What to do if the battery swollen on the laptop. Interesting Facts.

Why is the battery swell on the phone and what to do?

Before starting my story and distribution of advice, I would like to say that the battery is the most dangerous part of the smartphone. It is enough to recall how the batteries of Galaxy Note 7 and other devices exploded. In some cases, this can cause serious injuries and even death. We will not overshadow the situation, I’ll just tell you how to behave if you have swollen a smartphone battery. The tips will also be relevant for other devices, because the batteries used are now very unified. I’ll tell you how to understand that the battery has swollen, and I will explain what to do with it. Begin.

So why batteries swell? over, even in appearance absolutely good batteries swell. It is worth noting that any battery accumulates and gives energy thanks to the chemical process, while often not one, but a whole series.

With proper operation of the battery, these processes occur without gas breeding (meaning hermetic batteries), but problems may begin with their violation. Since the battery is sealed, the emitted gases simply inflate the battery housing, they can even break it.

Why is it happening? The main reasons for the bloating of the battery are as follows:

  • Factory marriage of the device (battery). over, a marriage of both the power element itself and the controller built into the battery. In the first case, for one reason or another, chemical processes are violated and changed, say, due to the internal closure or opposite the cliff. In the second, the defective controller violates the charge-discharge modes and literally forcibly disables the power element (the same cliff, close, overheating due to the fast charge or recharge, etc.).
  • The fall of the phone. The probability of damage to the battery when falling the phone is small, but everything happens. If the gadget fell “successfully”, then the battery may not be too greeted, while the phone itself will get off with a slight fright.
  • Fast category. The main reason is the long.term operation of the gadget “for the whole coil”. with a dozen open applications, wireless channels included, working navigator on top and watching video. As a result, the mobile device consumes a lot of energy, and a large and long.term discharge current can damage the internal structure of the supply element.
  • Deep discharge and reloading. Theoretically built.in controller will not allow either one or the other, but in practice this happens completely. Suppose we “drove” the phone to an emergency shutdown on a critically low charge of the battery, and then instead of immediately charged, we threw a desk into the lower box and forgot. Any battery has a self.discharge, and the controller does not work in the air. it needs energy. In a month or two, the feeding element will sit “to zero” and, most likely, with subsequent charging will certainly fail. Re-election occurs less often and occurs mainly due to the failure in the operation of the controller caused by the same marriage or incorrect charging, for example, an emergency power supply.
  • Sudden temperature changes. From the school course of physics, we know that the speed of almost any chemical reaction depends on the temperature. The battery will not be an exception. Sudden temperatures do not affect the battery poorly, if at this time it accumulates or gives energy. A sharp change in the velocity of chemical reactions can cause internal damage to the nutritional element and, as a result, bloating of the battery.
  • Excessively prolonged battery operation. Typically, the battery life is three years, but this does not mean that exactly three years later it needs to be replaced. He can last more and less. The main indicator of battery wear is fast discharge. If the gadget has to be recharged very often, then this is a sign that it is time to get rid of the battery, because, firstly, it is very likely to swell, and secondly, to work with such a phone is one torment.
  • Water. This refers, of course, not high humidity. with this the batteries of phones is all right. But if we “drown” our smartphone, then the likelihood of bloating the battery is very great even if we immediately got it and qualitatively (as it seems to us) dried.

Important. The moisture that has fallen into the controller and on the contacts of the supply element can prove itself even after months, after the salvation of the “drowned man”.

What is the danger of bloating

To evaluate the danger of bloating of the battery, there is no particular fantasy:

  • Explosion. The battery has a fairly strong case, which, with strong internal pressure, is able to provide a decent explosion with the release of toxic chemistry and fragments of the body and the insides of the supply element.
  • Fire. A tanned battery is not only a “killed” phone, but also burns, and possibly a scorched apartment or car.
  • Damage to the gadget. Even if the swollen battery does not explode and does not light up, it, increasing in size by many times, can easily damage the phone. over, a torn or broken lid is the smallest evil. It is much worse-a broken printed circuit board or a break in the conductive paths due to its deformation, a squeezed and bursting display.

How to determine that the battery has swollen

It would seem that a complex? I took off the lid, looked. But some devices are made non.devastated. precisely, of course, they can be disassembled, but only a specialist in the service center will do it. If the bloating of the battery has gone too far, then even on such a gadget it will be visible.

But, of course, it is better not to bring to this, because here it is not far from the explosion, and to fire. Yes, and a battery swollen to such an extent can easily squeeze out the display, even turn the printed circuit board. Therefore, bloating is better to detect at the earliest stage. How to do it?

Usually the rear wall of non.vegetable devices is flat. If you put such a phone on the table, it cannot be twisted around your axis. If he had not spun before, and today it easily spun from the slightest push, then this is a clear sign that the battery began to swell. If the back cover is initially convex, then bloating can be determined by the extinguishing of the display-it is already all gazhadets from the very beginning. We will not twist it on the display (why scratch the screen?), but simply attach a ruler or the same credit card to it, and everything will be visible.

The causes of the defect

Why the battery swelled on the phone? There can be many reasons for this:

  • Manufacturing defect. Quite often, the defect occurs in batteries made in China, and is found within a month from the beginning of using the phone.
  • Smartphone falls, falling. In this case, the battery may become unusable even with excellent condition of the case.
  • The owner is incorrectly charging the phone. For example, with a sharp disconnection from the charger, the resource is consumed.
  • Falling phone into water.
  • Using a device at an elevated or low temperature.
  • Using a non.original charging device.
  • Incorrect storage. This occasion includes storage of a phone in s, bags, wallets.
  • Using a phone over 2 years.

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If there is a battery on the system board, then remove the battery and work. If there is no battery on the board, then the system may not start. In principle, there are options for installing a system battery.

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How the battery is changed in macbook

Experts remove the back cover of the laptop to access the battery and find that the battery really began to swell, and although it could not be as much as it could, the battery must be replaced. In addition, the board and fans simply had a huge cluster and dirt. Yes, this dirt affects the work and performance of MacBook (overheating can be more dangerous than the battery).

Open the back cover and find a huge accumulation of dust and dirt on the board and fans

Some pierce the shell to remove the bloating from the MacBook battery. So, remember, this is strictly forbidden to do! Damage to the outer shell of the battery is fraught with a fire or even its explosion.

After making sure that the rest of the components were not injured, they carefully turn off the battery from the motherboard.

Disconnect the battery connector from the board

Now that MacBook is de.energized, MacBook Pro is cleaned using a brush and compressed air. The difference is visible immediately (look, there is still dirt on the battery, and it has already been removed from above).

Next, the battery is dismantled. This must be done very carefully, since the battery is attached with glue, and with careless dismantling, you can damage the laptop body.

We start dismantling the MacBook battery

We begin to extract batteries from the edges of MacBook

With a plastic tool, we continue to peel off batteries

Then the residues of the factory glue are removed and a platform is prepared for installing a new battery (with preliminary cleaning, of course).

The new battery is installed on the topkeys and is connected to the motherboard. So the MacBook Pro A1706 battery is replaced here.

Installation of a new battery

After assembly, experts once again check the performance of all components and the number of battery cycles. If everything is in order, the laptop is returned to the fair owner. now MacBuk will again be able to please the long.term work from the battery. To study in more detail how the MacBook Pro 13 battery is replaced, you can in the video below.

No one forbids anyone to carry out these procedures on your own, but with responsibility for the consequences, understand yourself already. This material is exclusively informational and cognitive in nature. Even with certain repair skills, we trust such tasks for friends from the Apple Pro service center, who replaced more than one hundred batteries and give a guarantee for their work.

HP 255 G7 EPV51 LA-G076P Rev 3.0. Photos of the motherboard ⁠

Driving link in the original size without compression. Download (you can also find a scheme, BoardView, Biosec Dump)

PS: If someone cannot find a scheme, BIOS, BOARDVIEW. You can write to me in telegram @deviedb_xyz https: // t.me/deviceb_xyz, I’ll look at my database

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Repair laptop Lenovo L340–15IRH⁠ ⁠

We will return from the other world Lenovo L340-15IRH.

Everything is as usual, turned off, and then he stopped showing signs of life.

We disassemble the laptop, pull out the board, inspect, make measurements:

3.3v slightly low resistance, and after a minute it became clear why:

There is a hole in the multicontroller. So far we will not change the multicontroller, further diagnosis is not possible, therefore, we coordinate further actions with the client, we get the good to replace and go.

But, he just won’t work.The IT8586E cartoon is used here, in which you need to fill your firmware.

H.S. No, he does not read his firmware from the main dump here, so he needs to be flashed.

We take out the programmer of Vermanov and work:

Just in case, the scenes replaced the filter condenser for the nutrition of the multicortroller.

What should I do with a swollen battery?

The only thing to do with an old swollen battery is to dispose of it. With lithium-ion batteries should act carefully so as not to damage the battery when treating it or when extracting from PC. Never amenable with metal tools and do not bend it in a swollen state. (A metal tool can pierce the outer shell and cause a chemical reaction; we made it mistaken, replacing the old smartphone batteries, and began several very small fires.) Brought batteries also contain gases that you do not want to inhale.

If you replace the battery yourself, do not forget to put it in the box as soon as you get it. Do not throw the battery into the garbage bucket or to another place. This is an ecological ban, which subjects sanitary workers who can come into contact with the battery, health hazard. Always dispose of the batteries. bloated or not. at an authorized enterprise to utilize batteries. The manufacturer of your system can tell you about methods and places of disposal. In addition, a quick search in Google should indicate you to a suitable site for the disposal of batteries. You can also contact the local government and the garbage disposal department for instructions.

Large retail stores can also be the easiest way depending on where you live. “I strongly recommend that people take them in Best Buy or in local [Tech] retail sellers or even Home Depot, who have [Batty] dispose of the boxes,” says Jakes. “Even good lithium batteries cause destruction in the waste stream”.

Enjoy your devices and performance offered by lithium-ion batteries and their new intellectual updates, but remember that they should be addressed carefully and respectfully. Otherwise, it can be more than just a battery that requires a replacement.

What to do if the battery has swollen

Owners of portable electronic equipment sometimes face an unusual problem associated with the batteries of their devices: the battery is swollen. At the same time, the element can also swell from the inside, greatly increasing in size, and “decorate” with small irregularities, bubbles, tubercles, etc.D. In most cases, these external defects are accompanied by a deterioration in the battery or the complete failure of the device, but in some situations a tablet or navigator continues to work for some time as if nothing had happened.

Most often, such troubles happen to the batteries of Chinese tablets, navigators, video recorders. Sometimes mobile phones also have on this list. and not necessarily cheap models at all. Let’s figure out what is the reason for this bloating.

Why the battery swells

The reasons why the battery is inflated is a few. Rather, the physical reason is one. gas begins to be released incorrectly inside the device, as a result of which the pressure increases the case in which the battery is enclosed is deformed. However, what causes such a reaction?

Most often this happens under the influence of high temperature. Use a black reader on the beach? Left the registrar for the whole day in the stuffy car interior? Be prepared for the fact that the device may fail. Moisture and liquid hit the same. chemical reactions in the battery are disturbed, bloating occurs.

Sometimes the “battery” is inflated as a result of a fall or mechanical exposure. Another reason. the battery simply served its term. It is difficult to predict the exact period of the uninterrupted operation of the battery, but after three or four years of use, one can expect the first “whims”, and the battery, which had swollen after five years of active work, will not cause surprise at all.

The use of “non.native” charging devices, oddly enough, can also lead to bloating. Many batteries are sensitive to voltage drops and a prolonged closure of contacts. And finally, such a reason as a production marriage also happens. no one is safe.

What to do if the battery has swollen? You need to buy a new one, since batteries are not subject to repair.

The main reasons because of which batteries are swollen

Bloating of the battery-deformation of the case, most often appears due to wear or aging. Due to the fact that the dimensions of the battery are changing the electronic components inside the device body may be damaged. A person can see how the battery squeezes the screen or cover of the tablet or smartphone directly.

The battery swells due to sudden or gradual destruction of the internal structure. At one point, a failure will occur due to the interaction of chemical elements, which is why internal pressure provokes an explosion will begin to grow.

There are several reasons why the battery swells:

  • Marriage. If a few weeks have passed after the acquisition of the device, and the battery gradually began bloating, then most likely it is a factory marriage. You need to contact the service center for changing the battery or come to the store so that the sales consultant replaces the device with a new.
  • Damage. If the device is dropped or severely hit, then, of course, the risk of a battery design is increased. Falling or blow very often leads to bloating or explosion.
  • Wear. The battery of any gadget requires replacement for three years.
  • Incorrect charge. It is very important to correctly charge the device, if you began to charge it not from the “native” charging, then the risk of bloating of the battery increases.
  • Moisture. This process is also possible due to moisture, most often it is wet air, water ingestion. Bloating may not appear immediately, perhaps even a year after the incident.
  • Poor care. It is important to properly operate the device so that there is no sharp temperature difference.
  • Third.party charger. As we said above, it is necessary to charge the gadget only “native” charging, you cannot use a low.quality alternative charger. Very often users charge using the battery or directly from the car radio. It is better to do this, otherwise the battery bloating may be observed.

Rules for the operation of the lithium-ion battery

If you operate the battery correctly, then it will be able to serve its owner 10-15 times longer. We will give examples and recommendations for users, thanks to which you can significantly extend the life of the battery.

We do not allow overheating

Excess heat does not affect the work of a lithium-ion battery. It can be both external and internal heat. In the first case, if you leave the phone in the summer on the beach under the sun, then the battery will warm up and it will work worse. In the second, the stressful modes of charge and discharge also lead to negative consequences.

Save your laptop battery from Swelling!!

In order for the battery capacity to be preserved, it is necessary that the temperature of the device is not higher than 20 degrees. If you saw that the battery began to heat up, rather go to a cool place, can also help disconnecting unnecessary applications and a decrease in the brightness of the screen.

Timely shutdown of the charger

The battery must be charged strictly up to 100%, if you do not turn off the charge during, then you can expect negative consequences. The fact is that the voltage should not exceed 3.6 volts, but chargers are more often supplied to the terminals of 4.2 volts.

If you use a “native” charger, then everything is not so dangerous here. Damage to the battery even after a full charge. minimal.

Deep discharge

Deep discharge. the condition of the device, when it was not turned on for a long time. Because of this, the battery will begin to oxidize and work worse. You can not discharge the battery quickly and completely, because of this, a large amount of heat release will be accompanied.

Heating and large current load will greatly reduce the total life resource of the battery. If you see that the phone is charged by less than 20%, then you can safely put it on the charge.

In order for the battery to serve for a long time, it is necessary to adhere to these rules, as well as discharge and charge the battery slowly. If you used an intensively phone and he began to quickly burst, then do not immediately put it on the charge. Wait until the battery cools down, and only then connect to the charger.

Now “fast” chargers are very popular, the manufacturers of which promise maximum exercises in the fastest time. Do not rush to purchase such devices, because they negatively affect the battery. The fact is that the voltage in these ZU is much greater than on standard batteries.

The charger will supply voltage higher than the nominal at the battery, which will be visible overheating and subsequent malfunctions.