What is Galaxy store in Samsung phone

How to connect to TV

To set up the connection correctly, both devices must be connected to the same wireless network.

Go to phone settings and select the “Available devices” tab. Activate the line “File exchange”. The AllShare app will automatically launch. If you have previously used the service, you will need to register in it. Enter your email address in the special fields and create a password. Having authorized once, you will no longer need to enter these data.

AllShare Samsung. what is it and how to use it

AllShare Samsung is a technology that allows you to quickly share content between multiple devices. This article will help you understand this option and learn how to use it.

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Via smartphone

The opposite of the previous method is using a smartphone for TV functions. In this case, instead of the remote control, a telephone is used that controls the content broadcast on the monitor.

To broadcast information on the screen, select the required file on your smartphone and click on the icon in the form of a monitor at the top of the screen. The file will automatically start playing on the TV. With a smartphone, you can, like a remote control, control playback: pause, scroll (scroll) information, change the volume.

What is AllShare Samsung

This feature allows you to exchange data without using wires and third-party services. With its help, you can exchange media content between your phone and other devices, for example, a laptop or tablet.

Setting up your TV

Now let’s tune the TV. Press the three-color Smart Hub button on the remote control and activate the service of the same name, in the list of available applications that appears, activate the required one. Press the A key to activate.

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An authorization window will appear on the monitor. Enter your account details there.

Via Samsung SmartTV

Using this setting, you can put down your smartphone and use all its functions on the TV screen using the remote control.

After synchronizing the devices, you only need to specify the type of files being viewed (images, videos or music), and select your mobile from the list of available connected devices. After that, all files from the selected category will automatically appear on the screen.

Магазин приложений Galaxy Store от Samsung

Setting up media sharing between devices

To exchange content between devices, they use two methods, depending on the active gadget. Consider both options.

The New Samsung Galaxy Store