What Is The Difference Between A Smartphone And An Iphone And What Is Better

What Is The Difference Between A Smartphone And An Iphone And What Is Better

Users often ask how an iPhone differs from a smartphone? The question is really interesting, although it is posed incorrectly. after all, the iPhone is also a smartphone. It’s just that in recent years its name has become a household name, as, for example, in the case of photocopy, because Xerox is the name of the company, which also produces copy machines.

Smartphone (from an English smartphone, that is, a “smart phone”) is a mobile phone that successfully combines the functions of a handheld computer. With it, you can not only call friends, but also play games, watchs, listen to music, surf the Internet and much more.

iPhone. a series of smartphones, which is released by Apple.

And what happens? And the fact that calling an iPhone a smartphone, you will not be mistaken at all!

What is the difference between smartphones and iPhone?

Now let’s talk about what makes the iPhone different from other smartphones.

Perhaps the first and most important thing is the iOS operating system. Our site has already managed to tell about it. This operating system is interesting in that it is used exclusively on devices from Apple, so you will not find it on smartphones or tablets from other manufacturers. This is good on the one hand and bad on the other. Good, because Apple is honing its operating system to a shine, so it often works unlike other OSs. But the bad thing is that it is impossible to install it, for example, on an LG phone.

The second important difference is a small lineup. So, for a long time, Apple released only one model, to which iPhone 5c later joined. The same goes for screen size, although in the sixth generation two devices came out at once. one with a screen diagonal of 4.7 inches, and the second. 5.5 inches. Now look at the huge selection of devices based on the Android OS. the difference is simply fantastic. Therefore, if you do not like the appearance of the iPhone, there is not much choice but to start looking at devices from other manufacturers.

As for the appearance, there is nothing unusual here. In previous years, Apple could shock the appearance of its devices (remember, for example, the iPhone 4 with a glass back cover), now it is an ordinary smartphone. Of course, it is distinguished by the availability of expensive materials, but all this invariably affects the cost of the device. But at the back there is a company logo. a bitten apple.

In iPhones there is no slot for a memory card. This, you can say, Apple’s proprietary chip. Of course, you can always choose an iPhone with a large amount of memory, but the price difference will be several thousand rubles, while the cost of a fast and high-quality flash drive does not exceed a thousand rubles. However, in fairness, we note that now many manufacturers refuse from memory card slots. Fortunately, not all.

Some of the disadvantages include a non-removable battery in the iPhone. In our opinion, this should not be considered a drawback. Firstly, in most modern smartphones, you can’t replace the battery (except in the service), and secondly, it works for 2-3 years, while the average replacement time for a smartphone is only one year.

As for everything else, including specifications, availability of applications, shooting quality, etc., in this regard, the iPhone is no different from other devices based on Android or Windows Phone. Which is better? This is up to you. You can go to some electronics hypermarket and compare the iPhone with another smartphone you like.

Be that as it may, we found out that the iPhone is also a smartphone, which has its own characteristics.