What Is Carplay Apple Car Features And A List Of Supported Cars

What Is Carplay Apple Car Features And A List Of Supported Cars

For quite a long time, there are rumors that Apple is secretly working on creating an autonomous car or software for such vehicles. However, why go far? For two years now, the Cupertinians have been releasing wonderful CarPlay software for cars. The system is extremely easy to use and provides quick access to the music and the service “Apple Maps”, and also allows you to make phone calls.

Connect iPhone to CarPlay

The CarPlay system does not use Bluetooth, and the iPhone is connected using a Lightning cable.

Once connected, the iPhone automatically syncs with CarPlay.

The CarPlay display is very similar to the iPhone screen! That is, CarPlay can actually be considered as an additional smartphone monitor built into the car dashboard. When switching apps on the iPhone, apps on the CarPlay display will also switch, and vice versa.

CarPlay allows you to make Handsfree calls from iPhone

This is not to say that CarPlay can do absolutely anything. However, the system allows you to talk on the phone, exchange text messages, use Apple Maps, listen to music and other audio files. what else is needed while driving?

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Apps for CarPlay

There are a number of applications that support CarPlay, including Audiobooks and several podcast programs.

Apple Maps” (unfortunately, only in large European cities so far) work perfectly! They provide step-by-step direction tips and a screen showing the next turn is no worse than any GPS navigator.

If you prefer Google Maps or Waze, consider yourself out of luck. There is a big difference between CarPlay and Android Auto (Google’s developed dashboard software). The Apple system can play Google Maps voice prompts through the car speakers, but the cards themselves will not be displayed on the screen.

Music Control in CarPlay

Where CarPlay has no equal, it is in playing music and other audio files. It is very convenient that the smartphone can be controlled using the song switch buttons.

The “Now Playing” screen is equipped with large touch buttons that allow you to pause songs and scroll through playlists.

Text notifications on CarPlay

When text messages arrive on the iPhone, a notification is displayed on CarPlay.

True, notifications do not contain the text of the message itself. You can ask Siri to read it, but Lesving encountered a delay of several seconds. In addition, if the message contains a photograph, the voice assistant will not be able to describe what is shown on it.

Please note that the notification displayed on the CarPlay screen will be visible to everyone sitting in the car. Although its contents cannot be read, everyone will know who sent the message and when.

According to rumors, Apple is working on software for autonomous machines.

The CarPlay system is still far from something like this, and driving is entirely up to the driver.