we turn on the phone and both sides adjust the sound and. “.
If Android does not hang or shut down, then try again, but keep the button pressed longer up to 1 minute. You can also try other methods above or below.

The third method allows you to get Nokia smartphones and tablets from freezing and SIMilar devices.
– On a frozen smartphone, you need to press and hold down two buttons SIMultaneously, the “Power / Power” button and the “Volume Up” button for 10.20 seconds.
Did not help? Try again or keep the buttons pressed for up to one minute.

The fourth method allows you to bring back to life smartphones that do not turn on after the battery is completely discharged, during charging, after charging, or for another reason when the phone or tablet does not want to turn on.
– On some devices, if the battery is completely discharged, then to start it you need to charge it for a while, even if the indicator is off and you do not see on the screen that charging is connected and started.
– If even after connecting the charger, for example, within 10 minutes the phone does not give signs of life and does not want to turn on, then without disconnecting the charging press and hold the “On / Lock” button for 20 seconds.
This usually helps bring back Android tablets and smartphones that won’t turn on. If it doesn’t work, then you can also try to hold the phone on the charge longer and hold the power button longer up to 1 minute. Sometimes you can turn the charger on and off several times and try again.

Hiaomi Redmi 4 freezes About what to do? Reboot a frozen Xiaomi smartphone or tablet on Android

What to do if Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro freezes and does not react to anything? This problem is encountered not only by users of Xiaomi smartphones, but also by users of other Android devices. In this article, you will learn an easy way to force restart frozen Xiaomi smartphones.

Many owners, when their smartphones freeze, are ready to break it as it happens mostly at the most inopportune time, but you should not do this first try restarting in the following way. Why Xiaomi smartphones freeze? Phones from other manufacturers, including such famous ones as Samsung, freeze. Sometimes this happens when working with applications or launching a powerful game, when the processor cannot cope with the task at hand or the RAM is insufficient for normal smartphone operation. It also happens differently when Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro hangs for no apparent reason. Many users of Xiaomi androids and androids of other brands complain that the smartphone freezes when it just lay on the table or when charging or the sensor does not respond, the screen does not turn on and the buttons do not respond to pressing. Sometimes this happens with new devices, after which many immediately run under warranty to a service center. Checking the smartphone can take a lot of time and you will have to remain without your phone all this time, and therefore you can first try to solve the problem with freezing yourself, and if this does not help, then you will have to take it under warranty.

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It’s good if the Xiaomi smartphone has a removable battery, but what to do if the Android has a non-removable battery on a frozen Android and don’t wait until it is completely discharged and turned off. This process can last more than one day and patience may SIMply not be enough, it’s good that there is an easy way to reboot the android, usually this method helps many users of smartphones and tablets, I hope this article will benefit you too.

Let’s see how to get Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro out of freezing that does not respond to any actions.
For a forced reboot, press and hold the “On / Off” button of the smartphone for 20 seconds, usually this time is enough for the frozen Xiaomi to reboot on Android. (For those users who did not understand which button to keep pressed on a frozen Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro, this is the “Power on / Lock” smartphone button).
If it didn’t work the first time, then you may have to repeat it again, but keep the button pressed on Xiaomi longer.

The first way. We take out the memory card on the smartphone

Be sure to remove the memory card from the device. Almost half of all power-up glitches are due to this small memory chip. How to do it correctly, see the instructions for the device, there is no universal method here.

What to do if the phone freezes when turned on. First aid

If your Android is frozen on the startup screen saver (on the “Android” icon or on the brand name icon) and does not respond to any manipulations, you need to reset the factory settings to bring it back to its senses. The shutdown button will not work in this case either, so remove the battery and put it back.

Factory reset. Solution to the problem

Now you need to get into the smartphone’s factory settings menu. Place your fingers on the power button and on the volume up button. Now SIMultaneously hold them down and hold them until the menu is highlighted. When the splash screen lights up, do not react and do not release the buttons, wait for the menu to open. There is a small nuance here: the menu opens differently on different smartphones.

  • At the “NTS”, you must first press the volume down edge and, without releasing it, briefly press the power button. After three “Androids” are highlighted on the screen, release the “down” key. When the menu is highlighted, use the same “up” and “down” buttons to scroll through and select the desired action.
  • At “ZTE” the menu opens like this: hold down the power key and the “down” key. You need to carefully monitor the splash screen so as not to miss the settings menu. When “Android” lights up, do not release anything. But when on the same splash screen the page seems to turn to the next one and there will be the same “Android” splash screen, you need to immediately release the buttons and the factory settings menu will appear. In “ZTE” it looks like checkers, in which commands are written, and react to touches. That is, you do not need to scroll through the volume buttons.
What To Do If Your Redmi Phone Is Stuck

Now about the main thing. The procedure for resetting the settings is as follows:

  • In the menu you need to find the item “Settings”. These are settings.
  • We open them and find the following inscription: “Wipe data / factory reset” is the formatting of the system.
  • There we find the inscription “Reset Android” and click.

After that, the device will “format” and reboot. Well, then, when the phone turns on, you yourself will set the settings according to the prompts that will be displayed. This is how SIMple it really is.

Battery check. Second method

A common cause of problems is battery failure. It is quite easy to identify the defect: if, when connected to the power adapter, a charging icon appears on the screen, increasing the charge level over time, everything is fine. But if, when the charger is turned off, the gadget stops responding to button presses or refuses to charge at all, the problem is probably in the battery or power connector. In this case, the only correct solution is to contact the manufacturer’s service center. For example, for owners of the Samsung Galaxy line, warranty service is carried out at Samsung centers.

Why the phone freezes when turned on and how to fix it

As a result of a hardware breakdown or an OS malfunction, any Android smartphone may stop responding to the power button. A common problem is when the phone does not turn on beyond the screen saver. In this case, the screen shows the logo of the manufacturer or the standard “green robot” of the Android system, but then nothing happens.

Phone freezes when turned on. Useful tips

The smartphone freezing during the download process can occur for a variety of reasons. In some cases, it is possible to solve the problem on your own, in others, only contacting the service center will help. Cell phone repair is not an easy task and should only be trusted by trusted professionals. You should not look for help in the nearest market or try to disassemble the device with improvised means. This will only harm and void the warranty. To avoid such breakdowns in the future, remember a few SIMple rules: Do not flash your smartphone with Chinese “left-hand” firmware without sufficient experience. If you find a defect, do not panic and do not try to disassemble the device. Use antivirus software and regularly check your smartphone for malware.

Why does the smartphone freeze?

Unfortunately, situations in which a mobile device stops responding to user actions are not uncommon. There can be many reasons: incorrectly installed software; application launch errors; overflowing temporary data storage; virus infection of the system and much more.

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The phone can freeze in different ways, for example, for just a few seconds when the screen remains on. It may not be completely freezing, but slowdown in the operation of the operating system and applications. Physical buttons do not lose their functionality.

A more unpleasant situation when the screen goes out when it hangs and the buttons stop working.

Performing a soft restart

A SIMple restart of the operating system on a Xiaomi smartphone is not difficult at all. This requires:

And what to do when Xiaomi is frozen, the screen has gone out, and the sensor has become immune to pressing? If the battery is removable, you can fix the problem of “jerking” the battery. The battery is removed from the socket and then reinserted into place. However, in most models of Xiaomi smartphones, such an opportunity is not provided, therefore, a “hard reset” (hard reset) is applied. It should be remembered that this method can lead to partial or complete loss of information stored in the phone’s memory. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly back up and synchronize data without waiting for a critical moment. A pre-prepared backup will never be superfluous. It can be saved on a computer, in the Mi Cloud or on removable media.

How to get Xiaomi phone out of freeze

Let’s take a look at a few methods that can help return a non-responsive mobile device to normal operation. These methods are applicable to the majority of Xiaomi Mi and Redmi models, including Redmi Note 5 Pro, Redmi 4, Redmi 3s, Mi Mix 2, Mi Max 2, Redmi Y1 Lite, etc.

In case of short-term crashes and freezes, it is worth performing a so-called “soft” reset (soft reset). This is the most gentle way to restore the functionality of the device. All current processes are terminated correctly and the mobile operating system is restarted. This process does not affect existing settings, there is no threat to the safety of user data.

What to do if Xiaomi phone is frozen

The Xiaomi brand has become one of the most popular not only in China, but also in many other countries, including. Unlike other OEM devices, the manufacturer installs its own software shell (firmware) on these Android smartphones, which is called “MIUI”. The presence of proprietary firmware can be considered one of the reasons for the success of Xiaomi in the mobile phone market. MIUI has several top features and the ability to customize the user interface. But even though devices with this firmware usually have very good technical characteristics, many users from time to time face the problem of freezing.

Performing a hard reboot

A forced reboot can be done in several ways. For the SIMplest method, use the power button. It needs to be held down for about 20 seconds, until the MI logo appears on the screen. Perhaps the first time you restart your smartphone using this method will not work. Then the procedure described above will have to be repeated.

The second way to make a “hard reset” involves using the OSD menu of recovery mode (Recovery Mode).

Applying recovery mode

Recovery mode can be activated as follows:

  • Turn off the smartphone by pressing the power button;
  • We SIMultaneously hold down two buttons: power and volume control. It is necessary that the screen with the Mi-logo appears when the device is turned on;
  • Do not release the volume up button until the Recovery mode menu is loaded;
  • Then select the language in this menu. “English”;
  • To confirm, press the power button;
  • Select the “Wipe and reset” tab. A list of options will open, from which you need to select the option that suits your task. It can be “Wipe cache”, “Wipe User Data” or “Wipe All Data”.

Moving through the MAINMENU items is carried out by the sound volume control buttons; you can press the power button to confirm your choice.

  • Click “Yes” to confirm the command;
  • While the device is on reboot, do not touch any buttons. After the end of the process, select the item “Back to Mainmenu” to return to the main menu;
  • Reboot the smartphone from the main menu using the “Reboot” option.

Now in more detail about the choice of options found in the “Wipe and reset” tab:

  • “Wipe cache” is selected when it is necessary to clear the cache of accumulated temporary files. If it is full, the phone may slow down and freeze. A SIMple process of clearing the cache helps to cope with the problem.
  • “Wipe User Data” is used when you want to erase user data. This is a hard reboot, during which important information, files and third-party applications, as well as graphic and alphanumeric passwords are deleted from the device (but not from the SD card!). This method is good if you suddenly forgot the password, without which you cannot unlock your smartphone or perform any actions with the system.
  • “Wipe All Data” is used to roll back the Xiaomi phone to factory settings. As in the previous case, starting this process will erase all user data and applications that are not part of the MIUI software shell, and the memory card will also be cleared. Xiaomi smartphone will return to the state of a new device.

Recovery mode and resetting all settings are required, for example, when the user decided to install a new MIUI firmware, but made the wrong choice of the version. Let’s say he has a Xiaomi Redmi 4x model and the downloaded firmware file is for model 4a. Installation can go smoothly, but when you turn it on again, the phone hangs firmly on the logo.

The third way to hard reboot and reset to factory settings is through the phone settings menu.

Factory reset via menu

Follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings menu;
  • Select the item “System and device”
  • Select the “Advanced” tab;
  • Select “Return to factory settings”;
  • Press “Reset settings” and confirm the action.

In general, any user with the above instructions at hand can deal with the problem of freezing a Xiaomi smartphone on their own. In order to encounter it as little as possible, some experts recommend performing a “soft reset” about once a week. This is one way to keep your device running at optimum performance. A hard reboot and factory reset is a measure that should only be taken when necessary. If your smartphone often requires this type of reboot, you should contact the service.

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The phone screen hangs. Lack of RAM, CPU load

Modern smartphones are equipped with 2-3 GB of RAM, less often 4-6 GB are installed, but they are not always enough, and when the memory is exhausted, a situation arises that the phone is frozen and does not respond or reacts, but extremely slowly. The problem is in a lot of programs that run in the background, so on smartphones out of 3 GB of installed RAM, only 1 GB is available, which clogs up extremely quickly.

The processor can also become clogged and its functionality will be severely impaired. The CPU is heavily impacted by most programs, from demanding games to video / photo editors. Even modern processors are not always capable of withstanding heavy loads, and after the program is closed, it still hangs in the processes. Some applications always work in the background, for example, antivirus, while they load the smartphone heavily.

To free up the phone memory and return it to normal operation, you should:

  • Remove applications that have less benefit than harm;
  • Disable notifications from apps, especially those that are useless;
  • Deactivate background work of programs;
  • Install applications for cleaning memory, you can activate them automatically with a certain regularity;
  • Clear the program cache in a timely manner, it is better to use utilities;
  • Remove widgets that are always active on the desktop.

At the same time, the programs themselves can be malfunctioning and overload the smartphone. Alas, application optimization is lame due to the huge number of device models. So you should remove all dubious and useless programs, and also do not install third-party utilities through APK files.

Why does the phone freeze?

If the phone freezes when turned on or during operation, it is worth remembering that there can be only 2 reasons for the malfunction:

  • Mechanical is damage to certain phone devices at the physical level. It is likely that a contact has dropped somewhere or a board element has failed. This is most often due to falling or getting water on the device. At the same time, external damage is not at all necessary, in some cases the screen survives a fall well, but internal damage is still present;
  • System failures are failures that are caused by any problems in the system part. If the phone does not even boot, then Android has ceased to be fully functional, but more often certain difficulties arise during work and the smartphone lags.

The second type is much more common, although mechanical malfunctions are quite possible. Note that in case of physical damage, the smartphone does not even turn on (most often), sometimes the backlight only lights up. Initially, it is assumed that the outside of the smartphone is intact and the main reason for freezing is systemic. When the remedies at the system level are exhausted, it is worth taking the phone to the workshop.

It is also worth saying that the reason for freezing at the system level can be of two types: insufficient system resources, most likely some programs take all memory, system crashes, when the integrity of Android is in doubt.

What to do if the phone is frozen?

Smartphones are becoming more and more complex every year, and the more functional the mechanism, the more likely it is to fail. What to do if your phone is frozen is a question asked by many users, mostly Android. Almost every owner is faced with a freeze of a smartphone, but usually these are periodic lags that are eliminated by themselves. In some cases, the phone, the same applies to tablets, stops turning on completely or does not respond to any actions. Let’s analyze the reasons and ways to eliminate this malfunction.

What to do if the phone is frozen on the splash screen?

Another niche of problems is when the phone hangs on the logo and no longer has any reactions. Accordingly, the problem is deeper than the installation of programs or the load on the processor, most likely the OS is out of order.

In such cases, the first thing you can do is to try to reboot the device, it may be a one-time failure. The main catch is that the phone does not respond to a standard reboot during the power-on phase. We’ll have to use a harder option. Hold the power button and volume down, there are also distinctive options.

If you are unlucky and when you turn it on again, it does not get better, then you will have to use a factory reset, that is, a rollback of all functions to their original state. This procedure can also be performed in the Android menu if the device was successfully started. In our case, you will have to use Hard Reset.

  • Press the volume down button together with turning it on and hold it for about 10 seconds until the actions from the smartphone are noticeable;
  • In the menu that appears, select “wipe data / factory reset”, navigation is performed using the volume control, and the power button confirms the choice;
  • After confirmation in the pop-up window, a restart will occur, while all data will be deleted from the device, and the procedure itself takes time, you should not worry.

There is another way. Flashing the smartphone, it is a little more functional.

Android phone freezes. Reinstalling the operating system

When the phone freezes and does not turn on, you can use an alternative approach, all data will also be lost here, but its advantage is that you can install a new version of Android.

To perform a flashing you need:

  • Download ZIP archive with firmware and put it in the phone‘s memory;
  • Go to the recovery menu, as in previous cases;
  • Select “wipe data / factory reset”;
  • Confirm the procedure and then go back one step;
  • Select “Install zip”;
  • Select “Choose zip from / sdcard” and specify the path to the file, and then agree to continue;
  • Then click on the “reboot system now” menu and after reboot there will be a new system.

Ultimately, if nothing else helps, you will have to take the device to the workshop, apparently a mechanical problem if the procedures were performed correctly.