What To Do If The App Store Does Not Download Applications

What To Do If The App Store Does Not Download Applications

What to do if the App Store does not download applications?

Happy owners of miracle devices from Apple sometimes encounter problems that do not allow filling the iPhone with useful programs and applications. Indeed, quite often the App Store does not download applications, in the process of downloading, the download stops and everything ends in a waste of time. Not a very pleasant action, which causes a lot of inconvenience for iPhone owners. A device without applications, programs and games is practically useless, so you should pay enough attention to solving the problem with downloading from the App Store, as the article will discuss.


So, if you do not download applications from the App Store, then you should do the following:

Checking Internet connection activity

In most cases, the termination of the application download session occurs due to the interruption of the Internet connection. The user may not immediately detect such a phenomenon, because a break can take fractions of a second, but at the same time, the download must be started in a new way. To fix the problem, you need to make sure a good Internet connection. To do this, you need to check the signal quality level and, if possible, download with a good or excellent Internet connection.

Restart the download

With the first reason why the App Store does not download applications, it is understandable, but sometimes making sure the connection quality, the problem repeats. In this case, it is possible that the download was interrupted due to a random tap on the application icon. Such an accidental click causes the download to stop, and when restarted, it may generate an error. It is sad to continue the download, but from this point it will not succeed, so you will need to restart the download of the file.

Device reboot

If even at this stage applications from the App Store are not downloaded, then it is necessary to move on to more cardinal methods. Often, downloading a file from the App Store is interrupted due to the device freezing. It is especially important when many different applications are running, which leads to the braking of the device and, accordingly, to its malfunctions. The best option to resolve the problem is to close the running programs and restart the phone.


Failure to download the application may be accompanied by failures of subsequent new attempts to upload files. In this case, you need to delete the incomplete file and start the download process on a new one. Removal is quite simple:

  • The icon of the underloaded file is clamped until it continuously oscillates.
  • After that, makes a click on the cross, and the file is deleted automatically. You can start a new file upload session.

Experimental activities

If the App Store does not download applications at this stage, then an experiment should be conducted.

  • First, try downloading another application file. If it downloads without problems, perhaps the reason lies in the file itself. It may be damaged or underloaded to the site, so you should contact the developers of the site and report a problem.
  • Secondly, loading another file can stir up a suspended instance.

Work with a direct account

The freezing may be hiding in the incorrect launch of the account. Re-launching the App Store in frequent cases eliminates the error. To do this, the following sequence of measures is carried out:

  • We launch the settings of the iTunes Store, and then the App Store.
  • Click on your account and exit the program.

For certainty, you can restart the device, then restart the application, register a username and password and start the download. Sometimes restarting a session is of great importance.

Help PC / Mac

After making sure that all the above reasons do not allow you to continue downloading files from the App Store, then you can try to upload the file using a PC. To do this, using a cable connects the iPhone to a computer, iPod or iPad. After that, the PC application starts on the additional device and synchronizes purchases. ITunes can also download unsuccessful files, so try all the options.


Oddly enough, but the wait method is the last thing iPhone owners have to try. Sometimes it even helps a lot. The fact is that sometimes Apple developers make technical changes on the site, so as a fact, the user can not upload the file. It is recommended that you try again every two to three hours, and if this method is not successful, you should ask the direct owners of the App Store a question. We are sure that the issue will be resolved in the near future, since the rating and user confidence are not indifferent for Apple developers.

App Store does not update applications

Sometimes Apple device owners are faced with an equally important problem when applications are not updated in the App Store. What should be done in such cases? The answers are as follows:

  1. Update iTunes Store. To do this, you need to synchronize iPhone with PC and press the following key sequence: Command R. After that, you can find out how the forced update starts.
  2. Clearing the cache. If the application update process is not going on in the App Store, then you should try to clear the cache memory. The procedure is not difficult, so it will take no more than five minutes. You can automatically clear the cache so as not to delve into each file. To do this, the following sequence of actions is performed:
  • We go into iTunes and select the Settings item.
  • Next is the “Addition” tab.
  • Now we find the item “Clearing the cache” and click on it.

Having done these operations, you can completely solve the problem of updating the App Store and iTunes.

Another easy and unusual way to fix the problem.

When such a message appears on the screen, you need to call the Control Center (“Control Center”) and activate “Airplane mode”. Next. click on the “Finish” button so that the error window disappears. After waiting 10-15 seconds, turn off “Airplane mode.” After carrying out this simple procedure, an error message will no longer appear.

Knowing the maximum information about downloading and updating the App Store, you can completely freely download any useful files you like and enjoy the work of the miracle device from Apple.

And how did you manage to solve the problem? Share with us in the comments.