What to do if it is impossible to save the phone from water

Remove contaminants

If your phone is covered with silt, sand, or food (you may have dropped it in a bowl of borscht) wash it off gently with clean, distilled water to prevent corrosion. Do it under a thin stream. under no circumstances place the device in a basin or sink.

Put your gadget on the dry, horizontal surface and gently wipe the connectors and the whole open surface of the device with a microfibre cloth or a towel. Do not use paper, because particles of paper can stay inside the case.

How to save a phone that has fallen into water

So, what to do if your cell phone (smartphone) fell into the water?

  • Remove it from the water immediately. The sooner this is done, the better the chances of keeping your smartphone working.
  • Immediately turn it off and do not try to turn it on for at least 1-2 days. As a rule, when hit by water, the smartphone itself almost immediately turns off, but if this does not happen, you should turn off the device forcibly, because even a small amount of moisture in the body can cause a short circuit without the possibility of reanimating the drowned phone.
  • Disassemble your smartphone. Open the cover, remove the battery, SIM card, memory card and other removable parts. If the appliance is not demountable, simply wipe it down and start drying.
  • Wipe everything thoroughly with a dry cloth. You should not use different means, for example, alcohol, as if you are not careful you can ruin the microcircuits.
  • Dry the device. It is not advisable to try to speed up this process with a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer, as the drops can simply penetrate deeper into the case and the warm air can melt the delicate plastic elements. For the same reasons you should not put the equipment on a hot radiator or near a powerful heat source. And, of course, under no circumstances should you put your smartphone in the oven or microwave. it can simply explode.
  • Turn it on. If you are sure that the appliance is already dry, you can assemble it and try to turn it on. As a rule, many models are turned on after 1-2 days drying, but sometimes you need more time (about a week).

But what to do if you drowned the touch phone in water, disassembled, dried, and it still does not turn on? In this case it is worth asking for help in a service center. Unfortunately, quite often after the diagnostics it turns out that the sunken phone can’t be restored. Contact a master and under condition if the device still earned, as on individual elements corrosion process could begin.

Phone does not turn on after water

One of the most common problems with which people turn to service centers for equipment repair, is the salvation of “drowned” smartphones. What to do if. RIA Novosti, 07.12.2021

MOSCOW, November 24. RIA Novosti. One of the most common problems that people turn to tech repair service centers with is rescuing “drowned” smartphones. What to do if the touch phone fell into the water and does not turn on or works improperly. in the article of RIA Novosti.What to do if your phone falls into waterWhen your smartphone falls into a puddle or gets into other liquid, water seeps inside the device and contacts the internal components. In this case it is recommended to immediately contact the service center, but if there is no such possibility, you can try to solve the problem yourself.First actionsIf your smartphone gets wet or dropped in the liquid, the first thing to do is to turn off the phone, if it responds to presses, and remove the battery. If you drop your smartphone in salt water, rinse it in fresh water.The battery is not inserted for at least a day, or better until a specialist disassembles the technique and makes sure that the contacts are in order.Safety rulesDo not haphazardly tap your smartphone’s screen and check its functionality. You need to leave your smartphone for drying, and at the first opportunity to contact the service center. If a lot of water has gotten into the phone, turn it upside down so the liquid drains out.Safety rules: Do not connect your wet device to the network or PC. The first is fraught with shock and short circuit. The second. Not only your phone but also your computer can be damaged.How to remove moisture from the phoneContact with moisture causes a short circuit, and further leads to corrosion, failure of important units and individual components of the device.The most important thing is a fast reaction. The sooner the device can be removed and dried, the more chances it has to be resuscitated. Even if the smartphone model has a high level of protection against moisture, there is a maximum of 30 minutes to save it. If the phone was connected by cable, it is necessary to disconnect from a power source only then to take the smartphone in hands.Let’s add that in the service centers do not give a guarantee for continuous operation of the drowned phone.HairdryerDrying your phone with a hair dryer is not advised, even with a cold jet of air. Hot jets can even melt your internal contacts. From the hair dryer air is blown into the device, so the water droplets are deposited on the internal parts, but not evaporate.Vacuum CleanerThis technique is much more effective than a hair dryer. Vacuum cleaner sucks the air, so the liquid will evaporate well from the phone. To avoid damaging the parts, it is better to use a narrow nozzle and gradually bring it to all the openings of the device. After the procedure it is necessary to put the smartphone in a dry place.A warm room or the sunAfter thoroughly vacuuming the phone, leave the device to dry for 3-7 days.Specialists categorically do not recommend drying the phone in the sun, as the condensate will remain inside the microchips.Silica gel or riceRice and silica gel absorb liquid on direct contact. In the smartphone the water gets inside, so it will not be absorbed in circles or balls of silicone dehumidifier.Nevertheless, it is possible to dry out the battery this way, if it is removed from the phone. But the internal contacts will still remain damaged.AlcoholEvery opinion that the soaked smartphone can be saved, if you leave it in a glass with alcohol for 20-30 minutes. Allegedly alcohol draws out moisture. But using this method, device owners note that after a while the screen is strongly spoiled, it appears colored stains. The expert does not recommend such a bathing at all. Maximum. Alcohol can be used to wipe the gadget.What you can’t doNo way should you try to take the phone apart after it has been dropped into the water, to wipe it and reassemble it. Such actions will spoil it for good. You should not open the case, it is better to take it to a technician immediately. Especially if the warranty has not yet expired.Disassembly into small piecesOnly specialists in the service center can disassemble the phone without damaging its components. Doing it at home is categorically not recommended, except if the owner already has similar experience.For free exit of a moisture it is necessary to remove covers, protective films, covers, memory cards and SIM-cards. Then it is necessary to wipe the phone with a dry napkin or a cloth so that no lint remains on the device.Freezing your smartphoneIf you resort to this method, then after the device is removed from the freezer, the ice formed in it will melt, and the internal elements will get wet again.Switching on within the first 24 hoursThe moisture usually dries out within a few days. Many people try to turn on the phone after only a few hours. Doing so is not recommended, as it takes at least a day to thoroughly dry and evaporate moisture.”Modern phones are water resistant, and if you take it out quickly, it may be unharmed. But just in case, don’t use it for a while and turn it on at least every other day,” said Alexandra Gavrilova, director for strategic communications at Digital Platforms.What to do if the phone does not turn onA modern device will turn itself off when immersed in water, because it has a built-in sensor regulating the level of humidity. He opens the electrical circuits to prevent a short circuit. Forced start can put the unit out of service.If your phone is a push-button phone, pressing the keys will allow the liquid to get into the phone. Moisture droplets get stuck between the buttons. Any pressure pushes them inside.Possible problems after dryingLiquid trapped inside the device will adversely affect its continued operation.The sensor does not work. The reason was the oxidation of the contacts between the cable and the sensor. If drying it out does not help, you should call a service technician. In the most extreme case it is possible to try to change the sensor by your own forces.Instructions for replacing the sensor with a new module at home:The speaker does not work. Liquid can easily get inside this part of the phone. As a result, the speaker wheezes or stops working. Usually drying at home helps, otherwise you will have to go to the service center.Phone freezes and restarts all the time. Memory module seems to be damaged. You could try drying it out again. If the problems remain, then you can’t do without the help of a specialist.The phone worked, and then stoppedIf the smartphone does not charge and does not turn on, it means that the metal contacts oxidized. Motherboard and modules stop working in this case. In the service center specialists will disassemble and clean the parts from salts. Sometimes you have to replace the motherboard, but its cost is commensurate with the cost of a new phone.If the device has fallen into water, it is worth adhering to simple rules:

Myth 4. If you shake the phone or press all the buttons, the liquid will flow out.

If you type in the search “phone fell into the water and does not turn on”, one of the most popular tips is to shake the smartphone, blow it with a stream of air and press all the buttons to push the water out of the device. After such actions, water can spread to all elements inside the device and further damage it.

You may think: but what to do if none of the above methods are ineffective?? The best solution. Contact specialists at a service center who are experienced in solving such problems. They will make diagnostics of the device, will find all the damages and will quickly return the operability of your smartphone. Contact Notebook Center!

What to do when the phone falls into the water and does not turn on

As you know, water and phones (electronic devices) never go hand in hand and in this unequal battle the phone can no longer turn on.

There is no 100% guarantee that you will be able to restore your device to full physical readiness after a swim, but your quick action can make all the difference.

The main thing is to get your phone out of the water as soon as possible. The sooner this is done, the less water will get inside the device and the less chance of “destruction”.

The next step is the immediate removal of the battery (if, of course, the design of the phone allows).

A short circuit is the most common cause of equipment failure.

So you can’t waste time turning the phone off. which can take several seconds. get rid of the back cover and remove the battery quickly.

It’s different when the phone is built in one piece (the battery is non-removable). Then the battery can not be removed quickly and we have only to run to the service.

However, devices such as the Xperia Z, Galaxy S4 or S5, Xcover 3 or even the flagship Galaxy S7 are considered more “advanced” have appropriate certificates of durability and are mostly waterproof (resistant to total immersion in water for a certain period of time).

If your cell phone is off, you’re tempted to try to turn it on to check, so don’t do it.

On the contrary, remove the SIM card and the memory card. They store your personal data and you could lose it.

Next, clean and dry the device thoroughly. You may use a towel, cloth, or the like which quickly absorbs water.

The more water you can get off your phone, the better. If your smartphone is “drunk” on sugary drinks, you should clean it before drying it, such as with isopropyl alcohol.

The sticky residue can be hazardous to your equipment, but isopropyl alcohol is harmless and electronics will not create electrolysis.

Avoid paper towels, because while cleaning, they get wet and their residue can get stuck in the phone’s grooves.

Do not, under any circumstances, use a dryer! The influx of hot air, can remove water from the outside of the phone, but it can also “drive” it into the case even more.

There is one good way. To dry the phone, place it in a dry container with silica gel, which helps remove excess moisture.

Small packs are in a shoe box. these little bags have balls in the middle and absorb moisture quickly.

If you don’t have this at home, you can use raw rice for drying, which is also a good absorber of moisture.

After cleaning, put the phone in a dry and safe place for a dozen or a few dozen hours.

It is best to power on the phone only after at least 24 hours, or better yet 48 hours have passed.

If the phone doesn’t turn on, try starting it up by plugging in the charger.

If the phone still shows no signs of life (does not turn on), give it more time to dry.

The smartphone can sometimes take up to a week to recover from the shock.

Additional drying of phone insides

The drying process should not be rushed. Once you’ve made sure the phone is dry, leave it alone for about 48 hours. Place the phone on a dry absorbent cloth (such as a towel).

  • Tip. For effective drying dip the phone in a hill of dry rice. It’s great for absorbing moisture. It is advisable not to eat rice after drying. Especially if you took the phone out of the toilet.

The first thing to do if your phone has been dropped into water?

So, you laughed a long time at songs like “there’s a phone in the toilet. the sixth iPhone”, but at some point you just forgot about the gadget in your back and. oops! embarrassing situation. Remove the gadget and let it out as soon as possible.

The first thing to do when you take the phone out is to turn it off and try to get the battery out. Today it is not easy to do this in most phones, you need a special screwdriver. It will be very useful for this instruction. But you should not leave the battery because if the current will continue to go to microchips, the contacts will immediately oxidize and it will be almost impossible to repair the phone afterwards. It is impossible to insert the battery into the phone for at least 24 hours. Or better. do not insert at all, until either you or the service specialists do not disassemble it and make sure that all the contacts are in order. Even if the phone has been in water for a couple of seconds, believe me, the irreparable has already happened. No matter how rugged and impermeable the case may seem, most modern phones are not. Unless you have the latest iPhone with a high degree of water resistance IP67 or IP68.

The most important thing. do not start randomly pressing the buttons on the phone, trying to test its performance. Turn off the device, remove the SIM card and memory card, with the rest you will sort out later. If there is a lot of water in the phone, try to shake it from the bottom up, holding it away from you with a hole through which water can pass.

The correct algorithm of action to save the phone Xiaomi

So, the smartphone is already out of the water and waiting for your care. What to do first?

First you need to wipe your smartphone until it is dry so that there is not even a hint of moisture left. It is desirable to wipe the device with a special lint-free cloth not only to remove all the liquid but also not to leave scratches. Especially pay attention to all connectors. speakers, 3.5 mm mini-jack and of course the hole for the charging cord.

After this mandatory action you can proceed to the disassembly of your smartphone. Attention: disassembly is necessary only in case of a (relatively) long stay of the smartphone in water. If you are not sure that you are ready to disassemble the device yourself. do not do it. It is better to take your smartphone to the professionals.

Disassembling your smartphone

First remove the tray for SIM cards from the device. this is a must before disassembly. Recall that not so long ago our website published a detailed instruction on how to remove the lid of the smartphone Xiaomi. it will be very useful for this instruction and.

Be sure to have the right tools ready before disassembly. a plastic “spatula” and a plectrum. Use the plectrum to gently pry the edge of the cover of the device until you hear a “snap” sound and just as gently run the plectrum all around the perimeter of the cover until it comes out of its grooves.

Once the cover is removed from the notches do not make any sudden movements. You will need to carefully lift it up and disconnect the screen cable. After that you can safely put the cover aside.

Once inside the device, begin to unscrew all the screws. try to remember their location for easier reassembly in reverse order. Pay special attention to the battery. you will need to heat the battery a little to separate it from the special adhesive strips. After the heating the battery should come away from its recess well. Be sure to disconnect all flat cables before further disassembly.

Checking the Motherboard

Having disassembled all the insides, we get to the motherboard of the smartphone. It is very easy to find. usually in Xiaomi smartphones it is located above the battery and is shaped like a large plate. We need to check the extent of the tragedy. the biggest fear for the “motherboard” can be called oxidation.

For ease of diagnosis, the manufacturer has provided a special indicator. a small circle that turns pink when water hits the motherboard. If upon inspection you do not find traces of oxidation (they look like a white deposit), then you simply need to dry the device. If oxidation has formed, you will have to clean it.

Oxidation Cleaning

There are special solutions for cleaning from oxidation. you can easily find them at any specialized household chemicals store. We take a small amount of the solution, spread it on the unnecessary toothbrush and gently with reciprocating movements remove all unnecessary traces.


After cleaning the phone from oxidation you need to dry it and now you can use a hair dryer. put it on the weakest mode and dry the smartphone for 5 minutes at a distance of 1 meter from the phone without touching it with your hands.

impossible, phone, water

If you are not quite sure that all the components of the device are dried, you can also put the assembled smartphone in an airtight bag filled with rice. this cereal well absorbs all the residual liquid.

Assembling the smartphone and checking its performance

After drying the smartphone you can assemble it in the reverse order, remembering to do everything carefully, without sudden movements. After reassembly you can check the device for correct operation.

Now you know how you can save the “drowned”. If all of the above steps have not helped, then feel free to go to the nearest service center. be sure that a specialist will help you.