What to do if the iPhone is discharged on charging

Why is the iPhone quickly discharged

It doesn’t matter what kind of model you have, whether the iPhone is restored or completely new from the box. In each case, even the usual loading of applications, games, the work of a postal client and other content are able to sedge the battery with lightning speed. In addition, the constant work of Wi-Fi also adversely affects the percentage of the charge. Even the work of Spotlight. IOS search engine, which has to index all the content located on your device, also affects charging. Когда модули беспроводной передачи данных и процессоры устройства находятся в постоянной работе, ожидать снижения потребления заряда батареи не имеет смысла.

If the last day or so you have used your device very actively, then do not worry as soon as you enter the usual rhythm, excessive battery consumption will stop. And this article will not be of interest to you. However, if the problem has been going on for several days or more, then we continue.

Iphone does not charge up to 100%: what to do? 6 tips

Hello everyone, over time, the iPhone begins to discharge faster. We are used to this and react calmly. But it happens that the iPhone does not charge to the end. For example, stops by 96% and does not reach 100. At least charge all night. What to do in this case? Sell? To fix? Let’s figure it out together. Go!

Tough reloading iPhone. This can help if the problem is in a small system failure.

For the iPhone without the Home button or with the touch button (iPhone 7 and newer): on the iPhone on on on the volume enlargement button = click on the volume decrease button = include the power button for a long time. First, the usual “slider” will appear with turning off. Without releasing the button, wait for the Apple logo. Now you can let go. Such a procedure cannot delete data from the phone, it is just an emergency reboot and that’s it.

For the iPhone with the physical button Home (iPhone 6s and more adults): at the same time clamp the power buttons and Home. Do not let go until the logo appears with an apple.

Calibration of the battery. If you have not turned off or discharged your iPhone for a long time, then it can help. What are we doing: we completely discharge the phone and let them lie down for at least 10 minutes. Then we completely charge, try to use the iPhone as little as possible during charging. Check the level to which the iPhone has charged. If you have not even reached 100, it still should accumulate more than before calibration. Important: if the percentage has grown, but still not 100: do not repeat the procedure. Full discharge harm the battery, wait a certain amount of time and repeat, if you decide.

Replacing the adapter. This method will come in handy for a lot. The charging unit fails: it begins to bask, give out a smaller current. This can happen, even if you use only original charging. If she is already many years old, then this is an occasion to think. Even: non.Original charges can be too slow. For example: they found some adapter at home, and it was included in a very old phone or for some other gadget, which is enough 0.5a. Let me remind you that the standard iPhon unit issues 1a.

Cable replacement. Everything is simple here: if the original cable is very old or damaged, then try to charge others. Important: When buying non.Original laces, do not buy the cheapest options from the transition. Better choose well.Known brands: Rock, Hoco, Ugreen and others. Why: Nunemes may not miss the desired current; can be heated than harm the phone.

It’s time to replace the battery. If your iPhone is already elderly and shows the maximum capacity of less than 70%, it is likely that the matter is in it. How to find out the remaining battery capacity: “settings” = “battery” = “battery state”.

Turning to the service is a good option, because it can be not only in the battery, but also in the charging connector or internal controller.

6 Signs You Need a New iPhone Battery

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How to understand that the iPhone is charged in a power out?

The fact that the charging is on the iPhone, you will find out by the icon in the form of lightning. It will be displayed next to the battery icon in the upper right corner. In a blocked state, that the charging has successfully “went”, you will be informed of the sunbathing screen and a large battery emblem in the middle of the display.

iphone, discharged, charging
  • Click the power buttons and “home” at the same time (at 7 generation devices. “Power” and the volume button)
  • We are waiting for 10-20 seconds before the Apple logo appears on the gadget screen
  • Let the buttons. The operating system will start after about one minute

Geolocation services also consumes energy in rest mode

Online cards, navigators, some applications use geolocation services even when the iPhone just lies, and in the meantime you sleep calmly. This can seriously affect the battery charge.

Therefore, it makes sense to disable them by walking along the path of “Settings” → “Confidentiality” → “Geolocation Services” and turn them off at night.

iphone, discharged, charging

Do not use iPhone or iPad in the cold

The vast majority of Apple mobile devices are made of aluminum, and the latest models have such thin cases that the battery is literally clamped in a metal sandwich with high thermal conductivity. At temperatures below zero, this leads to cooling the battery and thickening the electrolyte in it. As a result, a change in the density of the substance and the drop in the charge level occurs.

To ensure maximum battery life, iPhone or iPad should be operated at a temperature of 16-22 degrees Celsius above zero.

Check how adequately the iPhone 5s consumes a charge

The physical decrease in the capacity of the battery due to its aging and wear leads to the fact that the iPhone 5s is quickly discharged in the standard operating mode without any other failures (software and hardware). But it also happens that the capacity has been preserved, and the reason for the discharge is an unknown “charge leak” during the day or at night.

Follow the steps:

  • Go to “Settings”. “Battery”;
  • Scroll the screen at the end of the list;
  • Write down the time of use and waiting time;
  • Press the iPhone 5s lock button;
  • Leave the device for 5 minutes at rest;
  • Turn it on and look at the time of use and waiting time.

Signs of leakage:

  • Waiting time did not increase;
  • Waiting time has decreased;
  • Use time increased by more than 3 minutes.

If signs of leakage were discovered by this method, then the iPhone 5s quickly sits down due to the battery-that is, you can do without replacing the battery.

About iPhone batteries

All modern devices of Apple use lithium-ion batteries. Compared to traditional, for example, nickel-metall-hydride batteries, they have a number of advantages. Lithium-ion batteries weigh less, have a large capacity and a short charge of charging, and most importantly-they are durable. The latest statement is true, provided that the batteries are operated correctly.

We solve the problem

Original iPhone charger

To reboot the phone, it is necessary to hold the shutdown button and the Home key (home) until the Apple logo appears