What To Do If The Microphone Stops Working In Windows 10

What To Do If The Microphone Stops Working In Windows 10

Having trouble recording sound on Windows 10? Why did I get problems with the microphone that stopped working after updating the Windows 10 system? We have several answers to resolve such malfunctions.

Sound problems in Windows 10 can appear regardless of which sound card you are using. Many users of sound cards such as Conexant, Realtek and VIA write in the forums that after downloading some updates to Windows 10, sound recording or microphone does not work. We examined some of these malfunctions in the article How to Fix Sound Problems in Windows 10.

This time we will focus on a more specific malfunction. What should I do if there are problems with the microphone on my laptop, or with an external microphone connected to a computer with Windows 10 installed? Solving this problem is not at all difficult.

First, right-click on the volume control icon in the Windows 10 taskbar. From the drop-down menu, select “Recording Devices”.

After opening a new window, on the “Recording” tab, select the desired microphone from the list and go to “Properties”.

A new “Microphone Properties” window will open. Then go to the “Advanced” tab, and then select the section called “Default format.” Here we expand the tab with the available options.

In the drop-down tab in the device properties, select the option “2-channel, 16-bit, 96000 Hz (studio quality)”. After selecting this option, click the Apply button, then OK. After that, you can exit the device properties window.

After confirming the options, the microphone should immediately work. Whether it works, you can check using the standard Voice Recorder program or through other applications, for example, Skype or Facebook Messenger, which have the option of voice calls.

This method should work regardless of your sound card. If you have problems recording sound in Windows 10. describe your problem in a comment below the text. We will try to find answers to specific errors in the system. It is also worth noting that if you use an external microphone, it’s good to check. sometimes it does not work through installed outdated drivers or the corresponding microphone is not turned on in “Recording Devices”. And before you start looking for a deeper reason, check the device settings and update the drivers.