What to do if the HP laptop does not turn on

What to do if the laptop does not turn on and does not load when turning on

If the laptop does not turn on and does not load when turning on, this does not mean a death sentence for a tolerated computer. This problem can affect both old and new devices. As a rule, the solution to this problem becomes difficult, especially for inexperienced users. Next, we will analyze the most common malfunctions and how to allow them.

If the device does not start anymore, before doing anything, it is necessary to determine the reason for the failure. Among the most common malfunctions: hardware failures and software failures.

Hardware failure

If, when you press the button of “turning on” your device, nothing happens (no light and sound signal), this means that you are faced with a hardware failure. In this case, probably one of the components of the laptop is faulty. The next step will be the definition of this component.

Software failure

If the laptop is turned on, but the operating system is not loaded, the screen remains black or an error message appears, then the problem certainly refers to the software failure. The reasons can be different: malicious software, errors when starting OS, incorrectly installed drivers, etc.D.

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So. What to do if the laptop does not turn on

Much greater harm can be done with hasty actions. In a number of cases, it is possible to solve the problem yourself. Try to remember, after which it happened, what happened the day before, whether there were errors, they installed some software and t.D. Sometimes it helps a lot in the solution!

By the way, I’ll add right away that if your laptop is under warranty, I do not recommend opening it, extracting a hard drive, and generally carry out any manipulations. All this may cause warranty service refusal!

Very often the laptop does not turn on due to the sowing battery.

Over, I note that even if you just charged it a couple of hours ago, this is not a guarantee that it could not sit down (for example, a laptop could independently get out of the sleeping mode, start the system update, and plant a battery in the process of work. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon).

I’m not talking about the fact that the battery can be simply worn out and not provide the necessary currents for the full operation of the device.

laptop, does, turn

HP Pavilion laptop does not turn on

HP DV6 laptop does not turn on, what to do? It was after one of these requests that I had an irresistible desire to write an auxiliary article to help unfortunate owners of laptops. You should know that laptops are a very moody technique, which is why there are more problems with them than with stationary machines.

How to Fix or Troubleshoot a Laptop That Won’t Turn On [#2] (Blinking Caps Lock)

The HP Pavilion DV6 laptop does not turn on due to many causes, and these signs always appear the same, regardless of the device model. Surely, you have already experienced this unpleasant feeling Sit and work, when suddenly the screen goes out and the next couple of days the device does not turn on. At the same time, you need to urgently finish the work or just have a good time at the computer. Today I propose to get to know this problem better and solve it, using my own fingertips.

Very often, inexperienced users cannot turn on the laptop for one simple reason. Their own inattention. What kind of inattention is being discussed? Suppose you don’t have a HP Pavilion DV6 laptop, you zealously press the power button, but nothing happens. It so happens that the power indicators turn on for a couple of seconds, and the device still does not react. Friends and just people who need help often turn to me with such questions. What was their surprise when I connected the power supply to the corresponding nest and everything worked! In some cases, it was required to pull out the battery and insert back. But most often, you cannot use your mini PC due to the discharged battery! That’s how simple everything is!

Battery and power check

First of all, check the battery. It is because of it that the HP Pavilion laptop does not turn on and does not respond to connected charging. Remove it by connecting it to the laptop. If it worked, then accept my congratulations, the problem is solved. Try to insert the battery back if the laptop with the battery does not start, replace it or connect to the outlet without a battery, which, in general, is not prohibited by law.

If after checking the battery, the laptop still does not want to show signs of life, I recommend checking the power supply unit. Replace it if possible or check the voltage on the old using a voltmeter. The easiest way to check whether the BP is fixed is to look at the light indicator. Usually, such an LED is available on each charging laptop.

Remember that the PSU itself can be serviceable and even respond to connecting to the outlet, however, the laptop itself can be in a dead state. It is likely that you are dealing with a damaged cable. Naturally, we need an urgent replacement.

The malfunction of the insides

laptop, does, turn

The HP Pavilion laptop does not turn on even after the power supply, the cable, the battery, as well as the nest, are checked, although the latter does not fail as often as everything else. The motherboards of laptops have a whole assembly, so finding a problem module by exclusion, as in the case of a conventional PC, will not work here. Is it that you can take turns extracting and sticking the dicks of the RAM, checking each of them separately.

The remaining components are a processor, a video card, a network card All this is tightly soldered to the motherboard, so nothing can be done here. Well, if you notice one of the “swollen” capacitors, having dismantled a laptop that can replace your friend-engineer, masterfully owing a soldering iron. It is difficult to eliminate more complex holes in the nutrition on the motherboard, having no appropriate knowledge and tools. Most often, such boards are doomed to death. It will not be very advisable to change it in terms of pricing policy of service centers. Better to buy a new device.

Laptops, like stationary machines, may not be turned on due to excessive overheating. Here it is possible to fail the cooling system, to which the dustiness of the insides leads to. Yes, a lot of dust, dirt, hair and even loafy crumbs fall under a small laptop body! All this disgrace does not allow the radiator to cool the microcircuit and the motherboard, which is why your device can turn off immediately after a couple of minutes of work. Usually, so it happens, only in rare cases, the laptop does not react in any way when turning on.

So, the HP Pavilion laptop does not turn on due to dirt. Gently disassemble the body, then remove dust with a dry cloth. You can use the vacuum cleaner, just do not damage the microcircuits and other miniature blocks! Be sure to clean and lubricate the fan, ventilation grilles and radiator. I also recommend replacing thermal grease.

HP Pavilion Series laptop does not turn on? I think now you can solve this problem without resorting to the help of expensive specialists. Successful work and take care of your mini PC!

Short circuit

If the laptop has stopped turning on, a short circuit may have occurred. Considering the electric circuit, it is known that the power should be stable. The wire has two ends and the indicators on both sides may differ.

The main factor is electrostatic potential. ASUS, Lenovo or another laptop will not be able to start when current is entered. We are talking about potential energy.

laptop, does, turn

The reasons that the power indicator flashes:

If the indicators do not burn with a short circuit, the current strength changes. Before you understand the solution of the problem, it is worth considering the types of shorts:

The exact type of closure can be detected when promoting technology. When the Lenovo laptop does not respond to the tester, perhaps one of the contacts is in contact with the metal cover. The second problem. Wiring without isolation is twisted together.

An important point! The laptop does not charge and does not respond to the commands, in such a situation, the problem can be solved on its own. It is better to untwist the wiring with your hands, but the work is carried out when the equipment is turned off from the electricity.

When an indicator of charging the battery on a laptop does not burn, it is worth fearing the appearance of the smell of Gary. With a short circuit, a high probability of fire is high.

In the service center, the following steps are offered to solve the problem:

The problem of loading OS

If the system hangs at the time of loading, then you can try to restore it. Also, the breakdown could be caused by drivers or crooked updates.

HP Laptop Won’t Turn on or Charge? Try This!

When you turn on the laptop, hold the F8 key and let it go until you see such a menu. Next, you need to select “Safe mode”.

  • Click “Launch of the recovery of the system”. Then just act according to the instructions. You also need to choose a recovery point. It is better to choose the most early. We are waiting for the procedure to end, and the computer will reboot.

Unfortunately, the top ten removed the opportunity to go into a safe mode. Therefore, for recovery, you need to do the following actions:

  • You need to create a loading flash drive or installation flash drive with your version of Windows 10. We look at the instructions here.
  • Insert the flash drive and reboot or turn on the laptop. We need to call the usual “boot” menu. We look at the third column.
  • There is also the opportunity to launch a “safe mode” through the command line. To do this, you need to enter one of the teams there:
  • BCDEDIT /SET SAFEBOOT MINIMAL. Inclusion of a safe mode
  • BCDEDIT /SET SAFEBOOT NETWORK. Turning on a safe network support mode
  • BCDEDIT /DeLETEVALUE SAFEBOOT. Disconnecting safe mode
  • After introducing the command, close the command line, turn off the laptop. And turn it off again. After you get inside the safe mode, click on the “start”, then enter the phrase “restoration of the system” in the search line. At the very end, we just start the service.

BIOS reset or update

Another good way to get rid of the black screen is to get the BIOS battery. After you pulled out the battery-click on the power button (power)-7-8 seconds. Then insert the battery back and start the laptop.

Without releasing the keys “Windows” and “B”. Press and hold the power button on the laptop for 1-2 seconds, then release all the keys at once (windows, b, power)

The power indicator must constantly burn, perhaps the laptop will “peel”. Wait for the HP BIOS Update screen. BIOS update should start automatically

Overheating problems

Each laptop is equipped with a temperature sensor that gives a signal to turn off and does not allow the device until the temperature is too high. Therefore, if after a long gaming session the laptop does not turn on, demonstrating a black screen, just wait a while. The problem will disappear by itself when it cools to an acceptable temperature.

This is especially true in the case of ordinary non.Game laptops, on which rather heavy games are trying to launch. Such devices are not too designed for gaming and quickly overheat.

HP laptop does not turn on, what to do?

If the HP laptop does not turn on, flashes with LEDs, you can see the technical documentation prepared by the manufacturer. It describes the sequence of light and sound signals. Having carefully follow the gadget, you can understand what the problem lies in, eliminate it yourself, if it is possible without the help of specialists. If not, contact the service center.

If the laptop does not turn on due to malfunctions of internal components, you can hear a crack, creak or high-frequency squeak. This is an occasion to show the device to professional engineers.

The error of the payment system or the refusal of an integrated graphic card says that the HP laptop does not turn on, it is on APS. Indication can also suggest that the central processor is faulty, there are bugs in BIOS. The graphic controller refused to work.

To fix a faulty device as soon as possible, we recommend that it be attributed to specialists. Software and hardware breakdowns are easily eliminated, only for this you need to carry out comprehensive diagnostics, choose suitable parts. The service center has everything you need to repair the HP laptop as soon as possible!

Repair on your eyes in 15-30 minutes. Without a margin.

Repair on your eyes in 15-30 minutes. Without a margin.

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