What system applications can be deleted on Android

How to delete system applications on Android

Gadgets on the Android operating system go on sale with a rather large number of pre.Installed programs and applications. Some of these software components are simply not needed by the user, which is why the question arises, but how to get rid of system garbage.

You can delete built.In Android applications in several ways. To choose the most suitable in a particular case, you need to familiarize yourself with their implementation.

Not all programs can be deleted with Android

In this case, the example of the system of system programs through the System App Remover Pro is considered. The fact is that deleting system files allows you to unload the operational and internal memory of the smartphone, so it works faster.

Important! If the user cannot distinguish ordinary system files from those without which the system will not function, you should not take up the execution.

To quickly cope with the task, it is ideally recommended to have the rights of a super-user (Root-right), you will also need a System App Remover Pro utility.

If there are these rights, the user will have the opportunity to delete any files through system applications. But it’s better to still adhere to the recommendations of the deinstal and delete the files marked with the “can be deleted” mark. If you neglect this rule, the Android operating system may fail or serious systemic errors arise.

You will need to delete system files:

  • Run the application on your smartphone, and then go to the “System Applications” section.
  • In the displaying list, highlight the elements that need to be removed.
  • In conclusion, slip on the “Delete” button.

This method allows you to get rid of unsteady applications that are hidden in the standard dispatcher of the operating system. To an ordinary user they are available exclusively in safe mode.

Note! If the main task of the user is to clean the device’s memory by deleting system files, then experts strongly recommend refraining from such an adventure. It is preferable to purchase a memory card on which you can install programs and store media content.

To use a full.Functioning application, it is necessary to purchase a paid version, its cost is 1.88. The following functions are available in the free version:

  • The ability to manage user and system programs;
  • Flexible management of all software installed on the phone: search for programs, their sorting, filter named package and paths;
  • Moving any system file to an external drive (SD card) or the internal memory of the gadget;
  • The possibility of using the package mode of deinstal. The necessary software components can be removed in several clicks.

Quite often, users are wondering what system applications can be removed so as not to harm the operation of the device. Such programs include customers of social networks, antiviruses, cleaners and optimizers, browsers, games and components installed by the user on their own.

How to remove Android applications

There are several simple ways to remove applications. On the main screen, hold the application icon that you want to remove and drag it to the basket icon, after which just confirm the removal. The second way is to open “settings”, click on the “Appendix and Notifications” item, and “view all applications”. Here you will find the application that needs to be deleted. Just press on the appropriate item.

Today VK applications. Instagram or is almost a “gentleman’s set” for each user, but some of them can be removed without a twinge of conscience without losing functionality. For example, some users still complain, which simply “destroys” the battery charge. Therefore, you can delete the application and gain access to your account through the browser. The social network is perfectly optimized for working in mobile browsers like Google Chrome, so you will not experience any discomfort.

Why delete system applications

The more applications the manufacturer integrates, the richer and more functional the system turns out, for example Miui. At the same time, it is more difficult for the user to navigate in the settings or menu, which contains a significant number of programs.

Mobile electronics owners use applications in different ways. Some programs are not used throughout the “life cycle” of Android smartphone. Therefore, such programs are better to delete or freeze. Since such applications take place on the drive and RAM.

What to do if the application is not removed by standard OS products

Many suggest that pre-installed software cannot be deleted without activation of Root-ruled. In fact, you will need to use only settings to go to the “for developers” mode.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • To the point “On the phone”.
  • Find the point where the firmware is indicated (for example, in Xiaomi this is the item “version of miui”).
  • Tap it quickly 8 times.
  • Then return to the settings menu.
  • Go to “Expanded settings”.
  • Click on “for developers”.

Now, regardless of which applications can be disconnected on Android and which are not, everything will be deactivated without counteraction from the system.

Important! After rebooting the gadget, the “for developers” mode will be disconnected. Applications will still be deactivated.

Do you need an antivirus on a smartphone

Again, an obsessive desire to download an antivirus to your device, we are inspired from the zero. Understand finally: all major developers have long taken care of your safety and introduced all the necessary tools inside their software. If you download applications only from official sources, you should not worry at all.

Even a green robot in shock from so many unnecessary applications.

Plus, pay attention to a bunch of notifications at the first launch of the program. Until you press a separate button to allow access, the application cannot harm your device in any way.

To put a bold point over the question: do you need an antivirus on Android, I propose to go to Google Play and see what such programs offer:

Instead of clutching your gadget, you can do all this without problems yourself by going into the settings. We attach special instructions with the leadership to each item. Use!

And you clean the smartphone from native software? Be sure to share your opinion in our telegram chat or in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below. It will be interesting to read.

“Heavy” content

Very often, smartphone users are faced with the problem of quick discharge of their device. And the first thing is everyone in a hurry to the service center with the desire to replace the battery, but this may turn out to be a waste of money. After all, the reason for the rapid energy consumption can be “heavy” applications that take up a lot of space on the disk, and also work in the background.

As an example, you can take the world.Famous client its size sometimes exceeds several hundred megabytes, and this is an impressive indicator even for devices with a large internal storage. In addition to a large volume, the program devours a lot of RAM memory, and also causes a quick discharge of the phone or tablet battery.

In order to reduce the battery charge, software developers even released a simplified version of the application called Lite. It comes in free mode and takes up very little space in the root storage. Therefore, the user of Android is better to “demolish” the official client, replacing it with a simplified version.

Among the resource.Intensive programs is also Instagram. The tool is forced to work with a large number of images, pictures and video files, so it not only discharges the battery, but also exhausts Internet traffic faster. By the way, the consumption of network resources at Instagram is much higher than that of YouTube. But unlike the previous application, there are no good analogues that occupy few disk space. Therefore, owners of budgetary Android smartphones with limited technical parameters are better to abandon the use of this social network or get by with a version for the browser.

Whatsapp messenger also “devours” an impressive amount of system memory. But the rest of the messengers, including Viber, Telegram, and others, are present. Of course, it is impractical to refuse to communicate with loved ones and friends by removing the program, but if it is possible to install a less expensive tool, it is better to consider this option.

How to speed up a smartphone on Android

To increase the speed of the smartphone on the Android system is possible in different ways. First of all, they recommend taking such steps:

  • Clean the cache of the most used applications. These are usually messengers and customers of social networks.
  • Clean the cache of the system. To do this, enter the recovery mode (only for experienced users) or reset the settings to the factory.
  • Free user memory. For this photographs, videos and music are transferred to cloud storages or PC.
  • Check the smartphone for viruses and clean the system from them. This can be done with an Android application or via ADB.

But the easiest way is to remove the application unnecessary for Android. These are not only user, but also some preinstalled programs.

How to delete the necessary preinstalled applications?

Removing standard programs without Root rights, that is, manually, is carried out in the usual way. Select “Settings”, hereinafter “Applications”. We activate the required, and click delete.

There is nothing complicated. Difficulties usually arise when, removal is not possible, or a mistake pops up when performing the operation. Then you need to use special programs or just disable it (look in more detail in our video).

About where to download and how to use it we already wrote here. Within the framework of this material, we will tell you exactly about the removal on Android.

After starting the conductor, we turn over to the right or press at the top of the window, depending on the version, to open the menu. In it you need to find and activate the “Root conductor” to obtain the rights to remove pre.Installed programs. It is usually located in the “Means” section.

Now it is possible to proceed to the removal procedure itself. In the Android system, pre.Installed applications are on the internal memory in the System/App folder. We select by touch, the required file and click delete.

Some of them download their updated version in addition to the Data/App folder. We recommend that you check the presence of the deleted program there.

system, applications, deleted, android

A faster way is to disconance files from the “System” menu section. It is in the initial menu, the application “Apps”.

Instructions for installing and working with CCleaner on Android we have already published. To delete preinstalled programs, run Cleaner and enter the main menu. We are interested in the “System” tab. Choose it.

In the opening window there will be a list of all programs available for deleting. You do not have to look for exactly where the applications are located. Removal is carried out automatically, literally a pair of clicks (before removal, the Klianer will ask you to confirm the ROOT rights). And then, your device will restart for the correct completion of the work.

system, applications, deleted, android

In this video, we offer you a clear instruction of another way to delete system applications on Android.

We note once again that if you are not sure of the purpose of a particular program, it is better not to delete it. We hope that this material was useful to you. There are questions left, ask them in the commentary. We will try to help.

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You understand that most Android users do not remove pre.Installed applications from a good life. The weak devices have little memory, but they come with a bunch of unnecessary applications, and they even get fat due to updates. For example, on the U5 drill, when buying there were 1.7 Gb free memory, but a bunch of applications were preinstalled, which is easy to do without. In my opinion, Android Go is a good alternative, but on old devices you have to get out

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