What Operating System On Smart TV Samsung

What Operating System On Smart TV Samsung

On our site, we have already introduced you to a new trend in the world of electronics. smart TVs. But what makes a smart TV really smart? Thanks to what, have such relatively simple devices learned to surf the Internet and run unpretentious casual games?

The cornerstone of any smart system, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop or gaming PC, is the operating system. Today, when buying a smart TV, you have a choice not only among a large number of models from various manufacturers, but also a choice among software platforms. As for the choice among various manufacturers, you can take advantage of our recent material in which we talked about the best smart TVs in 2017. Today we will help you determine the best software platforms for smart TVs. So, which operating system for smart TV to choose in 2017? Let’s get it right.

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Android TV is the best operating system for launching applications

But all these nuances with applications do not concern services for smart TV. For example, streaming television services such as Netflix, Plex, Spotify and others have high-quality applications for smart TVs regardless of the platform. In addition, for multimedia playback there is an omnivorous VLC player. A fresh update of the Android TV operating system ensures that any service that can offer content in 4K resolution can easily be displayed on any smart Ultra HD TVs. In addition, voice control is developing more and more from version to version. Therefore, you can comfortably fit on the couch and ask your smart TV to turn on a new series of your favorite series.

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In fairness, it is worth saying that Android TV has not yet got all the chips that classic Android has on portable gadgets. So, smart TVs that run on this platform, can not boast, for example, the function “Picture in Picture”. But this platform is developing very actively, so we are sure that very soon Android TV will get all the coolest Android chips.

I would also like to mention the Chromecast function, which allows you to start watchings on a mobile gadget, and end on a smart TV, and vice versa. We believe that just for the sake of this one chip it is worth choosing the Android TV platform for smart TV.

Firefox TV. a simple and very beautiful system with a foggy future

The collaboration of the renowned electronics manufacturer Panasonic and the developer of one of the most popular browsers in the world, Mozilla, gave us the operating system for Firefox TV smart TVs. Already, after the recent announcement, this system can offer its users a simply amazing interface and many useful applications.

Why did we write in the title that this system has a vague future? The thing is that the main developer of Firefox TV, the Mozilla company, decided to give up all their strength to work on their browser. So, the fate of Firefox TV is now completely in the hands of Panasonic.

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All this is very sad, because Firefox TV has a bright, catchy interface with many beautiful icons, smooth, pleasant animation and an amazing carousel for access to applications. We believe that it is Firefox TV that has the most beautiful interface among all platforms for smart TVs. Thanks to applications such as Netflix, Amazon Instant, YouTube, AccuWeather and iPlayer Firefox TV, this is a very worthy platform and will be very disappointing if it sinks into oblivion.

Samsung Tizen. a bright, affordable and modern platform for smart TV

Samsung, which has never been afraid to take the full cycle of developing its products, should be praised. So, the company not only makes the entire “iron” part of its smart TVs, but also has its own software platform. Tizen TV. Like Android TV, Tizen TV also originates from the field of smartphones (the fact is that on some smartphones the company does not have Android installed, but Tizen).

As for the operating system interface itself, Tizen TV reminds us very much of webOS. That is, the system has the same large and bright icons and application shortcuts that look very good on the TV screen. Tizen very closely monitors what you watch and what applications you use. All this is necessary in order to constantly select the most relevant content and applications for you. The most important feature of this operating system is the ability to customize the icons on the screen for yourself. Also, do not worry about the availability of streaming TV services, because iPlayer, ITV Player, Netflix, YouTube and Amazon go immediately on board in Tizen TV.

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LG webOS. fast and dynamic OS for smart TVs

The first version of the webOS operating system from electronics giant LG appeared in 2014. After the release, several versions of this OS have already been released, and the latest version for today is webOS 3.0.

The essence of the webOS concept is that regardless of whether the streaming television service is launched, or the laptop is simply connected to the TV via HDMI, everything will be displayed on a dynamic screen with the same icons. In addition, the system works very quickly and smoothly. True, the simplicity of the system settings, like in Firefox TV or Tizen TV, was a little lacking for us. With applications for receiving content, everything is also good, because Amazon Instant, BBC iPlayer and YouTube are pre-installed in the operating room.

In general, the guys from LG need to be given their due, because they were practically from scratch able to create a good, beautiful, fast and stable television platform. Of course, webOS lacks some flexibility in terms of settings, and the ecosystem is not as developed as that of competitors. But it has all the key applications that you need for convenient use of a smart TV.