What Is Included In The Set Of Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones have gradually flooded modern markets. With their help, you can communicate with people, as well as perform various actions related to multimedia functions. By themselves, wireless headphones perform the following very important tasks:

What is included in the set of wireless headphones
  • Provide communication with minimal strain on the hands.
  • Create the necessary convenience and comfort during movement.
  • They solve the problem that occurs when using ordinary headphones during active physical activity.

Thus, anyone who at least keeps up with the times and tries to be in trend should purchase wireless headphones. The legendary brand TWS introduced a new model of wireless headphones called i10. It is based on the classic design of popular gadgets from Apple called Airpods. While specialists from the Cupertin company were developing a second model, the Chinese were using the copying and gradual creation method to the full. Thus, two years after the release of the original headphones from Apple, a model called TWS i10 was released.

What are the main features of this model?

The legendary model has the following very interesting characteristics:

  • The presence of a design similar to Airpods, which allows with a 100% probability to impress others.
  • The presence of high-speed and energy-efficient Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. Thus, with its help, you can allow yourself to use the gadget at an impressive distance without the risk of losing the signal.
  • Ergonomic appearance and glossy surface, giving the device a certain gloss and beautiful appearance.
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This generation of wireless headphones has touch controls and intuitive virtual gestures. Once the headphones have been purchased, they must be connected by ordinary pairing. The main features taken from Apple technology have been carried over 100%. As you might have guessed, we are talking about ease of use right out of the box. The combination with virtual touch buttons, as well as Bluetooth 5.0, a unique combination of a mobile phone and headphones will make human life as simple as possible.

There are English voice prompts, as well as the ability to switch tracks and type in voice. Such a world has not yet seen. Incoming and outgoing calls along with the left voice messages can be played directly in your ears without the participation of the screen. Thus, it is possible to communicate without problems with people on a run, or during working hard moments. The phone becomes unnecessary, and performs more formal than direct function. As for battery life, it’s just gorgeous here. The manufacturer promises up to 3.5 hours of talk time on the built-in application, as well as two hours of listening to music. Standby allows you to withstand about 80 hours from the moment of charging, which is a very interesting indicator. You can charge a miracle device in a couple of tens of minutes.

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What is included in the package?

Headphones come with a lot of interesting items. Having ordered them for yourself, you can get in addition to the device the following important elements of the kit:

  • Capsule-shaped charging box. As mentioned earlier, it is very difficult to distinguish it from a similar device from Apple.
  • Lightning standard cable. This means that they can charge the iPhone. Lightning is 100% copied, as the real masters of their craft stood behind the work.
  • A cardboard box allows you to transport the device to its destination, and the manual contains comprehensive technical and operational data.

In the New Year, you can give wireless headphones to your relatives using TWS i10. It is worth trusting the Chinese, because they know how to properly make high-quality gadgets to improve their lives. It is impossible to imagine that someone in 2019 does not have a mobile phone. If there is a phone itself, then the gadget with a voice assistant, wireless capabilities and other very important modern details will be the best gift for him.