What is included in the Sony Playstation

What’s included with your Sony Playstation

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Since there are two versions of the console on the market, it makes sense to consider the standard package Playstation 5 and the contents of the box Digital Edition. All the same, the modifications differ markedly in price, having absolutely identical characteristics of iron.

Regular version

The box, like the console itself, is made in white. And the Sony Playstation 5 package tells us what we will get when we buy it:

  • console;
  • DualSense gamepad;
  • stand;
  • HDMI cable;
  • a power cable from USB-C to USB-A;
  • A cord to charge the gamepad;
  • instructions;
  • warranty card.

In short, nothing surprising to the buyer in the box waiting. The only clarification. the game Astro’s Playroom is included. True, not in the format of the disk, but as a pre-installed game.

Digital Edition

The versions with a disk drive and without Blu ray do not differ technically, and even the internal memory is the same. And what to expect from the contents of the box? All that will be included with the regular version, is in the package with the Playstation Digital Edition. Unless the long-awaited Spider-Man Miles Morales game is only available digitally. Other than that, it’s the same.

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Big, stylish, “scary.

I was always impressed by laconism in Sony consoles design (of course, with a rare exception in the face of not the most elegant PlayStation 4 Pro). And that’s why the design of PS5 seemed too pretentious almost six months ago during the demonstration, as well as in the fresh pictures. But here’s an interesting metamosa: in real life, the console looks much nicer and more elegant. Anyway, in my modest Scandinavian interior the neo-futuristic Japanese guest settled in rather quickly and doesn’t bother my eye at all. Yes, and a moderate backlighting inside the case adds to the appearance of a couple of points.

However, other fears were confirmed. Playstation 5 is unusually bulky. And because of the design extravagances visually it seems very fragile, and at first you just do not understand how to pick it up without accidentally breaking. Fortunately, there is no need to be afraid, it is only appearance. the console can be picked up with two hands, confident grip in the middle by the front and back. Keeping a microfiber cloth at the ready, of course, to immediately wipe the glossy front from fingerprints. Yes, as everyone expected, the surface eagerly collects dust and touch marks. By the way, another nuance of perception of the design: in an upright position Playstation 5 seems terribly unstable, then and there you can always expect an audible fall on the side. After a day or two of use, the effect passes, but the residue remains.

Playstation 5 specs
Central processing unit The special AMD Ryzen Zen 2 8-core at 3.5 GHz
The graphics processor A special GPU with 36 processing units based on AMD RDNA 2 technology with 10.3 Tflops of ray tracing performance
Memory 16GB GDDR6 with 256-bit bus and 448Gb/s bandwidth
Drive A special 825GB SSD drive
Actual volume of storage available to user Officially stated at 667GB, but the “clean” console in my possession after initial setup already offered less. 551GB
Optical drive 4K UHD Blu-ray / not available in digital version
Interfaces and connectors IEEE 802 Wi-Fi.11ax, 1 × Gigabit Ethernet, 2 × USB Type-A 3.1 × USB 3.1 × Type-C, 1 × USB 2.0 Type-A, 1 × HDMI 2.1
Sound Tempest 3D AudioTech
Dimensions (width × depth × height) 260 × 110 × 390 mm
Weight (actual, measured) 4.5 kg
Recommended retail for the version with a floppy drive 37,990 for the version without a floppy drive


The Playstation 5 interface looks fairly familiar to PlayStation 4 owners, though of course it has been tangibly updated. It has two main sections. “games” and “media”, by default, when you start the console opens, of course, the first. Media” lets you install clients of streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, etc.д.and, of course, 4K, HDR, and 5K audio are supported.1, as well as. voice search, using the microphone in the gamepad.

In the gaming “section” at the top we see the familiar horizontal ribbon of recent activity (games, media gallery, PS Store, PS Plus), with access to the game library at the very end. If you select any of them, its menu opens at the bottom, with news and interesting offers in the store, PS Plus offers available, and, in the case of games, additional offers for it, as well as the progress of the game, the progress of your current tasks, etc.д. This is actually very handy, because it allows you to refresh your head on where you stand in a particular game, even before launching it.

The system menu at the top of the screen is a thing of the past, replaced by the “control center” (Control Center), which can be called at any time, including in the middle of the game with the PS button. There are items like access to system notifications, friends list, sound output quick settings, switching to the last application you ran, etc.д.The user can also edit its composition by adding or removing items.

Smooth shapes

Now let’s move on to the Playstation 5 itself. The game console looks very futuristic, not least because of the smooth contours of the body, which is somewhat unusual after the strict forms to which users are accustomed since the release of Playstation 2.

In the new model, the plastic curved matte white (rather a grayish tint) side panels are separated by a glossy black insert with grilles on the edges to trap cold air, extending to the top and with a larger radius of curvature in this part. Fresh and new, but some may not like the look, as the Playstation 5 will stand out from the rest of the technology.

Another nuance in the design of the device is the drive for Blu-ray discs, which makes the console a little “pudgy” on the right, while the digital version of the console does not have it and its body is more symmetrical. The rear part in the form of a grid for emissions of heated air is made of matte plastic and expands to the bottom, where the communication connectors are located.

In the front center of the console there are two USB connectors, one of which is Type C, and at the bottom there are disc eject and power buttons. As already mentioned, the front part is made of glossy plastic, which is quite beautiful while in the box, but after unpacking it begins to collect dust and fingerprints, and wiping it with a cloth simply scratches it. So you have to be a little careful when you connect the cords and rub it a little less, so that the console does not quickly lose its original appearance. On the back are already located the rest of the USB ports, RJ45, HDMI and network power connector. Near the upper edge you will find a slot for the Kensington lock.

The console is quite stable in an upright position, but to avoid scratching the surface of the table or nightstand, it must be mounted on a stand. To do it take out the plastic cover from the bottom center of the device and replace it with a screw which fixes the stand for example with a coin.

If you want to put the console horizontally, and considering its size this is a very tempting solution for further placement in a cabinet, the stand will have to be clicked on the side wall on the drive side in the marked area, near the USB ports on the back wall. Stand is not bad in this position but you can easily break it off by pulling on the base.

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The side panels of the device can be removed pulling the upper back corner towards you and pushing the covers down. This new feature expands your customization options, and some designers took advantage of this when they introduced the gold Playstation 5, or companies that promised either separate black panels or the consoles in black. True, the latest variants have never seen.

After removing the panels we see a black case with ventilation grates for cooling system, a Blu-ray drive and a compartment for NVMe drives.

In addition, you can clean the console from accumulated dust with a vacuum cleaner, for which there are two technological holes.

M connector.2 will allow you to install an SSD with PCI Express 4 interface.0 and size up to 110 mm, which allows you to expand the internal storage for games, which is only 667 GB. It is not necessary to say that this size will be enough for only 4-5 large projects in the future.

Backward compatibility of the new game console from Sony

For PS5 claimed backward compatibility with the previous model of PlayStation 4. Almost all games for PlayStation 4 can be run on the new console, and they will run faster and look better, thanks to the performance of PS5.

Here we should also highlight the subscription PS Plus. In addition to the fact that every month it is given for free 2-3 games, now with the release of PS5 it appeared “Game Collection”, where you can find 20 games of the last generation, including such bestsellers like Uncharted 4, Until Down, God of War, Final Fantasy XV and others. Playstation 5 is not backward compatible with PS, PS2 and PS3.

The description of PS5, no matter how good it was, will not give to feel the fullness and sharpness of emotions from using it. If this review encourages you to buy Sony Playstation 5, you can check its availability in our electronics store and make a pre-order.

What is included in the Russian Playstation 4?

So we got a box with Playstation 4, opening it you can find a lot of things, but it’s only at first glance, the most eye-catching of the kit is not the ugly wires and adapters, and directly the PS 4 and the new DualShock, which has now become much more convenient, functional and modern. Besides this, we are surprised by the variety of colored “papers”, they are quite useful for us in the future.

So, the PS 4 comes with a manual, which will allow you to understand some aspects without wasting your time searching the Internet, and several “coupons”, giving you a 30-day trial access to some services of Playstation 4. Playstation Plus is that “subscription”, without it you can not play online games, which would be a shame, especially if you found out that immediately after buying the toy, but it also gives access to the “giveaway plushki. From time to time Sony gives away some games for free to their subscribers, the games that you liked, you can pick up in a collection and install without problems. Even if the game will later be deleted, it will remain in your library and can be re-installed on your PS 4 at any time.

But that’s not all. plus the company gives us a 30-day subscription to the service Music Unlimited, which allows you to listen to music legally and a 10-dollar coupon. You can use it in the official PS 4 store. Though the amount is small, but it will not be unnecessary, you can buy an indie toy or add your own money to buy something more interesting.

In the Russian kit Playstation 4 we are waiting for the power cord with a “classic” plug, designed for 220 volts, from which the console works. HDMI cable. you won’t get another way to connect PS4 to a TV or monitor normally, the picture will be of much worse quality, and in some cases the sound will disappear completely, so make sure you have a “screen” with an HDMI cable input at home.

Also included is a MicroUSB-USB cable, which is designed to charge the DualShock 4, I do not know why Sony decided to use the Micro version, when in all industries already “rules” the Mini-version (to find a cable on sale is much easier. from any smartphone or tablet on Android, for example, will do). To be able to communicate with people during the game, Sony carefully put in the package of Playstation 4 and mono-headset, which is essentially a single earpiece and microphone, the sound is certainly not great, but for its intended purpose (ie. to talk to other gamers) can be used without problems.

Naturally, the package also comes with the PlayStatioin 4 with a gamepad DualShock, about this even mention “shame”, there is nothing to talk about. the only thing worth mentioning is that the hard drive included in the kit at 500 GB, and put more or less while it is impossible, but in the future expected to PS 4 variants with a terabyte hard drive.

Network modes of games