What to do if iPhone XR is frozen

What to do if iPhone freezes? How to prevent future freezes?

Each smartphone works in such a way as to perform certain processes. Those, in turn, are created by applications and downloaded by the user in the event that he wants to go to his favorite game, for example. Sometimes it happens that there are too many of these processes, and the operating system becomes unable to process so much data. Simply put, the phone freezes and stops processing user commands.

Despite the fact that Apple’s technology is considered reliable enough and such that it does not cause any inconvenience during use, there are times when the iPhone-5 freezes. What to do in such situations, and how to solve such a problem without harm to the device, we will tell you in this article.

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What to do if iPhone is frozen?

The device itself provides a standard way out of such situations. When the user does not know what to do if the iPhone is frozen, of course, the first way out, which does not provide for any interference with the phone’s operation, is to simply wait for the processor to return to normal operating mode on its own in a few minutes. It is possible that one or more applications will be closed for this.

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If you need a device now, there is no time to wait, and the iPhone-4c is frozen, but you do not know what to do. then it is worth doing the following operation. It is necessary to simultaneously hold down the central button located under the screen (it is called Home. Return to the home page), as well as the power off key (on the top right panel). In general, this combination is intended for taking screenshots of the screen, however, if you keep it longer, then an automatic reboot occurs. This is what you need when the iPhone-5 is frozen (you don’t know what to do).

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How to prevent future freezes

In fact, preventing iPhone from freezing is not that difficult. Since the main reason for such freezes is either the “overload” of the device by programs that consume too many resources (namely, RAM), or the launch of applications that generate errors (though this depends solely on the developers).

It turns out that so that the iPhone does not freeze, you need to monitor how many applications are running in the background, and periodically close them when the need for their functioning disappears.

Nothing helps, the phone does not respond

If even the power connection of your iPhone did not help it get out of the freeze state, this means that the problem may be at the hardware level. To solve it, the phone needs to be carried to the service center for specialists to help you.

When the hang occurs?

Not the phone is hanging, but only one application

The methods described above reveal what to do if the iPhone is frozen and does not give any signs for any commands. whether it be pressing the Home button or trying to lock the screen. In the event that only the application that you were using at the moment is frozen, the act should be even easier.

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How to speed up the system

If your iPhone freezes often enough and you would like to speed up its performance in some way, we recommend that you take some action with it. So, for example, if your device of older generations periodically freezes (models 3, 4 series and earlier). it’s probably all about the iOS firmware. The thing is that Apple regularly releases updates to its operating system, which consume more and more resources. This is done with the aim of making older models work worse, which would encourage users to buy new phones. You can solve the problem of slow operation of old devices by abandoning updates and rolling back the system to “your” version. the one that was originally installed on the device. It will work much better, you will see.