What is the Latest iOS 9 Update

Last updated January 31, 2020

Apple regularly pampers its users with not only hardware, but also software updates. AppleInsider.ru promptly shares information about all available updates.

Main materials. Apple released iOS 11.4.1, watchOS 4.3.2 and tvOS 11.4.1 for everyone 247

What is the Latest iOS 9 Update

Today, July 9, Apple introduced the final versions of iOS 11.4.1, watchOS 4.3.2 and tvOS 11.4.1. Updates are already available for download by air to the owners of all compatible devices.

Apple introduced an update to Apple Maps in the United States. In Europe. in 2020 7

Despite the fact that for several years since its launch, Apple Maps remained not just mediocre, but even a dangerous service that could easily lead people to the wrong place, Apple did not refuse it. Instead, the company gathered all its will into a fist and decided to remake the cards from scratch, running dozens and hundreds of cars with panoramic cameras that drove along US roads and formed the right routes. This task turned out to be rather complicated, and therefore the restart of Apple Maps announced in 2018 lasted more than a year. But now everything is ready for sure. Almost.

Apple may postpone March presentation 4

Everyone knows that Apple will hold another event in March, at the Steve Jobs Theater or somewhere else (the last March events took place in the most unexpected places). Although Apple promised nothing and never even hinted at something like that. At this event, Apple, as if, will announce the iPhone 9 (which was previously called iPhone SE 2), an upgrade to the iPad Pro and 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with a “normal” keyboard. And AirTag. And something else. I will not list. For the March event, it’s already a bit much, and not quite traditional — usually these events are devoted to one particular topic. In any case, all this was supposed to happen in March, but because of the Wuhan virus, it seems, it will be postponed.

It became known which devices Apple will upgrade to iOS 14 64

Apple can rightfully be considered the leader in the market for mobile devices by the duration of support, offering software updates for 4-5 years. The company intentionally tries to release updates of branded gadgets as long as possible, because this not only increases user loyalty, but also ensures their protection from all kinds of exploits and other evil spirits, not to mention the fact that it also simply prolongs the relevance of the device. The real record holder for the breadth of coverage was iOS 12, which extended the life of the already old iPhone 5s for another year. But with the release of iOS 14, it seems Apple will go even further.

36 years ago the first Mac appeared. How it was? 2

36 years ago (well, a day more) the first Macintosh was released. He became the first personal computer to use a graphical user interface instead of the then standard command line interface. The product was called revolutionary and determined the further development of the industry. How exactly was this, and what has changed since then?

The era is gone: Apple has officially stopped supporting Flash in Safari 7

Three years ago, Apple announced that it would finally abandon Flash support by the end of 2020. iPhone and iPad have been working without it for a long time, however, on a Mac, users can still install Flash on their own if they really need it. But Cupertino does not throw words into the wind and seems to have decided to deprive Apple computer owners of this opportunity.

Apple showed how to charge the iPhone in 2020. So far without AirPower 12

Apple does not always succeed the first time. Back in the days when Steve Jobs was at the helm of the company, employees often heard phrases like “just make it work!”. And in most cases they succeeded, or they found alternative ways to solve the problem. However, such a trick did not work with AirPower: even Apple engineers, who can rightly be called one of the smartest people in the world, could not make wireless charging with many induction coils see the light.

Apple released iOS 13.3.1 beta 3 for developers fifteen

Apple is an extremely punctual company that honors its own traditions and does not change them. That is why for more than ten years, new versions of operating systems will be presented in June, new iPhones. strictly in September, and MacBook. in October. Nevertheless, there may be exceptions to any rule and Apple is here, sorry for the tautology, not an exception. In the end, something can happen that forces the company to postpone the release of a new product or a new beta build, as it did at the beginning of this year. But the main thing in this matter is to return to the working rhythm.

iOS 13.3.1 allows you to completely turn off geolocation on new iPhones 14

Apple has always strongly opposed surveillance of users, and not only tried to avoid this in every way, but also criticized those who allowed themselves something similar regardless of the method. Thus, Cupertino made it clear that you can remain successful even if you do not collect confidential information from your customers and do not sell it to the side. However, from time to time, Apple did come down with criticism of those who, perhaps not without reason, suspected it of violating their own principles, and then the company had to respond to this, justifying itself and the data collection methods used.

This epic Mac Pro upgrade costs 500 thousand rubles. 5 times cheaper than Apple 3

Mac Pro, relatively inexpensive, can be turned into a real monster. One could guess about this, but there was a naturalist who did this by filming the process on camera. 384 gigabytes of RAM and 25 terabytes of SSD cost him, not including the cost of the Mac Pro, about eight thousand dollars. And this is not the limit. The upgrade options for the 2019 Mac Pro, especially compared to the Macs of recent years, are simply phenomenal. Even those that can be read on the Apple website. But the matter is not limited to them.

The iPhone 12 will be as powerful as the MacBook Pro 15. But is it necessary? 37

We heard a lot about what to expect from the iPhone this year, which so far is being generalized under the name iPhone 12. Most likely, their appearance will be similar to the iPhone 4 and the current iPad Pro models; sensors will also appear to improve the performance of AR and portrait mode; Well, support for faster 5G mobile data transfer. For the performance of smartphones will be responsible for 6 GB of RAM and the A14 processor with 5 nm manufacturing process. But what does this 5 nm process technology mean for a phone? There is a version that it will allow the iPhone 12 to be equal in performance with the 15-inch MacBook Pro.