What is the difference between a Macbook Pro and a Macbook Air

What is the difference between a Macbook Pro and a Macbook Air

Yesterday’s presentation of Apple, which took place in New York, became one of the strangest in the history of the company. From the stage at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, an unknown woman presented us the 2016 MacBook Pro, calling the computer a completely new MacBook Air. It looked like farce and idiocy.

It seemed that the MacBook Air was working not on the chief designer of the company, Johnny Ive and his team, but on the copy-paste. They simply stole the schemes of the latest generation of “bugs” from the neighboring department and somehow “pushed” the resulting product to Tim Cook. I have no other explanation.

Even in the usual presentation clips, we did not hear Johnny’s familiar soft voice. Does he even know what happened yesterday?

Everything that happened on stage in the first 20 minutes of the presentation looked ridiculous and caused a feeling of discomfort. After the presentation, I went to look for differences on the official Apple website.

1. One housing for two devices

The thickness of the MacBook Air is 0.41–1.56 cm, for the MacBook Pro this value is 1.49 cm. The width and length of both laptops are identical (21.24 cm and 30.41 cm, respectively).

In other words, we were again shown the case presented two years ago. Changing the thickness of the device will definitely not benefit the device. Believe me, the cooling system will just go crazy under load. I speak as the owner of the MacBook Pro 13.

2. Does the MacBook Air live up to the name? Not

Air is 120 grams lighter than the “bug” (1.25 kg versus 1.37 kg). Is this a sensitive difference? Of course not. A laptop is not a tablet, no one will keep it in your hands all the time.

Boasting that value yesterday, when in 2015 the company showed the world a MacBook weighing 902 grams, was stupid.

3. One-on-one screen

The displays of the two laptops are the same. Just completely twin brothers. 13.3 inches, retina display with IPS technology and a resolution of 2560 × 1600 pixels.

It would be ideal to make a MacBook Air with a screen of 14 diagonal, but alas.

4. The colors we already know

The MacBook Air line has a golden hue. All. There’s nothing to add.

Marketers clearly felt helpless at this point. And they didn’t think of anything smarter than how to mark a photo with a matte emblem on the laptop’s cover on the website. So that it is at least somehow visually different from the MacBook Pro.

It looks dumb. Even on promo clips it is clear that the emblem is brilliant.

Goodbye glowing Apple logo. Now on the cover of the MacBook Air.

5. A stuffing that everyone doesn’t care about

The difference in the filling between the two devices, of course, is. Somewhere the processor is better, somewhere the card is different. But this is an absolutely unprincipled point for this form factor of a mobile laptop.

But at the presentation, they managed to devote time to the appearance of the FaceTime HD camera. What for?

Does it work smartly and without brakes? OK. Wrap up.

6. MacBook Air will last longer. But it is not exactly

The official site promises the MacBook Air to work a couple of hours longer in Internet mode via wireless. It looks rather strange, taking into account that in the “firmware” the capacity of the built-in lithium-polymer battery is 54.5 W ∙ h, and in the new product it is 50.3 Wh.

Personally, I have big doubts that the new generation of processors is capable of creating such tricks with autonomy. Miracles of marketers, and more.

7. Built-in Touch ID sensor. Innovation

All this we again saw again at the presentation of the “firmware” with the Touch Bar. Not surprised.

8. Scope of delivery

It looks amazing, but the MacBook Air will come with a 30W USB C power adapter. Again, the Pro version has twice the power of the charger! (61 watts).

Sad conclusion

As a result, we were shown a version of the MacBook Pro (without Touch Bar), but with a Touch ID button and a horse price tag (from 104 thousand rubles), and for reasons unknown to me they called the MacBook Air product.

Or, in other words, two years ago I bought not a MacBook Pro, but a stripped-down MacBook Air. Brilliant marketing. I won’t be surprised if the MacBook Pro version without Touch Bar is removed from sales in the next six months.

Apple, what’s wrong with you? And where is Johnny Ive?

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