What to do if the headphones are filled with Xiaomi. Video instruction

What to do if the headphones are filled with each other?

After connecting wireless headphones to the phone, they work properly for some time. Under some circumstances, they can be filled with each other. What to do with headphones in this case.

Bluetooth nashers are arranged in such a way that one of them acts as the main. It is the first to connect to the phone if the user activated Bluetooth technology in the smartphone settings. Depending on the manufacturer of the headphones, they can be associated with each other at different times. This usually happens before both headphones are connected to the smartphone. If you get headphones from the case, the left or right.hand main headphone first begins to work and look for the second.

The user often does not understand the device and the method of connection, so it may be the first to get the driven (not the main) headphone. For this reason, a failure is failure, the connection sequence is impaired. Each headphone can work separately.

This allows you to share with a friend and listen to each of its own music on a separate device. Therefore, difficulties arise in their work. Only one of them can connect to the phone due to the low charge of the second. It is also worth paying attention to this. Each headphone has its own battery under the case.

What to do if there is a light?

Disconnecting headphones from a smartphone or a separate headphone is a frequent phenomenon. But you need to be prepared for such a situation. After all, the user may be far from home and the Internet, where he has no from coming from information assistance. In such cases, as a rule, the device settings are dumped. After re.starting, they begin to work correctly.

For most wireless headphones, reset is done as follows:

At the time of turning on the headphones on the phone, Bluetooth should be active. At this stage, headphones are synchronized and will work correctly again. If even now they work incorrectly, repeat the actions to reset. Find through the Internet instructions specifically for your model and reset headlines settings.

Reset settings of the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots device

If you have already connected the headphones to the phone, most likely they refuse to work synchronously. Music sounds only from one. If you press the button of another headphone, the music begins to sound in it, but at the same time it stops in the first. And so it can continue endlessly. Let’s fix it. First, remove Redmi Airdots from your smartphone.

    We need to open the quick access menu and select the Bluetooth button or find this window through the main settings;

The manipulations with your mobile phone ended. Now let’s move on to setting up the headphones themselves. If Xiaomi Redmi Airdots still do not come together, it is necessary to reset their settings to factory. To do this, take them out of the case and clamp the buttons synchronously on both headphones.

Hold for more than 30 seconds, they should turn off the long signal. This sound is reproduced by every headphone.

What to do to connect Bluetooth headphones to the phone

After resetting the settings of the headphones that do not mate, place in the case and recharge them so that the battery has a sufficient charge. Airdots headphones are actually quite simple. And does not differ for devices with iOS or Android. On any phone, this is done like this: after recharging, you need to get the headphones from their case and, without touching the buttons, give the opportunity to find each other. It is enough to wait for about 10 seconds. After that, turn on Bluetooth on the phone.

Airdots headphones are created in such a way that they can work on two different devices regardless of each other. Therefore, in the list of devices connected via Bluetooth, two can be displayed in the phone: both left and right.

But in this case, they will not work correctly. Since when conjugated synchronously, they should be displayed in the list as one right headphone. Airdots R. After turning on the bluetooth on the phone, select the right headphone in the list and check their work now.

If it was not possible and now connect them, then you did something wrong again.

Read our instructions again and execute it. But before that, reset the settings. Xiaomi Redmi Airdots headphones may not connect to a mobile phone out of the box. That is, when you are trying to mate them for the first time. Perhaps, when demonstrating in the store, they were already connected to another device. Or used separately.

What to do if the headphones Redmi Airdots are filled

Redmi Airdots cancinchronization can be “factory” or “acquired”. In the first case, the headset did not work as it should with the initial launch. Or the user took out the device in the wrong order.

In order to avoid problems with synchronization, it is recommended, firstly, to remove the devices when Bluetooth turned off on a smartphone, and secondly, observe the sequence. You must first get the right (main), then the left headphone.

  • Both devices flash with white light 1-5 seconds (while they are in a charging case, a red diode burns);
  • After a few seconds, the left “ear” no longer flashes, and the white diode continues to flicker on the right (this means that the components are synchronized, and the right main headphone is now in the search for the connected device);
  • When Bluetooth is turned on on the phone and the search on the list, only the right device appears (Xiaomi Redmi Airdots r).

If everything is so, the headset should work as it should.

If something differently and Redmi Airdots work separately, you need to reset their settings.

“You tried to turn off and turn on again.

Reasons why the elements of the system were not related, only two. In the first case, the user could overshadow the button when one of the devices or accidentally press it in the case during charging. But more often the second case occurs when the lighting occur after the complete discharge of one of the devices, both of them (due to the fact that the right or left headphone turned off a little earlier) or a charger.

If this is your situation, the following must be done to correct it:

  • recharge the case;
  • place both headphones in chargers for several minutes (or longer, if they are almost completely discharged);
  • get devices and simultaneously squeeze their control buttons (this is a universal “recipe” for all generations of the headset both on button and touch devices, when Xiaomi Airdots headphones do not work together);
  • You need to keep the buttons for a long time. from 15 to 50 seconds, during this time 2 cycles of alternate blinking red and white diodes on each headphone should be passed and 2 signals sound;
  • The fact that the discharge of settings is made indicates the simultaneous burning of red indicators;
  • As soon as red bulbs light up on both devices, they need to be placed in the case;
  • After a few seconds we take out the headphones, watch how they flicker both with white light (turn on), then the flicker remains only on the right device. everything can be connected to the phone.

How to connect Redmi Airdots after resetting settings

This is usually considered an extra measure, but if you reconnect the headset precisely for the reason that the Redmi Airdots headphones have occurred, additional actions with the smartphone will not hurt.

  • Turn off on the Bluetooth phone;
  • We go to the list of previously discovered Bluetooth devices;
  • We remove Redmi Airdots from the list (right and left, if the smartphone saw them separately);
  • We drop the settings on the headphones;
  • Turn on Bluetooth on the phone;
  • We carry out a new search;
  • We connect the only discovered device. Redmi Airdots R.

How to connect both Xiaomi Airdots headphones, conjugation with each other

Xiaomi Airdots wireless headphones are rightfully very popular among owners of not only Android smartphones, but also Apple fans. This is explained by the optimal combination of the quality of headphones and an attractive price. However, often users of Airdots are faced with certain problems. On the forums you can often see reports that the headphones are disconnected, do not mate and do not work in pairs and with each other.

Perhaps you ended up in a situation where Redmi Airdots stopped going normally, and because of this you can often use only one headphone, right or left. What to do to lawns both Dots again?

How to correctly synchronize Xiaomi Airdots headphones among themselves

Place both headphones in the charging case, wait until they are completely charged. Sipe from the settings of the smartphone data about the previous connection with Airdots. Go to the Bluetooth section for this.

Take the case, pull the inserts out of it.

Disconnect the headphones: on each of the plugs, press your finger on the touch panel/button (recall that the sensors have Airdots from Xiaomi, and mechanical buttons on Redmi Airdots). It is necessary to press physical or sensory control elements for 5 seconds, or rather until the moment when the lamp indicator becomes red. The headphones after that should turn off.

Now you need to make two discharges (reception).

  • The first discharge deleys information about the Bluetooth device that was saved in headphones. Squeeze for 10 seconds touch panels on the plugs. Red and white light signals blink alternately, and then go out. Do not release the sensor/button, hold the press further to discharge number two.
  • The second discharge is erasing the conjugation between the “Airdots”. Without releasing fingers from the sensors after the first discharge, click on them for another 10 seconds. Wait for the moment when light signals appear again. This time red and white signals should blink 3 times one by one.

In general, you need to press the sensors of headphones for 20 seconds, and LED signals will appear in the 10th and 20th seconds.

Turn on your “dots”. This is done by pressing the buttons or sensors that need to hold about five seconds. Or do it in another way: remove the headphones in the charging case, and then get both “dots” from it. Wait about three seconds. “Airdots” will be automatically included, and the conjugation will be established between them. You will notice that on the right “ear” the LED becomes white, and on the left no light signal will be. Flashing in white means that synchronization has ended, and now the headphone R, that is, is right, and with it the left (since they are already associated) are ready to connect to the phone.

Activate on the Bluetooth phone to start searching for the headphone. After a few seconds you will see the found device Mi Airdots Basic_r. R is a designation for the right plug, in pairs it is the main.

How wireless headphones work

To ensure wireless data transfer between devices, various methods are used. The organization of the relationship of the headset with the sound source is possible at the expense of the built.in receiver using radio frequencies, infrared port or Bluetooth. The headphones of Xiaomi and Redmi Airdots use a Bluetooth connection. This technology for transmitting a signal from a device to a headset is most often used due to lack of interference, which is due to the flow of data in digital form. The disadvantage of this method is the compression performed before sending information to the headphones, as a result of which it is not possible to achieve high quality sound. The sound in Xiaomi and Redmi Airdots is quite worthy, given the also price segment of devices, Bluetooth supports SBC, SBC XQ codes, but you can’t dream of APTX or AAC.

To conjure the Bluetooth headset with a sound source, you need to turn on airdots and synchronize it with the device. The procedure takes only a few seconds and is usually performed successfully. over, in some cases, users have problems with synchronization, for example, by connecting the headset, we can find that the second headphone is inactive. What is the matter and how to correct the situation we will figure out further.

Because only one headphone can play

The fact that Xiaomi or Redmi Airdots does not come together does not necessarily indicate a malfunction of the headset. The phenomenon may be due to the fact that the headphone works in mono-mode, regardless of the second. This opportunity can be used intentionally, which is very convenient in certain cases, but most often the owners of Xiaomi Airdots and Redmi Airdots are faced with the problem of the lack of synchronization between the right and left liner, that is, they do not detect each other, and accordingly and are not synchronized by each other.

If it is not a malfunction of the Xiaomi Airdots headset, clogging the speaker, improper location of the power element, Bluetooth capsule, etc. D., And one of the headphones does not work, it can simply be discharged or the connection to the device is done incorrectly. Incorrect smartphone settings are also often the reason.

How to synchronize liners among themselves

Often, after connecting Airdots, the sound comes from only one headphone. This can happen for the reason that the Xiaomi device did not have time to synchronize among themselves. As a result, only one of them was connected via Bluetooth. In such a situation, you need to retake them by dropping the settings. Delete the name of the model also from the list of connected devices via Bluetooth. To do this, return to the window with the settings and find in the Airdots list.

Then click on the arrow opposite the name of the model. In the next window, select the “Delete” item.

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In some phones, near each connected device, there is a cross, pressing the device from the list of connected. To reset the settings on the headphones, you need to pull both in your hands and hold a button on them for 45 seconds. During this time, the indicators on the buttons should light up with red light. After which white should blink about 10 times.

When you dropped the settings, repeat the instructions to connect them from the first section of the article. Thus, you will be able to connect both Xiaomi Airdots headphones to your smartphone or laptop with Bluetooth. Susynchronization of liners can occur due to the fact that they lay on a shelf or in a table drawer outside the charger for a long time. This happens even with the headphones, which before that were associated with the phone and worked both synchronously. Therefore, it is important not to leave them outside the case.

What to do if the headphones of Xiaomi Airdots are not connected

Even if the above recommendations are observed, users may have problems when connecting Airdots among themselves. Connect the case to the charger charger to the charger. Leave them in this position for half an hour. The owner of the headphones also needs to take into account that in some cases synchronization occurs, even if a white indicator is not displayed. This means that after extracting the device you need to wait for approximately 20-30 seconds. Then try to connect them to the phone.

Redmi Airdots headphones do not have a touch panel, like many other wireless devices. Instead, there are mechanical buttons on the case. Someone likes them more, since the sensor often reacts to touch when we simply correct the headphone. But there are no prosperity. the mechanical button has to be pressed with effort. As a result of this, the liner is pressed deeper in the ear, which brings discomfort.

Using buttons data, we synchronize wireless headphones of the Xiaomi Airdots model among themselves. And we can also manage the music player on the phone. By pressing any of them quickly twice on the button on the phone, we will call a voice assistant.

If you press the button once, playing the musical composition will stop. Click again and the music will continue to play. A microphone is built into each headphone, which quite high quality conveys the sound to your interlocutor when talking. Most users also have no complaints about the sound quality of this device.

Why do not get together when connecting to the phone

Sometimes Airdots are synchronized individually, that is, they do not join one another, but work with a smartphone. The reason is that the left headphone “loses” the right, so the couple stops working together. What to do?

  • Reset the Bluetooth settings for Xiaomi Airdots. Start by turning off each headphone. On each, click the buttons (sensory or physical), until the indicators light up with red light.
  • Squeeze the buttons again, now for 30-50 seconds. First, the headphones turn on, white light will light up, then after 10-20 seconds you will see that the indicator glows red or white (2 times). Continue to hold the buttons, the indicator blinks a few more times and goes out for a few seconds. After that, he will flash twice and will reset headlines of headphones.
  • Remove the headphones from the case. The left will begin to look for the right one, synchronizes with it, and then Dots can be connected to the phone.

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Another reason for “Susinchron” is the wrong procedure for connecting headphones to a smartphone. In this case, instead of the right “ear”, the first to the device is connected to the left, and begins to work in monorage. The right cannot be connected. To connect both Airdots, you will have to reset the settings and a new connection, as described in the step.by.step instructions given above (see. “How to synchronize Xiaomi Airdots headphones”).

What to do if the headphones work separately

If the airdots are still not synchronized and connected to the phone in the form of independent devices, it is necessary to roll back to factory parameters. This is the most simple procedure.

  • We remove the liners from the container.
  • Clound the button (sensory or mechanical).
  • Hold it for 30-50 seconds. Indicators will be highlighted red and a double sound signal will sound.
  • We place them back in the case and after a few seconds we get. If the white indicator flashes only on one, then the discharge has helped, and synchronization was successful.
  • Connect Airdots to a smartphone. The phone will determine the gadget as one device and the melody will go from two channels.

How to drop Xiaomi headphones?

If the Xiaomi headphones are not synchronized, it is necessary to reset their settings. To do this, turn off the headphones: press and hold the shutdown buttons on the panel.

Keep the buttons until the indicator becomes in red

After disconnecting, you must click on the shutdown buttons again. The button retention time should be about half a minute. In this case, the headphones turn on, the buttons should not be released.

Important: you need to wait until Xiaomi’s headphones begin to flash white and red, they stop blinking for a second and grind again. Everything, the settings of the headphones are dropped and you can proceed to synchronization.

There is a situation when one headphone reproduces the sound, and the other is not. In this case, you need to connect only one headphone to the phone, the other should be turned off.

Solution: After the connected headphone began to play the sound, you must press the power button on the second headphone. The second headphone will begin to automatically connect to the first.

Remember: if, after resetting the settings and connecting the headphones Xiaomi, they still do not synchronize with each other, you should re.reset headlines of headphones. It will not be superfluous and the phone will be reloaded. After that. you need to re.carry out synchronization.