What to do if your computer freezes

Restarting the graphics subsystem

The operating system uses a keyboard shortcut when the Windows 10 Task Manager freezes to restart the graphics card software. If the PC freezes and the image freezes on the screen, then it is better to use this method than a forced reboot.

Note! This method of restarting the video card can be used in Windows versions 8, 8.1 and 10.

At the same time, the keys “Win” “Ctrl” “Shift” “B” are pressed on the keyboard. For a fraction of a second, the screen will disappear and the computer will make a sound. Soon the picture will appear again, all programs in use will remain open.

your, computer, freezes

The advantage of this method is that it is versatile. It doesn’t matter which graphics card your computer is equipped with. This method is effective after freezing as a result of loading resource-intensive games and applications, after waking up from sleep mode.

Overheating of the computer hardware

There are also situations when the computer freezes periodically Windows 10 due to overheating of components. Modern stationary computers and laptops have a cassette-modular design, which assumes active and continuous cooling of the entire system. However, after several years of use, a large amount of dust accumulates inside the device, which prevents optimal heat dissipation. If you do not clean the computer, then it will increasingly freeze and turn off due to overheating.

You can clean the disassembled PC on your own using a conventional vacuum cleaner that works on blowing. If a person is not sure that he can do it on his own, it is better to contact the nearest service center.

The second reason why the device may overheat is that the power of the batteries or the power supply unit cannot compensate for the energy consumption. If they function constantly at the limit, then many components do not work quite correctly.

Common causes of Windows 10 freezing

If the computer freezes and does not respond to anything Windows 10, then the user needs to try to correctly identify the root cause. There are, in fact, many reasons why this is happening. But it’s worth noting that some of them are much more common than others.

What the shell of the Windows 10 operating system looks like

Common causes of PC freezes on Windows 10:

  • Hardware conflict;
  • Systemic problems;
  • Two antiviruses;
  • Removal of viruses;
  • Instability of HDD / SSD-drive;
  • Are there processes with high CPU utilization;
  • Incorrect BIOS setting;
  • RAM problems;
  • Failure in the explorer;
  • Overheating of PC or gadget components;
  • Failure of the device’s RAM;
  • Defective power supply or using a low power device.

It is also worth adding that the computer often freezes tightly and only restarting Windows 10 helps as a result of system errors during the operation of Microsoft services.

Scan PC to detect viruses, remove them

Viruses that infect the operating system and its system files are the most common destabilizing factor. Regardless of the type and type of malware / component, this program code is able to launch resource-intensive processes: formatting, deleting user data, theft / copying, or a deliberate collapse of the bandwidth of the Internet channel.

What to do if your Windows 10 laptop hangs? You need to use the built-in Windows Protection software or any third-party antivirus program to conduct a deep scan of the operating system. After a certain amount of time, malicious files will be displayed on the screen, which the utility will offer to delete.

Avast antivirus deep scan of the operating system

Note! You cannot use multiple anti-virus programs on one computer. When using a third-party antivirus program, the built-in must be deactivated.

How to close a frozen application

Many users wonder how to close a program, during which a Windows 10 laptop freezes, the screen freezes and does not respond. First of all, the user must check if the “Caps Lock” is working. If yes, this means that the computer itself continues to function, and the frozen program simply forces the PC to freeze.

To solve the problem on the keyboard, you need to simultaneously hold down the “Ctrl” “Alt” “Del” keys to display the Task Manager window on the screen. It remains to use the mouse to select the program that is frozen, and tap on the line “End task”.

How to close a frozen application through the task manager in Windows 10

Note! If the task manager is displayed, but Windows 10 is still freezing, then the problem may be caused by the incorrect operation of an external manipulator. a computer mouse.

Computer freezes and does not respond to anything on Windows 10

The Windows operating system is very popular around the world due to its functionality, security and ease of use. However, the system is imperfect, which is why periodically during operation a stationary computer or laptop can simply slow down, freeze and stop responding to external manipulations. The main task of the user in this case is a solution with minimal loss of user data.

Incorrect BIOS settings

If there is a suspicion that the PC freezes due to incorrect settings in the BIOS, then the user is first of all recommended to reset all parameters to optimal ones. To enter safe mode on the keyboard, you need to press F2 / Del during the process of starting the operating system at startup.

When the menu is displayed, you need to use the arrows on the keyboard to go to “Load Fail-Save Defaults” or “Reload mistakenly saved defaults”, and then press “F8”.

When you reset the settings, the system will set the optimal parameters in the BIOS, which will most likely prevent regular computer freezes during operation.

Line “Load Fail-Save Defaults” for resetting BIOS settings to factory defaults

Instability of HDD / USB storage

Any digital disk is designed in such a way that data storage and speed of action are ensured by dividing the memory into sectors. During operation (recording / rewriting), these sectors wear out and gradually become unusable, the speed of access to them slows down significantly. Due to the unstable operation of the hard disk, the computer will constantly freeze strongly.

How to fix windows 10 frozen easy

To work around the problem, the operating system must restart. Other solutions:

  • Performing software repair, the essence of which is the reassignment of weak sectors of the hard disk from its reserve area.
  • “Cutting” the disk can also help, but first the user must find out which sectors are out of order, and they are deleted.
  • If the spare sectors are over, and the damaged ones are added, then connecting a new drive can correct the situation.

To view the status of the HDD / USB drive, you can use third-party applications like HDDScan / Regenerator, Victoria. Based on the results of the check, the screen will display the exact places where the BAD sectors are located on the drive.

Using the Victoria app to check the health of your hard drive

Why the computer freezes?

Software reasons for PC freezing are caused by crashes or errors in the software. operating system, drivers or applications. They are usually solved by updating or reinstalling the program in which the PC itself hangs tightly, well, or the driver that is closely related to it.

What to do if your Windows 10 computer freezes?

Press Ctrl Shift Escape to bring up the Task Manager. Find the application that is not responding and click End Task. Alternatively, you can try Ctrl Esc, which will open the Start menu and you can restart your computer in normal mode.

What to do if your laptop keeps freezing?

  • what the task manager shows
  • disk health diagnostics
  • diagnostics of RAM strips
  • temperature check (incl.
  • checking and updating drivers
  • Windows startup, system optimization and cleaning
  • trying to boot the system in safe mode

How to remove a task on a computer?

Press AltCtrlDel, in the “Applications” tab, find the frozen program and click “End” the task. If this does not help, go to the “Processes” tab, find the frozen process and click “End Process”.

What to do if the computer freezes and does not respond?

If it doesn’t respond at all to anything, even to key combinations, just hold down the power button for a few seconds. This should help. If we have tried everything, and he does not hum, does not calve, we do so! !

Why Windows 7 freezes?

Acceleration of Windows 7: the main reasons for the slowdown and freezing of the Seven A weak processor and a small amount of RAM are the main hardware reasons for which the computer slows down or freezes. The main software reasons: incorrect system settings, a large number of unnecessary programs and viruses.

Why Windows 7 freezes?

Acceleration of Windows 7: the main reasons for the slowdown and freezing of the Seven A weak processor and a small amount of RAM are the main hardware reasons for which the computer slows down or freezes. The main software reasons: incorrect system settings, a large number of unnecessary programs and viruses.

How to properly restart your computer if it freezes?

Laptop freezes: how to restart with ALTF4 keys

  • Press Alt F4 at the same time. You will see a small menu offering several shutdown options: shutdown, reboot, hibernation.
  • Select the desired option and confirm the action with the Enter key.

Why Windows 10 computer slows down?

Such utilities are one of the most common reasons for a prolonged OS startup. Uninstalled or “non-native” drivers. The lack of up-to-date versions of official drivers for the internal components of the computer is the reason for the slow operation of the PC. Overheating of PC components.

What to do when the computer freezes?

To restart your computer if it freezes, you need to press and hold the power button until the computer turns off. The power button should be on the computer case, or on top of the keyboard if you are using a laptop. When the computer has completely shut down, wait a few seconds, then turn it back on.

What to do if your Windows 10 computer freezes?

Try on Win10 several times in a row to restart the computer with the “restart” button, and if at one moment there is a hang or problems with rendering (or lags), then everything is so.


First of all, trace at what point the hang occurs. You need to roughly identify the culprit, namely the program that leads to the freezing of the computer. The principle is quite simple, if the computer freezes during the game, then most likely you need to update the driver for the video card.

If the picture gets up when you start music or play a video, then there may be a problem with the sound card. This is especially true if the curve driver was originally installed. Here’s what I would do:

  • Open the “Device Manager”. this item is located in the “Properties” of the computer.
  • Open the “Video adapters” section, right-click on your video and delete the device. We do the same with the sound card.
  • After that, being connected to the Internet, click on the button for updating the hardware configuration, which is located in the top panel. The same devices can be updated manually, or simply by restarting the computer.

I would also try to manually find the driver for this device on the Internet, because in this method, firewood is downloaded from Microsoft servers, and they can also be broken. If you have a laptop, then go to the official website of the laptop manufacturer, go to the support section and download all the latest drivers. You will need to enter the full model name or serial number. this information can be found on a label under the laptop case.

ATTENTION! When choosing drivers, you need to select the desired version of the operating system and not be mistaken with the bitness. This information can be viewed similarly in the “Properties” of the computer.

  • Samsung
  • Asus
  • ACER
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • MSI

The video card driver can be found similarly on the official sites:

Computer Freezes after a few minutes, frozen and control alt delete not working, 5 Easy Way

And of course, you need to update the drivers for the motherboard. They should be downloaded only from the manufacturer’s official page, but first you should find out the full name of the motherboard. For this:

  • Launch the console with admin rights.

Tech Tips: How to unfreeze a computer.

wmic baseboard get product wmic baseboard get Manufacturer

  • The first will display the model, and the second from the manufacturer. this information is enough to find the official page and download drivers from the Internet.

Cleaning the system

First of all, remember if you have previously installed any programs and applications, after which all this mess began. We will start cleaning with the removal of unnecessary programs in the system:

  • Go to the “Control Panel”. In Windows 7, you need to go to “Start”, and in Windows 10, press the keys and R and enter the command:
  • Go to “Programs and Features”.
  • Now you need to go through all installed applications and uninstall, all unnecessary and unnecessary. what you do not use.

Now we need to go to the “Startup” section and see what programs hang when the OS starts. In Windows 7, you need to press the keys and R and write the command:

In Windows ten, right-click on the “Start” button and call the “Task Manager”.

The Startup tab contains all programs that work immediately when the system boots. Disable everything except the antivirus program. If you see something with the names NVIDIA or AMD, then also disable it. these are not drivers, but programs that, in theory, are not particularly needed. After that, we restart the computer.

Next, you need to download and install the CCleaner program. After starting, on the “Standard cleaning” tab, perform the “Analysis” and then click on the “Cleanup” button. In this case, all programs that are running must be closed.

The same should be done on the “Registry” tab.

Why the computer freezes and nothing can be done: reasons and solutions

Hello everyone! Having worked with computers for many years, I periodically encounter a problem when the computer freezes and has to be rebooted. Sometimes this happens under certain conditions: during a game, playing music, when launching or working in a certain program. The problem can appear at any time, regardless of any conditions. This is actually the most difficult problem, as it can have two main reasons: software and hardware.

First of all, check the power that comes from the outlet, very often the cable from the power supply falls out or barely reaches the computer. Also check other wires that go from the monitor to the system unit. Turn off all connected USB devices except keyboard and mouse. Next, I will tell you why, when you turn on or work, the computer periodically freezes completely, and what needs to be done.

SPECIALIST HELP! If the article does not help you, then you can contact me in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Be sure to indicate the characteristics of the computer, and also describe the situation in detail.

Checking and cleaning your computer

We need to remove the side cover of the computer and clean it from dust. This is especially true of the hottest spots of the card and processor. It is also advisable to change the thermal paste if you have not done this for a long time. Check that all power circuits are tightly connected to the devices. You can even try pulling out and reconnecting the connectors from the power supply.

You can check the temperature conditions in the processor and video card in the same AIDA64 program. If the temperature is very high, then most likely the problem is in the thermal paste.

RAM and hard drive

First of all, let’s check the hard drive. To do this, you can use any of the proposed programs:

  • HDD Health, HDDLife
  • Hard Disk Sentinel
  • HDD Victoria

The programs will show you the score of your carrier.

Next, you need to check the RAM. This can be done in several ways. You can use Windows tools. press R and register mdsched.

Or use a third-party program memtest86. It can be run both in an already installed Windows, and from under the BIOS using a bootable USB flash drive. There is also a third way to check the RAM. you need to pull out all the memory dies except one and test the operation in this mode. If the culprit is found, then it will be necessary to replace the broken die.

Causes and actions

Reader, if you are reading these lines, then most likely nothing helped you (from what I already wrote above). So the problem lies, most likely, in the gland. There may be several reasons:

  • If you recently installed a new video card, then first of all check that the power of your power supply is sufficient for the operation of the entire system.
  • The problem may lie in the SSD. then you can try to reflash it.
  • Try to enter the BIOS and turn off the “Turbo Mode”. this mode increases the frequency of the processor in games or programs.
  • If possible, try connecting another power supply.

As a final tip, I would install a new system on the computer. This is especially true when you have previously changed some components (video card, motherboard, processor, etc.).

Many programs in Startup

A large number of applications that run alongside Windows can also lead to poor performance or freezing of the computer. Often users do not pay attention to the settings of the installation program, as a result of which completely unnecessary software gets into autorun.

You can solve the problem by changing the application settings, using specialized utilities, or simply by removing unnecessary programs. After changing the settings, you will need to reboot.

In cases where the amount of RAM is small, you should think about upgrading. You can increase the RAM by replacing modules or, if there are free slots, by simply adding.

What you need to do to keep your laptop from freezing

Prevention helps to effectively deal with most problems that lead to a decrease in system performance. In addition, it helps to avoid unnecessary expenses for repair and maintenance of a laptop in a service center.

Basic preventive measures to maintain system performance:

  • dust removal;
  • removal of unnecessary applications;
  • regular cleaning of directories with temporary files;
  • disabling unnecessary startup items.

Cleaning your laptop from dust and checking if the cooling system is working can not only avoid performance degradation, but also extend the life of the computer. In some cases, due to overheating, components fail, and the system simply does not turn on. Cleaning must be done every few weeks.

Removing unnecessary applications and temporary files allows you to free up free space on your hard drive and thereby improve system performance. Disabling unnecessary startup items will free up memory space and improve performance. You can regularly perform these actions using special utilities.


The most convenient way to perform a reboot is programmatically. It avoids accidental data loss and saves all changes made to the Windows configuration. Microsoft has designed its operating room with a variety of ways to manage power and reboot.

Let’s consider the main options for restarting a laptop from Windows:

  • through the “Start” panel;
  • using the task manager;
  • using command line.

Why the laptop freezes and what to do about it

Presence of malware

A variety of malicious programs can damage or destroy important information on your hard drive. In addition, they often make changes that interfere with the normal operation of the operating system. As a result, the laptop freezes or may start to “slow down”.

For the most part, users who actively use the Internet suffer from malware. You can also pick up malicious programs from any media: USB flash drives, disks, and others.

You can avoid troubles with viruses by installing and updating specialized antiviruses in time. In situations where the PC has already begun to freeze, you can check for malware infection with specialized utilities from manufacturers of protective systems.

Crashing programs

The software may contain bugs, and users often set invalid parameters in the application configuration. These reasons can lead to the fact that the laptop starts to freeze at the most inopportune moments.

Typically, when a software problem occurs, you will see a message on the screen. To restore work, you will have to boot Windows in “Safe Mode” and reinstall or delete the problematic application.

Most often, problems arise from the following software:

  • drivers;
  • system utilities;
  • applications to increase computer performance.


There are times when the laptop does not turn off by software and you have to resort to mechanical actions.

The main ways to hardware shutdown a laptop:

  • using the “Power” button;
  • battery disconnection.

Common causes of laptop freezing

The laptop freezes for many reasons. Sometimes troubleshooting is not an easy task, but if you do not find and fix the problem, the computer will freeze regularly, making it impossible to use the device normally.

Before answering the question: “The laptop constantly freezes. What to do?” it is necessary to establish the cause of this behavior. In most cases, the user can cope with the initial diagnosis on his own.

All reasons leading to freezing can be divided into two groups:

  • software, arising from errors in the software or the action of viruses;
  • hardware related to malfunction or problems with computer components.

You can solve the problem with the software at home. If the laptop freezes due to hardware malfunction, then in most cases you will have to resort to the services of specialized service centers.

What to do if the computer is frozen

Now I will show you how to correctly diagnose a computer hardware freeze and fix it. Where to begin?! There are a number of symptoms that directly or indirectly indicate a possible malfunction of a certain PC node. By starting to “dig” in the right direction, it is usually possible to quickly find the culprit and fix the problem much faster.

The video card hangs

A very common case! The computer freezes while playing with a “trrr” sound (looped short sound left in the sound adapter buffer). The most likely culprit for this behavior is the video card. It can overheat due to poor cooling or dried thermal paste. The RAM of the video adapter can also turn off. the symptoms are almost the same. To check, you need to install another video card or, if there is a video built into the motherboard, then use it.

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A fairly large percentage of desktop PCs and laptops that are brought in for repair have the same symptom. the computer freezes tightly and does not respond to anything other than pressing the Reset button. Sometimes this happens silently, and sometimes. while playing or watching a video, the computer freezes with a looped sound “Trrr”. The best option is when the problem can be reproduced, that is, it can be repeated after fulfilling certain conditions and actions. Well, or if it appears periodically. But sometimes freezes happen randomly and then it becomes much more difficult to find the culprit. Well, I will share my experience that I have accumulated over many years and I hope this will help you.

Memory hung

If the computer hangs haphazardly, regardless of the programs and applications used, then the hard disk or RAM may be to blame for this behavior. For diagnostics, you should first check the hard drive with a special program such as HDD Health, HDDLife or Hard Disk Sentinel, which will show how much more efficient it is.

If everything is in order with the hard one, then it is necessary to check the RAM strips one by one. You can disconnect one of the brackets in turn, turn on the PC and see if it will hang or not. Thus, it is usually possible to quickly determine which of the modules is faulty. In cases with SSD, very often the problem is solved by updating its firmware to the latest version.

Computer freezes reasons

All the reasons why a computer or laptop may freeze are conditionally divided into two types:

Software reasons for PC freezing are caused by crashes or errors in the software. operating system, drivers or applications. They are usually solved by updating or reinstalling the program in which the PC itself hangs tightly, or the driver that is closely related to it. If this is a game, then you should pay attention to the video adapter driver and sound card. You can try to update it or, if there is no new version, try reinstalling.

Hardware reasons for freezing occur most often due to the failure of a device inside the computer or connected to it from the outside. This is the saddest option, because it is usually associated with financial costs for the purchase of new components or expensive repair of old ones.

In any case, before proceeding with any specific actions, it is necessary to conduct a thorough diagnosis and collect information about the problem as much as possible.

Cooling system

Several times I met this picture. the computer freezes tightly due to a crookedly installed cooling radiator on the processor or video card chip. As a rule, the user, after reading clever advice, climbs to change the thermal paste. They can remove the cooler and the radiator without any problems, but it is no longer possible to install it back properly. it is skewed and the heat is dissipated unevenly. As a result, the processor overheated and the PC froze. And if modern processors are able to lower the frequency in order to lower the temperature, then the video cards will definitely go out completely. So if you recently revised the cooling system and suddenly after that the computer hangs tightly under load (when running heavy applications, during a game, etc.). check if the heatsink is installed correctly and if the fan on the cooler is working. You may have forgotten to plug its power connector into the socket on the motherboard. I’ve seen that too, yeah.