What is the difference between Iphone 4 and Iphone 5

In this short review, Apple devices such as the iPhone 4S and 5S will be examined in detail. Comparison of their hardware and software characteristics will give practical recommendations regarding the choice of a mobile device.

Contents of delivery

The equipment for these two models of smartphones is identical, and it consists of the following components and accessories:

  • The smartphone itself.
  • Stereo headset with high sound quality.
  • Charger.
  • Cord for connecting to a PC.
  • User’s manual.
  • Warranty card.

It should be noted right away that there is no question of a memory card or a separate battery. All this is already immediately built into the gadget and somehow it is impossible to replace the battery yourself, as there is no slot for a memory card. It turns out that from the configuration point of view, the parity between these two models of smart phones is respected.

Smartphone appearance and ergonomics

Now we correlate the overall dimensions that the iPhone 4S and 5S can boast. A comparison by this criterion will allow you to choose exactly the device on which it is most convenient to work today. Let’s start with an earlier version of the smartphone. 4S. Its dimensions are as follows: 115.2 mm long and 56.8 mm wide. Its thickness is 9.3 mm. In turn, the weight of this gadget is 140 grams. Now about a more advanced device. 5S. Its dimensions are 123, 8mm (length) and 58.6 mm (width). It weighs 112 grams with a thickness of 7.6 mm. The appearance of these smartphones has a lot in common: it is a rounded rectangle. As a result, it is difficult to choose one of these two devices from a position of design and ergonomics. But nevertheless, taking into account the overall dimensions, it is better to give preference to a newer device: the convenience of working on it will be many times more. Still, the diagonal of the 4-inch display makes itself felt.

Hardware features

If you compare the iPhone 4S and 5S, it will become clear that a more productive solution is used in the latter. In the first case, the A5 chip acts as the CPU. It consists of two cores of the Cortex-A9 architecture, which operate in peak load mode at a frequency of 800 MHz. For “Android” its computing capabilities will be clearly not enough today. But 4S functions under the control of iOS, and this will be enough for comfortable work. In turn, 5S is based on a more efficient A7 chip. He, as in the previous case, has 2 cores. But only in this embodiment are they more productive, and their clock frequency is 1.3 GHz. It is enough to compare the clock frequencies without delving into the architectural features of the processors, and it becomes clear which of the smartphones is equipped with a more efficient CPU.

Display, graphics accelerator and camera

The difference in the characteristics of the graphics subsystem is very significant for the iPhone 4S and 5S. Comparison of the screen resolution alone will clearly be in favor of the latter. At 4S, the diagonal of the screen is 3.5 inches, and its resolution is 640 by 960. The picture quality is not satisfactory, but the size is clearly small today. The screen is not very convenient to work with. In turn, the 5S in this regard has the following characteristics: 4 inches and 640 by 1136, respectively. The picture quality is also impeccable, but a larger size is more convenient from the standpoint of working on the device. The sensitive element of both the first display and the second is made on the basis of the most advanced technology at the moment. IPS. 4S: 330 has a slightly higher pixel density against 326. But this is not such a significant difference, and it will be difficult to notice it visually.

But the 5S graphics adapter is an order of magnitude stronger. Both accelerators belong to the PowerVR line. Only the first of them uses SGX543MP2, which is outdated both morally and physically. But the G6430 is installed in 5S, which even today copes with most demanding tasks without problems. The sensing element of the main cameras in each of these gadgets is based on the 8 megapixel sensitive element. That is, on this indicator, parity between iPhone 4S and 5S is observed. The photo, as expected, is an order of magnitude better with the newer device. A key role here is played by a better optical system. In addition, the 5S has a 3x optical zoom, improved image stabilization system and dual LED backlight. In general, the photo on it turns out to be much better. A similar situation with the. The resolution of the clips is identical. 1920 by 1080. But here the improved optics and additional software filters at times improve the quality of recording by 5S. Now let’s summarize the capabilities of the graphics subsystem iPhone 4S and 5S. Comparison of photos, and screen clearly indicates that the capabilities of 5S are many times better. The only thing the earlier model gains a slight advantage is the pixel density. But, as noted earlier, the difference between iPhones in this parameter is so insignificant that it is impossible to notice it visually. Therefore, in this regard, everything points in favor of a more progressive gadget. 5S.

What is the difference between Iphone 4 and Iphone 5


If you compare the iPhone 4S and 5S with the position of the memory subsystem, the choice becomes obvious: RAM in the last device will be 2 times more. In the earlier version of the smartphone, 512 MB is integrated, but a more recent modification of the gadget is already equipped with 1 GB.

It is more difficult to make a choice, starting from the capacity of the built-in drive. In the first modification, its size can be 8 GB, 16 GB or 32 GB. But 5S, in turn, can be equipped with a built-in drive in 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. The more expensive the device, the greater the capacity of the internal flash memory. But the slots for installing an external flash card, like all devices of this manufacturer, simply do not. So it is better to look towards gadgets with a larger capacity of the internal drive. In this regard, the most optimal choice is a fresh 5S with 1GB of RAM and 64GB.


Let’s start with the first smart phone. A single charge of his battery with an average level of use will last for 2-3 days. If you switch to maximum saving mode, this figure will increase to 5 days. But at maximum load the battery capacity of this gadget is enough for a day of battery life. 5S autonomy is similar to the earlier model. That is, with an average level of use of one charge, its battery will last for the same 2-3 days. At the maximum level of use, this value will be reduced to 12 hours, but in the maximum battery saving mode, the iPhone 5S can last 5 days. The result is equality, although the battery of the newer device is slightly larger. But so the diagonal of the display he has a little more. This leads to the fact that, from the standpoint of autonomy, these two devices are equal to each other.

System software

The difference between the iPhone 4S and 5S in terms of system software is not significant. In fact, both the first device and the second can function under the control of the eighth version of iOS. At the same time, it will not work to detect any problems in the smooth operation of the visual interface. But if for 5S in the future updates to the next OS versions should definitely appear, then for 4S this is no longer to be expected. Therefore, in any case, the owners of this gadget will have to be content with what is already available. Because of this, in the foreseeable future, problems may arise with the installation of new software.


By the number of supported wireless interfaces between these gadgets, a significant difference is obtained. The iPhone 4S and 5S share an output time of a year. From this, significant differences arise. By the number of slots for SIM cards, these devices are equal to each other. it is only one. As expected, both of these smartphones work without problems in networks of the 2nd and 3rd generation. Only in the latter case, the maximum information transfer rate differs by almost 3 times. If 5S can provide 42 Mbit / s in 3G, then 4S is capable of delivering only 14.4 Mbit / s. Another cellular standard that is supported by 4S. this is CDMA. So far, he has not received a sufficiently large distribution, and this is a rather controversial advantage of the device to date. But 5S supports mobile networks of the 4th generation, that is, LTE. At the same time, it is able to provide peak information transfer at speeds up to 100 Mbit / s. Of course, the future is behind this standard, and the fact that this smartphone supports it is an indisputable advantage of this gadget. Otherwise, the set of supported interfaces is identical: Wi-fi? Bluetooth, GPS, Micro USB and 3.5 mm audio port.

Prospects, price

Still, there is a difference between these smartphones. The iPhone 4S and 5S share a whole year in time. For the smart phone industry, this is a solid time frame. If you divide Apple smartphones into segments, it turns out that the first of them, which can be called budget, is represented by the 4S model. Earlier versions of this apparatus are outdated both morally and physically. With the release of the next generation of smartphones from Apple, the same fate will befall 4S, and iPhone 5 will take its place, which now occupies the lower part of the segment of mid-range devices. In turn, the 5S is located at the top of the middle class devices. Its hardware specifications and software platform will be at least relevant for another 2 years. Yes, and the display with a diagonal of 4 inches is much more convenient to work than 3.5 inches. Other things being equal, it is better to choose 5S. Its only drawback in comparison with 4S. it is a higher cost. So, the price of a more obsolete smartphone is about 300, and for 5S you will have to pay over 500.

IPhone 4S and 5S: which is better?

So, we suggest summing up. As part of this little material, 2 models of Apple’s smartphones were examined in detail: iPhone 4S and 5S. A comparison of their capabilities clearly indicates that the latest model is an order of magnitude better than its predecessor. The only criterion by which a new device loses is the price. But this is not surprising. After all, 4S was introduced a year earlier and sold a whole year longer. You can still highlight his higher pixel density. But it’s impossible to visually notice the difference between 326 and 330 to the ordinary eye. But the more recent smartphone hardware stuffing is much better. Also, software updates for him will come out, but for 4S. not. Therefore, nevertheless, whatever one may say, the iPhone 5S turned out to be much better than its predecessor, even despite the higher price.