What to do if the memory ends on the iPhone

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How to live on 16 GB: 8 simple ways to free the IPhone memory

According to analysts studies, 80% of iPhone owners are forced to regularly delete the contents of their devices to free up memory. Most of users are much more willing to say goodbye to photos than with applications. There are 43% of the total number of participants. Those who are more important than software are slightly less. 40%. Over, about half of all respondents removes the contents of the devices, at least once a month.

Complaints about the lack of memory, as a rule, come from owners of 16-gigabyte iPhone. Immediately after all the usual applications, photos and videos are downloaded to the new smartphone, practically nothing remains of memory. And how to use a smartphone or tablet is not very clear. And even the low cost of the device will not help in a situation where you need to make the best frame in life, and the device treacherously writes: “There is almost no place”.

How To Check Storage On iPhone

In fact, you can free up space on the iPhone, without resorting to removing important data. Macdigger offers 8 tips on how to quickly free memory on a mobile device.

Until 2015, this section of the Idevis storage was filled with a huge number of non.Sorted data, it was stored in it: all correspondence with attached investments, calendars, notes, notes, contacts, programs, iOS settings and much more. Therefore, if the iOS 8 or earlier version of the operating system is installed on your gadget, then the volume of the “other” space occupied by the section can reach any size.

With the release of iOS 9, the situation has improved significantly, now the “Other” section falls:

  • Cache;
  • Data on the device and iOS itself;
  • Software updates;
  • Siri voices;
  • Underloaded files;
  • The results of unsuccessful or interrupted synchronization;
  • Originals of photos using filters;
  • And t.D.

Replace the applications with sites

Extreme method, which at the same time will help less to procrastinate. Use social networks instead of customers (. Vk, medium) or media resources of their web version. To do this, while in Safari on the right site, click on the sherring button and scroll to the icon with plus and signature Add to Home Screen. The desired icon will appear on the start screen.

The method only at first glance seems to be a crutch. In fact, mobile sites are long convenient, fast, support all the necessary functions, do not take places on the device and save a battery well. For correspondence, you can leave instant messengers, and media consumption can be carried out in web.

Correct setting iCloud

In the operating system, everything is closely tied to the company’s company service from Apple, which is called icloud. Here is the cloud storage, and the streaming broadcasting of audio and video content, and backup of information and much, much more than another. Its proper configuration and use will exempt the memory for the iPhone for the necessary data. So what needs to be done?!

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Expanding the Mediathek ICLOUD strata into the “OBL” value and remove the “preservation of the originals”.

By the way, it is better to listen to the music after that in streaming mode via iCloud, and the tracks themselves do not store on the phone but simply delete. Iphone can accept podcasts of content loaded into iTunes. Also, I would recommend connecting some streaming service. Very good in this sense Yandex service.Music.

Do you need it? Most users do not even know about this function while it actively burns out a place in the gazeta ROM. To turn off the photo stream. Shift in the “Settings” “icloud” “” Photo “The corresponding switch to the” OTL “position.

Remove the iOS updated update

The default operating system loads fresh updates on the iPhone and iPad, which are stored in memory, waiting for the moment when the user will install them. However, many of them have no desire to switch to current versions of the platform, and in this case you can safely delete installation files, especially since they usually occupy a lot of memory.

To get rid of these updates, you need to open the “settings”, go to the “Basic” menu, go to the “Storage and ICLOD” section and click on the “Management” point. After that, you should find the last update of the firmware and remove it.

Disconnecting auto.Reinforcements of podcasts

With the release of iOS 8, the application for listening to the podcasts also became part of the iPhone system, which means that it also began to occupy a memory. Users are very rarely returning to listening to old podcasts, however, sometimes they do not think about their removal. And in vain. One podcast weighs an average of 25 MB, and there can be hundreds on the iPhone!

Disconnect the auto updating and loading of podcasts as follows:

Go to the “Settings” and find the subsection subsection subsection.

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In this subsection in the “Settings of Settings by default” unit, turn off the “Loading of releases” and activate the slider opposite “Delete a play.””.

Then we use one of 4 ways (or combine several)


Sounds like complete nonsense, but it works. As soon as the system rests on the restrictions of the container, the built.In automatic cache cleaning mechanisms are included.

But you need to score a memory to turn on the cleaning algorithms in a certain way: download volumetric films or applications from the Apple store for which there will be no place. The best candidates. Fortnite and Hearthstone. Both applications are free and weigh 2 gigabytes. If not enough, achieve the hefty Pubg and Wot Blitz.

After loading and a single launch of the game, you can delete and rejoice in the vacant space.

Synchronization with iTunes

No one has long been synchronizing phones with a disgusting combine, but it really helps. When synchronization, iTunes shares of crashists, unused cache and other trash, which takes place.

Synchronization helps only partially, but relatively quickly and painlessly.


The forced rebooting the device lasts a little longer than usual, but after you a couple of gigabytes of excess space can please you.

We keep the power button and Home together for 10 seconds (on the iPhone X. Volume up, down, then power for 10 seconds) and wait for the apparatus to turn on the apparatus.

Reset and recovery from a backup copy

The longest and most unpleasant, but the most effective method. If everything else does not work or does not help, you will have to resort to this method.

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We make a backup in advance in iTunes (it will be faster than through iCloud), drop the iPhone to factory settings and recover on a fresh image without losing important information.

The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes, but it solves the entire problem. The system section after recovery is compressed to the minimum size.

Turn off all the analytics, after which we make “Hard Reboot”

With the initial setting of the iPhone, Apple asks you permission to collect analytics for developers. Attentive users noticed that the directors with the logs collected to transmit Apple over time only grow in size, and are never cleansed. Apparently, users data for the company are more important than the convenience of using devices.

Fortunately, a feature can be turned off in the settings in the “Analytics” section. If you cut down the upper jackdaw, “system data” usually stop growing. And after forced rebooting, those that have already been accumulated by the time of disconnection of data collection disappear also disappear.

It is extremely simple to perform Force-Roboot, for this we press the volume increase button, then the volume decrease, then clamp the power button by 10 seconds. As soon as the screen went out, everything can be released. On the iPhone with the “home” button, the procedure is even easier: pinch the “home” and a power button at the same time, after which we wait 10-15 seconds. After rebooting, the system will clean not only unnecessary logs, but also cache with swing files. This usually turns out to be enough. If the above procedures did not help, you only have one way left.