What is the iPad tablet for?

Apple iPad: what is it and what can it be used for

So, Apple has presented another “revolutionary product that revolutionized the industry”. the iPad tablet computer. And although it will be on the shelves at best in two months, you can already appreciate its usefulness for everyday life.

Size. Indescribably huge

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The first impression is such that it makes you want to laugh out loud.

You pick it up and you can’t believe it. It’s like holding a mockup of last year’s iPad Air that was accidentally stretched in Photoshop. Apple could not make such a big device, really?

A 12-inch tablet is more than anyone needs. The iPad Pro looks weird even on the table. like a mirrored tray that they forgot to take to the kitchen. In my hands it looks like an alien from another world.

The device is no longer easy to hold with one hand, it tends to fall out, especially on the move. As an option, you can put it on your elbow, but it’s not very convenient. And in general, any work on the move is out of the question: the screen itself obscures a decent part of the view.

In general, it is clearly made for stationary use.

iPad. Recommendations for purchase

When Apple first introduced the iPad, they changed the world and turned tablets from fictional gadgets of the future into indispensable assistants for every day. Nowadays, tablets are everywhere, they’re ready to run any app we want, and they come in just about every shape, size, and color you can imagine.

This is great news in terms of availability, but the tablet market has become so crowded that sometimes it’s hard to know which one to choose. In fact, the production of tablets today is engaged in all well-known companies, as well as very unfamiliar electronics manufacturers, the general consumer. They have also evolved to become incredibly powerful, in some cases, they are more powerful than the average laptop.

Whether you are looking for a tablet for everyday use or a tablet that will help you exclusively in the work with complex programs, we have everything you need. We’ve got everything you need to know to find the tablet that’s perfect for you. Tablets also have locked screen widgets that allow you to access your most common activities. like checking the weather, looking for your next appointment or tracking screen time. without having to unlock your tablet.

Before you buy an iPad, think about how you’ll use your tablet. These questions can help you decide what to buy so you don’t pay extra money for something you’ll never use.

The most important decision to make when buying a tablet is the screen size you need. Tablets come in different sizes from seven to 14 inches, so you have a huge choice. When choosing, you should consider whether the size that you have chosen will be comfortable and sufficient, as well as the convenience of carrying it around. If you need a tablet that you can hold in one hand and are comfortable with a smaller screen, a seven-inch tablet may be right for you. On the other hand, if you squint when looking at your phone, or if you need a screen about the same size as a piece of paper, a 9.7-inch or 12.9-inch tablet may be more appropriate. But keep in mind that larger tablets are heavier and more difficult to carry around.

If you use the phone of one manufacturer, and you bought a tablet of another, there is nothing wrong with it. But there are definitely advantages to buying a tablet built on the same platform as your phone. The biggest advantage is familiarity. If you’re already familiar with Android or iOS as operating systems, you’ll feel right at home the first time you turn on your tablet if you buy one with the same OS. Also, some tablets and phones from the same manufacturer offer enhanced functionality when used together. For example, if you own an iPhone, you can set up your iPad to answer phone calls from it.

If you plan to use your tablet for tasks you usually do on a laptop, you need to look for a tablet that will not lag too much in power, and will also allow you to run the same applications you are used to If you need a tablet for presentations, writing or calculating numbers, get a tablet with a larger screen and a faster processor.

If you want a keyboard that has the same look and feel as your tablet, explore the manufacturer’s options. If that doesn’t matter to you, or if you need a full-size keyboard, any Bluetooth keyboard will do. We spent 9 hours researching tablets and then testing our top products from Apple. We used test results to make our choice.

Storage: tablets are mostly shell computers, and every computer needs file storage for the operating system, apps, and personal files. Storage capacity ranges from 16GB to 256GB with an expected increase in cost. “The right amount of storage will depend on the user; if you store most of your stuff in the cloud, you won’t need much space, but if you want to keep a lot of movies or TV shows with you. or if you have a large photo collection. you’ll want to buy a tablet with plenty of storage space.

Cameras: you can use your tablet‘s camera to take pictures, but holding it at the right angle can be quite awkward and cumbersome, so most people use them for video conferencing services like Google Hangouts, Skype or FaceTime.

Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is a standard feature on all tablets; they’re not as useful without Internet connectivity. Still, it’s important to get a tablet that supports the fastest Wi-Fi speeds, so make sure the one you buy supports the 802 Wi-Fi standard.11ac. (If you have an older router, that’s fine, too; tablets are backwards compatible with older WI-FI standards, such as 802.11n.)

Processor. Every tablet needs a central processing unit (CPU) to operate. Most tablet manufacturers make their own processors, so it’s often difficult to compare, say, the A12X chip in the iPad with Qualcomm processors found in many OS tablets. Android. To understand how different tablets actually work, watch the video reviews, it will definitely help you make the right choice.

Speakers: while a tablet’s speakers can’t compare to headphones or a pair of normal speakers, the built-in speakers still make a difference. Most tablets have two speakers for stereo effect, but some still rely on one speaker for monaural sound. If you plan to play music through your tablet’s speakers, choose one with speakers on each side for optimal sound separation. Apple tablets, for the most part, have exactly the stereo sound. Having at least two speakers.

Once you understand the basics, think about the features you might be willing to pay more for. What features are your priorities.

Sunday Reading: Who Really Needs an iPad?

The iPad, for me, is the most questionable Apple device in terms of purchase feasibility. In 2010, when the first device in the series was introduced, it fit nicely in the lineup between small phones and large laptops. It’s true that even then the question was raised again and again “why?”. There are a lot more devices in the company’s portfolio today and the tablets are getting close. the large-format iPhone Plus on the bottom and the portable MacBook Retina / Air on top. And it turns out that it is not easy to integrate iPad into your own stock of equipment, not just “let it be”, but with a price-performance that is adequate to the price.

What is the iPad? It is definitely not a competitor for a smartphone, because it doesn’t have any mobile communication tasks and because of its size it can’t be used on the fly (it can, but it’s uncomfortable). For most people it can not replace a computer with a full-fledged desktop system. even after 9 years of evolution iOS has not yet matured to the “big brothers. It has a closed file system, and so-so multi-window interface, and the limitations of even seemingly professional software, and the lack of a brutally convenient keyboard / trackpad in the set.

We have considered its weaknesses, but what about its strong points?? A screen, portability and a different user experience. that’s what tablets and especially the iPad take. Apple has managed to develop the market for tablet software, in this respect, its solution has no competitors. iPad works long and it’s really comfortable to use. Like an iPhone, in some places even better.

If you try hard enough, just about everyone can think of five reasons to buy this device. For example:

  • For all sorts of things on the go
  • To work in a cafe in the city
  • For educational children’s apps
  • For reading e-magazines
  • For Games

This is the list I used when I bought my iPad mini 2. And now I would be glad to sell it, but the child does not allow. my daughter is very fond of the gadget, packed in a rubber cover. a bear, and begs for at least half an hour a day. I stopped taking the tablet in my hands after a month, regularly leaving it empty in my backpack. Between my iPhone 5s and my MacBook Pro Retina 13″, I couldn’t find room for it.

And it’s not that the iPad is bad, on the contrary. the device is solid, balanced. But it is always fighting for the attention of the user with other devices of the same Apple:

  • Watching a movie on a MacBook or iPad?
  • Read on your iPhone or iPad?
  • To open a MacBook or iPad in a cafe?
  • Playing tanks on your iPhone or iPad?

And so it is always. In a perfect world, when spending over 500 doesn’t bust the budget, it’s perfectly possible to get a cool gadget for even just one task. For your favorite strategy game like Kingdom Rush or long trips when you can afford to leave your computer at home. Or if you don’t need a laptop, but a tablet serves as a link between the stationary machines at work and at home. To read Feedly, comics/manga or watch The Office on the veranda of a quiet villa.

But in Ukraine not all iPhone and Mac owners can afford to part with the mentioned sum “for the sake of pampering”, I’m even silent about consumers of Acer and Lenovo products. And one wants and thinks “what if”, but then sobered by the fact. you don’t need it. Have a phone for everything you do on the go, and a notebook or desktop computer for the home or office. The iPad is great, but only as long as you don’t have to convince yourself to buy it.

All written above is my personal, author’s opinion. Disagree? Share your point of view in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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Disadvantages of iPad

In the past, the iPad’s lack of access to the file system in iOS was one of its drawbacks, but now there’s the Files app and iOS 13’s iCloud Drive sharing.4 appeared, and you can download images and other media content from your tablet just by plugging in a flash drive or other storage device. Nevertheless, now the most important function for buyers of iPad is not watching videos, working with documents or games, and a simple access to the Internet. Few people need the newfangled features yet.

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I am often asked in our Telegram-chat if it is worth buying an iPad. What if it disappoints after a period of use? Buying an iPad, the user gets a full-fledged tablet, made from quality parts, with a large, comfortable display and a good content base. And it’s a multifunctional device.

With the advent of Apple Pencil iPad features greatly expanded

Currently, there are many users who want to enter the post-PC era, but are not ready to pay a high price for the admission ticket, which is the iPad. Having a more economical model in the form of the iPad 2019 and iPad Air will give them that opportunity, moving mobile computing into the mainstream. Earlier barriers will be removed, which will attract even more people to the “apple” club. So yes, the iPad is worth the money.

Everyone can find an iPad to fit their needs now. Apple is releasing five versions of iPad, namely Mini, just iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro 11, iPad Pro 12.9 and is constantly making new presentations. Of course, it is possible that the company is really pushing the idea of replacing desktop and laptop options with tablets, but I am more inclined to believe that the iPad will remain a standalone device for a long time, which, although it can not completely replace the computer, but helps with many tasks that a laptop can not do. Or don’t want to.


The A14 Bionic chip is powerful enough for watching media content, gaming, and working. This is where all the magic of Apple comes in. all of the applications in the App Store are optimized for iPad OS 15 and run as smoothly as possible. I personally use the heavy utility Logic Remote, which allows me to use the iPad as a mixer/controller for the audio editor Logic Pro on my MacBook. the device handles it perfectly.

Be sure to try new and not-so-new games on iPad

When I gave up the iPad, I really wanted to buy a Nintendo Switch and play full games on a handheld. However, I never found the time to even just order it online.

After half a year without tablet I came to the conclusion that it was perfectly capable of playing games and replaced any other device.

I am over 30 and have no time for full-fledged games. That’s why I sometimes go through mobile ones that don’t require full immersion. A full list of those I’m trying to finish today was posted here.

That’s the end of the 10 reasons why you need an Apple iPad tablet in 2020. I’ve provided the highlights that will definitely convince you that the tablet in 2020 is a must-have device for any Apple owner. Subscribe to our Telegram and TikTok, and comment on this material. Thank you for your attention!

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