What Is The Difference Between Iphone 5s And 5s

What Is The Difference Between Iphone 5s And 5s

The presentation of the iPhone 5c and 5s was the first in the history of Apple when two new smartphones were introduced simultaneously. One is more strict and expensive, the other is youth and budget. Let’s see how the iPhone 5c differs from 5s, and what are the advantages of each of the smartphones.


The dimensions of the iPhone 5s do not differ from its predecessor. the same body measuring 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm. The budget model of the iPhone 5c is slightly larger than its counterpart in linear dimensions. 124.4×59.2×8.97 mm, and also in weight. 20 g more than 5s.

The iPhone 5s case is made of premium materials, as befits the flagship. Thin anodized aluminum feels good in the hand and makes the apple smartphone a reliable design. iPhone 5c is made of plastic mounted on a steel base.

Appearance of iPhone 5s

The most important innovation was the color scheme of the cases in the iPhone 5c. Unlike the restrained silver, gold and graphite gray metal on the flagship 5s model, the iPhone 5c is made in cheerful colors: white, coral, lime, blue and yellow colors of the case will surely appeal to the youth, for which this model is designed.

Appearance of iPhone 5c

For those who want to make the traditional design of the iPhone 5s a little more fun, Apple has provided image covers of bright colors made of genuine leather with microfiber lining.

For the youth iPhone 5c, bright silicone cases with large perforations are also provided, which will allow you to create funny multi-colored combinations of shades of the case and the case.

The Home button on the iPhone 5s has changed its familiar appearance. now it is also a fingerprint sensor, which is designed to reliably protect the smartphone from unauthorized access. Of course, in the budget model of the iPhone 5c there is no such innovation.


The role of the main camera is performed by Apple’s proprietary development. iSight. It has a 5-lens lens and an 8 MP sensor.

The iPhone 5S received an update in the form of an increased pixel size and a wider f / 2.2 aperture, while the iPhone 5c got a camera with an f / 2.4 aperture. This made it possible to increase the camera sensitivity by 33%.

IPhone 5S Camera

The optics of the 5S model became wide-angle, and the usual LED flash was replaced by a TrueTone dual, which allows you to get reliable white balance in photos in poor lighting conditions.

Significant improvements in the iPhone 5s affected the stabilization system, as well as the face recognition function. Also there was an opportunity to add geotags to photos.

As for, the cameras of both devices can shoots in 1080p format using 3x zoom. iPhone 5s also got the opportunity to shoot slow motion in HD at a speed of 120 frames / sec.


Here, both smartphones do not have differences. both devices have already got the familiar 4 ”matrix with a resolution of 1136×640 pixels. The pixel density is 326 dpi. The screen surface is protected by shockproof glass. An oleophobic coating is applied on top, which protects the display from dirt and fingerprints.


At the heart of the iPhone 5c is the 32-bit Apple A6 chipset: two 1.3 GHz cores created on the Cortex A9 and A15 architecture, as well as the PowerVR SGX543MP3 graphic coprocessor with three cores. The amount of RAM is 1 GB. This chip was inherited from the iPhone 5 absolutely unchanged, but it is enough to comfortably use the device and run the bulk of the most demanding modern games on it without problems.

iPhone 5s was the first in the world to receive the Apple A7 64-bit mobile ARM chip. Its performance is twice as high as that of the A6, and is also able to provide much greater device autonomy. Additionally, the M7 coprocessor is also installed in 5s, which is engaged in processing data from a gyroscope, accelerometer, compass. Its low power consumption allows you to remove the load from the main chip, while significantly increasing the energy efficiency of the device.

operating system

For the full disclosure of the functionality of 64-bit architecture, it was necessary to develop a fresh version of the iOS 7 operating system. Adding support for OpenGL ES 3.0 had a positive effect on the speed of the interface. the smoothness and realism of visual effects are literally breathtaking.

Updates also affected some default applications. something was adapted for the new processor architecture, some applications were deleted, as they were considered unnecessary. Also, some changes occurred in the interface. the buttons were redrawn, the design of the built-in browser was changed.

Out of the box, the iPhone 5c will also receive a new version of iOS 7.


Both smartphones have approximately the same energy efficiency indicators. up to 10 hours of conversations when using 3G networks, as well as about 250 hours of standby time.

The main differences between the iPhone 5c and 5S boil down to appearance and performance. For those to whom the premium quality of smartphone materials is an important indicator, iPhone 5s will be preferred. The flagship also wins in terms of performance. the 64-bit architecture is ahead of the previous generation of Apple processors by head.

iPhone 5c, in turn, boasts not only good performance, but also a more affordable price.