What To Do If A Samsung Smartphone Does Not See A Sim Card – Ways To Solve The Problem

What To Do If A Samsung Smartphone Does Not See A Sim Card. Ways To Solve The Problem

A SIM card is an identification module of a cellular subscriber. Without her correct work such operations as making and receiving calls, sending SMS messages, as well as the full functioning of some applications are impossible. Sometimes the phone may fail, refusing to see the installed card of one of the mobile operators. In the article, we will consider what to do if the SIM card does not see the Samsung smartphone.

The root causes of the problem

All the main causes of problems with the SIM card can be divided into two categories:

  • Physical problems. These include damage to phone components, oxidation and contamination of contacts, burnout of a SIM card chip.
  • Software crashes. This group of problems includes problems with the smartphone software.

We will examine in more detail with possible ways to troubleshoot each of the categories presented.

Hardware troubleshooting

In this section, only those methods of solving the problem that can be independently performed at home will be presented.

If the recommendations do not give the desired effect, you should contact the service center or a specialist for diagnostics and subsequent repairs.

The main steps to eliminate physical damage are as follows:

    Checking the correct installation of SIM-cards. Perhaps the element was simply installed on the wrong side, which caused a lack of contact.

  • Testing a SIM card and mobile device. You should install the card in another phone, if everything works fine there, that means the problem is in the device, if not, the reason for the problem is in the SIM card. What you have to do when Samsung does not see the SIM card depends on the result.
  • Solving problems with the phone is to check the contacts going to the SIM card. The procedure is feasible provided that there is a removable battery. It is necessary to wipe the contacts with alcohol and slightly bend the metal part for a better fit. Also The cause of the problem may be a software failure, which will be discussed below. In all other cases, the smartphone will have to be sent for inspection to the master.
  • A number of root causes are associated with the incorrect operation of Sims. We will examine in more detail with each of them:

      Mechanical damage to the element. You should check the SIM card for severe scratches, chips and bends of the chip. If there are any, you will need to contact the customer service center for a replacement.

    SIM card warp. A long period of operation and exposure to elevated temperatures can cause slight bending of the plastic, which affects the contact tightness. You should slightly bend the SIM card so that the side with the microcircuit is slightly convex. Here the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you can break the element.

  • Chip contamination. What to do if Samsung does not see a SIM card for this reason? Wipe the metal part with alcohol, removing dirt and other obstructions.
  • Among the problems related to the SIM card, there may also be those that are not related to mechanical damage:

    • Shutdown due to prolonged inactivity. Mobile operators turn off subscriber numbers if the account has not been replenished for any amount during the year. By calling from another phone, you can find out the current status of the number and the possibility of its restoration.
    • The new card has not yet been activated. Topping up a balance often solves the issue.

    Troubleshooting software failures

    Software problems arise in the smartphone‘s operating system and can only be solved using cardinal methods: resetting to factory settings or flashing the smartphone.

    Hard reset can be performed in several ways: through the phone settings menu or launch Recovery Mode.

    After the procedure, all user data will be deleted, so you should transfer important files to your computer in advance or put them in the cloud storage.

    Flashing the operating system will require certain knowledge and the use of special programs. If Samsung does not see the SIM card after installing the updates, then you need to search for the previous version of the firmware, in which the indicated problem will be absent. Further auto-update should be disabled (at least until another software version is released).

    If you are not confident in your own abilities or instructions for installing the OS yourself are superficial, it is better to seek help from a specialist.