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iPhone 14 is quickly discharged: 7 ways to increase the working hours

What to do if the new iPhone 14 is quickly discharged? How to fix the problem with the iPhone battery. 7 tips.

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New Apple devices usually hold the battery longer than last year. But, if you use many functions to immediately or incorrect sets, your iPhone 14 | iPhone 14 Pro can start to discharge quickly. What to do in this case and how to fix the problem if the battery in the iPhone 14 quickly sits down? Collected 7 ways to figure out.

What causes a quick battery discharge in the iPhone 14:

Most often, the first day of operation can quickly lose % due to the loading of the backup of iCloud in the background. The iPhone 14 takes some time to transfer your photos, videos, programs and notes from the cloud to the phone, so you should wait for the uploading, especially if you have a lot of these data.

To check if the download is going on, just go to the photo, open “All photos” and see if there is no indicator at the top to download.

The status of the battery and battery consumption can be monitored in the settings section. Usually, the first few days after the purchase, you can observe increased background activity of standard Apple applications. This is normal, so the system tries to learn the user and adjust to it.

If you turned on “optimized charging”, you can observe a bug with charging for several days when the iPhone will be charged until morning up to 70%. Over time, the system will learn to recognize when you set up the alarm and what time the charging should be 100%.

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If the iPhone works and turns on, experts begin to check the performance of all units of the device. It includes:

  • Checking the condition of the battery in the settings (starting with iOS 11)
  • View the number of charge cycles and an approximate capacity using a specialized program

If it turns out that the residual battery capacity is below 80 %, it is simply not able to withstand peak loads. In this case, to restore the correct operation of the iPhone, the battery must be changed.

Stress tests

During the diagnosis, the engineer connects the iPhone to the high.precision laboratory power supply, after which he compares the power consumption of the smartphone with a standard reference consumption card in various modes. from turning on and waiting for the waiting condition to the working condition.

If there are no differences in the measured values ​​from the standard map of the reference consumption, the battery must be replaced. Then re.check its condition, cycles and container, then the iPhone is given back to the user.

The reasons

If the iPhone 6 is quickly discharged, do not panic immediately. Often you can independently determine the reasons for this and correct them. Unfortunately, sometimes the reason can be serious. In this case, you will have to contact specialists in the service center.

These are the main problems that a user can face, who is quickly discharged by the iPhone 6. What to do in this case?

phone, quickly, discharged, iphone

Most often the reason is the rapid battery consumption. This problem can be caused by a number of factors:

  • The work of geolocation.
  • Background update.
  • Forced completion of applications.
  • Download letters in e.mail.
  • Regular notifications.
  • cellular.
  • Smartphone settings.
  • Application optimization.
  • Battery wear.

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Before panicing that the iPhone has broken, so it is quickly discharged, it is better to check the above factors and correctly configure the smartphone.

The work of geolocation

If the battery on the iPhone 6 quickly sits, then there are some programs or functions that spend the charge. The battery function is most actively sitting.

Despite the fact that you can always follow her active condition, sometimes the user does not pay attention to her work or does not know how resource.intensive she is.

Data on geolocation is required by many applications, especially social networks. Also, the function must be activated in case of working with cards or navigator. If the user forgot to turn off the geolocation, it will constantly load the data, thereby taking the battery charge.

In order not to think about whether you have turned off the options, you can configure its work. To do this, in the phone settings we find the item “Privacy”. “Geolocation services”. The menu will show those programs that use the option. Sometimes it can do games and entertainment applications, although this is often superfluous. You can prohibit many applications use this service, leaving the card and navigator in the list.

Other tips

Tips below only those functions that you do not use. If you just need to optimize the use of batteries, it is better not to use them.

Turn on 5G Auto

The iPhone 12 line supports 5G. By default in the system there is optimization of 5G use. However, if your smartphone is quickly discharged, make sure that the 5G Auto option is enabled.

To do this, go to the mobile communications mobile phone settings. Switching to 5G Auto, you activate the smart mode of communication selection. When the 5G connection is not needed, your iPhone will automatically switch to LTE to save exercise.


IOS 14 widgets were very updated, and they can finally be added to the home screen. However, no need to overdo it with them. Do not use widgets that you do not need so as not to spend a charge on them. In addition, some widgets can use geolocation services.

Dynamic wallpapers add animation to the home screen and lock screen. Unfortunately, such animation consumes more energy. To change the wallpaper for a regular image, go to the settings wallpaper to choose new wallpapers. You can choose standard wallpapers or your image from a photo. On the iPhone 6s and newer as wallpaper you can install Live Photo, but they affect battery consumption only when you activate the animation with a long clipping of the screen.

The iOS system is filled with various animations and effects for a better perception of the intese. Some of the effects use the gyroscope data, which consumes energy. You can disable these effects in settings The main universal access reduction in movement.

Additional solutions

Hard reloading iPhone 12

Like all technical problems, this can be solved by the hard discharge of iPhone 12. Read about how it is done in detail here.

Reset the network settings in settings. Basic. Reset. Reset the network settings. This will wipe all network information, including passwords, VPN and APN.

Optimized charging

All iPhone models have lithium-ion batteries, which eventually lose their original capacity.

Apple recommends charging a smartphone once a month by 100%, and then spend the entire charge of the battery to zero. This contributes to the good operation of the battery. You can also read about how to extend the life of your iPhone batteries. In iOS 14, you can optimize the process of charging iPhone.

Use energy saving mode

The energy conservation mode is a useful function that disables background activity and other processes on your iPhone to extend its work. Although the function allows the smartphone to work longer, it also suspenses some tasks necessary for the global solution to the problem. For example, rendexing of content. The energy conservation mode should only be used if you are far from charging, and you need to extend the work of the smartphone as much as possible.

You can enable the energy saving mode through the “Settings” “Battery” “Energy Saving mode”.

Disconnect the screen time

Starting with iOS 12 (review), the Apple mobile operating system received the screen time (review), which allows you to get detailed statistics of the use of iPhone or iPad, as well as establish prohibitions on the launch of applications. At the same time, the activated screen time is constantly working in the background and negatively affects the autonomous operation of the device.

If you do not use the screen time, disconnect it along the settings path → Review time → Turn off the screen time.

Disconnect geolocation

Many applications request access to the geolocation data of the device at the first launch and often users themselves do not remember which programs can constantly monitor their whereabouts.

iOS uses geolocation services for many services and applications, and also allows you to send information about the geopolitation of the device through a regular messenger message, find friends and others. Naturally, the need for geolocation does not arise so often, therefore, if there is a need to maintain a charge, it makes sense to turn off this function for all or selective applications along the setting path → Confidentiality → Geolocation Service.

You can disable geolocation services for selective applications:

Restore the smartphone

So, you cannot ensure that your iPhone is not quickly discharged. What to do? What will help in this case? Sometimes recovery from an old backup, especially copying another device (such as iPad), can be less perfect. This can collect all possible system errors in conjunction, and the device simply does not work as before. Sometimes your new installation is also postponing.

If you suspect that this is so, you can drop and configure your iPhone as new. Yes, this can be an incredible inconvenience in terms of applications, but if you have a significant and constant problem, and nothing else can fix it, setting up a smartphone as a new one can be a solution.

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This is an extreme option, no doubt. You will need to become almost everything again, including passwords and settings, and you will lose all the saved data, such as the games and actions of the games, but in most cases your battery life will become better than ever. This will help if the “iPhone” is discharged overnight or at rest due to systemic problems.

Complete the battery

If you need to use the device longer than the built.in battery allows, one of the options. Get an external battery. You can get an additional device of any power. The battery body holds it tightly packed with a smartphone, but increases the size and volume. So “iPhone” will become too large to fit in his. and it, as a rule, will not be able to control other devices like that. Bank of batteries can have all forms and sizes, and can often simultaneously charge several devices.

Contact Apple

If you are faced with a problem that is not able to solve yourself, better contact Apple’s technical support. As in the case of any other electronics, Apple devices are also not safe from such problems. You can contact directly to the nearest Apple Store, or if the nearest Apple Store is from you except in a neighboring state, it is better to just call the number 8 800 555 6734 (they work around the clock. Or visit this page.

Energy saving mode

If the level of battery consumption is normal, but you would like the autonomous work time to be higher, then you can use a special Battery Cap. If you do not have such a thing at hand, then you can go in the other way: use the energy saving mode.

When this regime is turned on, the sliders will light up in green, and the battery icon in the tray (on the main screen) will change the color to yellow. The mode will automatically turn off as soon as the battery charge will increase to 80 percent, so if you want it to be constantly turned on, you will have to go into settings every time.

In addition, you can turn on the energy saving mode using siri. Just say: “Hey Siri, Turn on Low Power Mode!””.