What kind of screwdriver you need for your iPhone

sets of screwdrivers for electronics repair from Aliexpress

The right tool, as always, can make certain tasks much easier and faster. To work with electronics and similar devices would be nice to have in your arsenal a special screwdriver set with a large number of interchangeable bits. That’s exactly the kind of screwdriver sets collected in this compilation. Also note that some of the sets below have additional special tools for gently opening the cases of electronics.

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The Kindlov 112 in 1

The kit from Kindlov is great value for money and comes with a very rich set of accessories. In addition to replaceable bits the set has a special tool for gently opening the housing of electronics. Also of note are tweezers, a suction cup, and a special extension for replacement bits. The whole set is conveniently placed in a special plastic case. The color of the tool can be chosen when ordering and delivery can be ordered from the local Kindlov warehouse in St. Petersburg, Russia

Pipes 63 in 1

The following set contains 62 interchangeable bits and one very useful and elaborate screwdriver. In essence, this kit is an expanded copy of the Xiaomi kit. All bits are housed in a special case in the retractable segment. Each bit is firmly fixed in its place with a magnet, and it should be noted that for convenience, each bit is marked accordingly. The weight of the complete set with cover is 310 grams.

Kingsdun 62 in 1

The following set can greatly facilitate the work, thanks to the presence of a special electric screwdriver. Also the kit has a number of interchangeable bits, tweezers, special plastic and metal spatulas. If you want you can buy a set without special carrying case, and this set is considerably cheaper. As for the electric screwdriver, then, on a single charge it is able to unscrew or tighten about 300 screws. It should also be noted that the screwdriver drive system provides 0.25-0.35 Nm of torque.

Moonbiffy 25 in 1

Next is one of the most inexpensive sets in this list. This Moonbiffy screwdriver set contains 25 interchangeable bits that lock onto a special holder in a fabric case. The carrying case is quite handy, allowing you to literally wear the set in any As for the screwdriver itself, it has a small size, the handle is equipped with a special rotating tip, which is designed to facilitate labor with frequent rotation. The bits are held securely in the screwdriver by a neodymium magnet.

31-in-1 Screwdriver Set

Next is another inexpensive set, which includes 31 bits. This is the set I have been using for over five years. Of course, the quality of steel leaves much to be desired, but if the bits are used as intended, they are sure to last a long time. Of the disadvantages of the set, it is worth noting the relatively ill-conceived case. If you drop a set, all the bits fly apart, and it is also inconvenient that each individual bit does not have its own landing place, and over time, all the bits in the case lie mixed up. Despite all the disadvantages, I liked the set. It has a great price to function ratio.


Next is a very stylish set from Greenery. I really liked the design of the case, and the system of placing the bits in it. Each bit is securely locked into place, and the bits have clear and highly visible tip markings. When ordering, you can choose from three variants, which differ from each other by the tips of the bits. It is worth choosing the bits that you work with most often. Also worth noting that it comes with a special metal spatula for opening various cases and tweezers with narrow grips.

Jakemy 145 in 1

And then there is one of my favorite sets that I have had my eye on for a relatively long time. It is worth noting right away that this set has the largest set of interchangeable bits in this list. Also included are a vacuum suction cup and plastic spatulas that will serve to gently open various electronics cases. In addition, there is a special extension for the bits, which will help you out more than once while using the set. It should also be noted the presence of a special closed cell in the case, which can store various screws or small parts. All this can be purchased at a reasonable price.

HTM 128 in 1

Next up is a set from HTM that has 128 interchangeable bits. The bits are placed in a special, I would even say unique, case. Each bit is fixed in the case with a magnet, also included are tweezers and special plastic and metal spatulas. When you unfold the case, all the bits and other kit accessories are literally at your fingertips, which is great for frequent bit changes. If you wish, the set can be ordered from China as well as

Junefor 180/25 at 1

This is another set with a very rich set of equipment. It is complete with 180 bits, as well as all kinds of tools for gently opening the housings of various electronics in the amount of 25 pieces. It all comes in a handy fabric case, where each element of the set is located in its place. The package contains almost everything you need for working with electronics, and it is worth noting the presence of a special strap for removing static electricity from your hands. In the description on the product page, you can get complete information about the set.

Kindlov 140 in 1

And rounding out this selection is another set in a fabric case. In essence, this is a simplified version of the above set, accordingly, it is also a bit cheaper. It is also worth noting that this set can be ordered with quick delivery from a local warehouse from Traditionally, this set contains special spatulas and other tools for delicate opening of electronics cases. It is worth highlighting the availability of a special brush for cleaning electronics from dust and other contaminants. In general this is an excellent set which is well balanced in terms of features, quality and price.

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A 54 Bit Driver Kit or something similar:

A quality professional 54 Bit Driver Kit or something similar is good for any manipulation with iPhone and iPad assembly, disassembly, replacement of components. It includes both the standard bits, which are needed to handle the usual Philips screws, and the special star-shaped Pentalobe, designed to open iPhone cases.

To open the cover on the bottom of the smartphone iPhone you need to unscrew the two screws that are located on the sides of the Lightning connector. After that, you should gently slide the back panel up until you hear a distinctive click. If you need to insert a SIM card into the iPhone, it must be inserted into a special slot.

Pentalobe screw sizes include TS1 (0.8mm, used in iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X), TS4 (1.2 mm, used in MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina display), and.

How to Disassemble iPhone X

To completely disassemble the iPhone X, you will need the following tools:

  • Pentalobe 0,8 screwdriver
  • suction cup
  • mediator
  • cage or blow dryer of soldering station
  • Phillips screwdriver 1.5
  • 0.6 3 ray screwdriver
  • antistatic spatula
  • double-sided spatula
  • tweezers
  • magnetic mat
  • Silicone anti-static mat

How to disassemble iPhone X

Before performing a modular iPhone X repair, it is recommended to perform an express diagnostic of the device. To determine the actual state of the phone and to understand what works and what does not at the moment in the device. Especially if you are repairing a client’s iPhone X.

So sequence of full disassembly:

We unscrew the Pentalobe screws located at the bottom of the phone case

Next, exclude the adhesive layer (moisture protection). If the phone has not previously disassembled, you must turn on the separator, setting the temperature to no more than 70 degrees Celsius. After the separator has warmed up to the specified temperature, place the iPhone X for a few minutes. In order not to scratch the display you can put a paper towel or tissue on the heating element of the separator.

Then place the suction cup on the display module and press it to create a small slot of a few millimeters between the display and the case, at the bottom of the phone.

Insert the metal spatula for a few millimeters and open the display. Using a plastic pincer around the perimeter of the phone body so that the guides of the display module will disengage from the clamps on the body.

Lift the display module to the right and open the phone like a book.

With a screwdriver unscrew the screws of flat cables holder

Remove the tweezers to the side to disconnect cables from iPhone X motherboard.

Use an antistatic tool to disconnect the battery cable. Thereby we power off the phone. We know that even before pushing the power button with the battery connected part of the board is energized.

Then we disconnect display module and the speaker cable. Disconnect the display from the phone case.

Unscrew the clamping plate of the main camera.

Using tweezers we take out the dual camera from the phone case. And we place it on the magnetic pad with the lenses upwards.

Using antistatic tool we disconnect the remaining flat cables attached to the board.

Next step is to take out the battery from the phone case. For this purpose it is necessary to pull slowly “the tab” Double-sided adhesive tape. You can use tweezers by hooking the edge of the tape, pulling it out from under the battery and winding it on tweezers.

Using tweezers, remove the TrueDepth camera system. The purpose of this system is to recognize the user’s face.

Using tweezers we remove the bracket, previously unscrewing the screws with a screwdriver.

Preliminarily disconnecting the vibration motor, remove it from the phone. And before that we take out the pressure valve.

Then we take out the system flat cable with Lightning charging connector.

Disassemble the display module.

What is a Pentalobe Screwdriver?

Disconnect the flat cable on which it is located:

We remove the wireless charger from the case

Then we take the flash/flashlight cable and the compensating microphone.

The back cover is glass. Often iPhone X owners go to service centers to replace the back cover. In order to separate the rear window you need to heat it with a hair dryer or a separator. And carefully using the spatula we separate the back glass from the middle part of the phone.

After that we remove the camera frame and remove the glue residue.

How to enter the iPhone X in dfu

During repair at the service center it is sometimes necessary to put the phone into DFU mode. To do this, you need to do the following steps:

  • Turn it off
  • connect iPhone X to the laptop
  • Turn on iTunes
  • Press and hold the button at the same time “Turning on ” and volume down “-“
  • After 10 seconds, release the Power key and continue to hold down the volume down key
  • After about 10 seconds, iTunes will detect the iPhone X in recovery mode
  • After that release the button “-“

In order to disassemble iPhone X, for example to replace the display, battery or rear window you need a minimum set of tools and care. Learn how to completely disassemble and modularly repair your iPhone X, you can at phone repair courses. If you damage the ARB chip while repairing, you will get error 9 when you flash the motherboard in iTunes.

Straight slot screwdriver A straight slot screwdriver may be abbreviated as a spline screwdriver or straight slot screwdriver, colloquially called a flat, straight, minuscule, linear.

With three-head screwdriver unscrew 4 fixing screws and remove the metal loop holder. The special screwdriver for iPhone 7, which you can buy at the link, is a fairly rare tool. This type of screws is used to avoid unscrewing in artisanal conditions.

Kits for repairing phones

Nowadays, special tool kits are used to repair the iPhone. Depending on their purpose, there is a different set of tools. Now there are universal kits on the market for repairing phones with interchangeable tips of different types. If you are interested in repair tools for one manufacturer’s model only, then you do not need to spend money on sets with a large number of tips. One set with 4-6 kinds of tips will be enough.

The most popular screwdriver set for iPhone repair is Pro´sKit. Handy practical screwdriver set complete with suction cup for screen replacement. Set consists of 6 tools and 4 screwdriver bits. With this set you can easily repair 4, 5 and 6 models of iPhone. The tools in this set are very comfortable to work with.

The screwdriver handle has a correct ergonomic shape, which makes it easy to work. depending on the region.

Another universal phone repair kit is the MacBook. It contains all 5 types of screwdrivers you need for disassembling all iPhone models. Its difference from the previous set is that it does not have screwdriver tips. All tools are in the form of a stationary screwdriver, which increases the size of the set and makes it more difficult to store. However, the Pro´sKit is also suitable for the iPhone 4, 5, and 6 models

The next representative of kits is the Jakemy tool set. It is similar to the Pro´sKit in its composition and purpose, but inferior in that it has only 3 tips and can be used for repairing 4, 5 and 6 iPhone models.

The best option is this portable screwdriver set for iPhone, Mac, MacBook CR-V repair. Kit has 16 screwdriver bits and universal handle. This kit contains the full range of tools you need to repair all iPhone models.

You must be very careful and cautious when carrying out iPhone repair.

Do not apply excessive force when loosening screws. Doing so may cause the threads to come off the screwdriver or screws. Also, you don’t have to be hard when screwing it in. You can damage the threads on the screws or body of the phone. Then the repair will take much more time and money.

A review of Chinese screwdrivers for iPhone disassembly awaits you next.

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While Apple is using Liam and Daisy robots to disassemble its smartphones for recycling, many phone repairmen are bringing iPhones back to life by taking them apart by hand to repair. Let’s understand what you need to do.

You can also make the process easier for yourself, using tweezers, a rubber mat, boxes for bolts, fasteners, buttons, small parts, as well as special maps of the location of screws.

Similar tools are used for disassembling other Apple products: iPad, iPod, MacBook, Apple Watch.

For convenience of masters and wishing to become one, all tools that are needed for repair of PC and phones are sold in sets that are pre-selected for certain purposes. Many manufacturers who have proven themselves in the market are engaged in the production of such tools.

for screwdrivers for minor repairs of PC can be different as elsewhere in the field of professional tools there are sets of easier and luxury options. The choice between the two depends on the value of the repairs the handyman makes, and how seriously he is into fixing on an amateur level or for a basic living. In either case, it’s easy to pick both cheap and very expensive options to your liking among the market assortment.

Which screwdriver set would you choose or recommend?

The best budget screwdriver sets

If you are a beginner or if you know for sure that you will not be professionally engaged in repairing electronics (that is, make money on it), then you should not buy the expensive model. The same applies to the following purposes of self-training and repairing home appliances for the sake of saving on the services of a master.

20 in 1 Mobile Phone Repair Tools Kit

The name of the kit speaks for itself it is the most inexpensive collection of tools, ideal for the absolute beginner in repair. First of all, it’s not a shame to break this one at all, there’s nothing unique or special about it. Secondly, albeit in a crude and low-quality form, but the set contains everything you need for most situations.

The kit provides different tools, but 80% of its cost is screwdrivers. The budget tool lovers do not complain about them in quality they are very far to the branded products, but even these Chinese can be used comfortably for a while. The three most common screwdrivers are available to the user.

  • the set is incredibly cheap and can be afforded by anyone;
  • other accessories for mobile repair are cheap and short-lived, but in large quantities;
  • for starting work or training is ideal.
  • for the low price of low quality, so you should not count on the durability of such tools;
  • contains a lot of small parts, and a quality carrying case is not included.

Ya Xun YX-6025

This option is a more classic set for the amateur repairman here is only one screwdriver body (average quality) and many (more than 20) nozzles for a variety of tasks. Screwdriver set comes in a handy, compact case and is completely worth the small price tag. Cost Ya Xun YX-6025 several times more expensive than the previous version, but there is already a minimum guarantee of quality and durability.

  • full set of nozzles most breakage will not be a problem in the beginning of work with the technique;
  • easy to store and carry;
  • materials of sufficient quality for its price segment.
  • With such a tool does not go beyond the amateur level;
  • the set is unlikely to keep you for a long time, as it is not designed for prolonged use without loss of quality.

KS-8920 20 in 1

It is a brand product (manufacturer Kingsdun), designed for the middle class repairers who prefer to take on expensive phones. Leadership among such smartphones for many years kept iPhones, so under them are created special kits, such as this.

The increase in price has a positive impact on the quality and completeness of the set each screwdriver individually, and the gift of the master are small little things for easy work with the device. This product is designed for Apple brand phones, but is suitable for fixing other gadgets. Comes with a stylish and roomy carrying case.

  • the set is easy to use, each screwdriver can be used individually, without changing tips;
  • The set is enough to deal with the repair at an intermediate or even high level, if the master has experience;
  • the brand guarantees quality during the warranty period and customer support.
  • The KS-8920 20in1 is not as compact as previous models because screwdrivers with cases require space;
  • for a complete beginner the kit is too expensive, and for professionals there are more advanced models not much more expensive.

Universal repair kit for iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7 15 in 1

This universal set is preferred by many craftsmen it is convenient, compact and all the screwdrivers in it individually, with good and convenient to work with. But there is one drawback universal repair kit for iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7 15 in 1, as you can understand from the name, highly specialized. It is very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to repair machinery from another manufacturer with it. Nevertheless, if the master is often called for the repair of apple devices, then it is worth buying this set at least because among such budget cases for iPhones, iPads, etc.д. it has proven to be the best among customers.

Universal repair kit for iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7 15 in 1

  • really well suited for repair of iPhone and other Apple devices with this wizard will not have any problems;
  • comes with useful little things for mobile repair;
  • The manufacturer is reliable and most of the kit is made of good materials.

Best premium screwdriver sets

When a craftsman crosses the threshold of amateur repair, he has a need for a better, more comfortable to use and effective tool. Provide such a level can only cases for small repairs of electrical appliances from global brands and leading manufacturers of professional tools. To buy such a set for more productive work can be both the master himself, and those who want to make him a nice gift.

YF Tools 31 in 1

At the moment it is the best luxury option for those who want to save money universal set, which fully covers the needs of the master of medium and even high level, already far from mastering the skill. YF Tools 31 in 1 is a complete portable workshop, designed for minor repairs. The case is not only convenient and stylish, it safely protects the tool from damage and negative environmental factors.

The set looks professional, so if you want to use quality tools with a homogeneous design and good materials, the YF Tools 31 in 1 is the right choice. It costs less than kits from famous brands, and only pros will notice the difference in functionality.

  • practically a professional tool bought this one, you can not worry about replacement in the next few years;
  • it is safe and easy to transport the whole set in a case is well fixed, weighs a little and does not take up much space;
  • Easy to care for the case alone, and the nozzles take minutes to care for.
  • not all will suit a set on the type of one body many nozzles, some craftsmen do not really like to constantly change them on the situation;
  • a decent chunk of the price is about 10 of the blades for the case and they are all metal (if you only need screwdrivers, it makes sense to pay attention to another option.

YourScrews Tech Set 15 in 1

It’s not stated in the name, but the kit is designed to work with Apple devices and can’t be used for anything else. But since iPhone repair is not only one of the most profitable, but also one of the most popular, the set is very popular among repairers. It’s immediately obvious that this is a professional set of screwdriver body tools (each individually) with rubber inserts and grooving to improve the productivity of fine motor skills. Comes with a sturdy and compact fabric case.

  • there is no doubting the quality of the set, it is a high-level case;
  • if you work with iPhones, it’s the perfect medium option for you, not fabulously expensive, but not uselessly cheap either;
  • the special cut pouch prevents your delicate tool from not only getting spoiled, but also from getting lost.
  • consumers note that YourScrews Tech Set 15 in 1 is very convenient to use, but poor to store and keep in order small items are poorly legible and often get lost;
  • it is not suitable for repairing anything other than Apple electronics.

60-in-1 Profession set JM-6115

This impressive-looking as well as substantial case contains a lot of useful stuff for the repairman, but if you only need screwdrivers, it’s definitely not your option. In addition to them (an excellent and convenient general body and dozens of nozzles) the kit contains everything you might need in repair, everything you need even for a rare case.

In addition, such a set can be used to repair large electrical appliances in the house. Even after you’re done with mobile and PC work for some reason, this product will definitely not gather dust on the shelf.

  • Multitasking set is useful in almost any domestic situation;
  • high quality, even years later it will serve you well (if handled properly);
  • variety and compactness in one all this home workshop you can easily take with you.
  • the set is far from only screwdriver bits, so those who want to get them in this particular set will have to buy unnecessary in addition;
  • the high cost, partly justified by the previous point, may scare away.

Tool kit for repairing Apple equipment x 70

Of all the kits presented in this top, this one is the most expensive, but also the most tightly packed. Something even more specialized is hard to find on the market, these are professional tools, and in a complete set. Here the wizard can find more than 50 different screwdriver bits and everything else. With this set you can repair any iPhone that is why it was produced, but some of its components can be used in the repair of other equipment.

Apple Hardware Repair Tool Kit x 70

  • if you buy this kit, you will not need to buy anything else;
  • included is a handy, compact cloth pouch for storage and protection;
  • all items are made of quality materials, guaranteeing a long life.
  • the set is expensive do not buy it to learn how to repair or just to try;
  • the set was created almost entirely for the phones of iPhone line narrow specialization.

You only need two Slotted (SL) and Philips (PH) screwdrivers to disassemble the iPhone 4 model. You’ll need a Slotted (SL) to disassemble the phone case, and a Slotted (SL) and Philips (PH) to remove parts and components.

  • A 54 Bit Driver Kit or other similar screwdriver set:
  • iStick, suction cup or double sided tape:
  • A special heating element, industrial or household hair dryer:
  • A few plastic tools with a sharp edge:
  • Tweezers:
  • A special paperclip tool or a regular paper clip:

A set of screwdrivers to repair smartphones (including the iPhone 7 and newer models)

Last week I told you why you should not check the water resistance of smartphones unnecessarily, using the drowned iPhone 7 as an example. I don’t often disassemble phones and this is the first time I’ve seen a 7.

My primary tool for repairing computers and laptops, including the MacBook, Mac mini, and iMac, was the equivalent of the proprietary iFixit 54 Bit Driver Kit I told you about earlier, plus an extra pentalobe screwdriver for opening iPhone cases. This set was quite enough for me, until I opened the seventh model iPhone, where I found a new type of screws for the tri-point bit Y0.

Without these bits it’s impossible to even disconnect the battery cable from a new iPhone. I found on sale the following set JAKEMY JM-8143, especially for disassembling smartphones, which has all the necessary bits, including Tri-point Y0. I liked the quality of the bits and the grip itself, the only disadvantages are the lack of an organizer to store the bits (the set comes in a plastic blister) and useless grip extension. If in the big iFixit kit, the presence of such an extension is justified, as I use it when unscrewing “difficult” screws as an additional lever, then in fine work with JAKEMY JM-8143, no additional efforts are needed.

All in all, I can recommend to buy, here are the links to both sets:

  • JAKEMY JM-8143 screwdriver set for repairing smartphones (including iPhone 7 and newer models)http://ali.pub/3d8qze
  • Analogous to iFixit’s proprietary 54 Bit Driver Kit for MacBook, Mac mini, iMac and iPhone http://ali.pub/2vv8cf

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