What To Do If You Forgot Your Apple Id Password

What To Do If You Forgot Your Apple Id Password

The user of iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and Macs can sometimes face the following problem. they forgot the password from Apple ID, and there are no recovery options.

This is due to Apple’s special security policy, which requires a sophisticated account access code — consisting of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and other characters.

Forgetting it is quite simple, which leads to the need for an immediate solution to the problem.

If the situation is even more problematic. the user forgot the username and password of Apple ID, and now can not even find out the account number.

The issue for the mobile device is solved simply. by going into the settings of iCloud, App Store or iTunes.

There you can see the email address provided when registering the Apple ID.

Now that the e-mail (which is also the identifier of the account) is known, you can proceed to one of the ways how to recover the password.

Apple has provided three options for users on how to regain control of their accounting.

The consequences of a missing password

So, at your disposal there is a gadget from Apple, but the password is forgotten. And now managing your account is problematic.

Account Password Lost

Along with this, you will not be able to make a purchase or free download:

  • Applications and games in the App Store (for iPad or iPhone) and in the Mac App Store (for desktop computers);
  • Movies and music in the Apple Music or iTunes Store;
  • Literature on the iBook Store.

In addition, now there is no access to your iCloud cloud storage, the password for which is the same as the Apple ID code.

And it’s also impossible to remove the activation lock on an iPhone or iPad.

Recovery Methods

There are many ways to answer the question of what to do to reset your password.

It all depends on what measures to protect the account were taken by the user. simple (via email), medium (security questions) or the most complex (two-step verification).

No. 1. Email Recovery

If you still have access to the mailbox used during registration, this method of changing the forgotten password will be the easiest and fastest. For its use should:

  1. Go to the appropriate address (appleid.apple.com);
  2. Select “Reset your password”;
  3. Enter the e-mail address for your ID and select “Next”;
  4. Select email authentication and click Next.

Password reset using email address

Now, the letter from Apple should come to the specified e-mail address with a link to which you should go and restore the lost password, following the instructions on the screen.

As a rule, after this the problem is resolved.

Advice! Knowing how to unlock apple with a lost password, it is worth considering some of the nuances that arise in the process of restoring access. Sometimes a letter with a password does not come or you simply cannot find it. If the second option is correct, check:

  • Do you open the mailbox;
  • Did the letter get into the Spam folder and wasn’t accidentally deleted for another reason.

Apple’s message text usually looks like this:

Apple password recovery email

If the account address is incorrect, and you can change both the mail and password only after restoring the latter, you should go to other methods.

No. 2. Control questions

Recovering your password by answering questions is no more difficult than doing this by email.

In order to delete the old password, you need to go to the same address (appleid.apple.com) and select “Reset Password”.

Now the identifier is entered, “Next” is pressed and the transition to answers to questions is carried out.

Password recovery for security questions

Now the user needs to enter the date of birth (which he had to indicate before activating the Apple ID) and answer correctly.

A new password is entered. and if you do not lose it again, the problem is solved.

Number 3. Double Check Option

The method is intended for people who have set the maximum security level with verification in 2 stages.

And, if, for example, the owner of the iPhone forgot the password, now she will need to remember the recovery key, which should have been written down or printed out in advance.

The test start page is already different. iforgot.apple.com. But you still have to enter an Apple ID.

After entering the code on the phone specified in the account, an SMS with a four-digit number should come. It should be entered in the appropriate field on the screen.

Two-step verification of identity

The final recovery step is to activate a new password.

It is entered twice, and the main requirement is to distinguish it from all passwords used during the previous year.

What to do in order not to forget the password?

Attempts to remember a new password on your iphone 4s, 5s or 6s Plus, so as not to forget it just like a lost one, will become easier if you use the following method:

  1. A simple word is selected first (e.g. Mac)
  2. Using the word “Mac” creates a more or less complex combination. for example, MAC2olya or OLYA2mac.

Nothing difficult to remember. but:

  • Firstly. it is difficult enough for selection;
  • Secondly. easily entered from the keyboard on the iPhone;
  • Thirdly. fully complies with Apple’s security requirements (uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers).

How to recover Apple ID password

It also happens that you forgot your Apple ID password or you forgot your password at all. it is here that Apple’s service comes to our aid.