What To Choose Honor Or Huawei

The life cycle of a smartphone is 2-4 years, depending on the technical stuffing. Therefore, the time comes when the owner thinks about updating the morally or physically obsolete device. Most often, the choice is made between models of untwisted brands. As a rule, large manufacturers compete among themselves in all price segments. Class rivals are often similar to each other both externally and technically.

When solving “Samsung a8 or Honor 10”, Galaxy S8 or Huawei P20, “Samsung A5” or “Honor 9 Light”, the user is not always able to highlight the characteristic differences that allow making the final decision.

About Huawei and Samsung

5-7 years ago, serious competition between Chinese brands and the Korean giant was out of the question. All the efforts of the Chinese were focused on creating cheap copies of successful gadgets, including parasitic technology. Over time, Huawei managed to destroy the prejudice about the quality of smartphones from China, as evidenced by the statistical calculation:

  • 14% of smartphone owners are owners of Huawei or Honor;
  • brand products are presented in more than 160 countries of the world;
  • the Chinese corporation owns more than 41 thousand patents, which was made possible thanks to 16 own research centers;
  • in the domestic market, Honor, Huawei smartphones sell better than Apple’s Samsung gadgets.

Honor is a young brand. The status of a subsidiary provides access to the use of technological power of Huawei.

Most models are aimed at young active users, which is reflected in the concept of smartphones:

  • bright design;
  • adequate cost;
  • excellent photo capabilities thanks to artificial intelligence data processing technology.
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In turn, Samsung is a recognized leader in the smartphone market, occupying 19% of the market. The company does not follow fashion, but dictates it, implementing innovative solutions in its flagships that other brands will be able to present only after 1-2 years. The leadership of the company is evidenced by the fact that even manufacturers of smartphones from the top 5, including Apple, Huawei use components from Samsung (displays, camera modules, etc.).

Korean smartphones are:

Each of the brands under consideration has something to offer its customers. When buying a Samsung Galaxy S7 or Honor 10, Samsung A6 or Honor 9, it is worth considering not only the prestige of the brand, the untwisted models, but also the technical features of a particular model that will help an individual user to solve the tasks.

Feature Comparison

Choosing between Honor or Samsung is not easy. Designers and engineers of each brand try to offer reasoned differences to users that the rival does not have.

Design and Management

The Samsung brandbook has been forming and evolving for over 10 years. As a result, most smartphones in the lineup have high ergonomics and a classic design. The mobile phone is made of modern high-tech materials. It is easy to hold in your hand, the control buttons can be found intuitively without looking. The transition from one model to another and fans of the Korean company does not cause any inconvenience. The only drawback characteristic of each manufacturer is the lack of designer highlights, with the exception of the flagship S series.

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Designers use trendy gradients, like in Honor 10, painted aluminum panel, like Honor Play. As a tribute to the trends, one of the Honor features is a sleek monobrow that occupies a minimum of usable space.

Not everyone will like the eccentricity and audacity of Chinese models, so they will choose the classics from Samsung. To a greater extent, this user behavior applies to consumers of middle and older age groups. But still it is worth noting the desire of Huawei to stand out from its competitors. At the same time, in the lineup, Chinese designers also have classic black options, designed for buyers who are not used to experimenting.


In its models, Honor installs high-quality, energy-efficient IPS matrices. Among the advantages:

  • good brightness, providing a juicy picture even when openly interacting with sunlight;
  • decent concentration of pixels, which makes them invisible to the human eye;
  • high color rendering, ensuring the reality of the image;
  • maximum viewing angle, which makes working with the device comfortable.
What to choose Honor or Huawei

The company does not produce displays, but purchases them from third-party manufacturers, which allows you to choose the best solutions available on the market. This approach allows you to achieve a balance between the cost of the panel, energy efficiency, technical capabilities.

Honor displays are always up to standard, but they cannot compete with Samsung screens. One of the main features of Korean models is the Amoled matrix of its own production. The company’s policy regarding the production and sale of displays is simple. only the previous generation matrices are supplied to competitors.

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The latest technologies are used to install in their own flagships. Amoled does not have a traditional LED backlight, each dot is highlighted separately, and the black dots do not light up at all. This solution allows you to achieve not only an incredibly bright saturated picture, but also to economically consume battery reserves. That is why, if the buyer is looking for a smartphone with the best screen, then this will be Samsung.


Both giants independently produce processors, owning research centers. Honor has Hisilicon Kirin, Samsung has Exynos. This is a modern line of chipsets, where there are modifications for flagship models that can perform the most complex tasks, as well as entry-level crystals, which allow consumers to offer low-cost smartphones. But not all mobile phones are equipped with chips of their own production. Sometimes there are smartphones, where the products of the American company Qualcomm are responsible for processing information.

Giants are developing their processors based on the Cortex-A73 and Cortex-A53 cores from ARM. For the graphic part, the Mali accelerators are responsible. The performance of the chipsets is about the same, given the test results in popular benchmarks. The exception is Samsung’s development, which uses Exynos M3 cores. It is slightly, but superior to its Chinese counterparts.

Who offers a more productive solution can be understood from the comparison table of the two flagship models: