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Comparison of iPhone X and iPhone XR: The main differences

In the fall of 2018, the traditional presentation of new products of Apple has already been held. During which three new smartphones and new smart watches were presented at once. One of the most interesting new products of this presentation was the budget phone iPhone XR. In this article you can familiarize yourself with the comparison of the iPhone X and iPhone XR, and also find out how these two phones differ.

There are a number of noticeable differences in the design between the iPhone X and the iPhone XR, but they are determined mainly by changes in the technical characteristics. For example, due to the larger iPhone XR screen, a little larger than the iPhone X, and due to the lack of the second camera, the rear panel of the device looks like iPhone 8.

Otherwise, the design is quite similar. The iPhone XR case has rounded edges, a metal frame on the sides and the minimum frame around the display. In both devices, the screen occupies almost the entire front panel. As in the iPhone X, in the upper part of the iPhone XR screen there is a small neckline in which sensors and front camera are located.

Perhaps the most important difference in design is a set of available colors. If the iPhone X is only silver and dark gray, then six different colors are available for XR at once: blue, white, black, yellow, coral, red.

Comparison of screens

If you compare the screens of the iPhone X and iPhone XR, then they are completely different. The main difference is the technology of the screen production. The iPhone X uses OLED, and the iPhone XR has an IPS display. Due to differences in technology, data displays of two types look a little different. OLED has a deep black color, as well as brighter, saturated and slightly acidic colors. IPS. on the contrary, is characterized by natural color rendering, but its black color is more like a dark gray.

In addition, OLED display more economically consumes a battery charge, has a minimum response time and a viewing angle of 180 degrees. But at the same time, OLED is burning over time and not so safe for the eyes. In general, both OLED and IPS displays have both their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it cannot be said that OLED is definitely better than IPS. The choice between these two displays production technologies is more likely a matter of taste.

It should also be noted the differences in the size and resolution of the screens. iPhone XR received a screen with a diagonal 6.1 inch and resolution of 1792 × 828, while the iPhone X screen is 5.8 inches, and resolution is 2436 × 1125. As you can see, the iPhone XR with a larger screen is noticeably lower than the resolution. But this is not too serious a drawback. The density of pixels in XR is 326 ppi, which corresponds to the density of the IPhone 8 screen pixels.

But, the screen of the iPhone XR has some significant simplifications. For example, in this smartphone, Apple decided to abandon the use of 3D Touch technology. Instead, Haptic Touch is now used, which migrated here from the trackpad MacBook Pro.

Apple iPhone XR. characteristics, release date and reviews


Display 61 performance 81 battery 67 Camera 63 Final score 71

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Heavy, so inconvenient
  • No 3D Touch
  • The kit does not have an adapter for 3.5 mm
  • Supports only one SIM card

Full characteristics and tests of all components of the Apple iPhone XR smartphone


Maximum brightness 705 NIT Sources: Notebookcheck [1]

Design and body

Design and dimensions of the Apple iPhone XR case


All characteristics of the Apple iPhone XR chip and Benchmarks tests


Geekbench 4.4 (single.core) 4903 Geekbench 4.4 (multi.core) 11512 Geekbench 5 (single.core) 1131 Geekbench 5 (multi.core) 2245 Antutu Benchmark 7 338774 Antutu Benchmark 8 423898


Autonomy tests

Web seing time (wi-fi) 13:04 h. View time video 15:08 h. Talk time (3g) 15:03 h.

By the volume of the battery, you can conclude that autonomy is a disadvantage of a smartphone, but in fact it is not. You will be surprised, but in half an hour of the game in Asphalt 9 the battery is discharged by only 8 percent, and you do not need to turn off either Wi-Fi or mobile Internet.


Specifications and testing of iPhone XR cameras

Camera tests from DXOMARK

Quality photo 103 Quality video 96 Final evaluation of camera 101

The iPhone XR uses one module of the main camera with wide.angle lenses, which takes excellent photos thanks to the optical stabilizer. The Quad-LED TRUE TONE that accompanying it is an indispensable tool in the conditions of night shooting.

Apple iPhone XR

Apple iPhone XR was released in 2018 and by 2022 has impressive characteristics (better than 76% of all smartphones). The main advantages of this model are: the camera matrix: 2, battery capacity: 2942, maximum amount of RAM (RAM): 3, maximum volume of internal memory: 64, Antutu (Antutu): 467478.


The larger the diagonal of the screen, the more comfortable interaction with the device, it is especially worth noting watching videos and games.

The high density of pixels per inch allows you to show information on the screen with clearer details.

The larger the frequency, the visually smoother and nicer the picture on the smartphone display looks like. This is especially important for lovers of dynamic games.


We recommend choosing the width of the device taking into account the length of your fingers, too wide models will not allow you to conveniently interact with one hand through the entire surface of the display.

Depending on the length of your fingers, the height of the device can affect the comfort of use with one hand.

The thinner the smartphone, the nicer it is to hold it in your hands. Usually this value correlates with the weight of the device.

The weight of the device can greatly affect the comfort of using one hand, modern smartphones tend to reduce weight.


The smaller the technological process, the more perfect the technology and more transistors are placed on the crystal of the same area, which gives higher performance.


64-bit processors have higher performance compared to 32-bit and 16-bit

The frequency describes the speed, the more. the more cycles per second processes the processor and program instructions are performed.

RAM is required for storage and fast processing of the operating system and advanced applications at the moment. A large amount of RAM provides good performance of the device.

Points in the popular Antutu test show the potential productivity of the device under high load. The more points the device is, the better.

The main camera

Permission 12 megapixel
Diaphragm ƒ/1.8
Stabilization There is, optical
Zom Digital 5 ×
Flash True Tone Quad-Led with Slow Sync function
HDR There is
Portrait mode There is
Writing a video 4K with a frequency of 60 frames/s

Despite the solitary camera module, the iPhone XR can take the same cool pictures as senior models. The smartphone supports the portrait mode of the photo with studio lighting effects and the new function “depth”, which allows you to configure the depth of sharpness not only during the shooting, but also after.


Like last year’s iPhone X, the new iPhone XR is equipped with a 7-megapixel Truedepth camera with depth determination technology. Thanks to the accelerated operation of the Secure Enclave module and the Face ID software optimization on the iPhone XR, it works much faster.

With the help of the front camera, you can shoot portrait photos with studio lighting effects, record 1080P video with a frequency of 60 frames per second, as well as use Animoji and Memoji.

The sizes of the iPhone XR

The length of the new smartphone is 150.9 mm, the width is 75.7 mm, the thickness (depth) is 8.3 mm. Weight. 194 g. Apple notes that the dimensions of the iPhone XR are the “golden mean” between the sizes of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus.

Comparison of the sizes of the iPhone XR and iPhone 8 Plus

Comparison of the sizes of the iPhone XR and iPhone 8

Comparison of the sizes of the iPhone XR and iPhone X

Comparison of the sizes of the iPhone XR and iPhone SE

IPhone XR processor

New generation CPU Apple A12 Bionic works much faster than its predecessor. Two productivity kernels cope with the most serious tasks up to 15% faster than before, and four kernels consume up to 50% less energy compared to last year’s A11.

And the graphic subsystem works 50% faster than the solution for the iPhone x. It would seem, much faster. and nevertheless! Finally, the second.generation Neural Engine system processes 5 trillion (!) operations per second. For comparison, only a year ago she did only 600 million operations. As a result, the iPhone XS will cope even faster with tasks like recognizing objects in photographs, work with augmented reality, etc.D.

Not without improve graphics. In particular, the iPhone XR received a new 4-core graphic processor with new compression technology without loss. It is reported that graphic performance has been up to 50% compared to the A11 BONIC processor.

Design and ergonomics

Let’s start with flowers. Apple did the same as in 2013 with multi-colored iPhone 5C-XR is available in six modifications.

Even the traditional modifications of black and white seem interesting and not quite ordinary. Perhaps the point is in the metal frame, which is matte on the XR, and not glossy, as on X and XS.

The forms of the iPhone XR in many ways repeat the contours of the predecessor and the older model, but the smartphones still look different. First of all, dimensions are striking in the eye-in size XR is somewhere between XS and XS MAX.

The camera that has already become familiar to the Double Module is replaced by one round lens.

XR frames are noticeably wider than the XS, but it does not pull the minus-for me, which is nostalgic for the 5s form factor, certainly. This does not affect the interaction with the smartphone. exclusively a visual nuance on an amateur.

Little things like displaced contours of antennas and slot for SIM cards do not make sense: smartphone is just different.

XR is felt large and quite weighty, but at the same time it is comfortable in the hand. But whether the new iPhone is suitable for you in size, it is better to check before buying. For example, it is much more familiar to me to keep a narrow XS, and the grip turns out more likely.

XR is not only larger, but also a little thicker XS. Judging by the specifications, only half a million, but this is noticeable. Despite the greater thickness, the optics still did not fit: the camera module is slightly protruding, and the backlash at the horizontal position of the smartphone remained in place.

XR is a new Apple smartphone with a re.membrane, and it is felt. There are many changes that cannot be characterized as advantages or disadvantages. one will like it, while others do not.

Personally, ergonomics XS is closer to me. But this is subjective. I and the iPhone sizes Plus seem too cumbersome.

Screen and sound

One of the main differences between XR from XS and X is the display. The last two more progressive OLED is installed, here is the IPS, which was the last time on the “eight”. Apple tried to ensure that the XR screen was not inferior to more expensive models, and even came up with a new Liquid Retina technology.

To equalize qualities, in fact, completely different displays of Apple almost succeeded. The difference is noticed only when comparing the forehead in the forehead-the color of the OLED displays is slightly softer, and the white one with maximum brightness on XR still a little annoys. Perhaps, with prolonged use from the display of the new model, the eyes get tired more. And in terms of detailing, everything is fine: the density of the pixels of the screen XR is inferior to senior models only by specifications, the difference is not visible with the naked eye.

Another compromise on the way to reducing the cost is 3D Touch, it is not here. But the true tone, adjusting the color temperature of the screen surrounded, in place.

There were no compromises in audio: stereodinics give out a readable, loud and pleasant sound. Even at maximum volume.

Biometric authentication

iPhone XR. for biometric authentication, Face ID scanner is used;

iPhone 8. for biometric authentication, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor is used, integrated with the home button on the front of the iPhone case.

Many users who are accustomed to Touch ID will miss a familiar button with a fingerprint sensor. However, the iPhone XR is equipped with a new generation Face ID face scanner, which works even faster and more precisely than before.


iPhone XR-two SIM/ESIM cards, support LTE-DVANCED, Wi-Fi AC with MIMO, Bluetooth 5.0, Volte, NFC with a reading mode;

iPhone 8-one SIM card, support LTE-DVANCED, Wi-Fi AC with MIMO, Bluetooth 5.0, Volte, NFC with a reading mode.

The iPhone 8 provides only one SIM card, while in the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and XS Max, in addition to the usual one, there is also an electronic SIM card (more).

Corps and dimensions

The dimensions of the iPhone 12 are very similar to the line of their predecessors and are 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4 mm, with weight. 162 g. At the same time, the model is made in new design with sharp faces instead of rounded.

The front panel has a new Ceramic Shield coating, which should more reliably protect the screen from shock or falls. The back of the glass without newfangled protection. Aluminum frame with painting in the color of the case.

The moisture protection is declared according to the IP68 standard, the smartphone can be immersed to a depth of 6 meters no more than 30 minutes.

The buyer offers a choice of five hull colors: white, black, green, blue and Product Red.

iPhone XR vs iPhone SE — какой купить? Сравнение!

The sizes of the iPhone XR are very similar to a new model and are 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm. The device weighs significantly more. 194 g.

The front and back faces are made of glass without unique chips and coatings. The frame of the device is aluminum.

Moisture protection at the level of the IP67 standard, it is possible to immerse the device to a depth of 1 meter lasting no more than 30 minutes.

The choice of six brighter and more colorful colors of the case: blue, yellow, coral, Product red, white and black.

Who has the dimensions better: the novelty wins in almost all indicators. The dimensions of the body are more compact from all sides, the design is new, and the front panel has additional protection. Moisture protection is also better, but most buyers of the new gadget are unlikely to check this.

On the side of the old device is a wider and brighter color palette. Juicy yellow and coral still look great.


The iPhone 12 line received the flagship screen of a fundamentally new quality (compared to the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR). Only brightness (about 25%, which is barely noticeable even with a direct comparison) differs from the top iPhone 12 Pro).

New smartphones are equipped with Oled Super Retina XDR with a diagonal of 6.1 ″ and resolution 2532 × 1170 pixels. The density is 460 pixels per inch, the brightness in normal mode is limited at 625 cd/m², and the maximum in HDR mode is 1200 kD/m².

The top technologies of HDR, True Tone and wide color coverage (P3) are supported.

The screen of the older iPhone XR is much more modest. Liquid Retina HD diagonal Similar. 6.1 ″, but resolution of only 1792 × 828 pixels, and a density of 326 per inch.

The contrast is noticeably lower than 1400: 1, the maximum brightness does not differ from the novelty. 625 kD/m².

There is support for True Tone and wide color coverage (P3).

Who has the screen better: the advantage of the novelty is obvious. The screen is more progressive, the resolution and density of the pixels is noticeably higher. Contrast is different at times, there is HDR support.

With the same screen size and a more overall IPhone XR case, it has more pronounced frames around the display.

Comparison of technical characteristics (specifications) iPhone Se 2 and iPhone XR

Obviously, Apple smashed the for devices so that they do not directly compete with each other. The larger iPhone XR turned out to be a little more, this is due to a large screen and a more modern solution to the issue of safety. But the iPhone SE 2 also seems to be a great option: noticeably more compact and also quite powerful.

Advertising video iPhone XR from Apple

Design: IPhone SE 2 received an improved IPhone 6 design (rear glass panel), which was released in 2014. iPhone XR looks more modern.

Colors: 6 colors in iPhone XR and only 3 in iPhone Se 2.

Dimensions: iPhone Se 2 is much smaller and lighter than the iPhone XR.

Screen: IPhone Se 2 and iPhone XR displays of the same quality, but the latter has more diagonals. 6.1 inches versus 4.7.

Biometric protection: iPhone Se 2 is equipped with an outdated home button with a built.in fingerprint sensor Touch ID, while the iPhone XR uses Face ID face recognition technology.

Processor: iPhone Se 2 is equipped with an improved processor, therefore the iPhone XR loses in speed.

Cameras: cameras matrices are identical, but thanks to the use of the A13 processor, the iPhone Se 2 received more expanded (minor) software capabilities.

Battery: iPhone Se 2 is significantly inferior to the iPhone XR in battery life.

more expensive iPhone sE 2.