What To Do If Xiaomi Is Very Hot

What To Do If Xiaomi Is Very Hot

Overheating of gadgets in our time, unfortunately, is not uncommon. Most of the flagship devices sin with this, no matter what level the device is, and it’s understandable why this happens: very powerful iron is often hidden inside the case, and there is no cooling system as such, hence the high temperatures. Now we will focus on solving this problem for Xiaomi brand smartphones.

Simple ways

If Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro gets very hot. the solution will be a banal firmware update, and everything is so simple, because the company itself published data on complaints about heating, which is why I had to figure it out. According to the manager of the Indian office, the new program code will help the device adjust the processor frequencies correctly, depending on the temperature of the chipset and battery. The update number, by the way, is V6.5.4.0 LXIMICD, and it weighs 804 megabytes, and it is found not only for the smartphones mentioned above.

The second option is relevant if Xiaomi Mi4 is heated with the installed MIUI 8 version. To implement it, open the “battery” section, the “advanced” sub-item and turn off application management, thereby reducing the load on the processor, as a result, the same thing will happen with temperature. Usually, such an action solves the problem instantly, but it is worth remembering that after the reboot the function may turn on again, because of which it will turn out to be a “piece of the underworld”, which is relevant for any device running MIUI version 8, not even from Xiaomi.

The following method can be used on any Android device, since it is associated with too much memory usage by Google services. This “infection” loves to be updated “background”, using the network, processor and memory of the smartphone. It is very easy to deal with it. in the settings of your Google account, automatic updating of applications is turned off, all unnecessary services, such as Play movies, are stopped, after which the device will warm up much less.

General methods

To determine ways to solve problems, you need to determine the source of their appearance. So, heating can be caused by the active use of networks, the use of heavy 3D applications, a long conversation on mobile communications, viewing longs of high resolution, data exchange using various network technologies, long-term operation of the screen at full brightness, connecting a charger with a high power indicator and so on.

Solving such problems can be very simple: turn off for a few minutes everything that causes extreme temperatures of the case or the front panel of the smartphone. Of course, if we talk about charging, it should just be put on a flat surface that will not retain heat near the device, and it is best to choose something solid. A sofa or bed is a bad choice for such a process, as it will cause an increase in temperature, which may cause the latter to fail.

Do not forget about using only original accessories for charging the gadget: Chinese counterparts for 50 rubles from the transition can carry a hidden threat, in the form of confused contacts or poor-quality wire insulation, and the consequences of a circuit during charging can be fatal for the phone. Of course, you need to remember about cheap cases: if you use non-conductive cases, such as those made of leather, thick silicone, fur, it is better to get rid of them, at least for the time of charging or stress-using the device, so the use of branded accessories is so important.

Another reason, by the way, may be the use of a large number of background applications. Such a problem is nowhere to be “cured”: simply closing processes through the multitasking menu. Of course, only in 50-60 percent of cases, simple sweeping can completely “remove from the background” a certain process. This situation requires only one action: stopping the task through the application menu, which opens from the settings. You can also “cut” this application through root-rights, but this is a topic for another article.


After all the operations done on a working smartphone, the heating should drop by 30-50 percent. If everything is still the same, the device’s stuffing is clearly “unwell”, he urgently needs to get to the service center, where he will be dismantled, tested, and then repaired if necessary.

Remember also the features of some gadgets and their hardware: Qualcomm’s 810 Snapdragon, for example, will warm up to 50-60 degrees almost always, but not more, however, some manufacturers manage to make the industry “cold” even.

UPD. A massive problem with overheating and discharging Xiaomi smartphones starting from 10.16.2018. Our gratitude to the Xiaomi community and our readers who help and share the solution to problems.

The increased charge and heating have arisen due to the next update of the Google Duo program. You need to remove updates from this program and prohibit automatic updating of Google services for a while (until the problem is fixed).

  1. Go to settings;
  2. Open “All applications”;
  3. We find among them “Duo” and go on;
  1. Click below “Remove Updates”;
  2. Confirm;
  3. Open Google Play, go to the left menu;
  1. Go to “Settings”;
  2. Open item “Auto update apps”;
  3. Choose “Never” and confirm;

After that, it is advisable to restart the phone, the problem should be fixed. Most likely, in the near future, Google will release a new update that fixes this glitch, and you can turn on auto-update again.