What To Do If Your Honor Phone Doesn’T Turn On

Huawei launches a wide variety of smartphones. Huawei is not charging. one of the common and typical problems among users of smartphones of this brand, which can be dealt with independently without the help of specialists.


Faced this problem, it is worth figuring out why this happened. The reasons why Huawei (Honor) may not charge somewhat:

  • malfunction of the outlet or lack of an electrical network;
  • not working charger or USB cable;
  • charging is not suitable for the device;
  • clogged USB ports on the smartphone;
  • mechanical damage to the charging connector;
  • crash in the gadget’s operating system;
  • the device is completely discharged;
  • damaged internal elements or contacts;
  • smartphone infected with viruses;
  • the battery is out of order;
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What to do if the Huawei phone does not charge?

If the Honor Huawei phone does not charge, you need to clearly find out which of the reasons for this is fault. If the reason for the lack of charging the smartphone is not complicated, as a rule, this can be eliminated on your own, but if you doubt your strength, it is better to contact a specialist in a service center.

Does not turn on does not charge

The reason the phone does not turn on while charging is that the battery is deeply discharged. Solutions to this problem:

  1. Wait for some time for the phone to gain the necessary charge to turn on;
  2. Remove the battery from the phone and connect it to power without the battery. Through a known working charger. After which, turn on the smartphone without a battery. As soon as the gadget is turned on, quickly and carefully insert the battery into place in the smartphone. After a few minutes, the gadget will begin to charge.
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In case of a malfunction of the charging connector or firmware, give it to a specialist for repair or replacement of parts.

Does not charge when on

In this state of the phone you need to check the following:

  1. Check charger. Entirely or in parts: either a charging unit or a USB cable. Charging may not charge;
  2. Check for voltage interruptions;
  3. Clean the connector on the device or the contacts on the USB cable from dust and dirt;

Red highlighted areas of maximum accumulation of dirt.

What To Do If Your Honor Phone Doesn't Turn On
  1. The cable may have been damaged mechanically;
  2. The charger is not suitable for a smartphone.
  3. Broken or loose cable connector;
  4. Need a phone reboot;
  5. It is worth making a factory reset;
  6. Do not use the gadget while charging.

Charges for 4-5 seconds and turns off

It happens that the smartphone constantly notifies you of the charging connection, without disconnecting from it. The reasons for interruption charging lie in the following:

  1. The portal for charging is loose or damaged;
  2. Damaged cable connector;
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When using a “non-native” cable, difficulties appear due to microscopic differences in the sizes of the connectors. They can be absolutely similar, but vary in thickness or length by several millimeters. Then there are problems with the connection and the contact is either interrupted or absent altogether.