What is U2 iphone 5c

Today, a mobile phone is almost a pet. We care for him, care, cherish. Apparently, sometimes it’s not strong enough, because one of the days we can find that the device does not work as we would like. and more frequent failures appear in his work.

Apple is famous for the quality of assembly of its products, innovative technology. But even the owners of iphone 5 are not immune from the breakdown of their mobile friend. Most often, you can hear such complaints from users.

The most common complaints of iphone 5 users

  1. “The phone is not charging. The sticks on the screen just do not run, nothing happens. ”
  2. “The phone only works when connected to the network.”
  3. “The battery runs out just before our eyes! Even if the phone is not in active use, the battery can drain in a couple of hours. Or it was 100%, and then sharply 20% of the charge. ”
  4. “The phone may turn off when there is still 20-30% of the battery remaining.”
  5. “Charging too fast and holding a charge too little.”
  6. “The phone is constantly very hot.”
  7. “Sometimes it reboots spontaneously.”
  8. “Generally dead. It doesn’t turn on, does not react to anything. ”

In most of these cases, owners of iphone 5 tend to change the power supply, sin on the charger, and even repair the charging connector. But a common cause of these symptoms is the failure of a small chip. the power controller.

When users are convinced that replacing the battery or charger has not resolved the problem, or resolved, but for a very short time, then they contact the service center. And after contacting the service center, they find out that they need to replace the phone 5 power controller, the price of which is additional costs. But, at the initial appeal to professionals, they could have avoided unnecessary expenses for a new PSU or charger.

The problem is in the controller when:

  • there is no swelling of the phone case, (at the expiration of the battery, it usually swells, the case, respectively, too);
  • with battery dysfunction, excessive heating of the device is not observed;
  • There are other signs by which you can determine the cause of problems with your iphone 5, but professional switch diagnostics can handle this best.
What is U2 iphone 5c

What is a power controller?

If you need to replace the iphone 5 power controller, you should figure out what the controller is. The power controller, or as it is also called the u2 controller, u2 chip, u2 power microcircuit, is a small microcircuit located on the iphone 5 motherboard, which is responsible for the process of charging the PSU of a mobile device. It monitors the quality and speed of charging. Each controller model only works with a specific processor, so the repair of the iphone 5 power controller takes place by soldering it.

U2 can be re-soldered only if it is damaged less than 70%, otherwise this makes no sense. When more than 70% of the microcircuit is damaged, it is no longer possible to restore it, in most cases. But what could cause the power controller to get damaged?

The most common causes of controller dysfunction:

  • moisture penetration;
  • falls;
  • the most important reason is charging the device using non-original chargers, (there is a power surge, from which the Chinese charging cannot protect and the microcircuit simply burns out).

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