What to do if water got into the iPhone speaker

Water in the speakers of the phone. What to do?

They say nobody is safe from mistakes and accidents. And dropping our gadget in the water, we are shocked for a moment. And then quickly take it out of there, trying to determine the amount of moisture trapped inside. What to do in such a situation? Here’s a breakdown of what to do if water gets into your cell phone’s speakers. And what are the ways to restore the normal functionality of speakers with the least losses.

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If you have accidentally gotten a small amount of moisture into your device’s speakers, you should first unplug it and then plug it in.

    Disconnect your gadget from the charger, if it was previously connected to it;

You don’t need to test the functionality of your device. You should not run any applications on it, try listening to music, or perform any other similar actions. The first thing to do is to turn off the power, as water itself is an excellent conductor. It can significantly damage the circuit board of your gadget and disable its main elements. Do not try to stick absorbent cotton or gauze into wet parts of the phone. You will only contribute to the contamination (clogging) of your device.

You can simply put the phone under the sun or on the battery, but this method of getting rid of moisture is quite time-consuming, not very effective, and will not suit everyone. What are the alternatives?

How it works?

All of the methods described below use sound of a certain frequency to push water out of the iPhone‘s speaker grilles. The principle of operation is similar to the official water eject function on the Apple Watch. Feel free to use any method you like.

  • Be sure to wipe your iPhone (you recently dropped it in the pool or splashed it with water) with a soft, dry cloth.
  • If you spill anything other than water (tea, coffee, juice, wine, etc.), you will not have to. Д.), Rinse the affected area with fresh water. Make sure the water pressure in the faucet is not too high.
  • Make sure that the Lightning cable, headphones or other accessories are not plugged in.
  • Do not plug a wet iPhone into a charger. Forget about charging for the next 5 hours!
  • Do not open the SIM card tray of a wet iPhone.
  • Make sure not to put anything inside the Lightning connector or the tiny speaker grills, so that the water doesn’t dry out inside.

Water got into the speaker of your iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c? Tips: How to help a spilled iPhone if dropped

But, unfortunately, accidents happen, and what to do if you suddenly poured water on your iPhone 5s, so close to your heart, dear? First things first. No need to despair and finish the device. We will give you a few recommendations.

All tips on how to help the phone-swimmer can be divided into two categories. Folk and shaman, and professional and repair. We advise you to use both. Begin with the steps you must take as soon as possible to provide first aid.

The first thing you should do is to switch your phone off and not try to switch it back on, just in case it’s still alive and well? Be patient for a while and you will find out, do not ruin what you can still save.

Open the phone, take out the battery, wipe with a napkin. If you have a hair dryer, dry the insides with a stream of air, but make sure it’s not hot.

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To extract the remaining moisture. Absorbent agents will help you. At home, ordinary rice, which has a very high hygroscopicity, can do it. Put all phone parts in a container with rice (so that rice completely covered them), close and leave for 1-2 days.

After two days you can try the drowned computer. Assemble all parts together and turn the device on. In 95% of cases, you will see a glowing apple on the loading screen and then a native iPhone startup screen.

If suddenly, the phone does not turn on, do not despair, you need the intervention of professionals to clean the board with an anti-corrosive solution, to treat and replace damaged items, etc. Д. You can, of course, try to do it all yourself, but honestly, it is better to entrust complex repairs to professionals.

In general, remember, after you dropped your iPhone in water and gave it first aid yourself, you need to turn to specialized shops to make a professional diagnosis and, if necessary, to replace certain parts in order to prolong the life of your precious device.

Take care of your phone, be vigilant, do not let it get wet, but if your phone did get wet, remember, nothing is impossible, just do not lose your head. Follow our tips and let your phone serve you long and reliably.

How to deal with the muffled sound of the speaker?

A good way to draw moisture out of the speaker can be drying it in dry rice, which will absorb it like a sponge. Of course, we are talking about uncooked rice. But that’s a long time: Today the problem has been solved to some extent by software developers. By installing a special app, you can make the speaker “spit”. The principle is based on generating waves of a certain frequency, which pushes the water. In addition, the iPhone can get rid of water on command.

The Sonic app. Convenient and free application, is a sound wave generator. Having established it, it is possible to move a finger on the screen, selecting frequency. As many users have found out, 165 Hz is especially good for this task. Once you have set this value, you should press Play, after which you will hear the characteristic sound.

Siri command. It turns out that in this situation it is possible to do without an additional utility. It is known that Siri can perform a variety of commands, including pushing water out, which was taken care of by one of the developers of the voice assistant commands. Interestingly, the ejection is done at the same frequency that is used in Apple’s smart watches. In the case of the watch this is especially true, cotton swabs are unlikely to help get to the speakers.

What to do if you have water in the speaker of your iPhone: useful tips

Unpleasant when the iPhone gets wet in the rain or falls into water. Moisture can damage the smartphone or completely disable it. To save your gadget and minimize the damage, you need to act quickly. Experts give many useful tips on what to do if you get water in your iPhone speaker.

Procedure may vary, depending on model. However, the first thing to do is:

  • Get your phone out of the water quickly.
  • Remove the case, disconnect headphones and portable charger.
  • Turn off the iPhone.
  • Check the water intrusion indicator.
  • Get rid of moisture by thoroughly drying the smartphone.

The location of the moisture indicator on the iPhone depends on the specific model. The white color of the sensor is a reason to rejoice. It means that no moisture has entered the phone. Red color of the indicator tells about the penetration of moisture into the iPhone.

If the smartphone has not been in contact with water for a long time, then you can do the following to dry it out:

  • Place the iPhone temporarily in a bag of rice. Due to the absorbent properties of rice will remove moisture from the surface of the phone.
  • Install a special program to clean the speakers. This “squeezing” of water occurs due to the sound with a frequency of over 150 Hz.

It is wrong to dry your phone with a hair dryer, on a hot battery, or wrapped in a towel. These methods will reduce the life of your smartphone.

If the iPhone is heavily soaked and there is a possibility of moisture getting inside, then you need to remove the battery and dry it. If you have special devices you need to perform the following actions:

  • Remove the front panel with a special plastic tool and suction cup.
  • Remove the clamps that secure the screen to the case.
  • Disconnect connecting cables from the front panel.
  • Unscrew the screws that connect the case to the smartphone board.
  • Unscrew the screws that secure the battery to the main board.
  • Use a plastic spatula to reduce the adhesive bonding of the battery.
  • Remove the battery.

Once the battery is dry you need to put it back in the phone. Mounting the battery is carried out in reverse order of the above algorithm. If the iPhone does not turn on, the cause may be water or improper assembly.

You can repeat the installation process if you are unsure if the battery is installed correctly. If the smartphone still does not turn on or does not work properly, then you need to seek help from the professionals. Experienced craftsmen will be able to troubleshoot and, if necessary, replace damaged parts.

The Shower Story

One user who took his iPhone 7 into the shower to listen to music noticed that water got into the speaker cavity and distorted the sound. Instead of waiting for it to dry, he had an idea: Why not push the water out with sound?

Using a free iPhone app called Sonic, the user was able to push water out of the speaker cavity using the same concept as the Apple Watch Series 2 speaker. By playing a sine wave at a certain frequency. In this case 165 Hz. He was able to get the moisture out of the speaker. From what he said, he observed water droplets “jumping out of the speaker.”. After that it is enough to wipe the speaker with a towel or any other absorbent material, removing the resulting water.

How to get rid of moisture in the iPhone speaker

There are more technological ways to get rid of the moisture in the iPhone speaker. In fact, there are two options. But they all come down to playing a special sound. Thus, the speaker itself will literally squeeze the moisture out.

The easiest way to play this kind of sound is with an app called Sonic. One is available in the App Store for free. And in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, many users have noted that the tool has helped them restore the functionality of the iPhone speakers.

Owners of iPhones have found out by experience that the easiest way to remove water from the iPhone speakers is to use a frequency of 165 Hz. But you can also use other frequencies.

There is also a site called Online Tone Generator. It allows you to play sound at different frequencies. Users do not even have to download any applications to their devices.

It is important to remember that when you clean the speakers from water the smartphone should not be connected to the charger. This can cause serious problems. Also, do not try to get rid of the moisture immediately after you take the device out of the water. It is better to dry the device a little beforehand.

Step 4: Check the dampness indicators

All iPhone models are equipped with a special waterproofing indicator, so you can use it to determine the severity of your dive. The location of this indicator depends on the model of smartphone:

  • Iphone 2G. Located in the headphone jack;
  • Iphone 3, 3GS, 4, 4S. In the connector for the charger;
  • Iphone 5 and older models. In the SIM card slot.

For example, if you own an iPhone 6, remove the SIM card tray from the phone and pay attention to the connector: you can see a small indicator light, which normally should be white or gray. If it is red, it indicates that there is moisture in the device.

What should not be done

Among the users of mobile devices are widespread inappropriate ways to dry the speaker of the smartphone, which can be not only ineffective, but also dangerous. Do not use the following methods under any circumstances:

    Do not dry your phone with a hair dryer. The temperature of the air stream may heat certain elements of your smartphone to such an extent that some contacts will melt.

Important! If you are not sure that the methods described in the article fully return the speaker to work, be sure to contact the service center for assistance. It will save your device from a serious damage.

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