What To Do If Iphone Is Not Charging

What To Do If Iphone Is Not Charging

September 28, 2017

To always stay in touch, do not forget to charge your smartphone in a timely manner. Unfortunately, sometimes a mobile device does not respond at all to the connection to a power source. If your iPhone does not charge, then the problem can most often be solved by simple actions. We also figured out why sometimes the iPhone does not charge from Power Bank.

Physical reasons

Apple recommends the following replenishment procedures for its devices:

  1. Plug the cable into the gadget.
  2. Insert the other end of the cable into:
    • USB adapter sockets.
    • In the computer’s USB port.
    • Certified accessory: Docking station or hub with external power.

    After that, you should see a large image of the battery (in lock mode) or lightning in the status bar on the screen.

    If the smartphone does not respond to charging. there is no lightning bolt icon. or shows charging, but does not charge, first check the simplest causes of the problem:

    1. If the phone is completely discharged and disconnected, and then does not turn on and does not charge, leave it to charge for 10 minutes. With a strong loss of charge, the screen may initially remain black, without indicating the process.
    2. Inspect and probe the cable for creases, tears, and bent pins. Use only certified wires. If you suspect damage to the cable, try connecting the iPhone 4 to another.
    3. Examine the port of the smartphone, especially if you are wearing an iPhone 7 or 6s with a Lightning connector without a closed case in your pocket. Dust is easily forgotten in the port, the short contact area of ​​the Lightning cable stops entering tightly, and therefore the iPhone 6, 6S, 4 or another model does not charge. The solution to the problem is simple. take a clean toothpick and carefully remove dust and lint. Additionally blow air through the port and plug it into a power source.
    4. If iPhone 5, 6s or another model is not charging from the computer via USB, switch the wire to another connector. Some USB ports may simply not work due to their breakdown or incorrect connection, so the PC does not see the attached gadget and does not respond to it.

    If after all the checks the iPhone 5, 5S still doesn’t charge, we’ll look for the reasons further.

    “Accessory not certified”

    In the fight against fakes, Apple engineers have taught their products to recognize the authenticity of cables. To do this, the plug is equipped with a special chip that tells the phone which wire they are going to plug into the outlet. If the iPhone has stopped charging completely and displays a message about connecting an uncertified accessory, change the cable to the original one.

    If such a message appears when using the “native” wire, check its integrity, clean the iPhone port and reboot the device.

    Software issues

    Another common reason why iPhone doesn’t charge is because of software crashes. If errors occur in the operation of iOS, the controller does not receive a command, and charging does not go. The problem is resolved by a forced reboot:

    • On iPhone 7 and above: hold down the power and volume down keys, hold for 10-15 seconds until the apple logo appears on the display.
    • On iPhone 6s, 5s and younger: hold down the power and Home keys.

    The Aiphon will reboot and turn on, after which it will begin to respond to charging.

    When to go to the service.

    A number of problems cannot be resolved independently. If the power controller is broken. from shock or water, the battery has reached the end of its service life, you will have to contact the service. Signs of internal damage. the phone does not charge and does not turn on, quickly loses its charge percentage, gets very hot or the iPhone indicates that it is charging, but the charge does not increase.

    If you have been using the iPhone for more than a year, then its battery will start to run out faster. Over time, the intervals between recharges can be significantly reduced. replacing the battery will be the solution to the problem. Note that the smartphone has a non-removable battery, so entrust it to a service center. You can only remove the battery yourself if you can properly disassemble and assemble the gadget.

    Power Bank Charging

    There may be several reasons why the iPhone from the Power Bank is not charging. First, check the cable is working and connect another device to charge. If everything is okay with the wire, and the Power Bank is not charging the iPhone 5s, 6 or the other, research:

    • Output Current: iPhone requires 1 A.
    • Use the original Apple wires, and not complete ones from the Power Bank. a too thin section reduces voltage and amperage.
    • The ratio of the capacity of the external battery and phone: for a successful full charge, the battery capacity of the gadget should be 2 times less. In ordinary iPhones, batteries for 1700-1900 mAh are installed, in the Plus line. 2800-3000 mAh. In Chinese Power bank, the real capacity may not correspond to the declared.

    If all the parameters are in order, but when connected, the Apple gadget does not charge, although the charge on the other devices on this Power bank regularly increases. the device is not compatible with your smartphone.

    If the charging process is ongoing, but extremely slowly:

    • Unload applications from the smartphone’s memory. double-click on “Home” and swipe up unnecessary programs. Skype, instant messengers, games, a browser with open tabs. they all constantly spend device energy. To speed up, you can completely turn off the phone.
    • Calibrate the Power bank and smartphone batteries. 2-3 times you need to completely discharge them, before turning off the device, after switching on, leave to charge up to 100%. This will help to adjust the power controller and avoid accelerated discharge or sudden shutdown.


    We figured out what to do if your iPhone is not charging from a charger or Power bank. Most of the reasons are eliminated by the simplest actions. cleaning the port, changing the cable, rebooting the phone. If the phone has sat down and refuses to turn on after all the manipulations. bring it to a service where specialists can see and fix the breakdown.