What to do if the sound disappears on the iPhone

The sound was missing on the iPhone. What to do and what to do?

Hello! In general, the missing sound on the iPhone is not a very standard situation, since it itself certainly does not turn off. However, you do not need to immediately prepare for the worst, because this phenomenon can be due not only to any mechanical problems, but also by software problems, which is much easier to solve. So, what to do and how to fix the problems with the sound on the iPhone, let’s go!;)

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Naturally, about such a banal thing as to check whether the vibro-mode is turned on, the mode is not disturbed (indicated by a special icon) and whether the volume slider is unscrewed, we will not speak-this must be checked first. Let’s get down to business right away and first we need to decide where there is a sound and where there is no.

Check the volume and connection level

It is initially necessary to check the basic settings. First, make sure that the volume level during the conversation is not set for the minimum value. During the call, adjust the volume using control buttons. The volume indicator and its current state should be displayed on the screen.

Secondly, make sure that the headset is not connected to the iPhone, since the sound in the smartphone receiver will be absent. Check that nothing is connected to the headphones or docking, and also not “stuck” whether the iPhone is in the headset mode. In addition, go to the “Settings” menu → Bluetooth and turn off Bluetooth.

No sound (not recorded) when shooting a video on the iPhone. Solution to the problem

Some iPhone users (including iPhone 5C, 5s, 6, 6s, Se, 7, 8 and X, XR, XS, 11, 11 Pro, 12, 12 Pro, 13, 13 Pro) complain that some kind of some the moment their smartphone either completely stopped recording the sound during the video shooting, or began to record it extremely quietly. It turns out that the solution to the problem is quite simple and quite funny that some users themselves had not guessed before.

Starting with the iPhone 5 Apple began to use several microphones in its smartphones. One of them is located on the back cover between the camera and the flash. It is this microphone that is used during the shooting of the video.

Thus, often this microphone is blocked by protective films (including factory) or covers that users put on a smartphone, t.To. Some accessories manufacturers forget to make a slot for a microphone on the back of the device. If you use a protective film, then just make a small slot so that the sound can reach the microphone.

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Of course, this is not the only reason why there is no sound. The back slot can be clogged with something and because of this the sound will meet the obstacle to the microphone-in this case you just need to carefully clean the slot.

However, if you checked your cover or protective film, and also cleaned the opening on the back cover, but the sound did not appear. Apparently your microphone is really broken and you should contact the nearest service center.

Check the sound settings

It is possible that problems with the ringtone arose due to incorrect sound settings. Open “Settings”, select the “Sounds, Tactile Signals” section and set the volume of the rington and notifications suitable for you. Here you can turn on the “change” buttons, which will adjust the volume of the melody using the volume button on the left side of the iPhone.

There is no sound of an incoming iphone call. What to do

Go to the “Settings” menu → “Basic” → “Universal Access”.

Select the AssistiveTouch section.

Transfer the AssistiveTouch switch to an active position. A button that is responsible for working with a function will appear on the screen.

Click on the AssistiveTouch button and in the window that opens, select the “apparatus”.

Set the sound parameter on “v. Sound “, after the” louder “button, set the volume to the maximum.

Perform about 30-40 calls to your iPhone.

One of the calls will have to return your iPhone full performance. In the event that this did not happen, apparently, the problem of the technical plan and without going to the service center, alas, you can not do.

Software malfunctions and errors

If you notice that when you call your iPhone, for some reason the sound disappeared, do not panic. There is a chance that everything is not as scary as it seems at first glance.

Most programmatic errors can be eliminated with your own hands. Here you just need to know what to do if the sound unexpectedly disappeared on the iPhone.

“Without sound” mode

There is nothing pleasant that the sound does not work on the iPhone for one reason or another. But sometimes this reason is so banal that the user does not even know how to consider it.

Noticing that there are no melodies of calls or incoming messages, be sure to check if the soundless regime is currently included. On the lateral panel of many iPhone models there is a small switch, which turns on and off all sound alerts with one pressing.

Try to transfer the button to another position, or change the parameters through the settings.

Knocked down settings

If the music in the iPhone audio player is played, but there is no sound with an incoming call, it is very likely that the reason lies in the wrong settings of the notification on the smartphone.

In this situation, it is recommended to try the following option:

Dial your number from another phone, and check if the situation has changed.

If nothing has changed at the same time, you need to further look for potential reasons.

Connected devices

The iPhone has a function of connecting to various wireless devices, including speakers or headphones. It happens that when watching a video or listening to music, everything was fine, but then the sound disappeared.

Remember what gadgets you connected earlier to your smartphone. For example, if you recently used a wireless column, the connection could remain active. And all the sounds that should be reproduced on the iPhone when calling or turning on music are displayed on the speaker of the column.

It is easy to check the surviving connection to another device. For this you need:

Here you can usually break the connection with a wireless column or other similar device where the sound is broadcast.

After the manipulations done by air, you can safely turn off.

Systemic failure

One of the possible reasons why there is no sound in games or applications running on the iPhone is a systemic failure.

Despite its cost and status, the iPhone still remains an electronic gadget, a systemic failure in which is practically inevitable.

If, when talking or starting the application, the sound disappears on your iPhone and it does not appear at the next call, but at the same time all the methods presented before have not helped, it is worth thinking about a possible system failure.

In this subject, you can give several recommendations:

  • Reboot. When, during a call on an apple mobile device, that is, on the iPhone, the sound suddenly disappeared, it is worth trying from the simplest, but often a very effective solution. Namely from the reloading of the gadget. If the reboot did not give any result, and the sound did not appear, you will have to resort to more serious methods.
  • Restoration of the device. To restore the smartphone, you can use the phone itself, or act via PC by installing the iTunes application on it. The easiest way to do this is the first way. Here you need to open the settings, go to the “Basic” section and further to the “Reset” section. Here, click on the “Watch Content and Settings” button and wait for the completion of the procedure.

ATTENTION. Before restoring the iPhone, it is necessary to back up. Otherwise, a number of important and necessary data will disappear.

There are a lot of cases when the user has the sound of a call on the iPhone, and at the same time he does not know what to do. Yes, sometimes you have to go to extreme measures. The restoration of the smartphone to this category is precisely.

The consequences of Jailbreak

This is a hacking file system on a smartphone. The desire to fulfill Jailbreak, especially on the iPhone, is easy to explain quite easily. A number of programs, applications and games for these devices cost a lot of money. To get free access to them, phones are hacking.

But such an intervention threatens not only the loss of a guarantee on a smartphone, but also possible harm from third.Party and hacking software.

Having completed Jailbreak, sometimes you should not be surprised where the sound of a call, video, etc. This happens on different iPhone models, including 6s and more fresh versions of 10-11 generations.

Unofficial software

To download applications, games, videos and music, there are official sources such as the App Store and iTunes Store.

Before you get there, all content is thoroughly checked and multiple testing undergoes. This excludes the possibility of viral infection and the occurrence of other problems.

But some users prefer unofficial sources. Working with them, loading from there of different software, leads to the following possible consequences:

  • The level of protection of the smartphone from malicious programs is reduced, as a result of which it becomes much easier to infect the system;
  • There is a failure in already installed programs and games, and sometimes even from official sources;
  • Difficulties and problems are observed during attempts to update software.

In addition, a number of side effects cannot also be excluded, among which the loss of sound during calls and notifications.

sound, disappears, iphone

If your phone suddenly disappears on your phone, and at the same time, programs or games from dubious sources have recently been loaded on the iPhone, try to delete them and restart the device. There is a high probability that after such actions the problem will leave.

Hanging iOS

Somewhat reminiscent of a systemic failure. The phone worked, functioned normally, but under the influence of certain factors, and sometimes without any reason, the operating system hung.

The iPhone has problems with the speaker or the sound completely disappeared. How to fix the problem yourself

Despite the fact that the iPhone, from Apple, are considered “the height of perfection among smartphones”, fashionable, reliable and unbearable, their owners are not safe from problems with their favorite gadget.

One of these problems may be the problem with the IPhone speaker. The causes of the problem can be either insignificant related to the smartphone settings and “critical” (serious problems at the hardware level or failing of the elements of a smartphone). In the event of a “critical” problem, you will definitely have to contact the service center. But if the problem with the speaker is associated with the iPhone settings, then you can solve it yourself without resorting to the services of a specialist.

Here’s what should be checked first, if the sound suddenly disappeared, the audibility has sharply worsened or there were problems with the speaker:

Check the switch shutdown of the sound

It is necessary to make sure that the iPhone is not converted into a soundless mode using the “Sound Turning” switch. The switch should be in the upper position. If the switch is in the lower position and you see a red strip above the switch. The iPhone speaker is disabled (specially or by chance). Just turn on the switch.

Check if the mode (function) “Do not disturb” is turned on

It is possible that you turned on and forgot to disable the function (mode) “Do not disturb”. In this mode, all sound signals, vibration, notifications are blocked. If the upper panel has an icon with the image of a crescent, then this means that at a given time the “do not disturb” mode is turned on and therefore the IPhone speaker does not work. To resume the dynamics, you need to disable the “Do not disturb” mode.

Check if the sound transmission to another device is turned on

It is possible that you used AirPlay mode by sending audio from the iPhone to a TV or other available device and forgot to translate the sound from an external device back to iPhone. In this case, it is necessary to disable AirPlay or in the AirPlay settings return the iPhone as a sound source.

Check if the sound is transmitted to audio accessories

It is necessary to check if the iPhone is currently transmitted to any wireless accessory (AirPods headphones, smart column, portable speaker, etc.D.), blocking the work of your dynamics. Disconnect the iPhone connection via Bluetooth. If the built.In speaker of the smartphone works, then the problem was precisely in this.

Peel the IPhone speaker

It is possible that the deterioration of sound or its quality is associated with the contamination of the IPhone dynamics due to prolonged wearing in the case or in the of clothing. In this case, to eliminate the problem with the speaker, it is required to clean it from accumulated dirt. Dirt, villi and other garbage are neatly removed with a small dry brush with soft bristles.

Reboot the iPhone

If after the performance of all previous points the correct operation of the dynamics is not restored, the iPhone reloads should be reloaded (turn off and then turn on the smartphone). This will eliminate possible problems with the correct dynamics due to damage to data, software failure, etc.D. It is possible that the reboot will lead to the restoration of the IPhone dynamics work.

If the actions performed did not lead to the restoration of the dynamics, then to obtain a professional consultation to eliminate the problem or to obtain information about the nearest iPhone service center, you can contact a hot fishing line for the Apple trimmer.

sound, disappears, iphone

If suddenly, unfortunately, your iPhone cannot be repaired, or the cost of repairing a smartphone was inadequately large, then you can think about acquiring a new iPhone (of course, if you are a fan and admirer of smartphones from Apple). In this case, find out about the assortment currently available on the sale of iPhone models, and the for them can be on the Internet.

Solutions to eliminate sound on iPhone

If you have a problem with a lack of sound on the iPhone, or you are faced with a problem, try the following solutions to solve this problem.

Disconnect the “Do not disturb” mode

The “Do not disturb” function is usually used at a meeting, at the workplace or in the cinema. If you turned on this function intentionally or by chance, there will be no sound on your iPhone at all. There are two ways to disable the “do not disturb” mode on the iPhone.

Open the Appendix settings and choose not to disturb the option. Move the switch manually to the left to turn off this mode.

Spend up from the bottom of the screen to open the control center. Then touch the parameter “not to bother” with the icon of the moon to turn it off. After turning off the “Do not Breat” mode, you can try to play music to check this. (See what to do if “not to bother” does not work)

Try another application

If there is no sound in the iPhone Video application, try another multimedia application. Sometimes the problem of compatibility can lead to the fact that the video application or music application will not work on certain iPhone models.

Make sure you turned off the silence regime. You can find the silence key next to the volume buttons.

Try to adjust the sound volume in all musical and video applications on your iPhone. If in one application you set the sound volume to zero, this will affect other applications.

Remove headphones

Feature headphones that do not correspond to the iPhone settings do not play sound and sound. If you do not hear the sound through the headphones, you must remove them or replace them with original headphones.

If there is no sound on the iPhone 7 after removing the headphones, it may be stuck in headphones mode. You can go to the decision 7 to know how to fix the iPhone stuck in the headphones mode.

Disconnect Bluetooth

If Bluetooth is included on your iPhone, it can be connected to another device, for example, to the dynamics of Bluetooth or Apple TV, and the sound will be transmitted to this device. So, you must check and disable “Bluetooth” in the “Settings” application when there is no sound on the iPhone.

Reload the iPhone

In the case of software lock, full restart can clean everything and make the iPhone sound work as usual. The operation is simple. Hold the buttons “Food” and “Home” at the same time, until your iPhone restarts or the Apple logo appears.


This operation is a little complicated, but it can solve the problem of lack of sound on the iPhone.

Step 1 make a backup copy of your data in iCloud or iTunes. Thus, all personal settings and data will be deleted, so it is better to first create a backup copy of the phone.

Step 2 Go to the Settings General Reset. And then drop all the settings.

Step 3 Camping of settings may take some time. When the process is completed, you can restore data on your iPhone.

Correct iPhone in headphones mode

When you took the headphones, you can find that there is no more sound on the iPhone, since iOS was hanging in headphones mode. And if the above solutions do not work, you can try Fonelab. IOS recovery, this can help you get rid of the headphones stuck in the mode. The key feature of this professional IOS recovery tool includes:

Iphone Message Notification Sound Not Working! �� [HOW TO FIX!!]

  • One. He is able to eliminate various factors that may not cause sound on the iPhone, for example, the iPhone is stuck in headphones, the iPhone hung, the blue screen or the iPhone is blocked.
  • 2. You can restore the iPhone in recovery mode or in DFU mode depending on the situation.
  • 3. This iOS recovery tool operates on all iPhone models, including the iPhone 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6 / 6s / 5 / 5s.
  • 4. Everyone can use iOS System Recovery on a computer, regardless of what your operating system you have. Windows or Mac OS X.
  • 5. Importantly, iOS System Recovery is safe and reliable during the repair of iPhone. He uses a USB cable for communication between iPhone and computer.
  • 6. And even newcomers can take advantage of this IPhone recovery tool, as it allows you to restore your iPhone in one click.

The program is able to fix the iPhone stuck in headphones mode.

You can watch the video to learn more about iOS System Recovery:

Based on the analysis above, you must understand various solutions so that there are no problems with the iPhone. Iphone is a packet of high technology. Despite the fact that we enjoy its better performance and excellent functions, it is difficult to determine for what reasons the sound is not played on the iPhone. Fortunately, we summed up the main symptoms of this problem. In addition, we proposed several solutions that will help you get rid of the problem. When you are faced with this problem, you can try solutions one after another to correct it. According to our study, stuck in headphones mode is an important factor leading to the lack of sound on the iPhone. So, we recommend a professional tool for restoring the iPhone, iOS System Recovery. It has a headphone mode that can recognize software errors and correct them automatically.