What Is Better Ps4 Or Xbox One

What Is Better Ps4 Or Xbox One

For the fifth year, the next-generation consoles represented by playstation 4 and xbox one have been pleasing to their owners. But for someone who didn’t immediately buy a non-X-ray console, but decided to wait until they “warm up” and get rid of children’s sores, the question. “What is better playstation 4 or xbox one?”remains open. Our site already has reviews of each of them: an Xbox one review and a Playstation 4 review, as well as reviews of more powerful versions: PS4 Pro and Xbox one x. In order for our readers not to fall into the same situation as the hero in the below, let’s compare the console and decide which one deserves a place on your TV.

Read more relevant comparison.: which is better than xbox one x or ps4 pro. Comparison of charged consoles, as well as a comparison of all versions of xbox one.

But first, let’s make a small digression. Even if, after reading this article, you still have doubts about which console to purchase, a little advice to you: you can rent a playstation 4 and xbox one in almost any more or less large city. For example, we rent playstation 4 consoles in the city of Minsk. Having taken the prefix for rent, you can decide for yourself what suits you best even before the acquisition.

After reading this article, you will no longer be in the same situation as the hero on the below:

PS4 vs Xbox one: Round One. whose iron is better

In detail “filling” described in reviews dedicated to each of the consoles (Playstation 4 specifications and xbox one specifications). At first glance, it might seem that the filling of both representatives of the new generation is identical, and that it is not worth focusing here. Yes, the options are almost identical. But, there are some interesting points:

Playstation 4 uses the newer DDR5 memory standard, while xbox one has the older and slower GDDR3, respectively. The xbox is also not saved by the additional 32 MB ESRAM. In addition, xbox one was given 5 GB of RAM for the needs of the games, the remaining 3 GB for the OS (Updated: this ratio has already changed). The competitor has 7 GB and 1 GB, respectively.

Also in Japanese, the graphics core is slightly more productive than 1152 scalar cores versus 768 cores in xbox one. So in some games the number of FPS (frames per second) is clearly not in favor of xbox.

In favor of xbox one we can say the following: it is only in theory and ps4 is more powerful than a competitor. And each game must be considered individually. It all depends on how complex or simple the process of creating and optimizing a particular game is for a particular platform and operating system, respectively.

And at this stage, a number of cross-platforming games such as Project CARS, The Witcher 3, Battlefield: Hardline and others, on the brainchild of Microsoft show 3-7 frames per second less than in Japanese. Even the last software update did not save, after which xbox one began to support DirectX 12. (Note: DirectX 12 does not make the graphics more beautiful in comparison with DX11. The new technology makes better use of available hardware. As a result, it affects the speed and number of frames per second)

Do not forget that some boxing games can be played in a maximum resolution of only 900p. Fourth “Sonya” confidently shows 1080p in all games.

Exclusives on ps4 and on xbox one look great.

It also happens. True, the gap is not always so great.

Appearance. Console Options

Such an important parameter as the appearance of the console, of course, is a moot point. Therefore, which xbox one or ps4 console looks better. it’s up to you. Purely my opinion. playstation 4 looks more modern. ps4 beveled edges look more futuristic than a large black box, in addition, the xbox one power supply is not built into the console’s case and is another big black brick. Perhaps the engineers felt that because of this, the likelihood of overheating of the console will be lower. But for more than 2 years of the year, the smaller and with built-in power Playstation 4 did not have such problems, but some users smoked the xbox one of a certain batch (xbox one is smoking,). True, this is in the past. Now the technical process of both consoles is refined and such problems do not arise.

Added: Microsoft has announced a new look for its console and an updated gamepad for it. We already have an overview of the xbox one X and a comparison of the slim versions of the competing xbox one s and ps4 slim consoles.

Console Options:

Compare the consoles.

Standard kit playstation 4 includes:

  1. Power cable
  2. Single headset
  3. USB mincro USB cable
  4. Dualshock 4 Gamepad
  5. HDMI cable
  6. documentation
  7. Console itself

In turn, the kit xbox one consists of:

  1. Kinect 2.0 (not available in later versions)
  2. Xbox Life Subscription (30 days)
  3. Headset
  4. Gamepad with batteries
  5. HDMI cable
  6. Power Supply
  7. Documentation
  8. Console

As you can see above, the set-top box from America is richer. And the for standard equipment, in turn, are about the same. In addition, the possibilities of kinect 2.0 are really impressive. And the standard xbox one headset is better.

What is better than Dualshock 4 or the new Microsoft gamepad

Gamepad in the modern gaming industry. face of the console. It is precisely on what capabilities it has and how convenient it is that the impression depends strongly on both the game process and the console in general.

Microsoft didn’t change the almost perfect joystick for the Xbox 360 (although some sources claim that the new gamepad has about 40 improvements). This is the right decision. The gamepad is really the best on the market. Here are its significant improvements: they moved the menu button, changed the cross, corrected the sticks, removed “hump” for the batteries at the back, they added an infrared port and made a number of small visual changes. Yes! Also added vibro to “chickens”. This should increase the degree of immersion in the gameplay.

Competitors, in turn, took into account all the shortcomings that are available in dualshock 3. And made a gamepad, which should be at the next generation console.

Dualshock 4 has become wider, has more sensitive sticks, better than its predecessor lies in your hands. Also in it, as in the predecessor, a battery (True, there are a lot of complaints on the network that the charge is enough for 6-8 hours of play) He also got a touchpad, the purpose of which depends on the application or game. A built-in speaker appeared, making a deeper immersion in the game. Sometimes, however, you can get scared: you play yourself, you play once! Some kind of sound from the joystick. Suddenly.

Even in Dualshock 4 there is a built-in indicator light that recognizes the Playstation camera and which is able to change light, in Killzone Shadow Fall, it informs about the state of health. The downside is that the indicator is constantly on. (Added: with the release of firmware 2.50 and higher, it is possible to change the brightness). Also in it, like a competitor, a headset jack is built-in. The dulshock v2 version, released in 2016, has an additional indicator light, and its sticks have become more resistant to wear.


The guys from Microsoft are not bad at finalizing the gamepad for the new Xbox, there are clearly more positive points than negative ones. And only one negative. “chickens” have become a little further and now you need to reach for them. Maybe the average American has more hands than the same European? Using batteries in a modern device is also out of the ordinary. Do you have a lot of appliances in your house besides battery-powered remote controls? This is the last century.

Dualshock 4, whiter than modern, has higher accuracy, it has more comfortable “chickens”. And it’s good if the developers will consider its capabilities when designing games. But there are not pleasant moments: the battery lasts for 6-8 hours of play. Perhaps in the near future it will be possible to turn off the indicator light and the time from recharging to recharging will increase. Also, for many years of use, sticks for many have turned into a rag, which is not nice. (Supplemented: the sticks have been improved, with the release of firmware 2.50 the ability to change the light indicator intensity has been added)

Nextgen chips and other features

Why is this, the eighth generation, called nextgen and are the Playstation 4 or xbox one worthy of wearing the proud Nextgen label? They can!

Playstation 4 has software that allows you to: play before the game is fully downloaded, has a bunch of social features, the reaction in the menu to the player’s actions is instant. The prefix constantly keeps in memory 15 last minutes (a competitor has 10 (supplemented: already 15 minutes)) of your game. In addition, the clip can be shared or stored in memory. And this is done literally with two taps. Even on a PC it’s not so simple!

over, when you click the share button and selecting the appropriate item, you can share online achievements with friends, and those, in turn, can join you in the game. And if you have a camera, you can broadcast how you play, and even comment on it. Also, I did not mention the possibilities associated with PS Vita (portable version of the Playstation). It can be used as an additional gamepad and as a screen. Sony’s multimedia capabilities and services are in place. Managing mobile devices too.

Supplemented: with the release of the software update, both consoles learned to remember the place where you finished the game when switching to sleep mode. That is, if you have advanced far in the game, but have not reached the save point, you can simply pause the game and put the console in sleep mode. And then “to wake” her and continue to play from the same place.

Now in more detail about xbox one. Representatives of Microsoft proudly declare that the new console is not just a game console, it is a whole multimedia processor in one device. And here you can not argue with them. Xbox one allows you to watch TV in high resolution, communicate via skype with friends and acquaintances, buy and enjoy music and. There are special services for this..

You can connect any device that produces HD to the console. It is possible to control the console through mobile applications. Another xbox one recognizes voice commands and gestures through kineck 2.0. There is even a fairly extensive package of applications for working with and audio. Everything sounds really cool. But, so far, most features with services do not work for us, and voice commands do not recognize Russian speech. We hope this will be fixed with a software update.

Yes, it’s worth saying that both consoles can download applications, updates, multimedia files and, of course, games in the background. PS4 still knows how to download games even in sleep mode.

Supplemented by: At E3 2015, it is announced that very soon xbox one will support some games for the xbox 360. We look forward to hearing from Sony.

Supplemented 2: Both Microsoft and Sony announced that they are preparing versions of the consoles “on steroids”, these are the Xbox one S and Playstation 4 Neo, respectively. Very soon we will talk about them, and when they come out we will do a similar review.

Supplemented 3: Sony introduced the world of playstation 4 pro simultaneously with the slim version, about this we have a separate article. here. The link to the review of the new console from microsoft on steroids is above.

Is Playstation 4 relevant in 2019?

Here a lot of things could be said, but I decided it would be easier to record a about this:

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What in the end we have:

Playstation 4:

Xbox one

  • Has more multimedia features.
  • Richer equipment (in later versions set equal)
  • Voice and gesture control
  • Kinect 2.0
  • Cloud technologies
  • Compatible with games for xbox 360 (only licensed, of course)

Output: no matter how trite it may sound, but for most, a game console is needed only to play games on it.

The fact that the playstation 4 is more powerful and equipped with a more advanced dualshock 4 gamepad will not be overshadowed by any multimedia features of the xbox one, with the waved hands of kinekt, which can even measure your heartbeat. Most will not use all services and cloud technologies. People just want to play.

In addition, at the moment there are more games for ps4. What you can see here: list of games for ps4, list of games for xbox one. And crossplatformers in Japanese are better and faster. “But there are exclusives!”xbox fans might exclaim. To do this, we selected separately ps4 exclusives and all xbox one exclusives. We will not argue about quality, but ps4 exclusives are numerically superior to their opponents for xbox one at times.

TOTAL: if you are not an ardent fan of the halo or forza series and you need the console first of all for games, then feel free to choose playstation 4. If you are sure that you will use the console not only as a gaming system, and the difference of several frames per second is not for you essential and you have no idea what the difference between 900p and fullHD, then xbox one at your service.

Thank you so much for your attention to the article. Unfortunately, the comment block is not ready yet. Therefore, if you have any questions or if you want to express your opinion, then leave them under this on my YouTube channel. I will be glad to answer all your questions.