What to do if the Huawei phone does not turn on

Why does the Huawei and Honor phone not turn on: reasons and what to do if it depends?

Huawei or Honor does not turn on? This is an important problem that needs to be quickly eliminated, because the mobile device is an active use element. It is impossible to call a specific reason for the breakdown, because it is important to understand the circumstances that led to this result. All of them are divided into two categories: mechanical and systemic.

Damage to mobile

A similar solution is proposed with other breakdowns, including:

  • The difficulties arose after falling from a great height;
  • Damage to the shutdown button;
  • Malfunctioning of the charger connection slot.

It is not recommended to restore the phone yourself.

Forced restart Huawei Y5 2021

First, consider several methods related to recovery through the recovery mode. It will turn into it if the gadget is charged by more than 15%. At the same time, by connecting the charger, you can verify the integrity of the screen and the operability of the USB-separation.

So, if the phone responded to connect the charging, displayed the battery replenishment process, then after reaching a suitable level, you can proceed to such manipulations:

  • Squeeze the power buttons and volume buttons at the same time. Keep them so you should do not vibrate the phone. The bootable screensaver will appear and vibration will follow it, then the power button can be released. Important: sometimes a combination with a volume reduction button is triggered, not an increase.
  • In the menu that opens, select “Reboot to System” (in some versions. “Reboot System Now”).

The device should immediately go to the reboot, which will follow the standard loading Android. By the way, if the gadget is not charged, it is recommended to try other USB cables and charger devices. It is possible that the problem lies precisely in them, and the phone simply discharged.

Huawei depends on the logo and does not turn on

The device is loaded until a certain point and freezes? If the logo burns, and then the load stops, then the reason is probably hidden in a system failure. That is, Android cannot start the system.

Solution. Reflash the phone. If you have experience, you can do this yourself, in other situations you should contact the service center.

Water hit

Accidentally dropped a smartphone in water? The main thing is to quickly react and immediately get the device, turn off, disassemble and leave to dry. Experts recommend resorting to cereals in such situations. That is, just put the turned off the phone in a bag with rice. Keep the device in this position until tomorrow.

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Huawei Phone Won’t Charge!

If the gadget has been in the liquid for a long time, then most likely it is not subject to repair and it is more reasonable to purchase a new smartphone.

Why is the Honor or Huawei phone does not turn on: reasons

To figure out why the Huawei phone does not turn on, you need to inspect it outwardly. Almost every second breakdown is to blame a strong blow or falling phone. View the device for damage. If they are not, do not rush to rejoice, because often they quietly hide inside the device in the form of deformation of microcircuits. This happens from a strong blow.

After the update, the phone does not turn on

The difficulty that the Honor phone does not turn on after the update is more systemic, and depends on the low charge of the battery. If the update is made when the sensor is less than 30%, there is a risk that then the smartphone does not have enough power to turn on.

Huawei depends on the logo and does not turn on

If only the Huawei logo appears when turning on, and the execution of other options is not available, there is definitely a systemic breakdown here. However, immediately, even an experienced master will be able to determine the cause. Among the circumstances that affect productivity: viruses, battery, moisture entering the processor or microcircuit.

It is impossible to connect the camera. Close other applications that can use the camera and flash on Huawei and Honor

The red indicator blinks

The indicator of the red indicator appears in cases where the problem is associated with the breakdown of the battery or nest for the.

Damage to mobile

With a strong impact or fall, a train departs on the phone, a button is deformed, contacts are lost. Then the mechanism is physically not able to launch it.

The problem with the battery

If you saw the indicator blinking, the battery shows the deformation or heats up on your own, urgently fulfill its replacement. The battery is the main element that supplies energy to turn on the device. If its power is not enough, then the gadget does not start. Before choosing a new battery, be sure to look at the indicators for your model, and choose the same in parameters.

Water hit

Moisture in the device is the worst enemy of any apparatus. It violates the connection between the contacts, interferes with the work of the modules, disables the device. If at home you spilled the liquid on the gadget or drop it into the water, remove and wipe it with a cotton cloth. Next, put in rice, or any filler absorbing moisture. It is not recommended to dry with a hairdryer or blowing it with a compressor, as it will only harm.

The next stage of “resuscitation” is cleaning, repairing, replacing elements. Only persons with a specialized type of activity and appropriate skills are engaged in this. So you need to go to the nearest service center.

Lack of charge

If the smartphone is not connected to the nutrition, and the battery is discharged, it will not work to start it. Connect the ZU to the gadget and include to the network. After a couple of minutes, the problem will be solved.

Program error

This is an operating system error. After reinstalling a new firmware or Hard Reset procedure, the device is not launched due to the incompatibility of its parameters and customizable programs. Solved by reinstalling the OS.

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After complete charging

If the phone has charged up to 100%, then there is no malfunction of the nest or charge. The root of the problem should be sought in firmware and custom components.

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After the firmware

The refusal to turn on after the firmware is the incompatibility of the established version or the incorrect procedure. To solve the problem, put another version of the firmware.

The phone turns on and immediately turns off

With such “symptoms” an obvious problem with the battery. Each case should be considered individually, but there is a risk that the battery has worn out and does not withstand a long load.

huawei, phone, does, turn

Bootloop phone

The Bootloop system allows the phone to be reloaded in autonomous mode if the system was launched incorrectly. If there is a problem, Bootloop may be launched an unlimited number of times.

Problem with OS

If the user accidentally deleted one of the components of the operating system, then it will not correctly respond to commands. The same applies to inclusion. Due to damage or removal of drivers or other system components.


Malicious files are directly reflected in Android. Some have a weaker effect, and are almost invisible with everyday use, while others adversely reflect and do not even allow the device to start the device.

Overheating of the processor

Smartphone. Multitasking device, t.E. We can work simultaneously with several programs. The more programs are launched, the more intensively the resources are used. Including the heart of the device works more actively. Its processor. The processor’s work is accompanied by heating, which can disable it. If the Trottling system, which we talked about in this article, will work incorrectly or late, then the gadget will be rebooted.

You need to calculate the capabilities of your device and not keep the processor on the maximum load. To do this, close unused applications more often, and choose modern games with hard graphics in accordance with the system requirements.

We solve the problem

Consider the possible causes of the problem and directly effective solutions. If you do not understand at all in smartphones, follow each instructions in order.

Complete discharge

The first case. The phone flashes red due to the completely settled battery. This happens in cases where the owners throw a smartphone into a “long box”, trying to bring it to his senses in a few weeks/months.

The nature of the malfunction is simple. The battery completely lost its energy, which does not even allow the system to start elementary. This provokes “indifference” to the inclusion key.

First connect the phone and wait for about an hour

The solution does not require complicated manipulations from you. Just leave the smartphone on charging, literally a few hours. After that, it is recommended to clamp the power button for 10-15 seconds, since the system may not respond to attempts to conventional starting.

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In my case, the completely settled Samsung Grand Prime smartphone was supposed to hang on charging for about an hour, after which he came to life and was a charge. Therefore, this option should not be excluded.

Software failure

Important. This method works only with a sudden disconnection of a smartphone with complete / partial charging. We will use the “strict reset” of the Android (Hard Reset) system present at any modern smartphone:

  • We convert the phone into “Recovery mode”. In some models, the transition method varies, by default it is necessary to clamp the volume control buttons, turning on and “Home” (average on the lower part in the front model). To clarify the exact translation mechanism, you can use the search engine.
  • We hold a combination of up to 20 seconds, after which the software menu of the device appears.
  • We dwell at the point “Separate all data”.
  • Choose the column “confirm” (Yes. Delete All User Data).
  • After that, we find the item “Reload right now” (Reboot System Now).

After rebooting, the problem should disappear. It should be noted that all data will be erased, and there may also be problems with the entrance due to the unknown error of the Google account.

huawei, phone, does, turn

Failure of power source

It sounds funny, but sometimes it is the broken outlet who loves to pat the nerves to the owners of smartphones. Try connecting the charger to another, after checking the performance by other home appliances.

huawei, phone, does, turn

Another frequent case is damage to a USB cable or a charger unit. Try changing the diet itself. Twitch cable bends, blow the plug and nests.

Separately, check the capabilities of the power supply itself. Miliampere data should be written on it. Perhaps your block does not have enough speed to start a smart/tablet. By the way, a very common problem on cheap Chinese devices.

Remove any garbage, dust and dirt from connectors

Battery malfunction

Check the condition of the battery is possible only on devices with a removable lid. Carefully remove it, we take out the battery. We examine it for the presence of bloating, obvious scratches, melted/burnt elements.

Be sure to check the serviceability of the battery

If everything is fine. We wipe with a damp cloth, we also do not bypass the maple (protruding contacts). They must be even, otherwise we do not recommend correcting anything on their own.

In the case of a non.Removable battery, you need to use special applications. Accubatty (checks the battery charge controller) and Battle. But they will be relevant after any inclusion.