What makes the Xiaomi wireless headphones different

Xiaomi devices differ in design, functions. There are wireless models, with jumper, balancing, microphone clip. Such headphones are lightweight, their weight often does not exceed 15 grams, most of them weigh barely 9 grams. Popularity is due to the high quality of sound, and the size of the body remains compact.

Under this brand there are a classical model (without waterproofing) and an improved version with a sealed casing, which does not let water in. This allows the use of headphones for sports activities, when the headset gets a drop of sweat or rain, such as when running.

Improved exterior design

Wireless headphones Xiaomi are available in different colors: black, gray, rose gold, metallic, with bright inserts (coral, turquoise elements of the body, etc.).). Characterized by the shape of the headphone housing, its size.

The headset and overhead devices are made of hypoallergenic materials. The housing is painted with the latest technology, so it does not retain dirt. Headphones are equipped with holders, which ensures a secure fit. They are often made of flexible materials or protected by rubberized coatings, making them easy to fit.

The presence of balancing allows you to adjust the headset to suit you. Clip allows the microphone to be securely attached to clothing.

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The kit includes different ear cushions (headphone earmuffs), they can be changed depending on the environment and the user’s requirements for music clarity.

In the gym, for example, they use closed earpieces. Outdoor use with half-open ear cushions for safety. The kit includes a case that is used for storage.

When you put speakers in the ear canal, you can’t always place them in a way that makes it comfortable to listen to music. For this reason, the headset can rotate within 360°.

Case is protected from accidental breakage. This is due to the use of elastic materials that can withstand some load on the bending, stretching. Prevent breakage helps the shape of the holders, the presence of a jumper that connects the speakers.

High-quality detailed sound reproduction

The copper voice coil improves sound quality. The result is optimized mid/high frequencies. This has a positive effect on the instrumental sound of music. Bass and vocal quality are enhanced by other device features: composite driver, thin PET diaphragm.

expensive models are equipped with dynamic and armature radiators. This gives more detail in the high frequencies and richer sound in the low frequencies. This lets you hear more vivid music in your headphones. Some models feature graphene drivers. These devices feature a three-module sound source (uses a balanced armature transducer). Dual voice coil array.


Most models of the in-canal type and some overhead devices are used as a headset. The design includes a built-in microphone and buttons for easy control of the phone.

The manufacturer has expanded the range of functions of Bluetooth. For example, it is possible to perform slicing, tuning of songs, connection of several smartphones. Digital noise cancelling function.

Microphone is built into the remote control, connected to the headphones through a cable. Buttons let you change settings, turn the headset on or off, control audio, switch tracks, etc. д.

Continuity of operation

Xiaomi wireless headphones of different models function for different periods of time. The more simple and affordable devices do not last more than 5 hours without charging when you are constantly listening to music. Expensive counterparts can withstand intensive use for 11 hours.

There is also an intermediate version, such as a headset characterized by an uninterrupted runtime of up to 8 hours. This is possible because of the high-capacity battery.


Xiaomi wireless headphones have a number of features that are quite highly valued by users. Among them we can highlight the stylish design. the appearance of its products brand, indeed, pays great attention. In addition, the quality of the materials used is also at an altitude: the matte plastic does not look cheap, pleasant to the touch.

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In wireless headphones Xiaomi implemented 2 types of control: touch and button. Built-in infrared sensor makes it easy to detect when one of the headsets is removed from the ear. music pauses immediately.

Among the distinctive features of Xiaomi wireless headphones can be noted several factors.

  • The presence of built-in battery. Most of the time it is independent, for left and right blocks. Charging is required after 3-8 hours of continuous work at a volume of about 80%. When placed in the case, the charge is replenished in 1 hour.
  • Support wireless connectivity. Today’s Bluetooth versions have a range of up to 10m, in some cases up to 30m. Occurrence of interference can reduce the distance over which the connection flows freely.
  • Built-in microphone. They are not just headphones, but a complete headset that allows you to listen to music and communicate with the voice with maximum comfort.
  • Modern hypoallergenic materials. Plastics and metals are chosen so as not to be harmful to the user’s health.
  • Minimal weight. Weight ranges from 9 to 15 g, does not create excessive load on the ear.
  • Plug-in or vacuum design. All wireless headphones are placed in the ear or immersed deeper for the most secure fit when running, walking.
  • Waterproof in sports models. Sweat flowing from the hair, getting caught in the rain will not disrupt the performance of the technology.
  • Replaceable ear cushions in the kit. You can pick up options that provide maximum wearing comfort.
  • A wide choice of headphones in different price categories. Xiaomi has both budget and premium models with really impressive features.

This is not a complete list of features for which the brand is famous headphones. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the company regularly updates the lineup of accessories, improving their technical capabilities and design.

Choosing Xiaomi headphones by driver type

In the in-channel models from Xiaomi you can find 2 types of driver (a device that emits sound waves): dynamic and armature. The dynamic driver we all know. it is used in speakers and in large full-size headphones, I think many have seen it. Its wide application is deployed because of the relative simplicity of its design and, most importantly, it reproduces the full range of audible sound, which is convenient.

However, due to the fact that the dynamic driver has to reproduce the entire spectrum of sound, at some frequencies it falsifies. In expensive headphones this falsification is almost imperceptible, but in the cheap, which include all models from Xiaomi, these nuances of distance from the reference sound is noticeable to a much greater extent.

Armature driver is very small, is a small rectangular metal parallelepiped, in one body of such drivers can be placed 6 pieces or more. So why use it, since it’s easier to use a single dynamic driver? The armature driver works on a different principle, so it reproduces a much narrower range of human-readable sound frequencies, but does it much more accurately, precisely and quickly. In other words, an armature driver (if it is of good quality) is able to provide a much cleaner and more realistic sound.

But because it can not reproduce the entire audible range, it is combined with the dynamic in one case. So did Xiaomi, where one model uses one dynamic and a pair of armature drivers, thus achieving very high quality playback for a reasonable price tag.

In order for the buyer to navigate in the wired headphones, it is necessary to understand the classification of released models. The company produces two lines, as well as off-the-shelf models of wired headphones.

You can pay attention to the Piston line, these are solid in-ear headphones with an interesting design and good sound at a low price.

Xiaomi has released a series of Mi Headphone, overhead and full-size headphones, with surround sound and price from 40 to 70 dollars.

But buyers of earmuffs with hybrid drivers, Xiaomi with active noise cancelling, headphones equipped with a USB Type-C plug or original ear cushions, you can choose off-the-shelf models. Their price is usually less than 25 dollars.

10th place Xiaomi Dual-Unit Type-C

Some advanced smartphones lack a 3.5 mm jack for wired headphones. Fixing this situation will help Xiaomi Dual-Unit headphones, released in December 2018, which uses a USB Type-C plug rather than TRRS (four-pin jack 3.5 mm) to connect to devices.

And also wired headphones with microphone is equipped with hybrid drivers (dynamic piezo-ceramic) and received a certification mark from the Japanese company Audio Society and the Association Consumer Technologi, confirming support for sampling frequencies up to 40000 Hz.

The sound of Xiaomi lacks bass, which is typical for all earmuffs because of the form factor, but worked out the middle and high frequencies allow high-quality classical music (chamber, symphonic, opera).

Good performance as a headset is ensured by the MEMS microphone built into the multifunction control panel, which has improved vibration and temperature resistance.

The remote control is fixed on a non-tangle cable, which is not afraid of low temperatures and allows the user to listen to music and play sports at any time of year at the same time.

Table of Dual-Unit Type-C Wired Characteristics

Design Wired earpieces
Support for headset function Yes
Acoustic Arrangement Closed
Transmitter type Hybrid (dynamic piezo ceramic)
Playable frequency range 20-40000 Hz
Maximum power 5 mW
Sensitivity 105 dB
Impedance (internal resistance) 32 ohm
Weight 15 г
Features USB Type-C connection, ceramic driver housing, Hi-Res Audio certification
  • Good sound in the middle and high frequencies.
  • Hybrid drivers.
  • USB Type-C plug available.
  • Good microphone.
  • Price.

9th place Xiaomi Piston

These budget headphones opened the Piston line in 2013, but thanks to good sound and ergonomic design, are still popular.

Durability of wired headphones is provided by the metal case of Xiaomi, and the vitality of the seemingly thin audio cable. nylon sheath and internal reinforcement by kevlar strands. V-shaped response with slight ups and downs for great sound, depth and detail. Interestingly designed remote control: the volume control and Play/Payse buttons are placed on opposite sides of its metal housing.

For long telephone conversations in the kit is a pair of special double earpieces, which remove the emphasis on low frequencies and better transmit the human voice. Xiaomi Piston headphones, thanks to the genre versatility, will suit any user.

Design In-channel, corded
Colors Black, white
Support for headset function There are
Acoustic design Open
Type of emitters Dynamic
Colors In gold and silver
Playable frequency range 20-20000 Hz
Maximum power 2 mW
Sensitivity 94 dB
Impedance (internal resistance) 16 Ohm
Weight 11 г
Features Direct gold-plated plug, metal housing, complete with interchangeable ear cushions

8th place Xiaomi Piston Basic Edition

Vacuum wired Basic Edition headphones from the Piston series appeared on the Russian market in October 2016. Xiaomi Piston Basic Edition, as well as all devices in the line, have headphones with metal housing. Comfortable fit in your ear and excellent sound insulation provides curved sound tube in relation to the body of the headphone.

Non-tangling flat wire, which has Kevlar fibers added for durability, has a remote control with a built-in microphone and one multi-function button.

The variety of colors Xiaomi will allow you to choose headphones. Balanced sound with a slightly protruding midbass and pleasant midrange and treble will suit fans of club and dance music, rock and rap. But fans of instrumental, jazz and heavy fast styles will be disappointed.

Feature Sheet

Design In-channel, wired
Support for headset function Yes
Acoustic design Closed
Type of emitters Dynamic
Colors 5 (black, purple, blue, pink, white)
Reproducible frequency range 20-20000 Hz
Maximum power 5 mW
Sensitivity 93 dB
Impedance (internal resistance) 32 Ohm
Weight 14 г
Features Straight plug, flat tangle-free audio cable, two pairs of interchangeable ear cushions

7th place Xiaomi Mi ANC Type-C In-Ear Earphones

The developers of TiinLab Acoustic Technology, a member of the Mi ecosystem, tried to list all its characteristics in the name of the wired model:

ANC. Active noise cancelling is provided by microphones hidden under the grid on the back of the headphone housings.

Type-C. The presence of a USB Type-C plug on the wire allows you to connect Xiaomi headphones to new smartphones that do not have a 3.5 mm jack.

Another feature of Xiaomi headphones: the main body of the headphones is made of titanium. Angled sound drivers and good interchangeable silicone ear cushions ensure a snug fit in the ears, and extra latches make the wired gadget suitable for sports.

The wire to the remote, which has three buttons and a slider switch ANC, has a fabric braid. After the remote, the wires only have silicone insulation. Right earphone cable has a microphone.

The sound of this model Xiaomi average quality: poor detailing of medium and high frequencies, the sub-bass is practically not audible.

ANC Type-C In-Ear Earphones features table

Design In-channel, corded
Support for headset function Check out
Acoustic design Closed
Type of drivers Dynamic
Colors Black, silver
Playable frequency range 20-40000 Hz
Maximum power 5 mW
Sensitivity 113 dB
Impedance (internal resistance) 32 Ohm
Weight 20 г
Features Part of the cable in the fabric braid, the microphone is located separately from the remote control, included storage box and fabric case

6th place Xiaomi Dual-Unit

This wired model was announced in 2018. The headphones are distinguished by a good sound, although the presence of Hi-Res Audio certificate indicates only that the upper range of reproduced frequencies reaches inaudible to human ears 40000 Hz.

Xiaomi headphones have a tangle-free durable cable (length. 1.25 m), which has a three-button multi-function remote control with built-in MEMS microphone. Using the remote control you can:

But the main attraction for customers is the price and quality ratio Xiaomi.

Table of characteristics of wired Dual-Unit

Design Wired earpieces
Headset support Yes
Acoustic design Closed
Type of driver Hybrid (dynamic piezo-ceramic)
Colors Black, white
Playable frequency range 20-40000 Hz
Maximum power 5 mW
Sensitivity 105 dB
Impedance (internal resistance) 32 Ohm
Weight 14 г
Features Gold plated L-plug, Hi-Res Audio certificate

5th place Xiaomi Piston 3

Wired Piston 3. updated third-generation headphones, released by Xiaomi in the line of Piston. For the design (Studio 1 more) model has received one of the most influential awards in the world. Reddot Award.

Like the previous “pistons” the headphones are available in a gift box: plastic case with a transparent cover, ear-cushion for attaching the headphones and winding the cable, 3 pairs of replaceable ear cushions.

The housings of Xiaomi headphones and the three-button universal remote control are made of anodized aluminum. The main part of the wire is covered with a cloth braid with the addition of Kevlar threads, which makes the wire more durable and prevents tangling.

Good sound is provided by the new Xiaomi technology. Crystal clear sound in the midrange is ensured by piston diaphragms made of metal-composite materials, while the woofer and tweeter are ensured by sandwich construction of aerospace metal.

Design In-canal, corded
Supports headset function Yes
Acoustic design Closed
Type of drivers Dynamic
Colors Black, metallic
Playable frequency range 20-20000 Hz
Maximum power 5mW
Sensitivity 98 dB
Impedance (internal resistance) 32 Ohm
Weight 14 г
Features Direct gold plated plug, 3 pairs of replaceable ear cushions, fabric braided core wire
  • High sound.
  • Durable design.
  • No toxic substances in the materials.
  • Gift packaging.
  • Acceptable price.

4th place Xiaomi Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones

For the work of active noise cancelling (10 hours in maximum mode) in this model provides the battery capacity of 55 mAh, which is located in the remote control. Also on the unit are:

Microphone Xiaomi developers have placed separately on the wire right earpiece.

headphones are sold packaged and bundled, in addition to three pairs of replacement ear cushions and a charging cable is a cloth pouch for storage and portability. Since the remote has a tangible weight, it was equipped with a non-removable mounting clip.

The ergonomic design of Xiaomi wired earphones provides a good fit in the ears and excellent passive noise cancellation. Despite the presence of the certification mark Hi-Res Audio sound in the model is mediocre.

Wired Noise Cancelling Earphones features table

The design In-channel, wired
Support for headset functionality There are
Acoustic design Closed
Type of drivers Dynamic
Battery capacity 55 mAh
Playable frequency range 20-40000 Hz
Maximum power 5 mW
Sensitivity 100 dB
Impedance (internal resistance) 32 ohms
Weight 28 г
Features L-shaped gold-plated plug, case and 3 pairs of interchangeable ear cushions included, fixing clip on the remote
  • Adjustable active noise cancellation Xiaomi.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Fabric braid with the inclusion of Kevlar fiber on the main part of the audio cable.
  • MicroUSB connector is protected by a plastic plug.

3 place Xiaomi Piston Fresh Bloom

Fresh Bloom headphones, announced in December 2016, are an updated version of the Basic Edition in the Piston line. The Xiaomi model also uses anodized aluminum for the housings of the headphones and the remote, but there are some changes:

  • The wire has a circular cross section;
  • To realize the damping function, each earphone has two holes, which are protected by filters of white material.

Xiaomi remote control, located on the wire of the right earpiece has a good microphone and one multi-function button, but the volume control is not provided.

Fresh Bloom does not sound much different from the Basic Edition. Thanks to the good contact with the ear canal, the bass is overdone and even slightly overlapped in the middle, but the tweeter has an optimal sound.

Design In-channel, corded
Support for headset function Check out
Acoustic design Closed
Type of drivers Dynamic
Colors Black, Gray, Green, Blue
Playable frequency range 20-20000 Hz
Maximum power 5 mW
Sensitivity 98 dB
Impedance (internal resistance) 32 Ohm
Weight 13 г
Features Third generation damping system, reinforced wire

2 place Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic

This Xiaomi wired model was introduced to consumers in early 2017. The headphones have a three-piece structure.

The middle part of the Xiaomi is made of anodized aluminum, the edges are made of impact-resistant polystyrene. This design reduces the feeling of cold from metal when listening. There are holes on the housing next to the outgoing cords to equalize the sound pressure.

On the wire of the right earpiece is a remote with a built-in microphone and one control button:

You can not adjust the volume in the gadget.

Xiaomi uses a third-generation damping system to improve sound quality. The headphone transmits the middle and high frequencies well, but the bass is shallow and saturated. These headphones are suitable for the average listener, but audiophiles are better to look for another model.

Table of characteristics of wired In-Ear Headphones Basic

Design In-channel, corded
Support for headset functionality Yes
Acoustic design Closed
Type of drivers Dynamic
Colors 6 (black, purple, lilac, turquoise, light green, white)
Playable frequency range 20-20000 Hz
Maximum power 5 mW
Sensitivity 98 dB
Impedance (internal resistance) 32 Ohm
Weight 14 г
Features Nickel-plated straight plug, two pairs of replaceable ear cushions included, third-generation damping system

1st place Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic

Mi Earphones Basic wired earphones were introduced to customers in early 2018. Comfortable wearing comfort provides:

  • anti-slip design;
  • Sound drivers positioned in relation to the body at a 45° angle;
  • 3 pairs of interchangeable ear cushions made of good silicone.

Control of multimedia features Xiaomi and work in headset mode is located on the wire right earphone single button remote with built-in microphone, which has a quality signal to noise ratio.

To reproduce the bright and pleasant sound in Xiaomi balanced sound system is used the third generation with a thoughtful airflow. The midrange is carefully worked out, the treble is exaggerated, but sounds pleasant, but the bass is rather boomy.

Table of characteristics of wired Earphones Basic

Design In-channel, wired
Support for headset function There are
Acoustic design Closed
Type of drivers Dynamic
Colors Black, red
Playable frequency range 20-20000 Hz
Maximum output 5 mW
Sensitivity 93 dB
Impedance (internal resistance) 32 Ohm
Weight 13 г
Features L-shaped gold-plated plug, 2 pairs of interchangeable ear cushions

Any of the reviewed wired headphones Xiaomi deserves the attention of the consumer, already because the quality of materials and assembly, as well as the sound from Xiaomi is usually better than competitors, and the price. lower.

And the specific choice of headphones Xiaomi depends on the preferences of the buyer and the ability to spend a certain amount of money to buy a wired gadget.

Outputs with AirDots

On the other hand, Redmi AirDots. a simple and reliable way to try completely wireless headphones as a class, and decide whether you need them.

The lack of touch panels is surprisingly convenient. It has better touch control and no phantom presses, which often happen with any headphone with gesture or touch controls.

The controls are clear enough to learn the combinations quickly. But they do not work with some Android smartphones, and the ears themselves lose connection every once in a while. over, there is no pattern to it.

If they work right away. then they will continue to work. Otherwise, you can clear the cache, change the firmware, plug them into the source a few times and everything will work. But it’s uncomfortable, it’s creepy.

The fit is quite deep, which with the right choice of earpads gives good noise isolation. At 70% volume you can no longer hear the subway, 50% is enough for a busy street.

Even the mode of use is quite predictable: put in the earphone, listen, talk, put the other earphone in. Thought about it, used the stereo. Easy and convenient, and everything is like clockwork.

Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones. Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2

One of the best Xiaomi headphones for those who listen to music in noisy environments. on public transportation or on the street. The accessory has an active noise cancelling feature that works perfectly.

Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 has improved playback control. When the user takes the headphones out of his ears, the playback stops. Even a voice assistant is provided, and there is a Multipoint function for simultaneous operation of the headphones with two devices. Some users only complain that the model does not hold well in your ears, but this is individual.

In terms of sound quality the model is not inferior to more expensive devices. It stays at any volume. Bass is deep and tight, and the midrange is well readable. The headphones are a pleasure to listen to any genre of music. Battery life. about 5 hours, which is pretty average.

Our evaluation of the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2: an average score of 6.8

  • Design. 7/10
  • Convenience. 6/10
  • Battery life. 7/10
  • Microphone quality. 7/10
  • “Price to Sound. 8/10
  • Accessories. 6/10

Rating TOP 10 best wireless headphones Xiaomi

Location Model Price
#1 Xiaomi Redmi AirDots S Check price
#2 Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2 Check out the price
#3 Xiaomi Redmi AirDots (Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic) Check the price
#4 Xiaomi Air 2 SE Find out the price
#5 Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Learn the price
#6 Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2S Learn the price
#7 Xiaomi AirDots Pro (Mi True Wireless Earphones) Check price
#8 Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones Lite Check price
#9 Xiaomi Mi Collar Bluetooth Headset Check price
#10 Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Check price

Top 7 Bluetooth Headphones Xiaomi

As the technology improves, so does the quality of wireless headphones. There are many models on the market from both well-known brands and new manufacturers. This makes the selection process very tedious. We decided to simplify your task, so in today’s article we tell you about the best Bluetooth headphones Xiaomi. The list includes both top models and budget ones. Keep reading to find the best truly wireless Xiaomi headphones for you.

Xiaomi Air 2S (AirDots Pro 2S)

  • Type: dynamic, earbuds
  • Driver: 14.2mm
  • Playable frequency range: 20 Hz. 20kHz
  • Codecs: SBC, AAC, LDHC
  • Music Playback Time: 5 hours
  • Battery life including ear case: 24 hours
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Touch control: yes
  • Noise cancellation system (ANC): no
  • Weight of each earphone: 4.5 grams.

Air 2S look and feel very similar to Apple Airpods 2. They are comfortable to use even for a long time.

Compared to its predecessor the total battery life is increased to 24 hours. Sound quality is also excellent, especially considering the price of the device. AptX is not supported, but the LHDC codec is. No active noise cancelling system as well, but with two microphones the quality of communication is good even in noisy places.

When connected to a Xiaomi smartphone, the screen shows the remaining charge level of each earphone and case. Thanks to the dual-core chipset, there are fewer pairing problems and wait times are shorter.

AirDots Pro 2S supports touch control: it is possible to start/stop playback, answer a call, activate the voice assistant. Also, when you take one of the earbuds out of your ear, the playback automatically stops.

All of these factors make the Air 2S an incredible choice.

  • excellent sound;
  • decent quality of communication during the call;
  • Extended battery life (with charging case. up to 24 hours);
  • dual core chipset;
  • touch control support;
  • Qi wireless charging support.

Xiaomi Air 2 (AirDots Pro 2)

  • Type: earphones, dynamic
  • Driver: 14.2 mm
  • Music playback time: 4 hours
  • Battery life (including the case): 14 hours of use
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Touch control: yes
  • Active Noise Cancelling System (ANC): yes
  • Weight of each earphone: 4.5 grams.

Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2 offer a great deal for their price, and even provide better sound quality than the Airpods 2.

Although the 4 hour battery life may not be ideal, the quick charge allows you to charge the headphones in as little as an hour.

Makes your life much easier by automatically pairing it with any device as soon as you take it out of its carrying case. You can also check the battery status of the headphones and the case on your smartphone display.

As with the older model, if you remove even one earphone, music playback pauses automatically. Other functions are also easy to control with your taps, but if that’s too much trouble, you can use the voice assistant.

In addition to all this, the headphones are lightweight and comfortable enough to use. Perhaps the best alternative to Apple Airpods 2.

  • incredible sound quality;
  • The minimalistic but stylish design;
  • fast charging
  • good sound quality during calls;
  • automatic pairing;
  • weight;
  • noise cancelling feature.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE

  • Type: earphones, dynamic
  • Driver: 14.2 mm
  • Music Playback Time: 5 hours
  • Total battery life: 20 hours
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Noise cancellation system (ANC): no
  • Touch control: yes
  • Each earphone weight: 4.7 grams.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE. budget alternative to AirDots PRO (price difference of about 2 times). And the cost is not the only amazing factor.

Sound quality is definitely commendable (especially when you consider the price). Battery life is also amazing: about 20 hours total. There is Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) feature, which provides good audibility during calls in crowded place.

The headphones are comfortable to use even when worn for long periods of time. If you’ve always had trouble remembering the controls, you can customize them to your liking with the app. This is a feature rarely seen in truly wireless headphones for around 2,300.

Haylou GT1 PRO

  • Type: in-channel
  • Driver: 7.2 mm
  • Music Playback Time: 3.5 hours
  • Battery life (with case): 26 hours
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Touch control: yes
  • Weight of each earphone: 3.9 grams
  • Waterproof: IPX5.

Next on our list is the Haylou GT1 Pro. IPX5 moisture protection saves you from having to worry about damaging your device when you sweat or when it starts to rain, and the light weight is an added bonus. the headphones are ergonomically designed and come with two pairs of ear cushions to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit even during extended use.

Music playback is easy to control with touch. Battery life of the headphones themselves is not impressive. only 3.5 hours. However, the charging case can increase this to an incredible 26 hours. Black pill-shaped housing comes with four LED indicators on the front that display the level of remaining battery power. In general, this is the best Xiaomi headphones for use during training.

  • Weatherproof (IPX5);
  • lightness;
  • Total battery life;
  • display the remaining charge level on the case;
  • ergonomic design.

Haylou GT2

  • Type: In-channel, dynamic
  • Driver: 7.2 mm
  • Music Playback Time: 3.5 hours
  • Battery life (with case): 15 hours
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Touch control: none
  • Weight of each earphone: 3.7 grams
  • Water resistance: IPX5.

This model has a fairly simple design and comes in black. It comes with silicone earmolds for added comfort. If you’re annoyed by the touch controls because of accidental presses, the Haylou GT2 has a multi-function button for controlling. It allows you to control most functions except volume. Voice Assistant can be used for the same purpose.

Portable case and lightweight in-ear design makes this the perfect pair for travelers.

Each earphone weighs only 3.7 grams. In addition, the charging cable is attached to the case. It doesn’t make the case any less attractive, as the small wire can be hidden inside. That way you will not lose it. IPX5 rating ensures that the headphones will withstand rain and sweat.

In addition, this model is cheaper than the Haylou GT1 PRO.

  • portable and fashionable case;
  • lightweight headphones;
  • fast charging;
  • Decent battery life;
  • Case with built-in charger.

Redmi AirDots

  • Type: in-channel, dynamic
  • Driver: 7.2mm
  • Music Playback Time: 4 hours
  • Battery life (with case): 15 hours
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Touch control: none
  • Waterproof: IPX4.

Redmi AirDots are the best choice if you are on a tight budget. Low cost in this case does not mean low quality. For its segment this pair provides amazing sound quality.

These headphones are barely noticeable during use as they are small and lightweight. Comfort is ensured by silicone ear cushions. For its size headphones sound very loud. Multifunctional button on the outside allows you to control some functions, full control is given by voice assistant.

These headphones are also splash proof (IPX4). Battery life is decent, about 15 hours along with the case.

Not surprisingly, this is the best-selling Xiaomi headphones model of all time.

Xiaomi Mi AirDots

Xiaomi AirDots are the best Xiaomi headphones in terms of durability. In addition, this model in white looks amazing.

The headphones are made of plastic, the earmolds have a rubber material on the outside. The lid of the case is made of translucent matte material, which not only protects it, but also gives a highlight to the appearance.

Compared to Haylou GT1 PRO, Mi AirDots offers better build quality.

Just take the headphones out of the case to turn them on. Pairing is also automatic. It is controlled by touch.

We have tried to add to the list models in different price ranges that meet different needs. The most universal pair, in our opinion, are Xiaomi Air 2S (AirDots Pro 2S). AirDots PRO 2. the best alternative to Apple Airpods 2, and Air 2 SE. comfortable headphones with customizable controls. Haylou GT2 is perfect for travel, Haylou GT1 PRO is great for athletes. Redmi AirDots. the best option for people on a tight budget, and Mi AirDots. the best in terms of build quality.

The most comfortable headphones Xiaomi

Probably influenced by a slightly lighter design, thinner earpiece and updated earpiece material. Although you can feel it only by comparing the two variants on your own head.

It’s a little strange, because unlike its forebears, Mi Bluetooth Headphones have a folding design and additional stuffing.

I still consider the last version of the headphones to be the most comfortable over-the-ear headphones in the price range under 10k. rubles. And this despite the fact that the outside of the ear cushion is cheap leatherette, and the inside is simple foam. Headband is exactly the same.

The wireless version is just as good. Very comfortable, very easy I was able to wear them for a whole day without any discomfort. Is that in the heat of the head sweats, but this is the trouble with all low-cost headphones of this type.

I think that it is the unique suspension mechanism on the cup that decides everything: the speaker and the headband are separated from the cup by a rubber gasket with 3 degrees of freedom. It allows the headphone to sit at the right angle to the head, leaving as little work for the foam.

Basically, the ear cushions only work for sound isolation. The rest is done by this flexible membrane, to which the metal mesh with the speaker is attached.

My use of the Mi Relaxed (or rather, my wife’s) for a year says that the materials are quality, the wear and tear during that time is minimal. So it turns out that it’s not premium materials that decide, but good ideas.

And at Xiaomi they really work. It’s great when the headphones for 50 dollars are more convenient than for 100.