What Programs You Need To Install On Your Computer

If this is your first time installing Windows on your computer or reinstalling the system, you can catch yourself thinking that you don’t know which programs to install on your computer. It’s the same as looking for a jobcan workscan for the first time in my life. All people use different sets of programs, so in this article we will consider the necessary programs for the computer, which are used by almost everyone and which may be needed in the first minutes of using the computer after installing the operating system.

Installed clean Windows 7 on the computer is quite ready to work and is already able to open many different file formats. But the same Windows installed on the laptop may not find in its database suitable drivers for various mobile devices, including cards, and is not able to perform many of the operations we need.

The installation of drivers can also be attributed to the installation of the necessary software, although this item must be done when reinstalling the system. In most cases, users have disks with all the necessary drivers for all the devices installed on the computer or laptop, and this item turns the routine and sequential installation and configuration of all devices.

There are also driver selections that automatically select the most suitable driver for the device from the database and install it. Otherwise, you have to independently search for everything on the Internet, but before that it is advisable to protect your computer from viruses.

When you decide which programs to install on your computer, do not rush to do this. First you need to protect your computer from viruses by installing an antivirus program. Before installing the antivirus, you should also not visit various sites on the Internet and do not disable user account control. The question immediately arises, how then to download the antivirus?

If you do not have the appropriate drivers installed, this question immediately disappears, since you still won’t be able to set up an Internet connection. Visiting various sites on the Internet without protecting the operating system is very dangerous, and you need to know exactly where to download the antivirus, so as not to open all the sites in a row.

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You need to install a good, proven antivirus on your home computer, such as NOD32. There are, of course, flaws in its work, such as searching for an activation key, but it justifies itself, although some still prefer to install the free COMODO Antivirus antivirus.

Microsoft programmers are constantly updating the Windows operating system by releasing update files. Updating Windows will protect the system from already known threats from the outside, i.e. from the Internet, and will prevent the occurrence of some already known and fixed system errors. But this is not the only reason why OS updates should be made. Many programs require the latest improvements and updates to Windows for their work, such as Microsoft.NET Framework 4, and will refuse to install if they are missing.

On the Internet, you can often find various assemblies of Windows in torrent distributions, in which users have learned to sew most of the updates and some software. Having installed such an OS, you may not need an urgent system update to install some programs, but it is not always possible to meet a high-quality assembly of Windows that will completely suit you.

Audio and codecs

Windows 7 has its own minimum set of audio and codecs that allow you to play audio and in avi format. To expand the playback capabilities of various formats, it is necessary to install a codec package. The most suitable collection that installs all the necessary codecs is the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. The composition of this collection also includes a player Media Player Classic, which perfectly copes with playing of all known formats.

What Programs You Need To Install On Your Computer

The most necessary computer programs

We made the minimum preparation for the normal operation of the operating system and came up tightly to the question of what programs should be installed on the computer in order to easily open the most common file formats and perform various actions with them.

1. The browser. Perhaps we will start with the browser. The Internet Explorer browser included with Windows can handle the display of information found on the Internet at various sites, but most users cannot satisfy their functionality. For a long time, Opera and Mozilla Firefox shared the first place among the most popular browsers in Russia. Now the first place among browsers is Google Chrome, developed and distributed free of charge by Google.

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2. Microsoft Office. To create and edit text documents, the vast majority of users use the WORD program, which is included in the Microsoft Office suite, which also contains such well-known packages as Excel, PowerPoint, etc. You can also use a similar free analogue of OpenOffice.org, which provides similar products.

3. Picasa. image viewer. The Windows Photo Viewer internal program can open all image formats, but the complete lack of settings and poor functionality forces users to install third-party programs. Instead, you can install a professional program for viewing and editing images ACDSee Photo Software, or you can find a good free program, among which Picasa image viewer developed and distributed by Google for free is very popular.

4. Foxit Reader. a program for viewing pdf files. Almost all catalogs and brochures issued by companies are created in pdf format for viewing on a computer. Windows can not offer anything for viewing files of this format, so users themselves have to decide which program to open pdf files with. For a long time, almost the only program for opening pdf was Adobe Acrobat Reader, but recently it was almost replaced by the faster Foxit Reader program, also distributed for free.

5. WinRAR. archiver. For the convenience of transferring files by e-mail, they can be compressed by the program archiver, which can significantly reduce the volume of files and allow you to transfer them as one file archive. WinRAR archiver has gained the trust of users for many years and is still popular, although now more and more free programs, such as 7-Zip or WinZip, have begun to appear.

6. CDBurnerXP. a program for burning CD / DVD discs. The availability of information on the Internet and the growth of external drives, such as Flash memory and hard drives, every year reduces the amount of information recorded by users on CDs and DVDs, but still such a program may be needed. Windows 7 can burn both CDs and DVDs, as well as music discs, with Windows Media, and DVD discs, with Windows Studio DVD. But still, you may need a more functional program. The most convenient and popular among them, of course, is Nero Burning ROM, but for ordinary users who burn data discs, the free CDBurnerXP program is enough.

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7. DAEMON Tools Lite. a program for emulating virtual CD / DVD drives. On the Internet, you can download disk images of almost any program or game, to open which you need a special program to create virtual drives. The disk image is an almost complete digital copy of the optical medium, and the disk emulator program allows you to work with it as a full disk, creating a virtual drive for these purposes in the operating system. The most multifunctional program for emulating virtual CD / DVD drives is Alcohol 120%. Among free programs, DAEMON Tools Lite is very popular.

8. Skype and ICQ. instant messaging programs. The Internet allows people to constantly communicate with each other in text and voice messages (now) and most users simultaneously use these two programs.

9. Punto Switcher. a program for automatically switching keyboard layouts. As a rule, at least two keyboard layouts, Russian and English, are installed on the computer. If necessary, the user can switch the keyboard layout with a key combination. But when there is a storm of communication via Skype or ICQ, you may not notice that there is typing on a different keyboard layout, i.e. Russian word in the English layout. Punto Switcher automatically monitors typed words and independently changes the keyboard layout for a misspelled word.

We examined with you which programs you need to install on your computer, but without installing them, the computer will still work if the above items are completed before choosing which programs to install. Mandatory computer programs need to be selected from the specific conditions of your work or preferences, which can differ greatly from the proposed list of programs for installation on a home computer.