What Should I Do If I Can’T Hear The Other Person’S Phone?

Almost everyone now has a gadget such as a mobile phone or smartphone. It is very convenient to use, because with it you can contact and talk with any person, knowing his number, wherever he is.

Although it often happens that when you call a subscriber, or call from another person, you may not hear the person at that end of the “wire”, even though he hears you perfectly. You see that the connection is established, the timer is running, and there is silence in the handset.

I can not hear the interlocutor on the phone

If you are using a smartphone, then a malfunction in which you can not hear the interlocutor in the phone may result in accidentally muting the microphone.

Often this happens due to network failures, for example due to bad weather, other interference. Call the operator to clarify the reasons for the poor quality of communication. When they tell you that there is no problem on their part, then remove the SIM card in the next step, and then insert and repeat the call.

If the problem persists, then in this case, the solution is quite simple, when you are sure that they are hearing you at the other end, the talk is counting down, offer to call him back. If after making a new call from the subscriber there is still silence in the handset, then it is worth checking the sound.

Sometimes, you may simply not notice and turn off the microphone sound. So try turning up the volume. If this does not help, then try rebooting the gadget and re-make the call.

Speaker pollution

One of the reasons may also be the situation when the speaker is clogged with dust. In this case, either the housing is replaced or it is cleaned.

These are the most common problems with sound and how to solve them, but there are other, more serious reasons for which you can not hear the interlocutor on the phone.

Serious reasons

If you did everything that was mentioned above, but it didn’t help, you can return the phone or smartphone to the factory settings, as the program can sometimes fail. This operation is performed through the “Settings” menu in the “Recovery and reset” section.

Depending on the model and brand of phone, smartphone, this section may be called differently. The bottom line is that by going to the “Restore and reset” section, you select “Reset to factory settings” and perform this operation.

What Should I Do If I CanT Hear The Other PersonS Phone?

I want to warn you if your gadget has any important data, photos, audio or, first transfer everything you need to a USB flash drive or computer. Since after this reset operation, all data will be deleted, and your device will return to the state in which you bought it.

technical issues

When you can not hear the interlocutor on the phone, but you tried all sorts of options, then the malfunction can be more serious. For example, related to such technical problems:

  1. Break in the coil of the speaker.
  2. The contact at the loop responsible for the sound may come off.
  3. If the phone hit hard during a fall, contact breakdown on the board may occur.
  4. The element responsible for ensuring the operation of the speaker itself or the sound microcircuit may fail.

In this case, if you are not a specialist in this field, then you should give the phone to a service center for diagnosis. There they will carry out the necessary work aimed at correcting damage. Since you may need to replace the microphone, perform other manipulations to repair the smartphone.