What To Do If Lost Xiaomi Earphones

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How to find a smartphone using alternative methods

An alternative to other search methods is IMEI search. This is a fifteen-character number. It is tied directly to the phone, does not change when the phone number is changed, flashing, etc. Although this does not mean that it cannot be changed. True, the procedure is complex and in some countries even criminalized. It is thanks to him that you can search for a device.

And it makes no sense to independently search for this number. The most that you can do with IMEI is to check if the phone is in the possession of another user. For example, you bought a used device and enter its number in a special database.

If someone lost the smartphone or was stolen, and the number of this gadget is in the general database, then the person can see this and decide what to do with the device further. Keep it for himself or go to law enforcement agencies to return it to the rightful owner.

But in any case, the number must be registered on the network, thereby increasing your chances of finding a device in case of something. This procedure does not take much time, but benefits.

How to enable remote search

To find Xiaomi phones, you can enable the remote search function. To do this, you will need to enter your username and password in your Xiaomi account on your smartphone. If you don’t have a Mi-account yet, you must create one so that you don’t grab your head later if your smartphone is stolen. Of course, I don’t want to think that the theft will happen, but it’s better to “spread straws”.

  • Enter the “Settings” section;
  • If the user found them, there should be a list of links where there is a direction to Mi Account;
  • In Mi Account, choose Mi Cloud;
  • In the selected section, you need to switch the Xiaomi smartphone to activate location.

Basically, that’s all it takes to take advantage of the virtual gadget search. So if your phone is stolen, the chances of finding it increase significantly.

  • First, go to mi.com.
  • Already on the site, log into your Mi-account.
  • View device location.

But there is a catch. It consists in the fact that in order to search for a smartphone, it is required that it be connected to the Internet. How exactly the connection is made. Via Wi-Fi or via a mobile network, does not really matter. So the loss of a Xiaomi phone, like any gadget, will be complete and irrevocable until it is connected to the World Wide Web.

Although you shouldn’t worry, there are alternative methods of finding a lost phone, in particular by IMEI.

3 Ways to Find a Lost Xiaomi Phone

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to be happy with a newly purchased smartphone. The fact is that if the device is expensive, there is a risk of not only losing it, but also theft. Of course, you don’t want to part with your gadget at all, so if it is stolen, you will have to look for a way to return the property. And thanks to modern technology, you can search more efficiently than turning to investigators for help.

Modern gadgets are smarter than some people. Therefore, thanks to several settings, the owner of a smartphone can independently, quickly and without problems find out the most accurate location of his smartphone.

You don’t need to be a genius to track down a lost cell phone. It is enough just to show imagination and pay attention to the additional settings in the gadget itself. By turning them on, you will save yourself a huge number of problems, because if you are not lucky and your smartphone is stolen in the metro, you can lose it on the street or forget it in a cafe.

What To Do If Lost Xiaomi Earphones

How to find a Miui gadget

Due to the fact that the shell of Miui smartphones is based on the Android system from Google, it has adopted some of the features of Android. This is handy for tracking your lost phone on Google maps.

  • But, again, there is a drawback. The device must be turned on;
  • In addition, the second condition is that the smartphone must have been logged into the Google account;
  • To find a gadget on Google Maps, the Internet and GPS must be connected. Although GPS is not required.

In addition, the return of a lost smartphone with the Miui shell can be done through a browser. This is done as follows:

  • Go to the website http://google.com/android/devicemanager;
  • Sign in with your details to activate your Google account;
  • Link your Miui account to your Xiaomi smartphone.

After you have done all this, the program will allow you to perform many operations. In particular, here you can track the smartphone, call it, block, erase the information that is there.

In general, the service from Google allows you to get a lot of positive features. And if the search through the browser does not suit you, you can use various programs. For example, Android Device Manager, which can be downloaded from the Google app market at https://play.Google.com/store/apps/details?Id=com.Google.Android.Apps.Admhl=ru.

How to find Xiaomi if it is turned off

A turned off gadget is more difficult to find, but this does not mean that this procedure is impossible. In fact, there are several proven methods that are popular with both ordinary users and law enforcement agencies, where reports of phone theft are received.

If the gadget is lost at home, you can search for it without using additional funds. But not everyone is so lucky, and the phone has to be found with the help of the police. Everything is very SIMple there.

  • Write a statement;
  • Indicate the model and other parameters of the smartphone;
  • Find your phone.

Precisely, the police will search for the lost gadget through their channels. But if the device is inexpensive or there is no important information on it, then law enforcement agencies are not in a hurry to search.

To speed up the process, you can go to the office of the mobile operator yourself. This is a reliable method if the thief hasn’t thrown away the SIM card. She, even if the phone is turned off, gives a stable signal that can be detected by network towers.

The square in which the gadget is located is determined, and then the matter comes down to the following: whether or not I find the phone at the alleged thief. But there is a nuance. Operators do not always meet the common user halfway. But they cannot refuse to provide data to the police. That is why it is so important to write a statement about the loss.

How to find AirPods: what to do if you lost your headphones. 2 ways to solve the problem

Airpods are small and comfortable wireless earbuds. But precisely because of their compact dimensions, they are very easy to lose. If it happened somewhere on the street, the situation is most likely irreparable. At home, the lost accessory can be found in a few minutes. What do you need for this and how to find AirPods headphones? The article offers tips for “confused”.

How the system works

How to find AirPods if lost? To begin with, find out the nuances, features and limitations of the search system. There are only three of them. It’s easy to remember:

  • The search will be crowned with success only if the accessory is outside the charging case. In this case, he makes a quiet “booming” sound, which helps to find the loss.
  • To use the signal for searching, a smartphone or other gadget to which the headphones are connected must be within the Bluetooth range (about 10 meters).
  • Search activities will be successful if AirPods is located indoors. For the street, the sound of the signal is too quiet and it is unrealistic to hear it. A map is also not an option. After all, the location of the headphones is shown on it conditionally, without exact coordinates.

How to find lost AirPods when the droplets are in the case or, for example, are empty? An important question that worries many users. The answer will clearly upset them, because here the software from Apple will be useless. His maximum help is to show the time and place on the map where the signal was last recorded.

Using the search function in practice

Before proceeding to the instructions for finding the loss, you need to learn how to recognize the system prompts. Find iPhone software shows the status of the device in color. So:

  • Green. The headphones are active, the sound will be audible, you can start the search operation;
  • Blue. Shows which mobile device is involved in the search;
  • Gray. Airpods are disabled, discharged, out of range of Bluetooth or in a case.
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Well, now usefulness for those who have lost AirPods headphones. A direct manual for detecting them.

Find My AirPods via beep

Icloud and Apple’s search app can help you find lost headphones with sound. If the accessory is connected to an iOS gadget, Bluetooth is active and the headphones are somewhere nearby, they will start making a sound during search activities. The signal lasts 2 minutes, with a gradual increase in volume. It turned out to find the loss earlier. Great, the signal is turned off by the “Stop” command.

How to activate sound search:

  • Go through the selected software to “Actions”;
  • Click “Play sound”.

The software interface has a button “Turn off the left” and the same for the right earphone. They should be used when accessories are lost randomly so that the sound does not merge and does not confuse the track.

Advice: if only one “drop” is lost, to avoid unpleasant sensations, it is worth removing the unlost earphone from your ear before activating the sound.

Lost AirPods: first steps to find

Apple took into account the statistics of lost headphones, and therefore, starting with iOS version 10.3, it made it possible for users to quickly find the loss using a special application. But first things first.

To start searching, the first step is to make sure that you have the necessary software, attributes and settings. To quickly detect disappeared AirPods (for example, AirPods with Charging Case), you must:

  • Ios device, version 10.3 or higher (iPhone, iPad or other);
  • A computer connected to the World Wide Web is also used as an alternative;
  • Headphones must be synchronized with an iOS gadget in advance;
  • Know your Apple ID or iCloud login details;
  • Activated Find My iPhone.

Note to the user: immediately after purchasing AirPods, you need to connect them to an iPhone or other Apple device. This allows the accessory to use the same iCloud account as other devices. As a result, they can connect to any gadgets running under a SIMilar account. To search for the loss. The very thing! The main thing is that the headphones are added to the list of Find iPhone software.

Help map

You can display a picture with the location of the “apple” accessory using a PC or an iOS gadget. How will it be faster and easier? Comparison of methods. In the table.

What to do if I lost AirPods (for example, these are AirPods with Wireless Charging Case) in different places (as an option, one is under the sofa, and the second is tangled in the pillows)? In such curious situations, the map shows the location of only one “drop”. You will have to search one by one. First find one accessory, then update the map and go in search of the second. Real quest.

Why Find My iPhone isn’t seeing my headphones?

There may be several reasons for this:

  • Airpods are not connected to any gadget (this must be done before the loss);
  • The search option itself is not configured;
  • The headphones are dead or in the case.

Help from the manufacturer will also be meaningless if the accessory is lost on the street or outside the reach of the Apple device (more than 10 m).

It is worth considering that the Find iPhone application is the only service for tracking and finding Apple headphones, it has no analogues. The wireless software has several options in its arsenal, offering the user to choose the most suitable.

Search options

Finding headphones at home is easy. Often than not, the headphones fell into one of the technological slots of the sofa, got entangled in a pillowcase or duvet cover, etc.

Through the “Search” function

The first company that has been sensitive to the safety of lost devices is Apple. It was followed by others. Samsung, LG, Philips, Panasonic and dozens of purely Chinese companies, for example, ZTE and Huawei: they all use the Android system in their own devices. Find My Device works specifically from the device and when navigating from a PC to a website of a suitable service. To use the “Find device” (or “Find a gadget”) function, this function must be activated in advance. The user assigns a password for the phone and all devices with which this device sometimes connects. Do the following:

  • Go to the icloud website from your mobile or PC browser. Com and enter your username and password;
  • Go to the “Find iPhone” section (or “Find devices”) and download a map of your region, town and / or district;
  • Choose headphones connected to an iPhone or iPad;
  • Zoom in (zoom in) until you see the likely location where you last used them;
  • Click the Play Sound button; if the headphones are nearby, they will emit a trill or a tone signal.

Information about all devices connected to your iPhone or iPad, including Bluetooth headphones, is regularly recorded according to the dates and times of their use. Geolocation will indicate your recent deeds: if the headphones were last used (or are currently being used) generally not in your town, and without the help of others they move far from your current location, and you have not left the town anywhere, it means that they are I found it and took it to myself. In this case, you need to involve law enforcement agencies in the case, providing them with the following as material confirmation:

  • Screenshots of the location;
  • Box with the MAC address of the bluetooth headphones;
  • Information about your movement, which the police will request from your cellular provider.

Searching for AirPods via computer

  • Go to the iCloud website.
  • Log in to your personal account, log in with your username and password.
  • Open the special search software “Find iPhone”.
  • Find AirPods in the All Devices menu, click on them.

Searching for a smartphone via the app

Find Device also exists as a mobile application in the Google Market.

Works on the same principle. We go into the application, enter the data of our own Google account, after which a reddish GPS beacon is shown right on the map to find the phone. The only “but” is that it may not always be possible to find a lost phone using. A phone application.

And another fundamental point. Identical functions for blocking, dialing and deleting are also available in Find My Devices, so that the functionality of the Xiaomi and Google applications is actually SIMilar, here the only question is whether the user has an account in any of the services.

Create Mi Account

Before you can get all the advantages listed above, a Mi Account must be created and included in the accessory. This is not difficult at all to do. To gain access, only the email address and / or mobile phone number are useful. Registration of an account can be carried out by more than one method, we will consider them carefully.

After loading the resource, we decide on the way in which access to the benefits of the service will be provided. The name of the mailbox and / or the user’s mobile number can be used as a login for the MI Account.

Signing up with a mailbox is the fastest way to join the Xiaomi ecosystem. Only 3 common steps will be needed.

  • On the page that opens after clicking on the above link, enter the address of your own mailbox in the “E-mail” field. Then press the button “Create Mi Account”.

We come up with a password and enter it twice in the appropriate fields. Enter the captcha and click on the “Send” button.

This completes the registration, you will not even need to prove your email address. You need to wait a little and the system will redirect us to the login page.

The authorization method using a phone number is considered more harmless than using mail, but it will require proof using SMS.

How to find headphones?

Wireless headphones have a number of drawbacks, one of which is ease of loss. Modern options, for example, AirPods, released by Apple as a successful device for iPhones and iPads, do not have any wires at all. They have their batteries, wireless devices and amplifiers powered by the earphone itself. In the article we will take a closer look at how to find headphones.

How AirPods search works

The search system has its own characteristics and limitations that you need to know before implementation.

Firstly, the system works if the headphones are out of the charging case. A sound signal will be played on them, which will help you find the device.

Secondly, to send a signal, at least one of the devices to be paired with AirPods must be within the Bluetooth range. Specifically, a signal will be sent from it, if the headset is outside the zone of the module, the signal will not be sent.

Thirdly, the headphones will be displayed on the map rather conditionally, which is obviously not enough to find an accessory, you will have to focus only on sound. You can hear him only in complete silence.

If the headphones are in a case, you will have to find them without the help of others, if the search area is large, you will have to walk to search for a Bluetooth signal. Searching for a headset outdoors will not be crowned with success, it is unrealistic to hear the sound made on the street.

The app itself will give a hint about the AirPods’ search ability.

A blue indicator will mark the device that is used to search for a headset, a greenish indicator next to AirPods means that the device is online. You can start searching. A grayish indicator next to AirPods means that the headphones are turned off, discharged, out of range, or in a case.

How to find AirPods headphones: first steps

Lost your AirPods? For you you need:

  • Have an iOS device paired with the headset with version 10.3 or higher or a PC with web access.
  • Sign up for an Apple ID or have a personal account on the iCloud website.
  • Activate Find My iPhone.
  • Three colors show the current state of the Apple devices connected to the system:

    • Active devices that are within earshot are highlighted greenish;
    • Accessories that you can try to find are marked in blue;
    • Grayish. Airpods are in a case, outside the network’s zone of action, or are discharged.
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    How to find headphones at home

    In this case, if headphones are sown here and there at home, then everything is not so scary.

    Launch the Find iPhone application on your iOS device, and then you can see where the AirPods are on the map. Let it not show up to the room, but you can at least realize whether it makes sense to find headphones in the apartment or not. If you press the “Play Sound” button, then listen, if it’s AirPods squeaking under the sneaker. But if they sit down, then the chances of finding the device are drastically reduced.

    The entire annotation is carefully set out on the Apple website, I will not repeat myself, you can read and understand everything.

    How to find your lost AirPods?

    Airpods are incredibly high-quality, comfortable, compact and lightweight headphones. It will be very disappointing if one or both earbuds are lost, however, this can happen. Apple took into account such a possibility of loss and for this it used the well-known function “Find iPhone” for a long time, with which it is very easy to find a lost AirPods.

    Why AirPods are not showing on the map?

    There are several reasons why Find My iPhone won’t help find your AirPods:

    • Find My iPhone was not turned on on my paired iOS device.
    • If AirPods are running low.
    • Airpods don’t have GPS chips and rely on connecting to an iPhone or iPad. If the headphones are too far from the iOS device, about more than 10 meters, then it will also be difficult or impossible to find them.

    How to find AirPods?

    To find headphones, visit iCloud.com or open Find My iPhone. Find My iPhone allows you to see the location of all devices with the same Apple ID, including AirPods. However, it happens that the headphones are discharged or there is no connection with them. In this case, you will see information about their last location when they were online.

    Open Find My iPhone on your iOS device, or open iCloud.com in a computer browser.

    In a browser on your computer, sign in with your iCloud account and proceed to the next step. Do the same if you have an iPhone or iPad in your hands, but then go to step.

    • On your computer, in your browser, click the Find My iPhone icon.
    • After that, the service will display the location of all your devices on the map. To find the AirPod, open the All Devices menu and select AirPods, or for an iOS device, just click AirPods.
    • If they are found, you will see them on the map. The device you are using to search, such as a MacBook or iPhone, appears as a blue dot on the map. And the device you are looking for is displayed with a dot of a different color:

    Green. Your AirPods are online (connected to an iPhone or iPad) and you can play sound on them to make them easier to find.

    Gray. Your AirPods were not found or found for a number of reasons, which are described later in this article.

    • If a green dot is displayed, click on it. On a PC, you will see a pop-up window with a menu of actions in the upper right corner. And on iPhone, after clicking on the green dot, the “Actions” button will appear at the bottom, click it.
    • To make the headphones start to sound, click Play Sound.
    • There are also several options for controlling the sound being played:

    Stop Playing
    – stops playing sound on headphones.

    Mute Left
    – stops audio playback on the left AirPod to make it easier to understand where the right earpiece is.

    Mute Right
    – stops sound in the right AirPod to make it easier to understand where the left earphone is.

    If you managed to find only one earphone on the map, then place it in the case. After that, restart the “Find iPhone” function and repeat the search to find the second earphone.

    Thus, finding a lost AirPod or earbud is easy. True, this does not apply to the situation when you see a gray dot.

    What you need to find missing AirPods?

    • Iphone or other device with iOS3 or above.
    • Or a computer with a browser and Internet access.
    • Your AirPods must be connected to your iOS device before.
    • Login and password from your iCloud / Apple ID account.
    • Find My iPhone enabled.

    How to set up AirPods?

    When AirPods are connected to your iPhone or other iOS device, they immediately start using your iCloud account. This allows them to automatically pair with other devices running under the same account. Agree, a very convenient interaction, and when it comes to finding them, this is especially useful.

    Therefore, setting up AirPods happens by itself and does not require manual shoveling of system settings. The main thing is that after connecting the headphones, do not forget to turn on the “Find iPhone” function on your smartphone, and your AirPods will immediately be added to the devices available for search.

    How to replace a lost AirPods or case?

    If, nevertheless, it so happened that you could not find the lost AirPods or they are damaged, contact the MacTime service center for a replacement and set them up.

    Get AirPod Service Information at MacTime Service Center.

    How to find a lost wireless earbud?

    The absence of wires made our life much easier. However, this is also their big disadvantage. What to do if you lost your Bluetooth headphones? How to find a device if the second sock constantly plays the same cruel joke on you? There is a way out, and not one! We tell you how not to panic and do everything right.

    How to find a lost earphone?

    First of all, you need to restore the chain of events. After all, you must agree: it is much easier to look for the loss of a house than to run out into the street or go through all the places where you have visited before discovering the absence of your property. I note right away that all of the methods and options listed below are suitable for different brands of headphones. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to find a JBL, Samsung, Xiaomi (in particular AirDots), Sony, Honor and others will be the same!

    So, there can be several reasons for the loss:

    • You left your ears on the table at home and they fell somewhere;
    • The headset was left at school / university / office or somewhere else where you spend a lot of time every day;
    • The headphones fell out somewhere on the way home;
    • The headset was stolen, and you only noticed that it was missing at home.

    What to do if you lost the earphone in the apartment?

    There are two ways to find your lost: via Bluetooth and the “Find” function.

    How to find headphones at home?

    So where can you find your lost earpiece? It is much easier to find the loss at home than on the street, because we are talking about a limited space. Most often they fall into the cracks between the bed and the floor, disappear in a pillowcase or duvet cover if you are in the habit of listening to music in bed. Also, the ease of search is affected by whether the device is turned on or off. It is clear that an active headset is easier to find than an inactive or discharged one.

    How to find a lost earphone via Bluetooth?

    • Go to settings.
    • Find the item “Bluetooth → Bluetooth headset → Headphones and speakers”.
    • Find your device in the list.
    • Click “Connect”.
    • After connecting, give the command to emit a signal. This way you will quickly find them.

    If you can’t connect right away, try moving from room to room, periodically trying to pick up the signal.

    How to Find a Lost Bluetooth Earphone Using the Search Function

    Many companies now understand that the main advantage of their wireless devices is their curse at the same time. Therefore, now they can be found using geolocation. To do this, you need to activate the search option in advance, that is, this method is suitable only for those who are worried about connecting their device to the system. It captures all devices that periodically connect to your smartphone.

    The search procedure is as follows:

    • Go to icloud.com from your smartphone or PC, go to your personal account using your login and password.
    • In the item “Find devices” download the map of your location.
    • Select the headphones connected to your device.
    • Increase the area of ​​possible loss of headphones.
    • Click “Play Sound”: if the device is nearby, you will hear.

    How to find your wireless earbud using apps?

    Are there other ways to find headphones? Yes, there are several special applications for this:

    • Wunderfind: Find My Device. Headphones. This Google Play app will tell you where to find headphones, portable speakers, fitness bracelets and other devices. You can download the application from the links: Android and iOS.
    • Find my bluetooth device. Another Google Play Store app. It works on the same principle as the previous one: it shows all wireless devices on the map nearby. You can download the link for Android.
    • Findmyheadset is a PC program. After installing it, it sends an audio signal to the wireless headphones. A great way to find a headset in your apartment if it is up to 10 m away from you and is not empty. You can download the link to your computer.

    So we figured out what to do if we lost the earpiece. Hope you managed to find your lost Bluetooth earphone and the article was helpful! If you know more ways to find a lost wireless earbud, write in the comments.

    How to find AirPods headphones: first steps

    Lost your AirPods? You need:

    • Have an iOS device paired with the headset with version 10.3 or higher or a PC with Internet access.
    • Sign up for an Apple ID account or have a personal account on the iCloud website.
    • Activate Find My iPhone.

    Three colors show the current state of Apple devices connected to the system:

    • Active gadgets that are within earshot are highlighted in green;
    • Devices that you can try to find are marked in blue;
    • Gray. Airpods are in a case, out of network coverage or discharged.
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    How to find a second Airpods earphone: go to the sound

    The second way to find Airpods if you lost them at home is to use a sound signal. Are you sure that the device is nearby and it is not discharged? Then searching by sound is the best option to help you find your ears as quickly as possible.

    The procedure is as follows:

    • Go to the application or website;
    • Select “Actions” from the menu;
    • Click “Play Sound”;
    • The headset will beep with increasing volume for two minutes;
    • Turn off the right and left headphones alternately to find them faster.

    Searching for AirPods via computer

    • Go to the iCloud website.
    • Log in to your personal account, log in with your username and password.
    • Open the special search software “Find iPhone”.
    • Find AirPods in the All Devices menu, click on them.

    How to find the Airpods earphone: looking for a lost device on the map

    How to find the AirPods earphone in the room? If visual search did not help, it’s time to connect heavy artillery: search for the lost device using the Find iPhone function. This will display their location on the map.

    How Airpods are searched?

    The search system for Apple brand wireless headsets has its own characteristics:

    • Headphones should be outside the case. The charger mutes the signal, so even being close to it, the system will show the gadget inactive.
    • The headset must be paired with an Apple device. It will be the signal that will tell you where and how to find Airpods headphones.
    • The easiest way to find your lost device is at home. It will emit a beep that you may SIMply not hear on the street.
    • Display on the map is possible only if the headphones are not discharged. If the device is turned off or its battery is low, the application can only show its last location.
    • Remember that the Bluetooth range is 10 meters or less. Therefore, the sound signal can be heard only near the lost device.

    How to find your lost Airpods?

    A key advantage and at the same time the curse of modern headsets is the lack of wires. Because of this, they are constantly lost. Sometimes one by one, then immediately in pairs, and sometimes it happens with the case. In this article, we’ll look at how to find your Airpods if you’ve lost them.

    In the previous article, we have already described what to do if you lost the earphone JBL, Xiaomi, Sony and others.

    Search AirPods via phone (app)

    • Open the Find My iPhone app.
  • Sign in: enter your personal Apple ID and password.
  • Find the headphones in the list of devices and click the corresponding button.
  • How to find a lost Airpods earphone on the street?

    If Find My iPhone has not been activated or the headphones are completely discharged, try navigating to where they tracked before disconnecting. However, no one can guarantee that they will calmly wait for you there. If Airpods move around the map. This is a reason to sound the alarm and contact law enforcement agencies: most likely, someone found them and appropriated them. Find iPhone is the only way to help those who have lost Airpods.

    10 Xiaomi Mi Sport Bluetooth Headset

    Good Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones for sports. Xiaomi comfortable Bluetooth headset

    Xiaomi Mi Sport Bluetooth Headset (30). Xiaomi in-ear Bluetooth headset for sports. Due to its lightness and earhooks, the earbuds are unlikely to fall out during training. Except, perhaps, the most active. The sound is quite good for a soundtrack for jogging or exercising in the hall. Suitable for rhythmic electronic music. But the elaboration of the HF is frustrating: there are sibilants, peaks (those same “sawing” notes).

      Comfortable fit in your ears. Autonomy 5-6 hours. Quality connection.
      Large buildings. Sound is skewed at HF.
      Comfortable fit. Xiaomi Mi Sport Bluetooth Headset are good Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones for sports. As befits a sports model, the headphones “sit” comfortably and reliably. Autonomy. Enough for training. On average 5-6 hours at a volume above average. Compound. Reliable signal within a radius of 10 meters. In the gym, you can put your phone somewhere and work out calmly.

    Xiaomi Mi Sport Bluetooth Headset Kit

      Dimensions. The enclosures are quite large. It is inconvenient under the hat, and just protrude noticeably on the sides. Sound. HF skew can be annoying to many. It is worth considering this moment.

    • Device type: headphone with microphone
    • Type: plug-in (plugs)
    • Type: dynamic
    • Charging: Micro USB
    • Resistance: 32 ohm
    • Music playing time: 7 hours
    • Standby time: 280 h
    • Battery: 100mAh
    • Bluetooth version: V4.1
    • Bluetooth working distance: about 10m
    • Bluetooth protocols: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
    • Waterproof: IPX4
    • Weight: 0.019 kg
    • Price: 30
    • Headphones
    • Charging cable
    • 5 pairs of interchangeable ear pads
    • Documentation

    TOP 10: Best Xiaomi Headphones (2020)

    Wireless and wired:

    No. Model Description Price
    1. Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro 2 Hybrid vacuum headphones from Xiaomi, the best in terms of price and quality; 25
    2. Xiaomi Redmi AirDots S Fully Wireless Vacuum Earbuds, Top 20 Best from Xiaomi; 20
    3. Xiaomi Mi Collar Bluetooth Headset Xiaomi Wireless Neckband Headphones; 50
    4. Xiaomi Millet Sports Bluetooth Wireless sports headset, lightweight and comfortable; 23
    five. Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro Xiaomi Fully Wireless Noise Canceling Vacuum Headphones; 120
    6. Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 A relatively budgetary fully wireless Bluetooth headset from Xiaomi; 80
    7. Xiaomi Mi Headphones Light Edition The best full-size headphones from Xiaomi with an interesting design; 35
    eight. Xiaomi Mi Piston Headphones Basic Cheap Xiaomi vacuum headphones with good sound for your money; eight
    nine. Xiaomi Mi ANC Type-C In-Ear Earphones Headset with active noise canceling and Type-C connection from Xiaomi; thirty
    ten. Xiaomi Mi Sport Bluetooth Headset Xiaomi in-ear Bluetooth headphones for sports. Thirty

    9 Xiaomi Mi ANC Type-C In-Ear Earphones

    Xiaomi active noise canceling headphones for phone. Xiaomi headphones headset with Type-C connection

    Xiaomi Mi ANC Type-C In-Ear Earphones (30). In-ear headphones with active noise canceling for phones from Xiaomi. Headphones are connected via USB Type-C. There are more and more models with this type of connection. After all, there are no 3.5 mm connectors in many new smartphones. The sound of this model is pretty average. For 30, in principle, you can find headphones that will sound better. But that with active noise cancellation and Type-C is unlikely. “Shumodav” does its job, although it is far from the leaders of the segment.

      A useful package. Active noise cancellation. Design and build.
      Not fully compatible with some smartphones. The cable is flimsy and thin.
      Set. There is a fairly large selection of ear pads, additional locks, a solid base for winding headphones (many use it) and a soft carrying case. Active noise cancellation. It is not ideal, it removes mainly the mids. The low frequency hum remains. But the metro is quite comfortable. Design and build. Xiaomi Mi ANC Type-C In-Ear Earphones are Xiaomi headset headphones that look good (Piston style) and the materials and workmanship are of high quality. Only the cable is in doubt.

    Xiaomi Mi ANC Type-C In-Ear Earphones with Noise Canceling

      Compatibility. On some smartphones, headphones may not be detected correctly, noise cancellation may not work, or the sound may SIMply be very quiet. Cable. Looks rather flimsy: thin, prone to tangling.

    • Device type: headphone with microphone
    • Type: plug-in (plugs)
    • Type: dynamic
    • Frequency Response Range: 20. 40,000 Hz
    • Resistance: 32 ohm
    • Sensitivity: 113dB
    • Active noise cancellation system
    • Headphone jack: USB Type-C
    • Headphone Jack Shape: Straight
    • Cable length: 1.25m
    • Features: fabric braided cable
    • Headphones
    • 3 pairs of interchangeable ear pads
    • 2 pairs of extra ear clips
    • Solid base for winding headphones
    • Cloth cover
    • Documentation

    TOP 10: Best Xiaomi Headphones

    TOP 10: Best Xiaomi Headphones (2020). These are proven inexpensive headsets (wireless and wired) with the best value for money. All headphones from Xiaomi usually have a low price. And even True Wireless headphones from Xiaomi, which were included in our rating, do not cost more than 80.

    Which Xiaomi headphones are better to choose. Wireless or wired?

    There is no outright slag among the Xiaomi headphones, and even the most budget models in the ranking play quite tolerably. But how to choose the best Xiaomi headphones for yourself?

    Answer the main question. Wired or wireless headphones you are looking for?


      Sports. Models for jogging and gym. Concurrently, they cope well with music under normal conditions. But it is better to buy for the intended purpose, since they have the appropriate functionality for which you pay extra. With a neckband. Wireless headphones with good sound quality and good autonomy around 10 hours. Fully wireless (true wireless). Wireless headphones with good sound quality but little autonomy (there is a charging case).

    Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro black


      Everything is SIMple here. Choose any, depending on the price and form factor (in-ear, in-ear, full-size, overhead). Xiaomi has all the options. The ranking presents only the best headsets for their price. The higher the price, the higher the sound level.

    Xiaomi Mi Piston Fresh

    8 Xiaomi Mi Piston Headphones Basic

    Xiaomi vacuum headphones with microphone. Cheap with metal housings

    Xiaomi Mi Piston Headphones Basic (8). Cheap in-ear headphones with a Xiaomi microphone. These are the most basic Pistons. Metal capsules, flat cable and only 3 pairs of ear pads included. For your money. Better than many analogues. The sound is also “basic”. This is an excellent replacement for the bundled headphones for your phone. For those who listen to music only in the background or prefer audio books and podcasts. These Xiaomi headphones are wired and can act as a headset, there is a microphone. True, there is only one button.

    Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic (10) are inexpensive vacuum earphones from Xiaomi. This model differs from Piston Headphones Basic in several nuances. There is not a flat, but an ordinary “round” cable (also without braiding), a slightly different shape of the remote control, an L-shaped jack and there is a version in red. Apparently, that’s why these headphones are a little more expensive. # 128526; The difference in sound, if any, is not worth the time searching.