What Is Other In Iphone 5s Storage

Since the free space in the storage of iPhone and iPad tends to run out, it sometimes makes sense to make a little cleaning of the device from unnecessary files and applications. But what if you have already done this, but the memory of the gadget is still full? In this case, it is time to look into the “Other” section of the storage of your smartphone or tablet.

What Is Other In Iphone 5s Storage

First, let’s figure out what this section includes. In essence, it is an aggregator of the cache of all applications, messages, browser history, game saves, and much more. And if you can’t delete all messages in any way, a similar operation can be performed with other components of this section.

Checking “Other” on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

To do this, open the basic settings of the device, and then go to the “Statistics” menu. Here you can see not only the number of occupied and free space, but also the size of each application. Most of all on my iPhone are photos. almost five gigabytes.

Checking “Other” using iTunes

It is still simpler here. we connect the gadget to the computer, open iTunes, and a panel appears at the very bottom where you can find out the size of this section.

How to delete the contents of the “Other” section? There are some of the most common ways that I want to tell you about.

Uninstall and reinstall the applications that take up the most space

Why is this needed? Very often programs that “weigh” only 20 megabytes are capable of occupying up to 300 megabytes with the “Documents and Data” section. In my case, a striking example of such an application is Tweetbot. Please note that the client size is 19.7 megabytes, and various data is 160 megabytes.

After reinstalling the application for some time, “Documents and Data” will not take more than two megabytes.

Delete messages and chats

Often, clearing the message history on the iPhone is very useful. you will not only free up space, but also make it easy for you to further navigate your correspondence. Why, for example, all these information messages from taxis?

Clearing Safari History and Data

We go into the settings, then in the Safari browser menu. After that, first we clear the application history, and then its cookie and data.

Delete voice recordings

If you often use the “Voice Recorder” program, it will not be amiss to sometimes transfer voice recordings to a computer and delete them from iPhone.

Reboot device

After all of the above steps, restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch for the changes to take effect.

Using these simple methods, you can reduce the size of the Other to one or two gigabytes. Therefore, if you often encounter the problem of running out of space on your smartphone or tablet, I advise you to quickly look into the settings.